Best Bahrain History Books

Here you will get Best Bahrain History Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Math Practice Workbook Grades 1-3: 1000+ Questions You Need to Kill in Elementary School by Brain Hunter Prep (Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, … more in Kill It Series by Brain Hunter Prep)

Author: by Brain Hunter Prep
329 pages

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Prepare your child for elementary school math with our award-winning Math Practice Workbook for Grades 1 to 3. Used by teachers, parents and students nationwide this workbook provides elementary school children with comprehensive practice questions that cover a wide range of topics they will encounter in elementary school.

Created by certified elementary school teachers, this workbook is the perfect supplementary workbook for any student in 1st grade, 2nd grade or 3rd grade. This workbook is also aligned to all Common Core State Standards. Topics Covered:Operations and Algebraic ThinkingAddition and SubtractionMultiplication and DivisionApplying Operations to Solve Word ProblemsNumbers and Operations in Base TenCountingNumber FormsRoundingNumber Sense and Place ValueCompare by looking at 100, 10, 1s (, =)Using place value to perform operationsNumbers, Operations, and FractionsDividing Shapes into Equal Parts Understanding Fractions Comparing FractionsMeasurement and DataMeasurement of ObjectsArea and PerimeterMeasurement of TimeMeasurement of DataMeasurement Word Problems

2. Safari Readers: Giraffes (Safari Readers – Wildlife Books for Kids)

Author: by Tristan Walters
28 pages

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Take your child on a reading adventure with Safari Readers and learn all about Giraffes in this WILD and exciting book series for kids. Packed with ferocious facts, stunning photography and engaging puzzles, your reading safari will be certain to fuel curious young minds and inspire the next generation of nature lovers.

The Safari Readers wildlife books for kids have been specially designed to inspire beginner readers and help make reading a fun, enjoyable experience for all. Each book takes children on a different animal adventure, teaching them important scientific facts while helping them discover a LOVE of reading through their fascination of the natural world.

Our Giraffe book for kids is the perfect book for both boys and girls that have a passion for learning about wild animals and a special interest in African wildlife and safari animals. In this stage 1 reading book, young explorers are taken on a journey to the heart of the African savannah and will discover Amazing Pictures incredible images of giraffes that generate awe and wonderChild-Friendly Layout easy-to-read format and carefully-leveled text to support beginner readersEngaging Graphics information to encourage learning across the whole school curriculumFascinating Facts fun facts about giraffes that will stun even your science teacherRewarding Activities wildlife-themed activities that will motivate the most reluctant readers Whether you are a parent or a teacher, looking to help a child with their school project, or simply adding more excitement and adventure into reading at home, the Safari Readers giraffe book for kids is the ideal gift to support a child’s reading and education.

3. Rise and Conquer: The Unrivaled Mindset and Self-Discipline to Achieve Your Wildest Goals

Author: by Juan Partida
128 pages

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Feeling stuck?Why do you keep setting new goals, but can’t seem to muster the willpower and self-discipline to stay on track? Why are you still miles away from the kind of life you truly want, despite years of effort?

You see people all around you achieving so much. Friends, family, and complete strangers living their best lives, while you keep feeling stuck, making little-to-no progress. You’ve probably been living life on autopilot. Going through the motions, occupying your time with busywork and distractions, not really knowing what you’re doing them for.

Nonetheless, you know you have lots of potential. Even the ones closest to you say it often. You want more out of life. You know you’re capable of much more. So, what is actually stopping you? Maybe you’re overwhelmed with so many things coming your way.

Maybe you can’t find a way to stop procrastinating. Maybe you just don’t know where to start. Whatever dreams you have for yourself, if you don’t have an effective and viable plan for achieving them, they’ll remain just that dreams and fantasies.

4. 2021-2025 Monthly Planner 5 Years-Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it: 5 Year Monthly Planner 2021-2025 | 60 Months Calendar | Agenda Logbook and … – Cute Tropical Cover

Author: by Half-Decade Planners
150 pages

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New Improved Planner Interior with Yearly / Monthly Goals and Motivational quotes *2021-2025 Monthly Planner 5 Years-Dream it, Believe it, Achieve itAre you looking for Great Gift for yourself or for your Loved Ones? This Five years planner is the perfect way to organize your daily life or to record your thoughts, funny, inspiring moments in your life for the next Five Years!

With this 60-months planner, you will be able to keep track of all your events in a single planner. No need to have a several one-year planners. This planner contains 150 Pages ready to be filled with your memorable events & moments.

(Belongs to page + 60 months calendar with holidays + Contact information + Birthday log + Password log + Notes). This planner can be used for personal, work, to do list, school, small diary for note of the day and all purposes. Planner Details: Each month per two pages spread with unruled daily blocks and Notes section to provide enough space for writing your events and thoughts Yearly Goals pages with deadlines and steps to take in order to set up your goals and achieve them for next five years Monthly notes and main goals spaces to write down all your aims and thought for each month Extra lined pages for notes at the end of the planner.

5. The Witchy Way in 21 Days: Your Personal Guide to Daily House Magick

Author: by Armina Turner
132 pages

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A GREAT PRACTICAL BOOK! LEARN TO SPELLCRAFT ON YOUR OWN! BECOME A SELF-SUFFICIENT WITCH.BE INDEPENDENT! Looking for Witchcraft/Wiccan supplies and tools? This book is for you! Within the pages of this book, you will discover a 21 days’ guide to becoming a Powerful Witch.

One unique task for each day, which works even for a beginner. Forget about the routine; how about creating a personal grimoire instead? You’ve probably heard about Green Witch, Wicca, and Modern Witchcraft? Are you interested in becoming a real practitioner?

You’re on the right track because this book works as a perfect practical guide! The author of “The Witchy Way in 21 days” came a long way from a former medical worker to becoming a self-sustainable practitioner. Armina Turner quit her highly paid job to start from scratch, to discover the unknown.

She consults, she shows how to self-care, she grandmotherly accompanies each reader on this tricky track. Armina Turner has genuinely put a piece of her soul in this wonderful work. Inside this Modern Witchcraft and Spellbook you’ll find how to: Become a Powerful Witch Embrace the inner Divine, turn your house into a temple Create magick affirmations Spellcraft, perform rituals Connect with the ancestors, nature and receive protection Activate connection with the subtle world and your subconscious mindGood luck and have a fantastic journey into the Brand New Amazing Witchy Witch Life.

6. My First Islamic Book for Children under 3: Islamic Book for Kids, Preschoolers, Toddlers, Babies; Muslim Children Book; Islam for kids; Islam for beginners book

Author: by Julia Hanke
40 pages

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Unique and Fun Islamic bedtime book (simple stories) for Toddlers and Children age 2-10Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,Discover religious concepts, daily-used expressions and a deeper connection with your Lord through special stories for both children and parents, while also sparking curiosity in children about Islam.

Enjoy with your kid an exclusive journey of his/her lifetime that will introduce your child to the religion, and offer him/her a positive and comforting perception of the Islamic belief, culture and way of life. A must-have children’s book that should never be missing from any Islamic books collection!

This Islamic book for Children, written by a dedicated teacher and holder of B.A. In Islamic Sciences, will encourage your child to trust Allah, ask Allah for help, thank Allah, help people, apologize to others, show gratitude and politeness, and respect others no matter their ethnic background.

From honoring one’s parents, being considerate, caring for the environment to sharing, and talking in a good language – this book shows the importance of kindness, no matter how small it is. If you are a Muslim parent who values raising kind kids that will make the world a better place, this book is for you!

7. The Wages of Oil: Parliaments and Economic Development in Kuwait and the UAE

Author: by Michael Herb
Cornell University Press
258 pages

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The contrast between Kuwait and the UAE today illustrates the vastly different possible futures facing the smaller states of the Gulf. Dubai’s rulers dream of creating a truly global business center, a megalopolis of many millions attracting immigrants in great waves from near and far.

Kuwait, meanwhile, has the most spirited and influential parliament in any of the oil-rich Gulf monarchies. In The Wages of Oil, Michael Herb provides a robust framework for thinking about the future of the Gulf monarchies. The Gulf has seen enormous changes in recent years, and more are to come.

Herb explains the nature of the changes we are likely to see in the future. He starts by asking why Kuwait is far ahead of all other Gulf monarchies in terms of political liberalization, but behind all of them in its efforts to diversify its economy away from oil.

He compares Kuwait with the United Arab Emirates, which lacks Kuwait’s parliament but has moved ambitiously to diversify. This data-rich book reflects the importance of both politics and economic development issues for decision-makers in the Gulf. Herb develops a political economy of the Gulf that ties together a variety of issues usually treated separately: Kuwait’s National Assembly, Dubai’s real estate boom, the paucity of citizen labor in the private sector, class divisions among citizens, the caste divide between citizens and noncitizens, and the politics of land.

8. Desert Kingdoms to Global Powers: The Rise of the Arab Gulf

Author: by Rory Miller
ISBN: 978-0300192346
Published at: Yale University Press; Illustrated edition (November 22, 2016)

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A lively analysis of the Arab Gulf states’ stunning rise to global power over the last half-century and of the daunting challenges they confront today Once just sleepy desert sheikdoms, the Arab Gulf states of Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait now exert unprecedented influence on international affairsthe result of their almost unimaginable riches in oil and gas.

In this book, Rory Miller, an expert in Gulf politics and international affairs, provides an accessible account of the achievements of these countries since the 1973 global oil crisis. He also investigates how the shrewd Arab Gulf rulers who have overcome crisis after crisis meet the external and internal challenges of the onrushing future.

The Arab Gulf region has become an EastWest hub for travel, tourism, sport, culture, trade, and finance. But can the autocratic regimes maintain stability at home and influence abroad as they deal with the demands of social and democratic reform?

9. Hydroponics: How to Build a DIY Hydroponics System to Grow Organic Fruit, Herbs and Vegetables Without Soil

Author: by Isaac Green
178 pages

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Do You Want to Learn How to Set Up Your Own Hydroponics Garden but Don’t Know How to Get Started? This book will teach you everything that you need to know to setup your very own organic fruit, herbs, vegetable all without soil.

You will be able to grow completely organic vegetables all in the comfort of your own home. Not only will you save money from growing your own produce but you will learn a skill that will help to sustain yourself and your family for years.

Hydroponics doesn’t have to be hard, but too many people teach outdated and sometimes blatantly wrong information. Unlike, other books this one teaches you exactly what you need to know and more importantly it teaches only the newest hydroponic methods currently being used.

Making sure that you’ll be prepared to have success with hydroponics for years to come. What you will learn from this book:What’s Hydroponics and what it can do for youThe keys to successful hydroponic vegetable gardeningThe different types of hydroponic gardening methods that you can use in your homeThe comparisons between hydroponic gardening and soil gardeningHow to pick the best hydroponics equipmentThe best plants to grow with hydroponicsMistakes and how to avoid them when setting up your own gardenAnd so much more!

10. Group Conflict and Political Mobilization in Bahrain and the Arab Gulf: Rethinking the Rentier State (Middle East Studies)

Author: by Justin Gengler
218 pages

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The oil-producing states of the Arab Gulf are said to sink or swim on their capacity for political appeasement through economic redistribution. Yet, during the popular uprisings of the Arab Spring, in Bahrain and all across the Arab Gulf, ordinary citizens showed an unexpected enthusiasm for political protest directed against governments widely assumed to have co-opted their support with oil revenues.

Justin Gengler draws on the first-ever mass political survey in Bahrain to demonstrate that neither is the state willing to offer all citizens the same bargain, nor are all citizens willing to accept it. Instead, shared social and religious identities offer a viable basis for mass political coordination.

Challenging the prevailing rentier interpretation of political life in the Gulf states, Gengler offers new empirical evidence and a new conceptual framework for understanding the attitudes of ordinary citizens.

11. DOHA and QATAR Travel Guide

Author: by Arabesque Travel

‎ 260 pages

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With the sublime Museum of Islamic Arts and the dazzling skyline of West Bay, Doha is a modern city par excellence. The Doha and Qatar travel guide includes the attractions of Doha and takes you beyond the glitz to Qatar’s abandoned historic villages and sweeping dunes of the inland sea’. With selected hotel and restaurant listings, cultural hints and a comprehensive history chapter, this guide gets you to the heart of Qatar.

Learn how to handle the etiquette of coffee in Qatar and stroll along Al Corniche from the National Museum towards the rainbow coloured skyscrapers of Doha’s West Bay at dusk.

12. Histories of City and State in the Persian Gulf: Manama since 1800 (Cambridge Middle East Studies, Series Number 30)

Author: by Nelida Fuccaro
Cambridge University Press

‎ English
276 pages

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In this path-breaking and multi-layered account of one of the least explored societies in the Middle East, Nelida Fuccaro examines the political and social life of the Gulf city and its coastline, as exemplified by Manama in Bahrain. Written as an ethnography of space, politics and community, it addresses the changing relationship between urban development, politics and society before and after the discovery of oil.

By using a variety of local sources and oral histories, Fuccaro questions the role played by the British Empire and oil in state-making. Instead, she draws attention to urban residents, elites and institutions as active participants in state and nation building.

She also examines how the city has continued to provide a source of political, social and sectarian identity since the early nineteenth century, challenging the view that the advent of oil and modernity represented a radical break in the urban past of the region.