Best African Poetry Books

Here you will get Best African Poetry Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Don’t Wait Til I Die To Love Me

Author: by Michael Tavon
203 pages

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Don’t Wait Til I Die To Love me and is a book about the nuances of life and how precious it is. The author takes his readers through a journey of self-discovery. In vivid detail he spills his thoughts and deepest feelings towards love in every dimension.

Tavon hopes the readers will gain a new outlook life while learning how to appreciate the little things we take for granted . Don’t Wait Til I Die To Me’ is such a simplistic title with a nuanced meaning which can relate to people in many ways.

The people who find themselves to be overlooked or undervalued will resonate with pieces like To The Ones Who Hurt Me and For The Misunderstood. Pieces such as Dying Mother and Five Sense will have the readers feeling remorseful towards humanity and Mother Earth.

The purpose of this book is to allow each reader to learn more about themselves and become hopeful on their healing journey. Tavon wants his readers to know they’re not alone. He also hopes people will become proactive when it comes to loving themselves, other people, and the environment.

2. The Tragedy of White Injustice

Author: by Marcus Garvey
26 pages

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2017 Reprint of 1935 Edition. When he published this third edition in 1935, Garvey described The Tragedy of White Injustice in these terms: “It must be remembered that this is not an attempt at poetry: it is just a peculiar style of using facts as they impress me as I go through the pages of history and as I look at and note the conduct of the white race.” Garvey wrote this “epic poem” in 1927 while in an Atlanta prison.

Its first and second editions were published while he was serving a five-year sentence “as the result of the white man’s prejudice in America.” According to him, at the time of publishing the third edition, thousands of copies had already been circulated all over the world.

3. Chameleon Aura

Author: by Billy Chapata
288 pages

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Zimbabwean poet Billy Chapata provides a thought-provoking take on the universal experiences of love, pain, and what comes next through messages of empowerment. This collection of poetry and prose will justify heartache and inspire the fortitude to survive and prosper.

Chameleon Aura presents a harmonious blend of experience and advice through a chaptered series of prose and poetry that focuses on shared experiences in love and loss. Emboldened words and phrases capture the essence of the author’s message and distinguish his unique style.

Chapata’s touching narrative celebrates humanity for their biological resilience and undeniable worth. This collection leaves readers warm with hope for growth, rebirth, and, most prominently, self-acceptance.

4. The Truth of You: Poetry About Love, Life, Joy, and Sadness

Author: by Iain S. Thomas
240 pages

The Truth of You: Poetry About Love, Life, Joy, and Sadness Cover

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This is the truth of you. Because you are all I see. Because you are all I breathe. Because when I cannot find you, I am lost. Because when I’m with you, I am found. Because you have the fire of the universe in you, and sometimes you forget.

So this book is here to remind you. Dear You, I want you to know that I see you. I want you to know that even if no one else does, even if you are a ghost in this bookshop, or just the static floating across the screen of your computer, wherever you’re reading this, I see you.

I see you in the dark and I see you in the grey. I see you as a story, as words I have spoken or may yet speak. Maybe only in a memory or a dream. I see your hands and your arms and your body and your legs and your face and I see what you have been and what you will be.

I see you and in looking at you, I want you to know that whoever you’ve had to be to survive all this, I will not look away. I want you to know that there’s a space inside this book for you.

5. Your Stories My Ink: Healing Melodies For The Soul

Author: by Venson D Jones
98 pages

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A book of hope and healing for women in the form of poems and poetry, to empower, encourage and ultimately inspire.

6. Selected Poems

Author: by Gwendolyn Brooks
176 pages

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Selected Poems is the classic volume by the distinguished and celebrated poet Gwendolyn Brooks, winner of the 1950 Pulitzer Prize, and recipient of the National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. This compelling collection showcases Brooks’s technical mastery, her warm humanity, and her compassionate and illuminating response to a complex world.

This edition also includes a special PS section with insights, interviews, and moreincluding a short piece by Nikki Giovanni entitled “Remembering Gwen.”By 1963 the civil rights movement was in full swing across the United States, and more and more African American writers were increasingly outspoken in attacking American racism and insisting on full political, economic, and social equality for all.

In that memorable year of the March on Washington, Harper & Row released Brooks’s Selected Poems, which incorporated poems from her first three collections, as well as a selection of new poems. This edition of Selected Poems includes A Street in Bronzeville, Brooks’s first published volume of poetry for which she became nationally known and which led to successive Guggenheim fellowships; Annie Allen, published one year before she became the first African American author to win the Pulitzer Prize in any category; and The Bean Eaters, her fifth publication which expanded her focus from studies of the lives of mainly poor urban black Americans to the heroism of early civil rights workers and events of particular outrageincluding the 1955 Emmett Till lynching and the 1957 school desegregation crisis in Little Rock, Arkansas.

7. On a Sea of Glass: The Life & Loss of the RMS Titanic

Author: by Tad Fitch
Amberley Publishing
464 pages

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On the night of 14/15 April 1912, a brandnew, supposedly unsinkable ship, the largest and most luxurious vessel in the world at the time, collided with an iceberg and sank on her maiden voyage. Of the 2,208 people on board, only 712 were saved.

The rest either drowned or froze to death in the icy-cold waters of the North Atlantic. How could this unsinkable’ vessel sink and why did so few of those aboard survive? The authors bring the tragedy to life, telling the story of the ship’s design, construction and maiden voyage.

The stories of individuals who sailed on her, many previously known only as names on yellowing passenger and crew lists, are brought to light using rarely-seen accounts of the sinking. The stories of passengers of all classes and crewmembers alike, are explored.

They tell the dramatic stories of lives lost and people saved, of the rescue ship Carpathia, and of the aftermath of the sinking. Never again would a large passenger liner sail without lifeboats for all. Despite the tragedy, the sinking of the Titanic indirectly led to untold numbers of lives being saved due to new regulations that came into force after the tragedy.

8. Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth (Mouthmark)

Author: by Warsan Shire
38 pages

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What elevates ‘teaching my mother how to give birth’, what gives the poems their disturbing brilliance, is Warsan Shire’s ability to give simple, beautiful eloquence to the veiled world where sensuality lives in the dominant narrative of Islam; reclaiming the more nuanced truths of earlier times – as in Tayeb Salih’s work – and translating to the realm of lyric the work of the likes of Nawal El Saadawi.

As Rumi said, “Love will find its way through all languages on its own”; in ‘teaching my mother how to give birth’, Warsan’s dbut pamphlet, we witness the unearthing of a poet who finds her way through all preconceptions to strike the heart directly.

Warsan Shire is a Kenyan-born Somali poet and writer who is based in London. Born in 1988, she is an artist and activist who uses her work to document narratives of journey and trauma. Warsan has read her work internationally, including recent readings in South Africa, Italy and Germany, and her poetry has been translated into Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

9. I Can't Reach It!: A Growth Mindset Book To Promote Self-Esteem

Author: by Jana Buchmann
31 pages

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Being short when you’re supposed to be tall isn’t always easy. Moyo, the little giraffe is one lucky girl she is growing up in the African savanna enjoying the beauty of nature. But growing up as the tallest animal in the world isn’t easy, especially when you’re still short.

Moyo faces new challenges every day but thanks to the encouragement of her mom, the majestic giraffe lady, she never gives up and discovers that anything is possible if only she believes in herself and her abilities. Kids of all ages will adore this heartwarming children’s book that takes them to beautiful Africa.

Gorgeous illustrations and an encouraging story show kids the power of self-esteem and perseverance. Book details:Perfect for all ages, especially 3-6, preschool and kindergartenTeaches a valuable lesson about resilience and not giving upEngages young children with beautiful illustrationsGreat for bedtime stories, group reading, and one-on-oneWonderful classroom resource to talk about a growth mindsetIf you’re searching for a delightful tale that encourages children to develop a growth mindset, then this story is for you!

10. Sour Honey & Soul Food

Author: by Billy Chapata
216 pages

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Directed by Desire … Is a powerful addition to the entire canon of American poetry. BooklistNow in paperback, Directed by Desire is the definitive overview of June Jordan’s -poetry. Collecting the finest work from Jordan’s ten volumes, as well as dozens of last poems that were never published in Jordan’s lifetime, these more than six hundred pages overflow with intimate lyricism, elegance, fury, meditative solos, and dazzling vernacular riffs.

As Adrienne Rich writes in her introduction, June Jordan wanted her readers, listeners, students, to feel their own latent powerof the word, the deed, of their own beauty and intrinsic value. From These Poems: These poems they are things that I do in the dark reaching for you whoever you are and are you ready?

The cloth edition of Directed by Desire was selected as a Library Journal Poetry Book of the Year and received the Lambda Book Award for Lesbian Poetry. June Jordan taught at UC Berkeley for many years and founded Poetry for the People.

12. Zong! (Wesleyan Poetry Series)

Author: by M. NourbeSe Philip
Wesleyan University Press
224 pages

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A haunting lifeline between archive and memory, law and poetryIn November, 1781, the captain of the slave ship Zong ordered that some 150 Africans be murdered by drowning so that the ship’s owners could collect insurance monies. Relying entirely on the words of the legal decision Gregson v.

Gilbertthe only extant public document related to the massacre of these African slavesZong! Tells the story that cannot be told yet must be told. Equal parts song, moan, shout, oath, ululation, curse, and chant, Zong! Excavates the legal text. Memory, history, and law collide and metamorphose into the poetics of the fragment.

Through the innovative use of fugal and counterpointed repetition, Zong! Becomes an anti-narrative lament that stretches the boundaries of the poetic form, haunting the spaces of forgetting and mourning the forgotten. Check for the online reader’s companion at .