Best Tropical Agriculture Books

Here you will get Best Tropical Agriculture Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Mazes for Kids 4-8

Author: by Activity Book Adventures
102 pages

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Are you looking for a fun way to boost your child’s learning while providing hours of screen-free entertainment? This book of mazes is the perfect choice. Brain games are a proven, engaging, and fun way to learn: Problem solving, visual perception, logic, and other skills are improved with maze books.

And using a pen or pencil to complete the maze puzzles engages certain parts of your child’s brain that digital products do not. 80 maze designs and themes: The large number of maze puzzles means hours of screen-free entertainment for your young learner.

They are designed specifically for this age group (4-8). Kid-friendly themes and illustrations: Animals, outer space, automobiles, ocean life, food, and buried treasure are just some of the 80 categories and themes of these maze puzzles. A format that encourages skill-building: This book is designed to help kids gain confidence, by blending easy and trickier puzzles as children progress through the puzzles.

This will both encourage and challenge your child, expanding their capacity to learn. This layout will also help ensure children ages 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 will have something to look forward to, no matter what level they start at. Mazes for Kids Ages 4-8 is a workbook full of fun maze activities and coloring pages.

2. Mushroom Cultivation: 12 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Mushrooms (Urban Homesteading)

Author: by Richard Bray
147 pages

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GROW YOUR OWN MUSHROOMS AT HOME Oyster, Shiitake, Button, Enokitake, Lion’s Mane, Wine Cap, Maitake and many moreOver 20,000 varieties of mushrooms are known in the world today, with more being discovered all the time, and with each kind having its own taste and structure.

Finding a wide variety of mushrooms in the supermarket can be a challenge though. Most grocery stores only stock common species such as button mushrooms. Cultivating mushrooms at home can be a great way to source the mushrooms you want and save additional money.

A lot of people don’t realize how easy it is to cultivate mushrooms at home. Loving shady spots, under a deck or porch, they grow in places other plants wouldn’t naturally thrive, thus making them the perfect addition to any gardener’s growing plan.

Whatever your reason to start growing mushrooms at home, this book is the perfect companion on your journey. Mushroom Cultivation: 12 Ways to become the MayGyver of Mushrooms is the one-stop guide for every mushroom enthusiast. After reading this book, you will be able to identify the type of mushroom you want to grow, choose a suitable growing method and keep your harvest fruitful.


Author: by Jenny Patterson
135 pages

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This Crossword Puzzle book has been designed to offer hours of fun, while at the same time reinforcing the vocabulary expected of kids ages 9 and up. Many of the words in these puzzles come from basic vocabulary lists. However, throughout the book are also words to find that have been taken from lessons for advanced learners.

With 100 puzzles, this crossword book provides hours of entertainment and challenge. Crossword puzzles are a perfect way to entertain and educate at the same time. Here, kids will get the chance to learn new words and to practice the vocabulary they already have.

Written by college-educated, native speakers of EnglishPresented in a large-type, easy-to-read formatFun for the whole familyStarts with easier puzzles and ends with bonus challengesA hundred puzzles; all researched for this age groupCovers a large variety of subjectsGreat 3rd through 6th grade vocabulary practiceAdvanced younger kids will enjoy these tooOrder NowOld Town Publishing offers the best in Word Puzzle and Sudoku books.

4. Dr. Sebi: 3 Books in 1: A Complete Detox Diet Guide with 200 Simple Recipes Using Sebian Food List and Approved Herbs. How to Cleanse Your Body and Improve Your Health, Effective Treatments and Cures

Author: by Jamie L. Clifford
531 pages

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Are you looking for a natural way to manage illness and simultaneously improve overall health without the damaging effects of modern medicine? If yes, then Dr. Sebi is who you need. Today, you can overcome some of your common health issues without depending on any western treatment and worrying about its detrimental side effects.

Furthermore, we all know that many diseases don’t have any known cure. Think about the number of auto-immune diseases there are, such as lupus and HIV. All that is available are medicines to help control them. But wouldn’t it be great if there was something you could do that would get rid of the disease altogether?

Dr. Sebi wanted that, and that’s what he did. Dr. Sebi discovered that so many illnesses in the world could be treated by just following a simple diet. In this complete bundle, you’ll find all you need to start following Dr.Sebi and understand his nutrition knowledge!

Book1: Dr. Sebi DietBook2: Dr. Sebi Treatments and CuresBook3: Dr. Sebi RecipesWithin this bundle, you will find:Why Dr. Sebi’s diet and his products are safeWhich foods are recommended by Dr. Sebi and which ones are absolutely forbidden (even if they seem healthy)A seven-day plan to detox the liver and other vital organsthe 21-day fast to reverse diabetes with the indications of all the natural products recommended by Dr. Sebi and in which quantities you have to take them.

5. Be A Pineapple – Stand Tall, Wear a Crown, and Be Sweet Inside: Notebook (Ruled Notebooks and Journals for Women and Teen Girls)

Author: by Penelope Pewter
108 pages

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Be A Pineapple Quote Notebook | Cute Gifts for Girlfriend If you’re looking for a cute gift or searching for a great notebook for yourself, you’ll love the Be A Pineapple – Stand Tall, Wear a Crown, and Be Sweet Inside Notebook.

Because this adorable ruled/lined notebook has a memorable witty quote on the cover, you’ll be inspired and motivated each time you pull it out. In addition, the witty cover is sure to be a crowd pleaser. How many compliments will you get from friends, classmates, or coworkers when they see your new notebook?

Could you benefit from a bit motivation? What could you do with more creativity? With more organization? Notebooks provide this and more. If you want to take things to the next level, then imagine how quickly and easily things will seem come together when you use the Be A Pineapple – Stand Tall, Wear a Crown, and Be Sweet Inside Notebook!

Buy Now & Enjoy:* A funny pineapple quote cover* Easy personalization with stickers and washi tape* Create themes or organization tools with stamps* A Task List Organizer/Goal Tracker/Habit Tracker* Easy portability with soft cover* Hours of organization, mindfulness and relaxing journaling!

6. Christmas Planner: Holiday Party Organizer, Shopping Lists, Budgets, Christmas Cards, Meal Planner and Grocery List (Christmas Happy Planner) (Volume 5)

Author: by Joy M. Port
80 pages

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Christmas Planner / List Planner / Party Planner Ultimate your Christmas and Holiday Party with this fabulous planner to organize your holiday schedules, plan your party with everything in coltrol and enjoy the holiday. This Christmas Happy Planner is include:UNDATED 3 Months at a Glance CalendarWeekly To Do ListsTo Do ChecklistsHoliday BudgetChristmas Card PlannerGift Giving PlannersShopping ListsBlack Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping TrackerOnline Shopping TrackerParty Planning Sheets for Christmas Eve and Christmas DayMenu Planner & Grocery List80 pagesGlossy CoverPaperbackMade in USABuy this planner now!


Yoga: A Gem for Women

Author: by Geeta S. Iyengar
Allied Publishers Pvt Ltd

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This well illustrated book highlights the importance of Yoga in a woman’s life and gives a variety of asanas with their physical and curative values. Yoga is considered uniquely instrumental in the search for self-realization, and through it the realization of God.

The author Geeta Iyengar who has mastered the subtle techniques of this art has presented in this book a variety of asanas known for their physical and curative values, Pranayama with its Bandhas and Dhyana or meditation. The asanans in this book are divided into various sections dealing with simple standing positions, forward bends, lateral movements, backward extension of the spine, correct breathing techniques during performance of the asanas and also the effects of them on the body, nerves and the mind.

The authors has included simple steps for advancing from a purely physical plane to a higher level of consciousness. For easy understanding and performance, the script is accompanied by 215 illustrations.

8. growing marijuana for beginners and use the hydroponic system: how to grow marijuana by improving quantity and quality even in small spaces

Author: by garrick s. thatcher
260 pages

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Are you a grower who wants to learn how to grow marijuana? You are a beginner and you want to grow your first plant but you don’t know where to start? Or have you already done it and want to go to step 2?

That is, the cultivation of marijuana with a hydroponic system. GROWING MARIJUANA FOR BEGINNERS & USE THE HYDROPONIC SYSTEM includes 2 books:Growing Marijuana for BeginnersHydroponicsnow in 2020 have you ever thought about growing plants; flowers and herbs without soil and with little time, with the possibility of being able to do it even from your home, so as to become self-sufficient as the hydroponic system is easily automatized, and with small precautions and care I took to avoid using excessive chemicals.

This cultivation technique will use a solution of water rich in nutrients that will allow you to work in the clean and reduce the growth times of the plants you want to grow, you do not even have to worry about the seasonality since this cultivation method can be used in any time of year.

9. Hydroponics : Mastery Bible 6 BOOKS: The Complete Guide to Easily Build Your Sustainable Gardening System at Home. Learn the Secrets of Hydroponics and Boost Your Gardening Skills

Author: by Thomas Green
July 24, 2020

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Learn the Secrets of Hydroponics and Boost your Gardening Skills! Do you want to grow your own food, but lack the space outside? Are you looking for a new challenge where the goal is to provide healthy food for your family?

Do you want to create your very own soil-free garden? If you answered Yes to any of those questions, this book is for you – so keep reading! Among modern methods of growing crops, Hydroponics occupies a special place because of the many benefits it offers.

It is nothing more than means the cultivation of plants without soil but in water. And the water is enriched with nutrients. The history of the emergence of hydroponics is associated with centuries of research by scientists, as a result of which a huge number of experiments were carried out that made it possible to determine the optimal balanced nutritional composition to ensure the vital activity of plants.

As it turned out, the soil environment for crops is not necessary: plants successfully grow and develop if their root system is in contact with an aqueous medium containing all the necessary substances. This fact became fundamental for the development of hydroponics as a new method of crop production.

10. Tropical Fruits (Crop Production Science in Horticulture, 20)

Author: by Robert E. Paull

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The first of two volumes, this book covers major tropical fruits such as avocado, litchi, mango, papaya and pineapple. Early chapters describe the tropics and its soils and deal with key issues such as tree management and postharvest handling, updated and expanded to include best handling practices and food safety issues and the way to address these issues in marketing.

Following these are self-contained chapters on single fruits which provide in-depth studies of botany, areas of origin and distribution, descriptions of ecological requirements and world production and utilization of each fruit. Propagation & cultural practices from ancient to modern are described to show the regional differences that environmental and biological pressures exert on fruit production and fruit quality.

Tropical Fruits is essential reading for students and teachers of horticulture as well as horticultural industry personnel and policy-makers.

11. Durian: King of Tropical Fruit

Author: by S Subhadrabandhu
248 pages

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Durian is extensively grown in tropical regions, the major producers being Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. The tree is also grown in northern Australia, some South American countries and in Africa. Although to many its smell is notoriously offensive, its taste can become a passion and it is one of the most popular fruits in South-East Asia.

This book is the first comprehensive, scientific volume to be published in English on this king of tropical fruit. It provides information on the biology, propagation and use of the fruit, and descriptions of the scientific basis of production practices and orchard management, as well as post-harvest processing.

It will be a unique resource for horticulture and botanical libraries and for students of tropical horticulture worldwide.

12. The Nature and Culture of Rattan: Reflections on Vanishing Life in the Forests of Southeast Asia

Author: by Stephen F. Siebert
160 pages

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Rattan is the common name for a diverse group of climbing palms found throughout Old World tropical forests. For centuries people have used them for binding, basketry, house construction, food, and numerous other non-market purposes; more recently the canes of some species have been gathered for the multi-billion-dollar furniture, handicraft, and mat-making industries.

Thus rattan continues to be vital to the culture and economic well being of millions of cane collectors, laborers, and artisans throughout tropical Asia and Africa. The Nature and Culture of Rattan explores this valuable forest product, the tropical forests on which it depends, and the societies that flourish by using and managing these remarkable plants.

The Nature and Culture of Rattan provides a distinctive and engaging review of rattan and the people whose lives are centered on it. It examines rattan use, biology, human culture, and challenges in tropical field research and conservation through the knowledge of cane workers in three Southeast Asian forest villages where the author lived over a twenty-five-year period.