Best Drug Delivery Systems Pharmacology Books

Here you will get Best Drug Delivery Systems Pharmacology Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Nursing Dosage Calculation Workbook: 24 Categories Of Problems From Basic To Advanced! (Dosage Calculation Success Series)

Author: by Bradley J. Wojcik
163 pages

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Are you a nursing student, or nurse, who has the basics of dosage calculations down and wants to take your abilities to the next level? If so, this book is for you! Although his book is intended to be used as an advanced workbook supplement to Wojcik, B & Hassen, C (2018) Dosage calculations for nursing students: Master dosage calculations in 24 hours the safe & easy way without formulas!

ISBN 9781725638839, it will benefit anyone who has a basic knowledge of dosage calculations. The book’s 777 problems cover 24 categories from basic unit conversions to complex critical care calculations. The answers to the problems are explained primarily using dimensional analysis. This book is organized into the following six units:Unit 1: Basic Math Problems and Military TimeRounding NumbersRoman NumeralsScientific NotationMilitary TimeUnit 2: ConversionsUnit Conversions Within the Metric SystemUnit Conversions Within the Household SystemUnit Conversions Between the Metric, Household and Apothecary SystemsUnit 3: Dosage CalculationsDosage Calculations Level 1Dosage Calculations Level 2Dosage Calculations Level 3Body Surface Area Dosing CalculationsPediatric Dosing CalculationsPediatric Maintenance Fluid Replacement CalculationsUnit 4: IV Flow Rate CalculationsIV Flow Rate Calculations Level 1IV Flow Rate Calculations Level 2IV Flow Rate Adjustment CalculationsHeparin Infusion and Adjustment CalculationsUnit 5: Percent and Ratio Strength CalculationsPercentPercent StrengthPercent ChangeRatio StrengthUnit 6: Miscellaneous SubjectsReconstitution CalculationsConversions Between mg and mEqDosage Calculation PuzzlesSelf-Assessment ExamList of Abbreviations and SymbolsScroll Up To Get Yours Today!


Pharmacy Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians: Master Calculations The Safe & Easy Way Without Formulas

Author: by Bradley J. Wojcik PharmD
206 pages

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This book is divided into eight units containing 33 chapters and over 400 practice problems. Unit 1: Essential Skills As with any subject, you must master some basic material before you can tackle the main subject. The following topics are cover in Unit 1.

The Metric SystemApothecary/Avoirdupois/Household SystemsRatiosDimensional Analysis and Ratio Proportion Rounding NumbersUnit 2: Auxiliary SubjectsUnit 2 covers a few subjects which you may or may not need, depending on your school and/or practice. Scientific NotationSignificant FiguresRoman NumeralsUnit 3: Unit ConversionsConverting between the various units of measurements used in pharmacy is an essential skill and mastering this unit will set you up for success in the more complex calculations.

Unit Conversions-The Basics Unit Conversions Within the Metric System Unit Conversions Within the Household System Unit Conversions Between Metric, Household and Apothecary Unit Conversions Involving Hours and Minutes Unit 4: Dosage CalculationsThis unit starts by covering the terminology then moves on to the various ways to set up and solve the problems.

3. Herbal Antivirals: Heal Yourself Faster, Cheaper and Safer – Your A-Z Guide to Choosing, Preparing and Using the Most Effective Natural Antiviral Herbs

Author: by Mary Jones
169 pages

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Are you tired of using the nasty chemicals in medicine to fight your family’s illnesses? Discover the power of natural medicines and herbs to eradicate your viral infections. Are you scared of the hidden dangers in pharmaceutical medicines? Do normal treatments give you aches, pains, and other side effects?

Is the cost of prescription medication making a major dent in your wallet? Author Mary Jones has dedicated years of her life to researching natural remedies and learning from naturopathic doctors. After proving the efficacy of these remedies in her own life, Jones has compiled all of her hard-earned information in one easy-to-use reference.

In Herbal Antivirals: Heal Yourself Faster, Cheaper and Safer – Your A-Z Guide to Choosing, Preparing and Using the Most Effective Natural Antiviral Herbs, you’ll find the 45 most medically-effective herbs available. Through Jones’ comprehensive resource, you’ll learn how to replace medical antibiotics and antivirals with herbal remedies with far fewer side effects.

4. Dosage Calculations for Nursing Students: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide for Quick Drug Dosage Calculation. Dosing Math Tips & Tricks for Students, Nurses, and Paramedics

Author: by Nurse Academy
125 pages

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This is the official textbook on dosage calculations for nursing students created by Nurse Academy. Looking for the best dosage calculation book on Amazon?Look no further! For those struggling with basic and more complex nursing calculations, this is an essential text.

This book represents a significant change in Nursing Practices with chapters being rearranged and consolidated. It is also designed to help nursing students to practice the math relevant to administering drugs in the normal course of a drug round. As much as it is not designed to be difficult, it will make students think.

The list of decimals, fractions, and percentages given in the book are something you must learn. Most nurses and practitioners have already covered this at school. The book has employed the CASE approach, which is a step-by-step method for performing dosage calculations, drawn by the author from extensive experience across the continuum of care to bring a truly informative and dynamic resource to the readers.

5. The Medical Science Liaison Career Guide: How to Break Into Your First Role

Author: by Samuel Jacob Dyer
184 pages

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Even for highly qualified candidates, becoming a Medical Science Liaison is a challenging endeavor! It’s nearly impossible to achieve on your own without the proper preparation and guidance… The Medical Science Liaison Career Guide: How to Break into Your First Role will show you, step by step, how to search for, apply, and interview for your first MSL role.

The book reveals strategies for standing apart from the competition, what hiring managers look for when considering candidates, and what gets the right candidates hired. Dr. Samuel Jacob Dyer shares his years of experience as a hiring manager at some of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies and as chairman of the board for the MSL Society.

In three easy-to-read sections, he discusses the Medical Science Liaison role, presents your MSL job search strategy, and reveals the inner workings of the MSL hiring process. His proven techniques and insights will increase your chances of starting your career as a highly paid Medical Science Liaison.

6. Vanquishing Cancer: Winning the Fight of Your Life – Black and White Paperback

Author: by Steven P. Shepard
480 pages

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Diagnosed at 28 with stage IV Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a collapsed lung and displaced heart, Steve researched advanced treatment options that led to a full recovery. This same tenacious mindset was leveraged to create a blueprint and must-have resource for patients and caretakers to defeat cancer.

An aerospace engineer by trade, Steve was shaping his career and life, feeling invincible and focusing on typical twenty-something activities like work, sports, his girlfriend and cats, when his life was suddenly turned on its head: cancer. Steve quickly applied his engineer’s mindset to his battle with cancer and learned everything he could about treatment options and the science of cancer.

A cancer diagnosis can feel devastating, yet arming yourself with information-from scans and chemotherapy to blood work and nutrition-can erase the fear of the unknown. This knowledge will not only aid in your physical recovery as you take an active role in your treatment, but will also enhance your mental fortitude and outlook.

7. IV Therapy Demystified: A Self-Teaching Guide

Author: by Kerry Cheever
304 pages

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Publisher’s Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Your solution to mastering I.V. Therapy Looking for a quick way to learn the ins-and-outs of I.V.

Therapy but find other books dripping with complexity? Here’s your lifeline!I.V. Therapy Demystified infuses essential information with clear explanations to make learning easy. Written by a nursing professor, this detailed guide covers fluids and electrolytes, I.V. Therapy delivery systems, and peripheral and central I.V.Therapy.

You will learn about crystalloid and colloid solutions and blood component, parenteral nutrition, and pharmacological therapies.I.V. Therapy in infants, children, and older adults is also covered. Filled with key terms to help you to remember important concepts, and complete with end-of-chapter quizzes to test your knowledge, this book will teach you the fundamentals of I.V.

8. TURPENTINE FOR TOTAL WELLBEING: The Ultimate Guide on the Healing Effects and Medicinal Properties of Terpenes Oil

Author: by Johnson Rom
50 pages

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Turpentine which is also called spirits of turpentine, oil of turpentine, wood turpentine is a fluid or sap which is obtained by the distillation of resin which is obtained from pine trees among othersThe active chemical in turpentine is pinene which is a powerful terpene.

Turpentine is used for effective treatment of a range of disease such as lyme, chronic fatigue, parasites, fungus, candida, autism, sore throat, sinus problem, cold and flu and urinary tract infectionIt also has mild sedative and relaxing effects which is wonderful for a great sleep especially individuals with insomniaThis guide will show you the followingHow to extract Natural Turpentine from Pine treesTerpenes in natureHealing effects of Terpines in TurpentineThe Use of Turpentine in HistoryModern Day Use of Turpentine for Healing and so on

9. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIET: 3 Step Guide for Beginners on How to Reduce Inflammation, Gain Energy, and Heal the Immune System. An Easy Cookbook, 2-Week Meal Plan & Top 50 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Author: by Rebecca Barton
210 pages

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REDUCE SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION AND BEGIN NATURAL WEIGHT REDUCTION JUST IN THREE SIMPLE STEPSDo you experience any physical or psychological pain or discomfort? Would you like to dramatically reduce the risk of chronic diseases and increase your energy? Would you like to make your weight loss and health improvement journey more enjoyable?

If you answered Yes to at least one of these questions, then keep readingMost people don’t know what a systemic (overall body) inflammation is and how inflamed they really are. More often than not, people come to the doctor when the stage of inflammation has already started to cause some serious health problems.

Inflammation is considered a public health enemy as it is contributing to many severe diseases. After more than 15 years of experience and practice in the health and nutrition field, I decided to create a guide that will allow people to change their perception about useless weight loss diets and teach them how to cut the deep roots of bad eating habits and treat the real cause of body inflammation, lifestyle diseases and obesity.

10. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE: Hydrogen Peroxide: The Wonderful Substance with Super and Innumerable Actions: for House Hold Cleaning, Disinfect Wounds, Treat Infections, fight Bacteria And Lots More.

28 pages

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Hydrogen Peroxide The Wonderful Substance with Super and Innumerable Actions: for Entire House Hold Cleaning, Great Disinfectant, Treating Infections, fight Bacteria and Lots More. All you needs to know about the wonderful substance, its magic, its power and how it is used to disinfect wounds for bacteria purposes, for cleaning the house also helps to disinfect mostly all the house tools such as brush, in the kitchen, inside the laundry, inside the lawn, and lots moreGet this wonderful guide today by scrolling up and then click buy now and know how to enjoy all the wonderful benefits of this supplement.

11. Dr. Sebi: Cure for Herpes & HIV through Fully Approved Alkaline Diets & Herbs

Author: by Bright D. Philip
87 pages

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Have you read or heard about Dr. Sebi Cure for Herpes & HIV before? Are you struggling with persistent Herpes or deadly HIV? Have you been looking for Dr. Sebi’s Curative Alkaline Products? If your reply to all the above questions is YES!

Then this Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diets & Herbs Book is effectively helping to give you an absolute cure to Herpes and HIV infections. Dr. Sebi was a wonderful Curative Alkaline Diet and Herbs Discoverer and Naturalist that worked tirelessly to discover the perfect dosage of medicinal alkaline products to cure many deadly depressive diseases which Herpes is one of them and life-threatening diseases like HIV that is fully known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

He received countless gratitude and numerous positive testimonies from many sufferers that being cured of their persistent herpes disease with signs and symptoms of vaginal itch or blister, skin blister, rectum inflammation, painful urination, sore, severer muscular pain or itch at every infected site on the body; and also the treated HIV sufferers through his approved therapeutic alkaline diets and herbs.