Best Extremities Diseases Books

Here you will get Best Extremities Diseases Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Doctor Sebi Diet: The Complete Guide to a Plant-Based Diet with 77 Simple, Doctor Sebi Alkaline Recipes & Food List for Weight Loss, Liver Cleansing (Doctor Sebi Herbs & Products)

Author: by Olivia Shields
Published at: Independently published (January 1, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1653818747

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Do you want to know how to improve overall health, remove phlegm and mucus, naturally prevent some diseases such as Herpes and Diabetes? Did you know all this can be done by sticking to just ONE diet? You are in the RIGHT PLACE!

BUY this book, find 77 simple RECIPES with PICTURES and Step-by-Step instructions, receive the shopping list of approved Doctor Sebi products on your email in PDF for FREE! This unique diet is called the Doctor Sebi Diet. It is an alkaline plant-based diet that consists of an approved Dr Sebi alkaline food list and a list of Doctor Sebi supplements.

Doctor Sebi nutritional guide includes greens, vegetables, and other plants that are intended to create alkaline conditions in your body. According to honduras herbalist Doctor Sebi, this diet raises the alkalinity of your body. This, in turn, prevents the formation of mucus and makes it difficult for infection-causing organisms to survive.

Furthermore, on this diet you will experience cell rejuvenation and the elimination of toxic substances from your blood and body. This will promote improved health and stronger resistance to illnesses. The Doctor Sebi Diet is not the easiest diet. However, it helps many people to feel better without taking pills.

2. The Infectious Disease Colouring Book:: A Gruesome Colouring Therapy Adventure

Author: by MR Nicholas Wright
Published at: Gizzy Books LTD; 1st edition (June 10, 2016)
ISBN: 978-0995506503

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GAG GIFT IDEA!Surprise someone you know with laughter and fun. You know they need it! Jam-packed with unique images to color. The Infectious Disease Coloring Book makes a funny gift – or keep just it for yourself! With 35 images of syphilis, parasitic worms and infectious diseases, you have never seen an adult coloring book like it – until now!

Let’s be honest, we’re all a little curious about infectious diseases, especially those of us interested in biology or medicine! We all want to know what they look like and how they affect the body, not to mention what colors they might possess.

Great for med students, people who love science, or even just adults looking to disconnect from the stress of the world and unleash their creativity, this quirky coloring book is an eye-opening experience for anyone who loves to color, draw, and paint.

Both a novelty gift and as a way to refocus your mind, choose the Infectious Disease Coloring Book for yourself or surprise someone with the best joke present that’s sure to pique their interest!A great gift! These fun, easy-to-color, and somewhat gross adult coloring books offer: High-Detailed, Unique, and Creative Graphics Multiple Diseases (Leprosy, Flesh-Eating Bacteria, Syphilis, and More!

3. DR. SEBI FOR HAIR GROWTH: The Definitive Guide on How to Cure and Reverse Hair Loss Using Dr. Sebi Alkaline Eating Diet Method

Author: by Adam Lovren
Published at: Independently published (November 12, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1707891689

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Dr. Sebi hair loss TreatmentA Step by Step Guide on Reversing hair loss Using Dr. Sebi HerbsDr. Sebi was a world renowned pathologist, herbalist and naturalist left this world in the year 2016, despite this fact, that he is deceased, his discoveries and self-invention on hair loss cure is still helping millions of patients around the world During his time on earth, Dr. Sebi healed millions of hair loss individuals with his method and his death has done little to change this, he left behind an holistic healing for hair loss, you can learn from his life and what he really believed about this deadly disease with the aim of eradicating hair loss from the surface of the earth, here is the complete analysis into doctor sebi cure for hair loss is all about Get ready to read more about itGRAB YOUR SELF A COPY TODAY by scrolling up and clicking Buy Now in one click

4. DR SEBI HERPES CURE: The complete approved food list by dr sebi to cure herpes, Detox the Liver, shed pounds, reverse Diabetes, and heal the electric body without using western medications.

Published at: Independently published (December 28, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1652239642

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DR SEBI HERPES CUREThe complete approved food list by dr sebi to cure herpes, Detox the Liver, shed pounds, reverse Diabetes, and heal the electric body without using western medications. Dr sebi, A well renowned herbalist, pathologist, naturalist who died 2016 and though hes no more but hes discoveries and inventions on herpes has healed millions of people all over the world.

His contribution to the world humans can never forgotten even after hes gone to great beyond, his methodology of removing and eliminating herpes naturally remains the best way to naturally cure herpes without western medications. You can be a part of the testifiers today by grabbing your copy and follow all the steps of the guide.

5. The 30-Minute Diabetes Diet Plan: Quick and Delicious Recipes for Type 2 Diabetes, Prediabetes, and Insulin Resistance

Author: by Connor Thompson
Published at: Independently published (October 14, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8614693312

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Improve Or Reverse Your Diabetes With The 30-Minute Diabetes Diet Plan Now! Do you suffer from type 2 diabetes or are you insulin resistant? Do you want to correct your condition or even reverse it permanently? This book contains the answers you are seeking!

For some sufferers of type 2 diabetes, daily life can be a constant struggle and it can be hard to imagine how it could be anything else. Many rely on insulin to regulate the sugar in their bodies, but this is not always the answer and for many it means careful planning around what they eat and drink.

Inside this book, The 30-Minute Diabetes Diet Plan: Quick and Delicious Recipes for Type 2 Diabetes, Prediabetes and Insulin Resistance, you will find a way to combat your diabetes through a change in diet that can see marked improvements in your symptoms, with chapters covering:The rise of diabetes and the role of insulinHow to spot prediabetes and prevent itWays to deal with the disease The benefits of intermittent fasting and exercise[LW1] Creating a simple diabetes diet planA grocery list and the best foods to eat for diabetics30-Minute Recipes for every mealtimeDelicious snacks, desserts and drinksA 14-day meal planAnd moreSuitable for anyone who has type 2 diabetes, for pre-diabetics or for those with insulin resistance, The 30-Minute Diabetes Diet Plan will show you the way to a healthier diet and lifestyle that will change your life, with recipes that take you just 30 minutes to prepare.

6. Big H and Little h Dog: A disability awareness inclusive children's book full of hope!

Author: by Victoria Smith
Published at: Little Beam Ltd (October 6, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1913409326

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Little h Dog is no ordinary dog and Big H is no ordinary owner. What will Big H do to help his little pup’s poorly muscles? Where does the Super Vet fit in? And will Little h Dog ever get to chase a ball in the park again?

This heart-warming story was inspired by true events and real people; a dad and his boy. It is a story with heart and humour that gently introduces disability and inclusion and the importance of friendship, kindness and perseverance to children aged 3-8 years.

It is a story about never giving up, never losing sight of HOPE, a central theme to the book. Even if you are the slowest dog in town.That is enough. LoveReading4Kids Readers’ Favorite – Darleen Wohlfeil, Story Monsters Ink, The Literary Resource for Teachers, Librarians, and Parents ReviewerFOR CHARITY100% of profit from book sales will be donated to Harrison’s Fund, a registered charity on a mission to get as much money as possible into the hands of the world’s best researchers, who are working hard to find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

7. Diverticulitis: A Complete Handbook on Diverticulitis Diet Guide and Pain Free Foods

Author: by Kim M. Hopper

Published at: Independently published (January 7, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1654380823

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Did you know you could easily learn and understand everything you need to know about diverticulitis and diverticulosis? Including foods you ought to eat and foods you should avoid, with all the healthy diet plans you need as well as how to prevent painful flare ups and have a faster healing process ?

Read on to find out more… Diverticulitis is an illness of the diverticula. When pouches appear in your intestine, and they get inflamed, it is called diverticulitis. However, if these pouches get infected, it can lead to pains and discomfort.

But you do not have to go through such pains associated with this disease. So, you need this book to get the right information on diverticulitis diet guide and the pain free foods that will heal your body and eliminate painful diverticulitis flare ups.

In this guide book, you will learn:Diverticulosis vs. DiverticulitisCauses of diverticulitisSigns and symptoms of diverticulitisDiverticulitis ComplicationsPerforationAbscess and PhlegmonBowel ObstructionRectal BleedingFistulaPeritonitisRisk Factors for Diverticulitis ComplicationsTreatment Options available for treating DiverticulitisHow to prevent diverticulitisProven ways to prevent diverticulitisSolutions to DiverticulitisDiet Phases for diverticulitisPhase 1Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4Phase 5Phase 1 DetailsBrothsThe benefit of bone broth for diverticulitis recoveryHow to make a bone brothGelatinWhat makes gelatin useful for diverticulitis?

8. Sciatica Nerve Pain: Symptoms, Tests, and Treatments for Lumbar Radiculopathy

Author: by Nicholas Gallo
Published at: Independently published (January 21, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1794560024

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Sciatica Nerve Pain is a debilitating condition that can make a person feel helpless. This excruciating pain extending from a person’s lower back and sometimes as far down as their foot can be life changing. Many people are affected by Sciatica and feel as if nothing but surgery can help them.

In my experience as a board certified Doctor of Physical Therapy, I have seen that there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding this condition. Therefore, my goal with this publication is to educate people who are suffering from Sciatica and help them get their normal lives back.

Most often, people can be helped tremendously with conservative treatments however they are unsure of what to do to accomplish this. The treatments that I have included are clinically proven in the research community and in my own personal clinical experience.

I describe these treatments in detail and show their appropriate progressions. I also list my free supplemental videos for the exercises talked about on my YouTube Channel: Physical Therapy 101. The videos not only show the exercises but show how to correctly perform them which is essential to recovery.

9. Shoulder Reconstruction

Author: by Charles S. Neer
Published at: Saunders; 1st edition (February 14, 1990)
ISBN: 978-0721628325

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Here’s the definitive description of shoulder reconstruction by the surgeon who pioneered most of the techniques. Discusses such common clinical problems as cuff tears, bicep lesions, and impingement. Provides background and technique for glenohumeral arthroplasty, including pathology and special technical problems.

Develops the modern classification and approach to treatment of proximal humeral fractures. Illustrated throughout with original artwork by renowned medical artist, Robert J.Demarest.

10. DR. SEBI FOR HAIR GROWTH MADE SIMPLE: The Total Guide on How to Cure and Treat Hair Loss with Dr Sebi Alkaline Eating Diet Habits

Author: by Jose Constanza
Published at: Independently published (June 22, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8656150903

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DR.SEBI CURE FOR hair loss MADE EASYIf you are simplified for proven ways to naturally eliminate or get rid of hair loss from your body completely, then you should read furtherIf you have tried a lot of expensive drugs and you are very confused because it is ineffectiveDr Sebi before he died was a naturalist, biochemist, pathologist and herbalistHe made research and identified wonderful herbs and found a wonderful methodology to heal the human body making use of alkaline dietsBased on Dr Sebi, mucus is the major cause of every disease including hair lossIn the pages of this book, I will show you how to get treated and cured of hair loss making use of recommended methodologyGet your copy today by scrolling up and clicking Buy Now to get your copy today