Best Australian & Oceanian Literary Criticism Books

Here you will get Best Australian & Oceanian Literary Criticism Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Thunder Thighs: A Small Town Instalove Curvy BBW Romance (Capricorn Cove Book 1)

Author: by Evie Mitchell
August 29, 2019

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EllaI’d always been told I had thunder thighs. Chunky, thick, beautiful I embraced my curves just waiting for the right thunder god to come along and rock my world. Then Gunnar Larsson strode his tall, blonde, Viking butt through my bar doors.

My thighs awaited his plunder. GunnarWalking into Ella Bronze’s bar was the best decision I’d made all year.Fuck, all decade. The gorgeous bombshell had curves for days the kind that made me drool. There was no way this seductive siren was escaping.

Looked like it was time to do what my ancestors did best take what I wanted. Warning: This over-the-top piece of fluff is inspired by big thighs, sexy Vikings and a desire to have your pussy plundered. Get thee a Viking and settle in this instalove story will blow you right off course.

2. Common Core English Workbook: Grade 2 English

Author: by Ace Academic Publishing
210 pages

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School bulk orders can get up to 50% discount along with access to the industry’s leading UNIK LMS system, absolutely FREE! Contact us at 925-361-0573 or Practice online for free at best all-inclusive grade 2 comprehensive ELA workbook to prepare your student for the upcoming school year on the marketDevelop your student’s skills in: Analyzing nonfiction passages in-depthReading texts from three different perspectivesUnderstanding various forms of literature, including poetry, prose, narrative, speeches, and scientific articlesApplying conventional grammar rules in their everyday lifeAccessing hundreds of new vocabulary termsIdentifying character traits and dynamics within a textWriting various forms of essaysSuccinctly and effectively summarizing a textGetting accustomed to the ELA curriculum of their grade levelPractice with various forms of supplemental activities and questions including: Multiple-choiceFree responseFill in the blankMatchingTrue or FalseEssay QuestionsIncludes: Hundreds of carefully selected challenging reading comprehension passagesFive chapters delegated by the central conceptsMaterial following the Common Core ELA (English Language Arts) standardsEnd of the year assessmentDetailed answer and explanation section at the end of the workbookHundreds of practice questions to gain mastery over the concepts.

3. Indian Instant Pot Cookbook – Traditional 500 Indian Recipes for Beginners with Vegan and Meat meals

Author: by Mirra Reddy
May 19, 2020

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The Indian Instant Pot Cookbook is your essential source for quick, flavorful, and healthy everyday recipes. Covering every meal of the day these timeless staple recipes will give you the ease you have been always striving for in your cooking!

Discover favorite-ever Indian cuisine classics with this cookbook that has 500 recipes to cook through. Pick something new every day and follow step by step directions to use all the available functions of Instant Pot cooker. Written for families and busy individuals this Instant Pot cookbook combines the simplicity of home cooking and restaurant-quality taste.

The reasons for the vitality of Indian food in your well-being are the following:assists with digestive functions;provides essential vitamins and minerals;improves your metabolism;betters cardiovascular health when properly prepared;contributes to the serotonin release into the bloodstream;offers the highest nutritional content due to the use of fresh ingredients.

The Indian Instant Pot cookbook makes home cooking simple, tasty, and healthy. It brings much-needed convenience to everyday food preparations and becomes the manual you can rely upon. Whether you plan to try new Indian recipes, learn how to cook at home, or simply add more vegetables to your daily ration this cookbook has got you covered.

4. The Harvard Classics & Fiction Collection [180 Books]

Author: by Benjamin Franklin
December 30, 2019

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Contents:Compiled and Edited by Charles W. Eliot LL D in 1909, the Harvard Classics is a 51-volume Anthology of classic literature from throughout the history of western civilization. The set is sometimes called “Eliot’s Five-Foot Shelf.”This e-book is all 51 volumes, the equivalent of over 20,000 printed pages in one e-book.

It is fully searchable with a completely linked table of contents. +- All 20 volumes of the ‘Harvard Classics Shelf Of Fiction’Each volume is also available separately in the store.

5. Mr. Boomer's Magic Kitchen: Over 40 Easy Psychedelic Recipes For The Ultimate Experience

Author: by Ben Owens
140 pages

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Experience the most magical meals in your own kitchen! Whip up your favorite recipes with a psychedelic twist, from Trippy Tartare and Lemon Boomberry Bars to Trip-Pea Cauliflower Flatbreads and Space Cadet Chocolates, with over 40 recipes to try. The easiest psilocybin-focused cookbook available on the market!

Want to put on a multi-course dosed dinner for a few of your best friends or simply looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite magical fungi? Containing more than forty recipes that use one, super simple infusion method for dressings, sauces, appetizers, entrees, desserts, cocktails, drinks and more, Mr. Boomer’s Magic Kitchen will guide even the most beginner chefs and psychonauts through a variety of recipes, including pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegan recipes.

This cookbook offers tried-and-true, evidence-based methods for psilocybin infusion as well as recipes honed from the author’s experience hosting private infused dinners, as well as an entire section dedicated to proper dosage. Mr. Boomer’s Magic Kitchen teaches you how to be the psychedelic culinary icon you’ve always wanted to be.

6. Ka Moolelo o Hiiakaikapoliopele

Author: by Ho‘oulumāhiehie Ho‘oulumāhiehie
528 pages

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This volume presents The Epic Tale of Hiiakaikapoliopele in its original Hawaiian. The story, as told by Hooulumhiehie, is articulated with 375 chants. The author’s captivating narration showcases his profound cultural knowledge and engaging style, highlighting Hiiaka’s role as a healer, source of inspiration, and icon of the hula traditions that embody the chants and dances of Pele and Hiiaka.

7. Finding Meaning: Kaona and Contemporary Hawaiian Literature (Critical Issues in Indigenous Studies)

Author: by Brandy Nalani McDougall
June 3, 2016

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Winner of the Native American Literature Symposium’s Beatrice Medicine Award for Published MonographIn this first extensive study of contemporary Hawaiian literature, Brandy Nalani McDougall examines a vibrant selection of fiction, poetry, and drama by emerging and established Hawaiian authors, including Haunani-Kay Trask, John Dominis Holt, Imaikalani Kalahele, and Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl.

At the center of the analysis is a hallmark of Hawaiian aestheticskaona, the intellectual practice of hiding and finding meaning that encompasses the allegorical, the symbolic, the allusive, and the figurative. With a poet’s attention to detail, McDougall interprets examples of kaona, guiding readers through olelo no’eau (proverbs), moolelo (literature and histories), and mooku’auhau (genealogies) alongside their contemporary literary descendants, unveiling complex layers of Hawaiian identity, culture, history, politics, and ecology.

Throughout, McDougall asserts that kaona connectivity not only carries bright possibilities for connecting the present to the past, but it may also ignite a decolonial future. Ultimately, Finding Meaning affirms the tremendous power of Indigenous stories and genealogies to give activism and decolonization movements lasting meaning.

8. The Red Hand: Stories, Reflections and the Last Appearance of Jack Irish

Author: by Peter Temple
352 pages

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Peter Temple started publishing novels late, when he was 50, but then he got cracking. He wrote nine novels in 13 years. Along the way he wrote screenplays, stories, dozens of reviews. When he died in March 2018, there was an unfinished Jack Irish novel in his drawer.

It is included in The Red Hand, and it reveals the master at the peak of his powers. The Red Hand also includes the screenplay of Valentine’s Day, an improbably delightful story about an ailing country football club, which in 2007 was adapted for television by the ABC.

Also included are his short fiction, his reflections on the Australian idiom, a handful of autobiographical fragments, and a selection of his brilliant book reviews.

9. Harvard Classics (Dr. Eliot's Five Foot Shelf – 51 Original Volumes + 20 Bonus Volumes)

Author: by Benjamin Franklin
LBA (February 25, 2020)
February 25, 2020

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Contents:Compiled and Edited by Charles W. Eliot LL D in 1909, the Harvard Classics is a 51-volume Anthology of classic literature from throughout the history of western civilization. The set is sometimes called “Eliot’s Five-Foot Shelf.”This e-book is all 51 volumes, the equivalent of over 20,000 printed pages in one e-book.

It is fully searchable with a completely linked table of contents. +- All 20 volumes of the ‘Harvard Classics Shelf Of Fiction’Each volume is also available separately in the store.

10. The Collected Letters of Katherine Mansfield: Volume Two: 1918-September 1919

Author: by Katherine Mansfield
380 pages

‎ 019812614X

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Volume II of the five-volume Collected Letters begins with Mansfield’s stay at Bandol in the early months of 1918 and follows her until she leaves for the Continent in September 1919. This volume, like the first, demonstrates her brilliance as a correspondent-her wit as well as her warmth, her deftness in conveying places and personalities, the vitality of her tastes and enthusiasms-and it also reveals the wide swings and dark alternations of her moods.

The letters here are dominated by her love for Middleton Murry, her response to the First World War, and the ways in which she accepted the inevitable advance of her tuberculosis. They are as courageous as they are frank, and shot through with the intelligence and flair that would prompt Virginia Woolf, a few years later, to write that with Mansfield’s death she had lost her greatest rival, and the person whose literary opinion she most valued.