Best Microwaves Telecommunications Books

Here you will get Best Microwaves Telecommunications Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Word Search for Kids Ages 6-8: 100 Word Search Puzzles (Search and Find)

Author: by Word Adventure Books
105 pages

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Are you looking for a fun way to boost your child’s learning while providing hours of screen-free entertainment? This book of word search puzzles is the perfect choice. Brain games are a proven, engaging, and fun way to learn: Reading speed, word association, vocabulary, spelling, and other subjects are improved with word search activities.

And using a pen or pencil to complete the puzzles engages certain parts of your child’s brain that digital products do not. 100 word search puzzles: The large number of puzzles means hours of screen-free entertainment for your young learner. They are designed specifically for this age group (6-8) and were created by college-educated, native English speakers.

Kid-friendly themes and categories with illustrations: Superheroes, ocean life, family, food, and camping are just some of the 100 categories and themes of these wordsearch puzzles. Every puzzle has a different theme and category, which helps develop word association and general language arts skills.

2. Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances

Author: by Eric Kleinert
McGraw-Hill Education TAB

‎ English
1216 pages

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Publisher’s Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Diagnose and repair home appliances and air conditioners using the latest techniques”The book has it all…

Written by a pro with 40 years of hands-on repair and teaching experience… This book is like brain candy”-GeekDad (Wired. Com)Fully updated for current technologies and packed withhundreds of photos and diagrams, this do-it-yourself guideshows you how to safely install, operate, maintain, and fixgas and electric appliances of all types.

Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances, Third Edition provides easy-tofollow procedures for using test meters, replacing parts, reading circuit diagrams, interpreting fault and error codes, and diagnosing problems. Featuring a new chapter on becoming a service technician, this practical, money-saving resource is ideal for homeowners and professionals alike.

3. Microwave Engineering

Author: by David M. Pozar
752 pages

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The 4th edition of this classic text provides a thorough coverage of RF and microwave engineering concepts, starting from fundamental principles of electrical engineering, with applications to microwave circuits and devices of practical importance. Coverage includes microwave network analysis, impedance matching, directional couplers and hybrids, microwave filters, ferrite devices, noise, nonlinear effects, and the design of microwave oscillators, amplifiers, and mixers.

Material on microwave and RF systems includes wireless communications, radar, radiometry, and radiation hazards. A large number of examples and end-of-chapter problems test the reader’s understanding of the material. The 4th edition includes new and updated material on systems, noise, active devices and circuits, power waves, transients, RF CMOS circuits, and more.

4. Discrete-Time Signal Processing (Prentice-Hall Signal Processing Series)

Author: by Alan Oppenheim
1144 pages

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For senior/graduate-level courses in Discrete-Time Signal Processing. Discrete-Time Signal Processing, Third Edition is the definitive, authoritative text on DSP ideal for those with introductory-level knowledge of signals and systems. Written by prominent DSP pioneers, it provides thorough treatment of the fundamental theorems and properties of discrete-time linear systems, filtering, sampling, and discrete-time Fourier Analysis.

By focusing on the general and universal concepts in discrete-time signal processing, it remains vital and relevant to the new challenges arising in the field. Access to the password-protected companion Website and myeBook is included with each new copy of Discrete-Time Signal Processing, Third Edition.

5. Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics

Author: by Fawwaz Ulaby
528 pages

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Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics is intended for use in one- or two-semester courses in electromagnetics. It also serves as a reference for engineers. Widely acclaimed both in the U.S. And abroad, this authoritative text bridges the gap between circuits and new electromagnetics material.

Ulaby begins coverage with transmission lines, leading students from familiar concepts into more advanced topics and applications. A user-friendly approach, full-color figures and images, and a set of interactive simulations will help readers understand the concepts presented.

6. Field and Wave Electromagnetics

Author: by David Cheng
720 pages

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Respected for its accuracy, its smooth and logical flow of ideas, and its clear presentation, Field and Wave Electromagnetics has become an established textbook in the field of electromagnetics. This book builds the electromagnetic model using an axiomatic approach in steps: first for static electric fields, then for static magnetic fields, and finally for time-varying fields leading to Maxwell’s equations.

This approach results in an organized and systematic development of the subject matter. Applications of derived relations to fundamental phenomena and electromagnetic technologies are explained.

7. Microwave and Rf Design of Wireless Systems

Author: by David M. Pozar
366 pages

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David Pozar, author of Microwave Engineering, Second Edition, has written a new text that introduces students to the field of wireless communications. This text offers a quantitative and, design-oriented presentation of the analog RF aspects of modern wireless telecommunications and data transmission systems from the antenna to the baseband level.

Other topics include noise, intermodulation, dynamic range, system aspects of antennas and filter design. This unique text takes an integrated approach to topics usually offered in a variety of separate courses on topics such as antennas and proagation, microwave systems and circuits, and communication systems.

This approach allows for a complete presentation of wireless telecommunications systems designs. The author’s goal with this text is for the student to be able to analyze a complete radio system from the transmitter through the receiver front-end, and quantitatively evaluate factors.

Suitable for a one-semester course, at the senior or first year graduate level. Note certain sections have been denoted as advanced topics, suitable for graduate level courses.

8. Handbook of Microwave Component Measurements: with Advanced VNA Techniques

Author: by Joel P. Dunsmore

‎ 840 pages

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Handbook of Microwave Component Measurements Second Edition is a fully updated, complete reference to this topic, focusing on the modern measurement tools, such as a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA), gathering in one place all the concepts, formulas, and best practices of measurement science.

It includes basic concepts in each chapter as well as appendices which provide all the detail needed to understand the science behind microwave measurements. The book offers an insight into the best practices for ascertaining the true nature of the device-under-test (DUT), optimizing the time to setup and measure, and to the greatest extent possible, remove the effects of the measuring equipment from that result.

Furthermore, the author writes with a simplicity that is easily accessible to the student or new engineer, yet is thorough enough to provide details of measurement science for even the most advanced applications and researchers. This welcome new edition brings forward the most modern techniques used in industry today, and recognizes that more new techniques have developed since the first edition published in 2012.

9. Accounting Ledger Book: Ledger Book | Simple Accounting Ledger for Bookkeeping | Accounting Ledger for Bookkeeping | Ledger Book for Small Business | Banking Ledger Book | Record Income and Expenses

Author: by Blessed Forever
121 pages

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Accounting Ledger Book is great for tracking finances and transactions. It can be used for personal, small businesses, or home-based businesses. This is a simple book for basic bookkeeping of transactions. This book includes Date, Description (Memo), Account, Payment (Debit), Deposit (Credit), and Totals.

120 pages and the size of the book is 8. 5 inches x 11 inches. Stay in control of finances with this simple cash accounting ledger.

10. The Design of CMOS Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits, Second Edition

Author: by Thomas H. Lee
Cambridge University Press
816 pages

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This expanded and thoroughly revised edition of Thomas H. Lee’s acclaimed guide to the design of gigahertz RF integrated circuits features a completely new chapter on the principles of wireless systems. The chapters on low-noise amplifiers, oscillators and phase noise have been significantly expanded as well.

The chapter on architectures now contains several examples of complete chip designs that bring together all the various theoretical and practical elements involved in producing a prototype chip. First Edition Hb (1998): 0-521-63061-4 First Edition Pb (1998); 0-521-63922-0

11. Electromagnetic Fields: Theory and Applications

Author: by Ahmad Shahid Khan
CRC Press
October 11, 2020

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The study of electromagnetic field theory is required for proper understanding of every device wherein electricity is used for operation. The proposed textbook on electromagnetic fields covers all the generic and unconventional topics including electrostatic boundary value problems involving two- and three-dimensional Laplacian fields and one- and two- dimensional Poissonion fields, magnetostatic boundary value problems, eddy currents, and electromagnetic compatibility.

The subject matter is supported by practical applications, illustrations to supplement the theory, solved numerical problems, solutions manual and Powerpoint slides including appendices and mathematical relations. Aimed at undergraduate, senior undergraduate students of electrical and electronics engineering, it:Presents fundamental concepts of electromagnetic fields in a simplified manner Covers one two- and three-dimensional electrostatic boundary value problems involving Laplacian fields and Poissonion fields Includes exclusive chapters on eddy currents and electromagnetic compatibility Discusses important aspects of magneto static boundary value problems Explores all the basic vector algebra and vector calculus along with couple of two- and three-dimensional problems