Best ISDN Networking Books

The Best ISDN Networking Books list have been recommended not only by normal readers but also by experts.

1. Blockchain Bubble or Revolution: The Future of Bitcoin, Blockchains, and Cryptocurrencies

Author: by Neel Mehta
Published at: Paravane Ventures (June 12, 2019)
ISBN: 978-0578528151

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Some experts say that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are just a scam; others say they’re “the most important invention since the internet.” It’s hard to tell who’s right. Authored by Silicon Valley leaders from Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, Bubble or Revolution cuts through the hype to offer a balanced, comprehensive, and accessible analysis of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

You’ll learn the core concepts of Bitcoin and blockchain technologies to understand their strengths and weaknesses from real-world case studies; dive deep into their technical, economic, political, and legal complexities; and gain insights about their future from exclusive interviews with dozens of tech industry leaders.

Are blockchains and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin a bubble or a revolution? We’ll help you decide for yourself. What’s inside:Bitcoin and the blockchainHow Bitcoin and blockchains work from a technical perspective with no assumed technical knowledgeSatoshi Nakamoto and the history of Bitcoin, the original blockchainA thorough overview of crucial crypto concepts (eg.

2. Password Book: Internet Password Organizer: 6" x 9" Small Password Journal and Alphabetical Tabs | Password Logbook | Logbook To Protect Usernames

Author: by Ink Designs

Published at: Independently published (October 19, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1701006058

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Are you tired of get remember the usernames and passwords you created every time you visit a website? The password book is designed to keep all your important website addresses, usernames and passwords in a secoure and convenient location. The pages are in alphabetical tabs so you can find easily and quickly find what you’re looking.

Features:Plenty of space: 105 pagesAlphabetized tabsPremium glossy-finished cover designPerfectly sized at 6 x 9Printed on high qualityIt is also a great gift idea for:Birthday GiftsChristmas GiftsMeeting New Friends GiftsBFF GiftsFamily GiftsAnd much more. Scroll to the top of the page and click the buy button now.

3. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: A Complete Guide to Mastering the New Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Hidden Features with Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

Author: by Michael Brick
Published at: Independently published (November 12, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8563661967

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE User Guide The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE comes in various colors such as cloud white, cloud pink, cosmic gray, and cloud blue version. There are a couple of things to note about the build of this phone.

First of all, the back of the phone is not glass but plastic, and I think that’s one of the things that Samsung has chosen to do to get the price down, which is a great move as they’re less prone to breaking when dropped and they make the phone a lot lighter than if they had a glass.

Although the cloud white doesn’t even look like plastic since they have a matte coating on it to fight the good fight against those fingerprints, it looks very clean, no matter what light you have on it. Samsung made sure that the FE is both IP 68 rated for water and dust resistance, which is great.

The camera module on the back doesn’t stick out nearly as much as other recent Samsung phones either; we’ll talk about the triple camera system in a bit but for now, let’s flip the phone over and talk about the display.

4. Head First Ajax: A Brain-Friendly Guide

Author: by Rebecca M. Riordan
Published at: O'Reilly Media; 1st edition (September 5, 2008)
ISBN: 978-0596515782

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Ajax is no longer an experimental approach to website development, but the key to building browser-based applications that form the cornerstone of Web 2.0. Head First Ajax gives you an up-to-date perspective that lets you see exactly what you can doand has been donewith Ajax.

With it, you get a highly practical, in-depth, and mature view of what is now a mature development approach. Using the unique and highly effective visual format that has turned Head First titles into runaway bestsellers, this book offers a big picture overview to introduce Ajax, and then explores the use of individual Ajax componentsincluding the JavaScript event model, DOM, XML, JSON, and moreas it progresses.

You’ll find plenty of sample applications that illustrate the concepts, along with exercises, quizzes, and other interactive features to help you retain what you’ve learned. Head First Ajax covers:The JavaScript event modelMaking Ajax requests with XMLHTTPREQUEST objectsThe asynchronous application modelThe Document Object Model (DOM)Manipulating the DOM in JavaScriptControlling the browser with the Browser Object ModelXHTML FormsPOST RequestsXML Syntax and the XML DOM treeXML Requests & ResponsesJSON – an alternative to XMLAjax architecture & patternsThe Prototype LibraryThe book also discusses the server-side implications of building Ajax applications, and uses a “black box” approach to server-side components.

5. Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra 5G User Manual: The Ultimate Guide with New Features and Functionalities for Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra 5G

Author: by Adams Jonathan
Published at: Independently published (February 10, 2021)
ISBN: 979-8707591846

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The new Samsung Galaxy S21 is a trendy device with fantastic features that enables you to share loving moments with family and friends, undertake projects together with your teammates, and capture exclusive sceneries for fun memories. If you can purchase this book, you will master the features and functionalities of your Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra 5G.

With this guide, you can operate this latest device from the staples of Samsung with ease. You will understand the camera settings, surf the internet, and secure your data properly. Other interesting details included in this Guide are: A Brief Analysis of Galaxy S21 Series (S21, S21 Ultra, and S21 Plus) The Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S21 The Features of Galaxy S21 Ultra The Features of Galaxy S21 PlusHow to Unpack and Unbox the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Ultra, and S21 PlusThe Items Excluded in the PackageThe Latest Features and Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S21 Series How to Access and Use your Galaxy S21 SeriesSwitching on the Device How to Sign in to your Google Account How to Protect your Device Restarting or Switching Off your Samsung Galaxy Managing Contacts on the DeviceHow to Synchronize Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S21 How to Recover Contacts from an Account in your Device Deleting Contacts How to Share Contacts How to Import Contacts How to Search for Contacts How to Export Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S21 Editing Contacts Clearing Call Log Making a Quick Call Making a Speed Dial Call Displaying Actions during a Call on Samsung Galaxy S21 Saving a Speed Dial Number Blocking Unwanted Callers How to Customize the Home ScreenThe Settings of your Home Screen Using Widgets on Samsung Galaxy Adding Widgets to your Home Screen How to Apply Wallpapers Setting a New Picture on the Home Screen of your Samsung Galaxy 21Managing the Status Bar Customizing the Display in the Status Bar Setting the Screen Time on Samsung Galaxy S21How to Change the Screen Time Uploading a New Font to Samsung Galaxy S21 Changing the Font on your Device How to Avoid Damaging the Touchscreen How to Use the Message ApplicationHow to Change the Keyboard Theme Changing the Keyboard Layout Searching for Messages Deleting Conversations Sending SOS MessagesEnabling Message Notification Disabling Message Notification Blocking Annoying Messages Sending Delayed Messages Deleting a Scheduled Message on Samsung Smartphone Copying a Text Pasting a Text Inserting an Emoticon into a Text Message on your Device How to Handle Other Applications Adding an Account to the Calendar AppHow to Choose a Calendar Alert Style Opening Tabs on Your Samsung Galaxy S21Deleting Tabs Bookmarking a Web Page Saving a Web Page Opening a BookmarkViewing your Browsing HistoryHow to Clear HistorySharing Pages on Samsung Galaxy S21Operating the Secret ModeDeactivating the Secret Mode What is the Stylus Pen?

6. iPad 8th Generation: A Comprehensive Guide with Tips and Tricks to Master the New Apple iPad 8th Generation Hidden Features and Troubleshooting Common Problems

Author: by Michael Brick
Published at: Independently published (October 27, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8554359682

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LEARN NEW TIPS AND TRICKS OF THE NEW APPLE iPAD 8TH GENERATION (STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL QUICK GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS AND SENIORS) This book talks about the 10. 2-inch iPad, which happens to be the 8th generation iPad. This iPad is primarily known for its low prices, everything from doing daily tasks, watching videos, playing games even editing 4k video, you’re going to be just fine with this iPad.

You can also pair a PlayStation or Xbox controller to this iPad. The amount of processing and graphics capability that is in this iPad is insane. In other words, you will not have to worry about performance for years and years to come.

You’ll get a bunch of new software updates for years down the line. In terms of your normal display specs, the display is just fine. The resolution is pretty high, you’re not going to be seeing any pixels, and it is bright enough for all the iPad tasks.

The iPad also supports the first-generation Apple Pencil and all the goodness that iPadOS 14 brings, for example, the scribble feature will now use an Apple Pencil to write in any text field, which is pretty awesome. With a 10-hour battery life that Apple’s been advertising for over ten years now, this iPad can easily stay two days with regular use, even if you play games, you’re going to be just fine.

7. ECHO DOT 4TH GENERATION COMPLETE USER GUIDE: Your Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Operate your Echo Dot like a Master with Alexa

Author: by Alan West
Published at: Independently published (January 15, 2021)
ISBN: 979-8595156653

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THE Complete Beginner’s Guide to Mastering the newest ECHO DOT 4th Generation. Become a Pro in less than 50 minutes! When you purchase this book, you get a FREE BOOK at the end of the guide. Are you interested in buying the Amazon Echo Dot and you are curious about how to use it?

Do you want to know how to maximize all the features on the new Amazon Echo Dot 4 and the Amazon Echo? This book will teach you all you need to know about the Amazon Echo Dot and you will learn how to transform the Echo Dot into your personal assistant.

You will learn the information needed to setup, customize and manage your Echo Dot 4th Generation device. With the direct and easy-to-read approach used in this manual, you will get good value for your money. It is created with all BEGINNERS and SENIORS in mind.

Screenshots are included that will guide you step-by-step on how to set up your Echo Dot and how to start using Alexa to carry out all your commands. Even if you have no idea of how to operate the Echo Dot, this book will guide you on how to use it with all your smart devices and applications without stress.

8. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G User Manual: A Detailed Guide for Beginners with Tips and Tricks to Mastering the New Samsung Galaxy S21 Hidden Features and Troubleshooting Common Problem

Author: by Richard Morrison
Published at: Independently published (February 5, 2021)
ISBN: 979-8705139637

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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G may contain similar features and value for money with the immediate previous version. Still, this one is incredibly up-to-date in the smart-phone genre, thanks to favorable reviews by users and Samsung product lovers. Without further ado, through this manual, we shall give you a breakdown of all you need to know about this device (Samsung Galaxy S21 5G) as well as the following: the specs, current price, and of course, pertinent information on how to handle your phone with care.

This guide is designed to provide you with the experience and wonders of the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. Also, this guide will provide you with useful information on how to put your device to maximum use, especially in the areas of turning on your device, transferring data from your old device, using the Setup Wizard, setting up Voicemail, using the side Key settings, customizing your home screen, and how to set Always-on Display.

Going further, you will have the opportunity to learn how to connect to the web, professionally shoot pictures and videos, and how to link to Windows and Samsung Dex. Other essential contents you will be privileged to learn in this user guide includes: How to view and edit imagesHow to play and edit VideosHow to share videos and images How to delete images and videosHow to navigate the camera screen How to configure shooting modeHow to record videos Using live Focus VideoHow to use Live Focus How to use super Slow-mo Connecting to the internetConnecting to a WI-FI network Connecting to a nearby device scanning Connecting to a printer Connecting with Mobile HotspotConnecting to Ethernet Virtual Private Networks Galaxy store Galaxy Wearable Samsung Global Goals Galaxy Essentials Using calculator How to use the calendarUsing Samsung Health How to charge the S-penHow to take photos using the S-Pen How to rest your S pen How to connect with another S pen How to change S-Pen ink colorAir command Access S-pen settings How to activated Night mode How to switch to FHD display How to disable Always on Display How to enable power Modes How to enable Fast charging How to use wireless PowershareHow to swipe palm trees to take screenshotsHow to use Bixby voice to take screenshotsHow to use a key combination to take screenshotsHow to power on your device How to switch off your device How to restart your deviceHow to force-close apps How to set up Samsung Backup Storage and microSD cardHow to double-tap to wake up How to lock and unlock your deviceHow to shoot 8K Video on Galaxy S21How to edit 8K Videos How to shoot videoHow to remove Flickering from your VideosHow to use Live Focus Modes How to take photos with Palm How to hide Front cameraTroubleshooting common problem TipsAnd many more This is just a few of what is contained in this User Manual, and you can Download FREE with Kindle UnlimitedSo what are you waiting for?

9. Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Ultra 5G: The Complete Guide for Beginners to Master the New Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus & S21 Ultra 5G Including Tips,Tricks and Troubleshooting Hacks

Author: by Curtis Campbell
Published at: Independently published (March 2, 2021)
ISBN: 979-8715700926

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Samsung Galaxy S21 family comes in the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and the S21 Ultra. As always, the higher models have some upgraded features, but all generally share the same internals. Also, the sizes are different; the Galaxy S21 is the most compact of the three.It comes with a 6.

2 inch full HD plus dynamic display. The Galaxy S21 Plus comes with a larger 6. 7 inch full HD plus display, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra spans widest at 6. 8 inches, with a sharper HD plus panel. They all have dynamic displays that adjust the refresh rates between 14 to 120 hertz, but the S21 Ultra goes for a wider range and can accommodate 10 to 120-hertz rates.

The phones’ flash camera has an elongated style for most of its appearance and a rather sophisticated look for its edges and flow. Additionally, all models from the series are sealed with IP60 certification for water and dust resistance; holding the S21 Ultra, there is a noticeable heft to it, especially on the upper half of its body, due to the internals and the camera module as well.

10. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 for the Elderly (Large Print Edition): A Detailed Guide with Tips and Tricks to Mastering your New Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Hidden Features

Author: by Richard Morrison
Published at: Independently published (September 17, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8687314541

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THE BEGINNERS ULTIMATE GUIDE TO MASTERING THE SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH 3: THE BEST SMARTWATCH THAT YOU CAN BUY RIGHT NOW!!! Samsung “is at it again” They just released The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, a beautiful Tizen Wearable device with all the bells and whistles for daily life and an active lifestyle.

When you think of anything you could ask from a smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has it. Also, it comes with well-improved fitness tracking and lots of new features. This book allows you to experience the wonders of Galaxy Watch 3.

This guide will offer you setup information and how to troubleshoot common problems. Other things you will get to know in this book include: Contacts Alarm Calendar Email Messages Gallery Music Phone Volume Vibration intensity Ringtone Sound mode Vibrate with sound Notification for both sound and vibration How to access Bluetooth connection How to access WI-FI connection How to access Mobile Networks connection How to connect to a new device How to set the screen timeout How to use the Galaxy Wearable app How to have access to recent applications How to install and uninstall Applications How to adjust the screen brightness How to show the last Application How to change the background style How to set date and time How to set Watch only mode How to set Power saving mode How to reset the Samsung Watch 3 Weather Samsung Health Reminder Find My Phone Galaxy Store How to set a screen lock How to enhance hearing How to enhance Visibility Advanced settings Screen Reader Text to speech Touch wake-up Custom shortcut Wake-up gesture Touch sensitivity And many more ….

11. Advanced Mpls Design and Implementation (CCIE Professional Development)

Author: by Vivek Alwayn
Published at: Cisco Systems (September 1, 2001)
ISBN: 978-1587050206

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Advanced MPLS Design and Implementation enables you to:Understand MPLS through a detailed analysis of MPLS architecture and operationDesign and implement packet-based MPLS Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) using label switching routers (LSRs)Design and implement ATM-based MPLS VPNs using WAN-switched ATM LSRsImplement MPLS traffic engineering on your core network and optimize traffic flows dynamicallyImplement MPLS QoS and provide hard service guarantees with multiple classes of serviceAcquire practical design and implementation knowledge of real-world MPLS VPNs, TE, and QoS through case studies and configuration examplesMultiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), intended for internetwork engineers and administrators who are responsible for designing, implementing, and supporting service provider or enterprise MPLS backbone networks, is a highly scalable, high-performance forwarding technology that has multiple applications in the service provider and enterprise environment.

Use this book, which contains MPLS theory, design, configuration, and various case studies, as a reference and a guide for designing, implementing, and supporting an MPLS network. Even if you are not using Cisco equipment, this book can increase your awareness and understanding of MPLS technology, as well as provide you with detailed design concepts and rules for building scalable MPLS networks.