Delphi Programming Books

Delphi is a strongly typed, event-driven programming language with a rich ecosystem of frameworks and support tools. It comes with an extensive set of web and database libraries for rapid application development on desktop, mobile, and internet-enabled devices.

This article will discuss 12 books that can enhance your Delphi programming skills.

1.Coding in Delphi

Coding in Delphi is a new programming book by Nick Hodges that covers a variety of powerful Delphi programming features and techniques including Generics, Interfaces, Exception, Handling, Anonymous Methods, Collections, RTTI, Enumerators, Attributes, Dependency Injection and Unit Testing


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2.Delphi GUI Programming with FireMonkey

FireMonkey (FMX) is a cross-platform application framework that allows developers to create exciting user interfaces and deliver applications on multiple operating systems (OS). This book will help you learn visual programming with Delphi and FMX.


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3.Delphi Programming Projects

This book is for developers, programmers, and IT professionals who want to learn the best market practices by implementing practical projects. Prior knowledge of the Delphi language is a must.


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4.Delphi Cookbook

By the end of the book, you will have become proficient in Delphi by exploring its different aspects such as building cross-platforms and mobile applications, designing server-side programs, and integrating these programs with IoT.


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5.The Little Book Of Delphi Programming

The Little Book Of Delphi takes you from the very basics of Object Pascal programming right through to complex topics such saving and loading networks of objects to and from disk’. All the source code is provided as a free download from the publisher's web site. The book explains everything you need to know to get started with productive Delphi development.


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6.Fearless Cross-Platform Development with Delphi

This book is for Delphi developers interested in expanding their skillset beyond Windows programming by creating professional-grade applications on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, IoT, and back-office servers. You'll also find this book useful if you're a developer looking to upgrade your knowledge of Delphi development to keep up with the latest changes and enhancements in this powerful toolset. Some Delphi programming experience is necessary to make the most out of this book.


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7.Object Pascal Handbook Delphi 10.4 Sydney Edition

The Object Pascal Handbook for Delphi 10.4 is the complete guide to the programming language of Delphi. The book covers Object Pascal from the foundations to the latest extensions up to Delphi 10.4 Sydney and the author, Marco Cantu, is a well known Delphi guru, the author of dozens of Delphi books, and one of the Product Managers for RAD Studio at Embarcadero Technologies.


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8.Delphi High Performance

This book is for Delphi developers who would like to build high performance applications with Delphi. Prior knowledge of Delphi is assumed.


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9.Expert Delphi

The book begins with a basic primer on Delphi helping you get accustomed to the IDE and the Object Pascal language and will then quickly move on to advanced-level concepts. Through this book, we'll help you understand the architecture of applications and will teach you the important concepts of the FireMonkey library, show you how to build server-side services, and enable you to interact with the Internet of Things. Towards the end, you will learn to integrate your app with various web services and deploy them.


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10.Delphi Event-based and Asynchronous Programming

Event-based programming is everywhere. Nowadays, you can hardly write any kind of application without leaning on events and messages.This simple, yet extremely powerful mechanism is also the cornerstone of asynchronous and multithreaded programming. Without events, we would not know when some task was completed.But, asynchronous and multithreaded programming consists of more than just handling multiple threads, protecting shared resources, and synchronization. It also includes designing and understanding program flow.


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11.Introducing Delphi ORM

Introducing Delphi ORM explains that while database design is difficult, database programming (i.e., manipulating, extracting, filtering, and manipulating data) is even more difficult. ORM frameworks provide a simpler way for you to access and manage data in databases. You’ll see how they offer different levels of abstraction and tools to code data access in a database-agnostic way by introducing a layer between the application and the data access language (SQL, LINQ, and so on).


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12.TMS WEB Core: Web Application Development with Delphi

The content is suitable for both beginners and advanced developers interested in creating web applications with TMS WEB Core.

Knowledge of Delphi (Object Pascal) and the Visual Component Library (VCL) is required. To reproduce the numerous examples, you need a current version of Delphi and TMS WEB Core.


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