Best Flower Field Guides Books

Here you will get Best Flower Field Guides Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Relaxing Flowers: Coloring Book For Adults With Flower Patterns, Bouquets, Wreaths, Swirls, Decorations.

Author: by Coloring Book Kim
102 pages

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More information about our coloring book can be found on our website www.Coloringbookkim.Com . Or on our author’s page on AmzoanFlower coloring book for adults. 50 beautiful flower patterns in various arrangements. Perfect for beginners as well as advanced home artists who like peace and quiet accompanying coloring.

Originality: All drawings are hand drawn and the models were real bouquets of flowers, which guarantees the uniqueness and originality of the work. Quality: Various designs, finished with attention to every detail, guarantee high quality of workmanship. Diversity Every project is different so it guarantees fantastic and creative play with colors.

Single Sided Pages: Each image is placed on a separate page to reduce the problem of color bleeding. Such a solution is also perfect when we want to hang a given picture on the wall, or give a gift. Relax: Coloring book for adults with floral motifs is a great way to escape from any problems because you may enter the world of relaxing colors.

2. Newcomb's Wildflower Guide

Author: by Lawrence Newcomb
Little, Brown and Company
490 pages

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An ingenious key system for quick, positive field identification of wildflowers, flowering shrubs and vines in Northeastern and North-central North America. Amateur and expert alike can quickly and accurately identify almost any wildflower using Lawrence Newcomb’s system, which is based on natural structural features that are easily visible even to the untrained eye.

Every time you see an unknown plant, ask yourself the same five questions (related to the type of plant and the structure of its petals and leaves), and you will be directed to the page on which the plant can be found.

Beautiful illustrations make confirmation easy.

3. My First Book About Backyard Nature: Ecology for Kids! (Dover Children's Science Books)

Author: by Patricia J. Wynne
Dover Publications
48 pages

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Winner of a 2017 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Silver Medal! Millions of creatures live in the backyard: beetles and bugs; butterflies and birds; turtles and toads; ants, earthworms, and tiny animals hidden in the grass or deep in the soil. These creatures lead busy lives, climbing trees, crawling over rocks, searching for food, and building nests.

With this book’s 46 pages of illustrations each accompanied by fact-filled captions kids can combine the fun of coloring with the fascination of discovering how all kinds of living creatures are linked together. Realistic pictures to color depict the backyard through all four seasons and during the day and night.

The captions identify different types of trees, flowers, and bushes; butterflies, moths, and birds; reptiles and amphibians; and many other plants and animals. Suitable for ages 8-11, this informative coloring book recaptures the excitement of the natural world that’s right outside the back door.

4. The Urban Tree Book: An Uncommon Field Guide for City and Town

Author: by Arthur Plotnik
433 pages

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Open The Urban Tree Book and discover the joys of forest trekking-right in your city or town. This first-of-a-kind field guide introduces readers to the trees on their block, in neighborhood parks, and throughout the urban landscape. Unlike traditional tree guides with dizzying numbers of woodland species, The Urban Tree Book explores nature in the city, describing some 200 tree types likely to be found on North America’s streets and surrounding spaces, including suburban settings.

With telling descriptions and precise botanical detail, this unique guide not only identifies trees but brings them to life through history, lore, anecdotes, up-to-date facts, and hundreds of fascinating characteristics. More than 175 graceful illustrations capture the charm of trees in urban settings and depict leaf, flower, fruit, and bark features for identification and appreciation.

The Urban Tree Book will inform even the most knowledgeable plant person and delight urbanites who simply enjoy strolling beneath the shade of welcoming trees. An engaging excursion into the “urban forest,” this complete guide to city trees will both entertain and enlighten nature lovers, urban hikers, gardeners, and everyone curious about their environment.

5. Bee Native! Flower Power: An Easy Guide to Choosing Native Flowers for your Garden to Help Pollinators. (Midwest Edition)

Author: by Flora C Caputo
240 pages

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Want to help the bee population but don’t know where to start? Interested in native flowers but not sure which one will work in your garden? Feeling overwhelmed as you research native plants for your specific area? Finding current books and guides about native plants too academic, confusing and disorganized?

Well, you are not alone. I felt the same way. So I created this Midwest native plant guide to help you easily discover a native plant to suit your garden needs. Adding just one native plant can make a positive impact on your local bee and butterfly population.

Unlike other native plant books, I organized these native plants by their height and sun needs. This makes the cumbersome task of garden planning much easier. My hand-painted illustrations and maps accompany each entry, making this a unique and lovely addition to your garden book collection.

You can help save the bees, and you get flowers in return. How amazing is that? 1st edition/ 2nd printing

6. Foraging in North America: The Top 12 Plants to Seek Out (Adventure Skills Guides)

Author: by Tom Anderson
32 pages

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Learn to identify, collect, and prepare wild edibles! Step into your backyard, garden, or nearby green space, and harvest an abundance of free, nutritious, and organic greens, tubers, and fruits. Foraging in North America introduces you to 12 widely accessible wild plants that can be gathered safely.

Compared to cultivated garden plants, these wild edibles require no care, are hardier, and are amazing sources of nutrients. Throughout much of our history, wild plants were the mainstay of human diets. They were rich in micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals that nurtured good health and strong immune systems.

Foraging in North America is a simple guide that introduces readers to those foodsincluding such overlooked superfoods as dandelions, lambs quarters, and nettles. Learn how to find and identify those wild edibles and more, while avoiding toxic or inedible look-alikes.

Expert forager Tom Anderson also shares tips on best practices for collecting and even some ideas on how to prepare your finds for the table, based on 30 years of experience. The easy-to-use information is accessible for everyone from beginners to experts.

7. Outdoor School: Spot & Sticker Plants

Author: by Odd Dot
Odd Dot
24 pages

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Welcome to Outdoor School: Spot & Sticker Plants. Finallya sticker book for the curious and the adventurous. The Outdoor School Sticker series from Odd Dot delivers the natural wonders of the world in gorgeous, scientifically-accurate stickers. With this wonderful plant-spotting bucket list, peel and place each sticker once you’ve seen each plantor simply decorate your surroundings to make a plant-spotters paradise.

Peel and place each sticker once you’ve seen each plant on the included poster-or simply decorate your surroundings to make an plant-spotter’s paradise. Peel and stick hundreds of extravagant illustrations to decorate greeting cards, letters, packages, classroom notebooks, scrapbooks, cell phone casesanything your heart desires!

For the curious-minded, each plant is identified by name. Full of unique, hand painted portraits of plants, these stickers make the perfect gift for plant-lovers, crafters, scrapbookers, and sticker lovers.

8. Adult Coloring Book Positive Affirmations: Motivational Coloring Book For Adults Relaxation with Inspirational Quotes and Stress Relieving Flower and Bird Designs

Author: by Happy Letterer
54 pages

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Positive Affirmations Adult Coloring Book is a motivational and relaxing coloring book perfect for unleashing your creativity and inner artist. Unwind from your day through the power of art, nature, and positive affirmations. You’ll discover how therapeutic coloring can be when you explore the drawings of stress-relieving florals & botanicals, cute birds, and magical rainbows You will also uplift your mood with inspirational quotes that will help you embrace self-love.

This book features:Unique Designs: Hand-drawn original and detailed illustrations are inspired by flowers, plants, botanicals, cute birds, rainbows together with inspirational quotes. Positive Affirmations: Each coloring page includes motivational sayings that will uplift your mood and help build confidence and self-love.

Calming & Stress Relieving: Relax and feel calmer by coloring these beautiful nature-themed illustrations. Perfect gift idea: This coloring book is great for anyone of all ages and makes the perfect gift for anyone in your life! (especially during these difficult times)Single-sided: Each coloring page is printed on a separate page to prevent bleed-through.

9. Easy Mandalas Coloring Book for Adults: 53 Simple and Easy Mandalas for Beginners | Stress Relieving Mandala Designs for Adults Relaxation

Author: by EYX Coloring Books
108 pages

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Unwind and relax with this relaxing easy mandalas coloring book it’s a perfect coloring book to practice and perfect your coloring skills. Whether you’re just beginning your creative journey, or you’re a coloring connoisseur, everyone can have fun with this exciting and varied collection of patterns.

An excellent coloring book for beginners. We’ve taken the time to create unique designs that call for your creative touch. Features: Single sided Pages. The back of each page is left blank, to prevent the bleed through problem found in other coloring books.

Beautiful Illustrations. We’ve included 53 unique mandalas for you to express your creativity and make masterpieces. Which colors will you choose for this book? All skill levels are welcome. There’s no wrong way to color fantasy images! Unleash your creativity and fill the pages with your favorite colors, using your favorite techniques!Great gift idea.

A coloring book to give as a gift to friends or family who love the art of coloring. The excellent quality and beautiful glossy colored cover make this book an exceptional gift. Scroll up and buy now to bring these mandalas to life!

10. Guest Book: Sign in book with Hawaiian flower floral design- Great for luau, beach, birthday party- with space for email, address, and photos

Author: by Be Our Guest Books
108 pages

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This fun Hawaiian/tropical themed guest book will help you celebrate in style. This signature/autograph book is perfect for a themed celebration like a baby shower, wedding, beach party, summer birthday party, retirement party, or luau! This guest book features beautiful Hawaiian hibiscus flowers on the cover.

Your guest book will be a beautiful keepsake for years to come. Click on the picture to Look Inside! Features: Beautiful matte cover Professional binding with sturdy soft cover 8.5 x 8. 5 inch large size Over 100 pages for guests to write on Space for 270 guest signatures and messages Includes space for guests’ email and address so you can send them a thank you note!

16 pages in the back for more memories like photos, drawings, mementos, etc. For more fun cover designs and other guest books for all occasions, click on the author link for Be Our Guest Books above!