Best Bellini Books

Here you will get Best Bellini Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. A Night at the Opera: An Irreverent Guide to The Plots, The Singers, The Composers, The Recordings (Modern Library (Paperback))

Author: by Denis Sir Forman
Published at: Modern Library; Revised, Subsequent edition (September 1, 1998)
ISBN: 978-0375751769

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Delightful and anti-reverentialSunday Times (London)With an encyclopedic knowledge of opera and a delightful dash of irreverence, Sir Denis Forman throws open the world of operaits structure, composers, conductors, and artistsin this hugely informative guide. A Night at the Opera dissects the eighty-three most popular operas recorded on compact disc, from Cilea’s Adriana Lecouvreur to Mozart’s Die Zauberflte.

For each opera, Sir Denis details the plot and cast of characters, awarding stars to parts that are worth looking out for, really good, or, occasionally, stunning. He goes on to tell the history of each opera and its early reception.

Finally, each work is graded from alpha to gamma (although the Ring cycle gets an X), and Sir Denis has no qualms about voicing his opinion: the first act of Fidelio is a bit of a mess, while the last scene of Don Giovanni towers above the comic finales of Figaro and Cos and whether or not [it] is Mozart’s greatest opera, it is certainly his most powerful finale.

2. I Capuleti e I Montecchi: Vocal Score

Author: by Vincenzo Bellini
Published at: RICORDI (May 1, 1987)
ISBN: 978-0634071423

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(Vocal Score).Italian Only.

3. I Puritani: Ricordi Opera Vocal Score Series

Author: by Fabrizio Della Seta
Published at: Ricordi; Bilingual edition (January 1, 2016)
ISBN: 978-8875929688

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(Vocal Score).Reduction for voice and piano based on the critical edition. Includes historical introduction and critical commentary.2 volumes.

4. Vincenzo Bellini – Canzoni Per Voce: Songs for High Voice and Piano

Author: by Vincenzo Bellini
Published at: RICORDI (July 1, 2004)
ISBN: 978-0634084898

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(Vocal).This edition presents 21 songs in two keys, adding material to the previously published 15 composizioni da camera . It includes a substantial preface and extensive historical notes on each song in English and Italian, along with English translations and a guide to pronunciation.

There are songs in this collection not available elsewhere. Long-lasting sewn binding.

5. La sonnambula: Critical Edition Vocal Score

Author: by Vincenzo Bellini
Published at: Ricordi; Reprint edition (January 1, 2011)
ISBN: 978-8875928865

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Opera Vocal Solos

6. Piano Transcriptions from French and Italian Operas (Dover Music for Piano)

Author: by Franz Liszt
Published at: Dover Publications (May 1, 1982)
ISBN: 978-0486242736

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In his long career as a composer, Liszt (181186) wrote some sixty works based on popular operas of his day. This volume, spanning the composer’s output from 1835 to 1879, presents a selection of his paraphrases and fantasies on operas written chiefly in the French and Italian traditions.

Reproduced directly from a rare Russian edition of Liszt’s works, this edition includes the following transcriptions:Sarabande and Chaconne from Almira, Concert Arrangement (Handel)Reminiscences of Don Juan [Don Giovanni] (Mozart)Reminiscences of Robert le Diable: Valse Infernale (Meyerbeer)Overture to William Tell (Rossini)Reminiscences of Lucia di Lammermoor (Donizetti)Concert Waltz on Two Themes from Lucia and Parisina (Donizetti)Grand Concert Fantasy from Sonnambula (Bellini)Reminiscences of Norma (Bellini)Concert Paraphrase of Rigoletto; “Miserere” from Trovatore; Concert Paraphrase of Ernani (Verdi)Waltz from Faust, Concert Paraphrase (Gounod)Polonaise from Eugene Onegin (Tchaikovsky)Encompassing selections as diverse as the Baroque melodies of Handel and the glittering romanticism of Tchaikovsky, Liszt’s masterful transcriptions and fantasies reveal his exceptional ability to transform the essence of an operatic theme into unforgettable music for the piano.

7. 15 Composizioni da Camera: High Voice (CHANT)

Author: by Vincenzo Bellini
Published at: Ricordi (December 1, 1997)
ISBN: 978-0793572977

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(Vocal Collection).A new edition designed especially for American musicians, with these beautiful bel canto songs available for the first time in two keys, with new line-by-line English translations for study. Includes an introductory article on Bellini’s songs. Contents: Almen Se Non Poss’io * Bella Nice, Che D’amore * Dolente Immagine Di Fille Mia * Il Fervido Desiderio * L’abbandono * L’allegro Marinaro * La Farfalletta * Ma Rendi Pur Contento * Malinconia, Ninfa Gentile * Per Pieta.

Bell’idol Mio * Quando Incise Su Quel Marmo * Sogno D’infanzia * Torna Vezzosa Fillide * Vaga Luna, Che Inargenti * Vanne, O Rosa Fortunata.

8. I Puritani: Vocal Score

Author: by Vincenzo Bellini
Published at: RICORDI (November 1, 1986)
ISBN: 978-0793573653

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(Vocal Score).Italian Only.

9. The Life of Bellini (Musical Lives)

Author: by John Rosselli
Published at: Cambridge University Press (March 28, 1997)
ISBN: 978-0521467810

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Vincenzo Bellini’s physical beauty, boundless success, and untimely death at the age of thirty-three combined to give him instant mythical status. In John Rosselli’s new account, the first in English in twenty-five years, of his life and music, a more accurate view of Bellini emerges.

Carefully sorting through fact, legend and even spurious documentation, Rosselli reassesses Bellini’s personality, his relationships, and his short but dazzling career in Naples, Milan and Paris. He introduces the operatic world of the early nineteenth century, the singers of Bellini’s roles, and, above all he explains the writing and performance of the operas themselves.

What emerges from this level-headed biography is a portrait of an otherwise normal young man with uncommon musical gifts.

10. Defining Russia Musically

Author: by Richard Taruskin
Published at: Princeton University Press (January 15, 2001)
ISBN: 978-0691070650

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The world-renowned musicologist Richard Taruskin has devoted much of his career to helping listeners appreciate Russian and Soviet music in new and sometimes controversial ways. Defining Russia Musically represents one of his landmark achievements: here Taruskin uses music, together with history and politics, to illustrate the many ways in which Russian national identity has been constructed, both from within Russia and from the Western perspective.

He contends that it is through music that the powerful myth of Russia’s “national character” can best be understood. Russian art music, like Russia itself, Taruskin writes, has “always [been] tinged or tainted … With an air of alterity-sensed, exploited, bemoaned, reveled in, traded on, and defended against both from within and from without.” The author’s goal is to explore this assumption of otherness in an all-encompassing work that re-creates the cultural contexts of the folksong anthologies of the 1700s, the operas, symphonies, and ballets of the 1800s, the modernist masterpieces of the 1900s, and the hugely fraught but ambiguous products of the Soviet period.

11. Norma: Vocal Score

Author: by Vincenzo Bellini
Published at: RICORDI; 41684th edition (May 1, 1987)
ISBN: 978-0634072307

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(Vocal Score).Italian Only Cloth Score.

12. I Puritani: Libretto (LIVRE SUR LA MU)

Author: by Vincenzo Bellini
Published at: GS LIBRETTO 5 (November 1, 1986)
ISBN: 978-0793553976

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