Best Teen & Young Adult Sculpture Books

Here you will get Best Teen & Young Adult Sculpture Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Modeling Clay with 3 Basic Shapes: Model More than 40 Animals with Teardrops, Balls, and Worms

Author: by Bernadette Cuxart
96 pages

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Teachers, parents, and kids will adore this funny, step-by-step guide to creating more than 40 adorable animals. With three basic shapes (ball, worm, and teardrop), children will learn how to create personality-filled critters. Cute photos, numbered steps, helpful illustrations, crystal-clear directions, and some funny text help kids create everything from pandas, owls, rhinos, kittens, puppies, snakes, koala bears, raccoons, snails, turtles, fish, and more.

A summary of projects and a helpful guide to techniques at the beginning of the book will help you create dozens of different, fun, and original clay figures. Perfect for a rainy day or art class project, and to foster and encourage creativity.

2. Blank Comic Book: Blank Comic Book: Draw Your own Comics And Create The Best Stories. Comic Panels for Drawing. Templates for Comics.

Author: by Coloring Book Kim
120 pages

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More information about our comics can be found on our website www.Coloringbookkim. Com An empty comic book to create great stories for kids and adults. 120 pages of the best and most used templates by professionals. The simple symmetrical layout of the panels makes it perfect for any type of comic book.

Good white paper and a non-random panel layout make it easier to draw comics. The unique layout of the panels gives many possibilities and guarantees many hours of fun. Is great for creating stories about your life, school of adventure or creating beautiful love stories and superheroes.

Drawing comics is great fun, it unlocks your creativity and affects your mood. There is a little artist in each of us, just waiting to be able to draw his story. Specifications: Premium Soft Cover Dimensions: 8.5 “x 11” (21.59 x 27. 94 cm) Pages: 120 pages

3. Seen: Edmonia Lewis

Author: by Jasmine Walls
80 pages

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The first original graphic novel in a new series spotlighting the true stories of the real groundbreakers who changed our world for the better. Sometimes the times were dark and the outlook was lonesome, but where there is a will, there is a way.

I pitched in and dug at my work until now I am where I am. Meet Edmonia Lewis, the woman who changed America during the Civil War by becoming the first sculptor of African-American and Native American heritage to earn international acclaim.

Jasmine Walls & Bex Glendining present the true story of courage, determination and perseverance through one of America’s most violent eras to create true beauty that still reverberates today. It’s about being seen. Both for who you are, and who you hope you can become.

History is a mirror, and all too often, the history we’re told in school reflects only a small subset of the population. In Seen: True Stories of Marginalized Trailblazers, you’ll find the stories of the real groundbreakers who changed our world for the better.

4. Anxiety and Panic Attacks: A Guide to Overcoming Severe Anxiety, Controlling Panic Attacks and Reclaiming Your Life Again ! (Herman Kynaston)

Author: by Dr. Herman Kynaston
119 pages

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks : A Guide to Overcoming Severe Anxiety, Controlling Panic Attacks and Reclaiming Your Life Again! Today only, get this Amazon book for just $19. 99 for a limited time. Regularly priced at $45.99. Do you find yourself debilitated by anxiety that is out-of-control?

Anxiety and panic can cripple your life, leaving you living in a constant state of fear. This guide puts you on a healing path. The key to recovering from these disorders, is to first understand them. By understanding them, you begin to uncover the core reasons why your body is reacting in such severely distressing ways.

Then, you can find your unique, personal formula for a full and life-changing recovery. In Resolving Anxiety and Panic Attacks, I take you on an educational journey into the many facets of anxiety so that you can come to terms with your disorder.

You don’t have to live with the ravages of anxiety anymore. You have the power, the knowledge and the strength to recover! Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn… Exactly what anxiety is, and why panic attacks are triggered The important reasons why you must focus on curing your anxiety Practical strategies on lowering your anxiety levels each and every day Physical, mental and emotional re recovery methods that work The damaging misconception and myths that fuel modern anxiety and panic How to build your personal anxiety recovery action planStress doesn’t have to result in unbearable anxiety and traumatic panic attacks.

5. Make It Pop!: Activities and Adventures in Pop Art (Art Explorers)

Author: by Joyce Raimondo
48 pages

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Creative art ideas will make kids pop to it! The Art Explorers series offers a new approach to art, encouraging kids to interpret what they see in famous artworks, then try the techniques themselves.Make It Pop!: Activities and Adventures in Pop Art, the fourth book in the series, draws children into the lively, bold world of pop art by highlighting the work of six famous artists.

From witty commentary on our culture by Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Johns, to one of Rauschenberg’s inspired combines, to soft sculpture by Oldenburg and a scene by Segal, each artist is represented by a famous artwork, paired with questions to get kids thinking about what they see.

Easy-to-follow activities provide hands-on experience with the artist’s techniques, subject, and media, each illustrated with examples by real kids. Packed with great art and great ideas, Make It Pop! Lets kids understand art-and become artists themselves. Interactive introduction to six famous artists: Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Claes Oldenburg, and George Segal Hands-on approach to understanding great art School budget cuts?

6. Faces from the Past: Forgotten People of North America

Author: by James M. Deem
Clarion Books
160 pages

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Once, no humans lived on the continent of North America; then they began to journey, the first migrants arriving perhaps 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. When a skeleton from long-ago centuries is discovered, scientists want to study it for information about the person’s life and death, about her or his time and place in history.

Sometimes artists are asked to reconstruct faces from the past using copies of their skulls. Then these nameless, unknown people can be “brought back to life”-remembered, and honored. Now, when their skeletons are discovered, their stories can be told.

7. The Simple Screamer: A Guide to the Art of Papier and Cloth Mache

Author: by Dan Reeder
80 pages

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8 1/4 X 10 3/4 In, 96Pp, 20 Full-Color and 130 Black & White Photos, Ages 7 To Adult It’s Art At Its Ugliest. But Isn’t It Wonderful? Lively Prose and Step-By-Step Photographs Will Have You Bringing MacAbre and Whimsical Screamers To Life In No Time-Even If You Have No Artistic Talent.

Dan Reeder, Well Known In The Pacific Northwest As “Dan The Monster Man, ” Has A Semi-Twisted, Humorous Style That Dances Through His Instructions.

8. Sand Play!: Super SANDsational Ideas

Author: by Terry Taylor
Dover Publications
48 pages

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“A great book for budding sculptors with ideas for creating sand sculptures at three different levels of difficulty.” splashesintobooksSculpting sand is fun for kids of all ages especially because the magical, mess-free material is easy to handle and can be used over and over again.

This book features guidelines for using sculpting sand to create cute little creatures, including a crab, lizard, caterpillar, and monkey. Author Terry Taylor provides simple instructions and lots of colorful pictures for 18 projects, as well as plenty of helpful tips, including suggestions for tools and techniques.

Projects with one star are the easiest and ideal for beginners. Two-star projects are a little more complex, and the ones with three stars are the most advanced. Kids can build their sculpting expertise with simpler figures such as the clown, octopus, and butterfly and then move on to the frog, dragon, and peacock.

Meanwhile, they’ll develop skills that will help them express their personal creativity.

9. Renaissance Art (Eye on Art)

Author: by Stuart A. Kallen
Lucent Books
128 pages

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Provides a historical overview of the development of different types of art and artistic movements; explores the roots and influences of the genre and the key components that are definitive of the style; discusses the pioneers of the art; and considers the changes the genre has undergone from its inception to its present status.

10. Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky: A Book of Brillig Dioramas

Author: by Graeme Base
Harry N. Abrams
1 pages

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Lewis Carroll’s classic and inventive verse comes to life in a series of ingenious dioramas, colorful three-dimensional renderings of the rhyme by the best-selling author-illustrator of Animalia and The Eleventh Hour.

11. The Story of Sculpture : From prehistory to the present

Author: by Francesca Romei
Peter Bedrick
64 pages

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This is the story of sculpture through the ages and around the world. It illustrates and explains materials, tools, techniques, and features the brilliant work of the great sculptors through history. Included are the Stone Age figures, ancient Egyptian reliefs, Greek statues and sculptures from Roman history, images of Indian deities, and the great terracotta army discovered in China.

Discover Bronze-casting through the centuries, the woodcarver’s workshop, terracotta, and Michelangelo’s marble technique and the impact of modern technology. China, Japan, India, Africa, pre-Columbian America and Oceania sculpture from these great world cultures emerge in high quality reproductions. Influences are traced through history, from the Romanesque, Renaissance and the Baroque to the movements of the 20th Century.