Best Helicopters Books

Here you will get Best Helicopters Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The King's Fifth

Author: by Scott O'Dell

‎ 272 pages

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A 1967 Newbery Honor Book While awaiting trial for murder and withholding from the king the obligatory fifth of the gold found in Cibola, Esteban, a seventeen-year-old cartographer, recalls his adventures with a band of conquistadors.

2. Helicopter Pilot Oral Exam Guide: When used with the corresponding Oral Exam Guide, this book prepares you for the oral portion of the Private, … Helicopter Checkride (Oral Exam Guide series)

Author: by Ryan Dale

‎ 192 pages

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ASA’s Oral Exam Guide Series is an excellent study tool for students and instructors alike. Arranged in a question-and-answer format, this comprehensive guide lists the questions most likely to be asked by examiners and provides succinct, ready responses. Use when you’re gearing up for the Practical Exam, as well as for a general refresher.

FAA references are provided throughout for further study. This second edition of the Helicopter Pilot Oral Exam Guide by Ryan Dale has been updated to reflect the latest regulations and procedures. This invaluable resource serves as a supplement to ASA’s Oral Exam Guide Series.

When used with the corresponding oral exam guide, this book prepares students for the oral portion of their private, instrument, commercial, flight instructor, or ATP helicopter checkride.

3. Helicopter Maneuvers Manual: A step-by-step illustrated guide to performing all helicopter flight operations

Author: by Ryan Dale
102 pages

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Providing a detailed look at helicopter maneuvers, the information in this guide helps to solidify concepts gained from flight training in a student pilot’s mind by incorporating the Practical Test Standards into every maneuver description. The graphical and textual explanations work in conjunction with an instructor’s lessons, allowing students to prepare before sessions and to review afterwards as well.

There are many guides to flight maneuvers and how to fly them in airplanes but none specifically made for helicopters, and not in the complete and fully color-illustrated way as presented in “Helicopter Maneuvers Manual.” This handbook will be of immense help to flight instructors teaching helicopter maneuvers, following the FAA’s practical test standards for certification of helicopter pilots.

This book not only helps in training but can also be used for reference throughout the helicopter pilot’s flight career. It provides readers with a crystal-clear picture of what level of performance is expected of them every step and includes insights into the common errors associated with each move.

4. Principles of Helicopter Flight

Author: by W.J. Wagtendonk
320 pages

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Recently updated, this comprehensive handbook explains the aerodynamics of helicopter flight, as well helicopter maneuvers, unlike many aviation training manuals which are strictly how-to guides. Beginning aerodynamics, each step of the process is fully illustrated and thoroughly explainedfrom the physics advanced operations to helicopter design and performanceproviding helicopter pilots with a sound to base their in-flight decisions.

Containing discussions on the NOTAR (no tail rotor) system, strakes, principles of airspeed and high-altitude operations, this revised edition also includes the latest procedures Federal Aviation Administration.

5. The Boy Who Would Be a Helicopter

Author: by Vivian Gussin Paley
Harvard University Press
163 pages

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How does a teacher begin to appreciate and tap the rich creative resources of the fantasy world of children? What social functions do story playing and storytelling serve in the preschool classroom? And how can the child who is trapped in private fantasies be brought into the richly imaginative social play that surrounds him?

The Boy Who Would Be a Helicopter focuses on the challenge posed by the isolated child to teachers and classmates alike in the unique community of the classroom. It is the dramatic story of Jasonthe loner and outsiderand of his ultimate triumph and homecoming into the society of his classmates.

As we follow Jason’s struggle, we see that the classroom is indeed the crucible within which the young discover themselves and learn to confront new problems in their daily experience. Vivian Paley recreates the stage upon which children emerge as natural and ingenious storytellers.

She supplements these real-life vignettes with brilliant insights into the teaching process, offering detailed discussions about control, authority, and the misuse of punishment in the preschool classroom. She shows a more effective and natural dynamic of limit-setting that emerges in the control children exert over their own fantasies.

6. Performance Pilot: Skills, Techniques, and Strategies to Maximize Your Flying Performance

Author: by Ross Bentley
174 pages

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How will Performance Pilot help me? Performance Pilot will help you… Speed up your flight training progressPrepare & practice more effectivelyPerform better on flight testsLearn faster & save money on lessons Improve your flying skillsPlus… Control your thoughts while flyingLearn to armchair fly…PROPERLY!

Achieve a peak state to fly betterMaster the mental game of flyingImprove your concentration & consistencyWhat are pilots saying about Performance Pilot? Private PilotsBest money you’ll ever spend to improve your piloting. Frank MaierPrivate pilotPerformance Pilot is full of priceless advice.

Andrew Musca-UngerFlight Instructor & glider pilotAirline PilotsGives pilots the best and most efficient techniques on improving their aircraft handling. Anthony Crichton-BrowneA320 Captain & aerobatic pilotI used the ideas in Performance Pilot to great effect. There is no doubting that there was definitely an improvement in my performance.

Ben JobsonB787 First OfficerMilitary PilotsAs a current instructor of F18 fighter pilots, this is certainly a book I will recommend to all my students. Marq SaundersFighter Combat InstructorIn short, the strategies in this book can help build better pilots. Brent KeenanC17A Squadron CommanderMedia ReviewsThis is a book that should be part of every pilot’s bookcase.

7. Black Hawk: The Story of a World Class Helicopter (Library of Flight)

Author: by Ray D Leoni
332 pages

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This story tells, in clear detail, how Sikorsky Aircraft developed, tested, modified, and produced one of the most successful helicopters in the world. Written by the man considered to be the father of the Black Hawk, Ray Leoni explains how Sikorsky used innovative designs with the right advanced technologies to meet the Army’s stringent specifications for aircraft performance, survivability and reliability.

With its creative Black Hawk design, Sikorsky won an uphill, highly-contested battle for one of the world’s largest helicopter programs which reestablished the company as a leader in the world community of helicopter producers. Black Hawk variants have been put in service by every branch of the US Military and by over 24 countries around the world accumulating over 5 million flight hours.

Through its combat service in the campaigns of Granada, Panama, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq, the Black Hawk has demonstrated unprecedented mission versatility and survivability and proven itself to be an outstanding war-fighting machine that will serve for a half century or longer.

8. U.S.Navy Seawolves: The Elite HAL-3 Helicopter Squadron in Vietnam

Author: by Daniel E. Kelly
Ballantine Books
304 pages

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There were no dry runs for Seawolves in Vietnam. They put their lives on the lineevery time. In the Viet Cong-infested Mekong Delta, where small SEAL teams were always outgunned and outnumbered, discovery brought swift, deadly consequences and a radio call for backup from the United States Navy’s very best: the Seawolves.

The whir of approaching rotor blades signaled their arrival as they tore through the jungle at treetop level, gunners hanging off the skids, shooting M-60s, raining down their lethal mix of high explosives and incendiary death. Seawolf Dan Kelly describes the origins of this extraordinary outfit.

Put through a training program unlike any other, these men emerged to perform unparalleled feats of courage. The stories of these elite warriors capture America’s real heroes in all their guts and glory, and demonstrate why the Seawolves are known as the most successful and most decorated unit in the Vietnam War.

9. Helicopter Pilot's Manual: Mountain Flying and Advanced Techniques Volume 3

Author: by Norman Bailey
The Crowood Press UK

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This revised and expanded edition covers some of the more advanced piloting skills required to fly a helicopter over difficult terrain or in demanding circumstances. Mountains and hills present some of the most frequently encountered problems, as do adverse weather conditions, winter operations, carrying loads, forced landings, and rescue or other special operations.

This book gives sound guidance and advice on how to evaluate and deal with many of these situations.

10. Snake Pilot: Flying the Cobra Attack Helicopter in Vietnam

Author: by Randy Zahn
302 pages

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Based on audiotapes he recorded during the war and sent home to his family, Randy Zahn’s Snake Pilot recounts his experiences flying AH-1 Cobra helicopters during the Vietnam War. First deployed in Vietnam in 1967 and loaded with a formidable arsenal of weaponry, the Cobra was the first helicopter designed from inception as an attack aircraft.

It dramatically changed the nature of the war in Vietnam by offering the Army, for the first time, its own powerful and highly accurate weapons platform for close-air-support missions. Randy Zahn arrived in Vietnam shortly before the 1970 U.S. Invasion of Cambodia, one of the most impressive demonstrations by the Cobra in the war.

He describes his stunning transformation from a naive, middle-class teenager from southern California to a hardened killer during his tour in Vietnam. Unlike the pilots who flew the fast-moving strike jets, Zahn experienced the war up close and personal, witnessing the grisly effects of the Cobra’s firepower on enemy soldiers.

11. Special Agent Man: My Life in the FBI as a Terrorist Hunter, Helicopter Pilot, and Certified Sniper

Author: by Steve Moore
336 pages

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For decades, movies and television shows have portrayed FBI agents as fearless heroes leading glamorous lives, but this refreshingly original memoir strips away the fantasy and glamour and describes the day-to-day job of an FBI special agent. The book gives a firsthand account of a career in the Federal Bureau of Investigation from the academy to retirement, with exciting and engaging anecdotes about SWAT teams, counterterrorism activities, and undercover assignments.

At the same time, it challenges the stereotype of FBI agents as arrogant, case-stealing, suit-wearing stiffs by portraying the real people who carry badges and guns. With honest, self-deprecating humor, Steve Moore’s narrative details his successes and his mistakes, the trauma the job inflicted on his marriage, his triumph over the aggressive cancer that took him out of the field for a year, and his return to the Bureau with renewed vigor and dedication to take on some of the most thrilling assignments of his career.

12. Airplane Activity Book for Kids: Super Fun Airplane Activities for Kids | For Hours of Play! | Aircraft Coloring Pages, I Spy, Mazes, Word Search, Connect The Dots & Much More

Author: by Pamparam Press
105 pages

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Super Fun Airplane Activity Book for Kids Does your child love airplanes? Then this is the perfect gift for him or her! What’s Inside:65+ incredibly fun and challenging airplane activity pagesHigh-quality illustrations! Extra gift: includes bonus coloring pages from our other popular booksThis activity book is chock-full of fun + entertaining airplane activities and pictures.

From classic airplanes, helicopters, and airports, to cockpits, propellers, and pilots! Includes the Following Activities:Coloring pagesConnect the dotsMazesWord searchI spyAirplane fun factsA day at the airportWould you ratherWhat is it like to be on an airplane? Find the matching shadowLetter tracingWord scrambleAnd much more…

These airplane activity pages are challenging for kids ages 3-8. But they are not too difficult. This activity book will keep them entertained for hours, without feeling overwhelmed!Sound good? To get this Airplane Activity Book for Kids’, scroll to the top of this page and click the ‘Buy’ button.