Best Antique & Collectible Music Boxes Books

Here you will get Best Antique & Collectible Music Boxes Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Oliver West! It's Time to Get Dressed! (Award Winning Book)

Author: by Kelly Louise
Spaghetti Head Press
36 pages

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Empowering and Educational Book Teaching Kids About Having Routines and Gaining Independence. When Oliver sees his friends playing outside, he can’t wait to join them. But something is standing in his way …His pajamas! Put your RIGHT leg in one side, Your LEFT leg in the other.

Your SUPERHERO underpants will soon be undercover! Will Oliver be able to put on his pants and shirt so he can play too? What if he can’t find his missing shoe? Watch Oliver struggle through the natural behaviors and emotions of a young child learning a new skill as Mom guides him with gentle nudges, loving encouragement and lots of praise.

Your 3 -6-year-old will love and relate to this book!

2. Vintage Bird Ephemera: A Beautiful Collection for Junk Journals, Scrapbooking, Collage and Many Paper Crafts

Author: by White Barn Press
40 pages

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A hand curated collection of birds and bird themed ephemera. Over 100 authentic vintage images from the archives of natural history museums, libraries, and many historical collections. Offered together in one book, these beautiful selections are sure to elevate any project.

Perfect for junk journals, collage, scrapbooks, mixed media and many other crafts. Features:19 sheets8. 5 x 11Organized by color themes60 lb. Paper Blank vintage paper on back side for easy craftingOver 100 high quality imagesPick up your copy of Vintage Bird Ephemera today and enjoy all the vintage goodness in your next creation!

3. Vintage Ephemera Sampler: A Sepia, Neutral and Soft Color Collection

Author: by White Barn Press
40 pages

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A hand curated collection of beautiful sepia, neutral and softly colored ephemera. Over 100 authentic, vintage receipts, postcards, tickets, photos, letters, book pages and other ephemera for your enjoyment. Offered together in one book, these beautiful selections are sure to elevate any project.

Perfect for junk journals, scrapbooks, collage, decoupage, card making, mixed media and many other crafts. Simply cut and create! Features:60 lb paper18 sheets8. 5 x 11Over 100 imagesBlank vintage paper on back side for easy craftingPick up your copy of Vintage Ephemera Sampler today and enjoy all the vintage goodness in your next creation!

4. Options Trading: 6 in 1: The Ultimate Guide to Investing and Making a Profit | Successfully Learn How to Get a Passive Income Using the Best Swing and Day Strategies and Maximize Your Earnings

Author: by Nathan Real
646 pages

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Yes, you can get the entire collection for the price of one, take advantage today. MAKE REAL THE LIFESTYLE YOU WANT Today is the day! Today you can start a new story. Maybe you started to do ‘Trading’ with great enthusiasm, and you have already thought about leaving to dedicate yourself to something else because you have not found it profitable.Stop for a moment!

This is the definitive guide, the one that will allow you to know your investment options, techniques, tips, tricks and formulas that are already proven in ‘Trading’.It is time to start enjoying the benefits. Dare to buy this book and begin a new era of financial prosperity and abundance.

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5. The Musical Box Handbook: Vol 1: Cylinder Boxes (2nd Edition)

Author: by Graham Webb
Vestal Press Ltd
243 pages

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7. Music Boxes: The Collector's Guide to Selecting, Restoring, and Enjoying New and Vintage Music Boxes

Author: by Gilbert Bahl
Courage Books
80 pages

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A celebration of the golden era of music boxes chronicles the history of music boxes-from classic to contemporary-and offers tips on collecting and restoring them.

8. Musical Boxes in Prague and Vienna

Author: by Helmut Kowar
246 pages

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During the 19th and in the beginning of the 20th century the musical boxes made by Swiss manufacturers (and there were also some active in nearby France) dominated the international market – but also in Prague and in Vienna musical boxes were made.

While the Swiss products were sold worldwide, the Austrian musical boxes were made primarily for customers in the Habsburg Monarchy and in East-European countries. The manufacturers in Prague and Vienna followed an independent and different path in the construction and design of musical boxes as well as in the musical repertoire and its arrangement.

The book will point out these special features of the Austrian musical boxes. Based on a survey of roughly 1300 musical boxes (the information was collected during a research project since 1980), it is possible to present here a typology and the development of the musical boxes made in Prague and Vienna, providing also sufficient photos of many details.

Analyses of several music pieces accompanied by the related scores throw light on the musical repertoire and its typical arrangement. Historical facts and biographical data of the makers complement the picture of the production of musical boxes in Prague and Vienna.

9. The Musical Box: A Guide for Collectors

Author: by Arthur W J G Ord-Hume
Schiffer Publishing
336 pages

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Musical boxes have been made by master artisans since the 1700s, playing classical music, hymns, operatic arias and popular tunes by means of discs or cylinders. The industry started in Europe, flourishing in Switzerland, Germany, and Great Britain, finally crossing the Atlantic to America, before ending in the early 20th century.

This book is the definitive reference for anyone interested in the history of music, mechanical music, and musical technology, with complete diagrams of the various types of mechanical movements used over the centuries, indexes of manufacturers, box styles, and tune sheets, complete American and British patent lists, tips on maintaining, repairing, and purchasing boxes, and a price guide.

Many of the loveliest musical boxes ever crafted are illustrated in full color in this book, with hundreds more black and white photographs showing their mechanical workings. Eighty detailed diagrams explaining their functions help collectors use, maintain and repair the boxes in their collections.

10. Musical-boxes at the Victoria & Albert Museum: An introduction

Author: by Carole Patey
36 pages

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In this book, the glorious automata and mechanical music of the 19th and early 20th century are truly “playing their parts”. Playing their mechanical parts, they perform extraordinary motions and issue compelling music that is as transfixing today as when first created.

150 splendid examples of these automata and musical boxes, 1780-1960, are shown in this book with detailed descriptions of their motions, music, historical background, and useful commentary. Each example is photographed in award-winning color, many with detailed insert photos, and each is identified by maker, country of origin, value, and date.

12. History of the Musical Box and of Mechanical Music

Author: by Alfred Chapuis
303 pages

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Text: English, French (translation)