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Here you will get Best Badminton Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Monthly Budget Planner: An Debt Tracker For paying Off Your Debts | 8.5" X 11" | 24 Months of Tracking | 100 Pages (Debts + Budgeting Vol)

Author: by Floral Money Planners
101 pages

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The Perfect 24 Month / Two Year Monthly Budget Planner *Updated 04.26. 2021* Now With Over 40 Extra Pages of Misc.Bill Tracking! This debt tracking log book is perfect for anyone who needs to track their income and expenses month to month. Businesses and individuals will benefit from this simplistic & reliable layout.

Just click the look inside feature to check out what the interior looks like. Plenty of space to notate the important stuff, and at 8. 5 x 11 inches it will fit easily on your desk or bookshelf! Product Details:Perfect size allows plenty of room for writingHeavy Matte cover protects records24 Months of detailed Tracking and space for notesGrab Yours Today!

2. Summer: A Cookbook: Inspired Recipes for Lazy Days and Magical Nights

Author: by Marnie Hanel
Artisan (April 13, 2021)
224 pages

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Here Comes the Fun Whether for cocktails and bites at the lake house or a come one, come all dinner with friends, here are more than 100 seasonally inspired recipes guided by the principle that summer cooking means keeping things loose (and the oven off when it’s just too hot out).

Fuel up for a surf day with a basket of Fantastic Focaccia Sandwiches, host lunch on the deck with a Grilled Shrimp Louie salad, pass around the beach picnic fare (hello, Spicy Pineapple Spears and Landlubber’s Lobster Rolls). It’s a cookbook and so much more, with perfect party menushow to choose between a Paella Party and Grilled Rib Revelry?

Tiki cocktails, Five-Minute Fros, tips on building a beach firepit. And to wrap it all up on the sweetest note, what could be better than Six Sensational Ice Cream Sandwiches?

3. Yahtzee: 440 Score Sheets | Large Score Pads For Scorekeeping | 8.5*11 inches

Author: by Midnight Isabella Publisher
111 pages

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Keep Having fun with this Yahtzee scoresheet book , Keep Track of every full, three of a kind, chance and, of course, every lucky Yahtzee launch . Record the score of each player and dice Throwing. Book Features: Double- Side Non- Perforated Clear and sharp printing Correct scoring instructions

4. 2019 Planner Weekly and Monthly: A Year – 365 Daily – 52 Week journal Planner Calendar Schedule Organizer Appointment Notebook, Monthly Planner, To do … Setting Happiness Gratitude Book Men Cover

Author: by Vilma P. Christiansen
134 pages

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2019 Planner Weekly and MonthlyGet a head start on your 2019. This beautiful planner is printed on high quality interior stock. Each monthly spread (January through December 2019) contains an overview of the month,a notes section, The good spreads include space to write your daily schedule as well as a to-do list.

You can see 7 days Mon-Sun in the couple page and also see the whole month too. Book Details:Perfect for any use. You can use for personal,work, to do list, small diary for note of the day and all purpose.

Monthly Action plan Best for Christmas gift and New Year gift. Contains Jan 2019 – Dec 2019 Light weight. Easy to carry around.Made in the USA. Everyone need to have the best planner since the first of the year. Give it for yourself friends family and co-worker and Have a great year together.

5. High Performance Badminton

Author: by Mark Golds
112 pages

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Aimed at all aspiring badminton players, High Performance Badminton is packed with advice on how to improve your game, including an extensive section of tips from star players. Covering both the physical and mental approach, and nutrition, and with comprehensive sections on skill development, training, and tactics, this will be invaluable reading for players and coaches.

6. Allegro Pastell: Roman (German Edition)

Author: by Leif Randt
Kiepenheuer & Witsch eBook
March 5, 2020

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Germany’s next Lovestory. Leif Randt erzhlt vom Glck. Von Tanja und Jerome, von Wirklichkeit und Badminton, von idealen Zustnden und den Hochzeiten der anderen. Eine Lovestory aus den spten Zehnerjahren. Tanja Arnheim, deren Debtroman PanoptikumNeu Kultstatus geniet, wird in wenigen Wochen dreiig.

Mit Blick auf den Berliner Volkspark Hasenheide wartet sie auf eine explosive Idee fr ihr neues Buch. Ihr fnf Jahre lterer Freund, der gefragte Webdesigner Jerome Daimler, bewohnt in Maintal den Bungalow seiner Eltern und versucht sein Leben zunehmend als spirituelle Einkehr zu begreifen.

Die Fernbeziehung der beiden wirkt makellos. Sie bleiben ber Text und Bild eng miteinander verbunden und besuchen sich fr lange Wochenenden in ihren jeweiligen Realitten. Jogging durchs Naturschutzgebiet und Meditation im sdhessischen Maintal, driftende Dauerkommunikation und sexpositives Ausgehen in Berlin Jerome und Tanja sind freinander da, jedoch nicht aneinander verloren.

Eltern, Freund*innen und depressive Geschwister spiegeln ihnen ein Leid, gegen das Tanja und Jerome weitgehend immun bleiben. Doch der Wunsch, ihre Zuneigung zu konservieren, ohne dass diese bieder oder schmerzhaft existenziell wird, stellt das Paar vor eine groe Herausforderung.

7. Badminton For Beginners: Techniques, Tactics, Skills, And Drills For Shuttlecock Success

Author: by Stephen Plitt
September 5, 2017

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Badminton For Beginners! Techniques, Tactics, Skills, And Drills For Shuttlecock SuccessAre You Ready To Learn ALL About Badminton? If So You’ve Come To The Right Place… No experience with badminton?No worries! This book is suited to the absolute beginner that’s looking to get started with badminton, whether this be for your own enjoyment and as a means of competition or perhaps even to lose weight…

The choice is yours! Here’s A Preview Of What This Book Contains… An Introduction To BadmintonBadminton History and DevelopmentBadminton Rules and RegulationsBadminton FundamentalsThe Badminton Racket & Shuttlecock ExplainedBadminton Footwork ExplainedTips for an Effective Badminton StrategyBadminton Terms and Safety ConcernsBadminton Terms ExplainedSafety Concerns in BadmintonImportant Tips in BadmintonAnd Much, Much More!

Order Your Copy And Get Started With Badminton Now!

8. Badminton: Steps to Success (STS (Steps to Success Activity)

Author: by Tony Grice
Human Kinetics
200 pages

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Players clocking shuttlecocks at speeds of 200 miles per hour, new scoring rules, and nonstop action make badminton one of the fastest racket sports in the world. With Badminton: Steps to Success you will learn the skills and tactics to excel at the highest level.

Through detailed, fully illustrated instruction, you will develop precision, power, and finesse as you use this step-by-step guide to master serves, forehands, backhands, clears, drop shots, smashes, drives, and more. Badminton: Steps to Success also breaks down common errors players make and provides corrective techniques to pinpoint problems and improve execution.

Over 100 drills will further enforce correct technique, with designated drills for tactical practice, conditioning, and teamwork for doubles play. If you’re ready to master today’s game, rely on the one resource proven to make a difference. Badminton: Steps to Successpart of the popular Steps to Success Sports Series with more than 1.

5 million copies soldis your ticket to winning play.

9. Anatomy & 100 Stretching Exercises for Tennis: And Other Racket Sports Including Paddleball, Squash, and Badminton

Author: by Guillermo Seijas Albir
152 pages

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Find 100 stretches that will take your racket game to a whole new level From the occasional tennis player to the high-performance athlete, everyone can benefit from knowledge about biomechanics, ergonomics, stretching techniques, and more. Discover guidelines and advice designed to help tennis players, as well as paddleball, squash, and badminton enthusiasts improve their safety and performance.

Beginners and advanced players will find:Instructions on choosing the right racket to fit your specific needs for greater comfort and performanceKnowledge about the biomechanics of racket sports, including the anatomical descriptions of the muscle groups involved88 specific stretches to help players achieve optimal performance12 dynamic warm-up stretches to delay the onset of muscle fatigue and avoid discomfort due to prolonged playingThe basic history and evolution of tennis and other racket sports, and moreIncludes detailed explanations, full color photographs and illustrations, step-by-step descriptions of each exercise and technique and its impact on anatomy.

10. Badminton Handbook (Meyer & Meyer Sport)

Author: by Bernd-Volker Brahms
184 pages

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The Badminton Handbook is a compact, groundbreaking training manual that gives the reader an overall insight into the world of badminton. It is divided into two parts. The first part deals with training theory while the second contains background information about the sport and its stars, thus giving the reader an overall insight into the world of badminton.

The Badminton Handbook is groundbreaking in many ways. It combines training theory and information about badminton stars by reinforcing basic explanations on badminton technique with tips from the pros. It not only relates the excitement of this sport with Asian origins, but tells you all you need to know about badminton from A to Z.

It is a reliable reference book that readers will want to turn to again and again.

11. Coaching Badminton 101

Author: by Gong Chen
170 pages

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Coaching Badminton 101 is a book for everyone who wants to learn how to play, coach, or teach badminton and experience the fun of badminton games and tournaments. The book systematically presents all the fundamental and advanced skills while utilizing photographs, illustrations, and diagrams to provide readers with clear visual representations of critical skills and strategies.

The session plan in the book provides teachers and coaches with suggestions of how to successfully conduct each lesson in order to ensure quality teaching and learning. The book demonstrates that with proper and systematic training, badminton can be a fun and exciting game for anyone.

Chapters include: Introduction (the state of badminton in the US, benefits, etiquette, common injuries, and motivation to play), Preparation for Training (attire and equipment, equipment selection, warm-up, cool-down, and body conditioning), Badminton Basics (grips, racket motion and shuttlecock flight directions, ready stances, court positions, footwork, shuttlecock-handling exercises, and footwork training), Serves and Returns, Underhand Clear Shot, Overhead Clear Shot, Overhead Drop Shot, Smash, Drive Shot and Push Shot, Net Drop Shot, Singles Game Strategies, Doubles Game Strategies, Coaching High School Badminton, and Teaching Badminton.

12. Badminton : An Illustrated History (French Edition)

Author: by Jean-Yves Guillain
156 pages

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