Best Scandinavian Biographies Books

Here you will get Best Scandinavian Biographies Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. New Land, New Lives: Scandinavian Immigrants to the Pacific Northwest

Author: by Janet E. Rasmussen
334 pages

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New Land, New Lives captures the voices of Scandinavian men and women who crossed the Atlantic during the early decades of the 20th century and settled in the Pacific Northwest. Based on oral history interviews with 45 Danes, Finns, Icelanders, Norwegians, and Swedesmore than half of them womenthe book is illustrated with family photographs and also includes background information on Scandinavian culture and immigration.

2. Aalto (Taschen Basic Architecture)

Author: by Louna Lahti
TASCHEN (December 2, 2004)
96 pages

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Finnish architect Alvar Aalto (18981976) was not only influenced by the landscape of his native country, but by the political struggle over Finland’s place within European culture. Aalto turned to ideas based on Functionalism, subsequently moving toward more organic structures, with brick and wood replacing plaster and steel.

He also designed buildings, furniture, lamps, and glass objects. Contains approximately 120 images, including photographs, sketches, drawings, and floor plans Introductory essays explore the architect’s life and work, touching on family and background as well as collaborations with other architects The body presents the most important works in chronological order, with descriptions of client and/or architect wishes, construction problems and resolutions The appendix includes a list of complete or selected works, biography, bibliography and a map indicating the locations of the architect’s most famous buildings

3. Growing Up Lutheran: What Does This Mean?

Author: by Janet Letnes Martin
HighBridge Audio

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If you search for the word “coffee” in the Bible, if you’re pretty sure that all the pairs of animals in Noah’s Ark were married, and if you know that Heaven is up and Hell is down, you’ll love Growing Up Lutheran.

If the Lutherans you know seem rather, er, mysterious, it will do you good. Combining their own memories with those of other Lutherans who grew up in the 1940s through the 1960s, Janet and Suzann have written a delightful expose of what it means to be Lutheran and how it’s done.

Endearing, often hilarious stories shine a light on Lutheran life from baptism (“And His Name Shall Be Called Gilman Einar Stedje”) to death (“He Is Not Gone, He Is Only Away”). In between, you’ll learn about Sunday School, Christmas pageants (a.K.A.

“bathrobe pageants”), Bible Camp, Confirmation, and Lutheran weddings. You’ll get the inside scoop on the Lutheran Church Basement Women (“a special species of people”), lutefisk suppers, pew protocol, church architecture, and much more. In the words of the authors, Growing Up Lutheran is “a mixture of ingredients that we had on hand, generously salted….

4. Flying to Norway, Grounded in Burma: A Hudson Pilot in World War II

Author: by Goronwy ‘Gron’ Edwards DFC
Pen and Sword Aviation
208 pages

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Gron’ Edwards joined the RAF in 1936 on a Short Service Commission and went solo on his eighteenth birthday. After gaining his wings he joined No 233 General Reconnaissance Squadron of Coastal Command based at Thornaby in Yorkshire. The aircraft he flew was the Avro Anson, a small twin engine aircraft that was originally designed for civilian use but had been hastily modified with the addition of two machine guns and a 280 lb bomb load.

Before the outbreak of war the squadron was moved to Leuchers. Early in 1939, Coastal Command crews were ordered to ferry some Blenheim twin-engined bombers to Middle East Command and Gron was selected as a navigator for the flight to Egypt.

Upon landing in Egypt they found that they had set a record time of 33 hours, 3 hours less than Imperial Airways. 233 Squadron were re-equipped with the Lockheed Hudson, a larger aircraft that enabled reconnaissance patrols along the Norwegian coast. In April 1940, as they were approaching the Norwegian coast, Gron spotted a Heinkell 115.

5. I'll Run Till the Sun Goes Down: A Memoir About Depression and Discovering Art

Author: by David Sandum
360 pages

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A spellbinding memoir about a chronically ill teenage girl who takes matters into her own hands, leaving her small town in Colorado and becoming a hit songwriter in New York City. Jennifer Johnson is blessed with a beautiful singing voice but cursed with type 1 diabetes and stepparents who are dead-set on making her life miserable.

By seventeen, Jennifer leaves home and supports herself through her senior year of high school, graduating on-time with her class. But she has much more to prove. Determined, Jennifer kisses Colorado goodbye and sets off on a one-way trip to New York City.

In the city, Jennifer hits the ground hustling, securing a job selling beepers on the street and singing for strangers every chance she gets. Not long after, she is discovered by a music producer on the A-train, records a demo, and signs her first record deal.

However, Jennifer’s budding career is interrupted by an unplanned pregnancy, destroying her odds in a male-dominated and cutthroat music industry. Unyielding, Jennifer persists for several years before landing a chance audition with platinum-selling producers, Full Force, who sign her. In the blink of an eye, Jennifer skyrockets from starving artist to New York City’s best kept secret, songwriting for superstars and all but sealing her fate as a future household name.

7. The Far Islands and Other Cold Places: Travel Essays of a Victorian Lady

Author: by Elizabeth Taylor
Pogo Press
315 pages

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Elizabeth Taylor (1856 – 1932) was a travel writer entranced by the Northern climes. Her visits to Iceland, Canada, Norway and, above all, the Faroe Islands, resulted in the essays contained in this book. Her original writings were passed around for year and eventually were given to her great-grandnephew who organized them and even visited some of the places Elizabeth wrote about.

There are 39 articles from Elizabeth’s writings in this book along with letters she wrote and received from family and friends along the way.

8. 1,352 Days: An Inspirational Journey from Jail to Joy

Author: by Karin Volo
218 pages

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An inspirational journey of overcoming tremendous fear, powerlessness, desperation, frustration and betrayal as Karin Volo found herself embroiled in a nightmare that lasted almost four years. You never forget the days that completely change your life. Imagine returning from a successful business trip, feeling great because everything had gone to plan.

You’re getting ready to board the plane back home to Europe where your young daughters are waiting to see you. There’s a tap on your shoulder and suddenly two US Marshalls are escorting you away from everything familiar to a high security holding facility.

In just a matter of seconds, your life is turned upside down. As days turn into months and years, it is love, faith, and hope that keeps you going, with your second husband fighting to get you home and your daughters growing up without you.For 1,352 days.

This is the true story of Karin’s life. It’s a story of betrayal, resilience, and joy. Read this book and you’ll be inspired by her determination to overcome the obstacles thrown in front of her in order to return to her life as she knew it.

9. Florence Nightingale: The Lady with the Lamp in Battle (Heroes of Faith and Courage)

Author: by Ben Alex
52 pages

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10. Strange footprints on the land: Vikings in America

Author: by Constance H. Frick Irwin
Harper & Row
182 pages

Strange footprints on the land: Vikings in America Cover

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Examines the detective work historians are performing to solve the mystery of whether Vikings inhabited North America during the five centuries preceding Columbus’ arrival.