Best Nature Literature Criticism Books

Here you will get Best Nature Literature Criticism Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Moby Dick

Author: by Herman Melville
378 pages

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Moby-Dick; or, The Whale is a novel by Herman Melville, in which Ishmael narrates the monomaniacal quest of Ahab, captain of the whaler Pequod, for revenge on the albino sperm whale Moby Dick, which on a previous voyage destroyed Ahab’s ship and severed his leg at the knee.

Although the novel was a commercial failure and out of print at the time of the author’s death in 1891, its reputation grew immensely during the twentieth century.D.H. Lawrence called it “one of the strangest and most wonderful books in the world,” and “the greatest book of the sea ever written.” Moby-Dick is considered a Great American Novel and an outstanding work of the Romantic period in America and the American Renaissance.

“Call me Ishmael” is one of world literature’s most famous opening sentences. The product of a year and a half of writing, the book is dedicated to Nathaniel Hawthorne, “in token of my admiration for his genius,” and draws on Melville’s experience at sea, on his reading in whaling literature, and on literary inspirations such as Shakespeare and the Bible.

2. Whoever Heard of a Flying Bird?

Author: by David Cunliffe
35 pages

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Have you ever been told something was impossible, but just knew it was possible? Pip is a little bird who wants nothing more than to eat the fresh fruit high up in the trees. There’s just one problem on her island, birds don’t fly!

All the other birds think the idea of flying sounds ridiculous. After all, whoever heard of a flying bird?”Whoever heard of a flying bird, like clouds up in the sky?Don’t you know? There’s no such thing, as a bird that can fly.”But Pip was never one to give up easily.

Surrounded by birds that think she’ll never succeed, Pip is determined to overcome failure and self-doubt and reach the fruit.Maybe…Just maybe… If she tries hard enough, she might just succeed. Kids of all ages will adore this heartwarming children’s story.

With charming rhyme and vivid, colorful illustrations, this inspirational story shows kids the power of perseverance. Book details: Perfect for all ages, especially 3-6, preschool and kindergarten Teaches a valuable lesson about resilience and not giving up Engages young children with beautiful illustrations Written in fun rhyme with an inspiring message Great for bedtime stories, group reading, and one-on-one And makes an ideal gift for your child, grandchild, niece or nephew, or a friendIf you’re searching for a delightful tale that encourages children to be persistent and not give up in achieving their dreams, then Pip’s story is for you!

3. Holy the Firm

Author: by Annie Dillard
Harper Perennial
76 pages

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“[This] is a book of great richness, beauty and power and thus very difficult to do justice to in a brief review… The violence is sometimes unbearable, the language rarely less than superb. Dillard’s description of the moth’s death makes Virginia Woolf’s go dim and Edwardian.

Nature seen so clear and hard that the eyes tear… A rare and precious book.” Freferick Buechner, New York Times Book ReviewFrom Pulitzer Prize-winning Annie Dillard, a book about the grace, beauty, and terror of the natural world. In the mid 1970s, Annie Dillard spent two years on an island in Puget Sound in a room with a solitary window, a cat, and a spider for company, asking herself questions about memory, time, sacrifice, reality, death, and God.

Holy the Firm, the diary-like collection of her thoughts, feelings, and ruminations during this time, is a lyrical gift to any reader who have ever wondered how best to live with grace and wonder in the natural world.

4. The Dandelion Insurrection: – love and revolution – (Dandelion Trilogy – The people will rise.)

Author: by Rivera Sun
Rising Sun Press Works
380 pages

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Montaigne Medal Finalist – 2021In a time that looms around the corner of today, in a place on the edge of our nation, it is a crime to dissent, a crime to assemble, a crime to stand up for one’s life.

Despite all this – or perhaps because of it – the Dandelion Insurrection appearsUnder a gathering storm of tyranny, Zadie Byrd Gray whirls into the life of Charlie Rider and asks him to become the voice of the Dandelion Insurrection.

With the rallying cry of life, liberty, and love, Zadie and Charlie fly across America leaving a wake of revolution in their path.Passion erupts.Danger abounds. The lives of millions hang by a thread. The golden soul of humanity blossomsand wonders start to unfold!

Author Rivera Sun creates mythic characters from everyday people. She infuses the story of our times with practical solutions and visionary perspectives, drawing the reader into a world both terrifying and inspiring a world that can be our own! Reviewers have enthusiastically called The Dandelion Insurrection…

5. Psychological Roots of the Climate Crisis: Neoliberal Exceptionalism and the Culture of Uncare (Psychoanalytic Horizons)

Author: by Sally Weintrobe
344 pages

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Psychological Roots of the Climate Crisis tells the story of a fundamental fight between a caring and an uncaring imagination. It helps us to recognise the uncaring imagination in politics, in culture – for example in the writings of Ayn Rand – and also in ourselves.

Sally Weintrobe argues that achieving the shift to greater care requires us to stop colluding with Exceptionalism, the rigid psychological mindset largely responsible for the climate crisis. People in this mindset believe that they are entitled to have the lion’s share and that they can ‘rearrange’ reality with magical omnipotent thinking whenever reality limits these felt entitlements.

While this book’s subject is grim, its tone is reflective, ironic, light and at times humorous. It is free of jargon, and full of examples from history, culture, literature, poetry, everyday life and the author’s experience as a psychoanalyst, and a professional life that has been dedicated to helping people to face difficult truths.

6. Don't Read Poetry: A Book About How to Read Poems

Author: by Stephanie Burt
Basic Books (May 21, 2019)
320 pages

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An award-winning poet offers a brilliant introduction to the joys-and challenges-of the genreIn Don’t Read Poetry, award-winning poet and literary critic Stephanie Burt offers an accessible introduction to the seemingly daunting task of reading, understanding, and appreciating poetry. Burt dispels preconceptions about poetry and explains how poems speak to one another-and how they can speak to our lives.

She shows readers how to find more poems once they have some poems they like, and how to connect the poetry of the past to the poetry of the present. Burt moves seamlessly from Shakespeare and other classics to the contemporary poetry circulated on Tumblr and Twitter.

She challenges the assumptions that many of us make about “poetry,” whether we think we like it or think we don’t, in order to help us cherish-and distinguish among-individual poems. A masterful guide to a sometimes confounding genre, Don’t Read Poetry will instruct and delight ingnues and cognoscenti alike.

7. Azul: La Colección Completa de Libros de Novelas Románticas en Español (Libros 1-6) (Spanish Edition)

Author: by Mercedes Franco
484 pages

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Este libro contiene las series completas de AZUL: Un Despertar a la Realidad. Son 6 libros llenos de romance, intrigas, con personajes cautivadores, intensos conflictos y muchas sorpresas. Preprate para esta nueva historia adictiva que no querrs parar de leer, llena de romance, intrigas y eventos inesperados que te provocarn una montaa rusa de emociones.

Azul es una chica descomplicada que se prepara para cursar sus estudios en una conocida universidad de modas en Nueva York, en la cual ha ganado una beca, vive con su abuela en una modesta casa ubicada en la ciudad de Caracas.

Se considera afortunada porque, a pesar de haber perdido a sus padres en un lamentable accidente, est a punto de lograr su mayor sueo, el de ser una gran diseadora de modas. Adems, tiene a un novio muy sexy, el rockero Fernando Valverde, el cual se postula como un buen material para novio formal.

Este, aparte de guapo es decidido, cosa que a ella le fascina. No obstante, su idlica vida se convertir en un caos cuando descubra, gracias a un inesperado incidente, que las cosas no son lo que parecenAs su verdadera identidad como miembro de la corte de Azzure, una poderosa y oscura organizacin europea; saldr a la luz y pronto se encontrar ante una difcil decisin, al darse cuenta de una dolorosa verdad que le han ocultado toda su vida.

8. What Is the Grass: Walt Whitman in My Life

Author: by Mark Doty
288 pages

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Named a Most Anticipated Book of 2020 by Buzzfeed, Library Journal, The Millions, and The Rumpus Effortlessly blending biography, criticism, and memoir, National Book Awardwinning poet and best-selling memoirist Mark Doty explores his personal quest for Walt Whitman. Mark Doty has always felt haunted by Walt Whitman’s bold, perennially new American voice, and by his equally radical claims about body and soul and what it means to be a self.

In What Is the Grass, Dotya poet, a New Yorker, and an Americankeeps company with Whitman and his Leaves of Grass, tracing the resonances between his own experience and the legendary poet’s life and work. What is it then between us?Whitman asks.

In search of an answer, Doty explores spacesboth external and internalwhere he finds the poet’s ghost. He meditates on desire, love, and the mysterious wellsprings of the poet’s enduring work: a radical experience of transformation and enlightenment, queer sexuality, and an obsession with death, as well as unabashed love for a great city and for the fresh, rowdy character of American speech.

9. How I Became a Tree

Author: by Sumana Roy
248 pages

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An exquisite, lovingly crafted meditation on plants, trees, and our place in the natural world, in the tradition of Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass and Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek I was tired of speed. I wanted to live tree time.

So writes Sumana Roy at the start of How I Became a Tree, her captivating, adventurous, and self-reflective vision of what it means to be human in the natural world. Drawn to trees’ wisdom, their nonviolent way of being, their ability to cope with loneliness and pain, Roy movingly explores the lessons that writers, painters, photographers, scientists, and spiritual figures have gleaned through their engagement with treesfrom Rabindranath Tagore to Tomas Transtrmer, Ovid to Octavio Paz, William Shakespeare to Margaret Atwood.

Her stunning meditations on forests, plant life, time, self, and the exhaustion of being human evoke the spacious, relaxed rhythms of the trees themselves. Hailed upon its original publication in India as a love song to plants and trees and an ode to all that is unnoticed, ill, neglected, and yet resilient, How I Became a Tree blends literary history, theology, philosophy, botany, and more, and ultimately prompts readers to slow down and to imagine a reenchanted world in which humans live more like trees.

10. The Roots of Resistance (Dandelion Trilogy Book 2) (Dandelion Trilogy – The people will rise.) (Volume 2)

Author: by Rivera Sun
412 pages

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You’re in for an exciting ride… As incendiary writer Charlie Rider and the unforgettable Zadie Byrd Gray rise to meet the political challenges flung at them from all sides. Freedom and equality loom just out of reach as the outraged corporate oligarchy scrambles to take back power after the Dandelion Insurrection’s successful nonviolent revolution.

Everyone from schoolteachers to whistleblowers leaps into action to help them confront the forces of corrupt politics. But the struggle turns volatile when an armed group called the Roots shows up. They claim to be protecting the movement … But who do they really serve?

Author Rivera Sun’s novels are compared to the works of George Orwell, Upton Sinclair, Mark Twain and Barbara Kingsolver. She weaves social protest with the practical and inspiring field of nonviolent struggle, drawing on the legacy of King, Gandhi, Chavez, and countless more.

As fiery as Pulitzer Prize winning author Chris Hedges and more radical than Bernie Sanders, Rivera Sun’s fiction is the perfect companion through the wild ride of our times! Please read what the reviewers say…”A tale of revolution, resistance and the indomitable power of love skims tantalizingly close to the surface of what could be political reality in these United States in just a few short years.” – Elizabeth Murray, former Deputy National Intelligence Officer for the Near East, National Intelligence Council and Member in Residence, Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action”Billed as ‘Book Two of the Dandelion Trilogy,’ this one makes me hope Sun is punching out Book Three soon and perhaps, like Douglas Adams, will give us, someday, Books Four and Five of the Trilogy.” – Tom H.

11. The Meaning of Travel: Philosophers Abroad

Author: by Emily Thomas
Oxford University Press
256 pages

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“This is the finest kind of travel: not just across continents, but through time, space and our infinite minds. The journey is the joy, and Emily Thomas a terrific guide.” – Mike ParkerHow can we think more deeply about our travels?

This was the question that inspired Emily Thomas’ journey into the philosophy of travel. Part philosophical ramble, part travelogue, The Meaning of Travel begins in the Age of Discovery, when philosophers first started taking travel seriously. It meanders forward to consider Montaigne on otherness,John Locke on cannibals, and Henry Thoreau on wilderness.

On our travels with Thomas, we discover the dark side of maps, how the philosophy of space fuelled mountain tourism, and why you should wash underwear in woodland cabins… We also confront profound issues, such as the ethics of ‘doom tourism’ (travel to ‘doomed’ glaciers and coral reefs), and theeffect of space travel on human significance in a leviathan universe.

The first ever exploration of the places where history and philosophy meet, this book will reshape your understanding of travel.

12. Black to Nature: Pastoral Return and African American Culture

Author: by Stefanie K. Dunning
204 pages

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In Black to Nature: Pastoral Return and African American Culture, author Stefanie K. Dunning considers both popular and literary texts that range from Beyonc’s Lemonade to Jesmyn Ward’s Salvage the Bones. These key works restage Black women in rela-tion to nature.

Dunning argues that depictions of protagonists who return to pastoral settings contest the violent and racist history that incentivized Black disavowal of the natural world. Dunning offers an original theoretical paradigm for thinking through race and nature by show-ing that diverse constructions of nature in these texts are deployed as a means of rescrambling the teleology of the Western progress narrative.

In a series of fascinating close readings of con-temporary Black texts, she reveals how a range of artists evoke nature to suggest that interbe-ing with nature signals a call for what Jared Sexton calls the dream of Black Studiesabolition. Black to Nature thus offers nuanced readings that advance an emerg-ing body of critical and creative work at the nexus of Blackness, gender, and nature.