Best Alternate History Science Fiction Books

Here you will get Best Alternate History Science Fiction Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Once and Future Witches

Author: by Alix E. Harrow
Redhook (October 13, 2020)
October 13, 2020

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In the late 1800s, three sisters use witchcraft to change the course of history in Alix E. Harrow’s powerful novel of magic and the suffragette movement. Named One of the Best Books of the Year by NPR Books Barnes and Noble BookPage In 1893, there’s no such thing as witches.

There used to be, in the wild, dark days before the burnings began, but now witching is nothing but tidy charms and nursery rhymes. If the modern woman wants any measure of power, she must find it at the ballot box.

But when the Eastwood sistersJames Juniper, Agnes Amaranth, and Beatrice Belladonnajoin the suffragists of New Salem, they begin to pursue the forgotten words and ways that might turn the women’s movement into the witch’s movement. Stalked by shadows and sickness, hunted by forces who will not suffer a witch to voteand perhaps not even to livethe sisters will need to delve into the oldest magics, draw new alliances, and heal the bond between them if they want to survive.

There’s no such thing as witches.But there will be. An homage to the indomitable power and persistence of women, The Once and Future Witches reimagines stories of revolution, motherhood, and women’s suffragethe lost ways are calling. Praise for The Once and Future Witches:”A gorgeous and thrilling paean to the ferocious power of women.

2. Animal Farm: 1984

Author: by George Orwell
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
400 pages

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This edition features George Orwell’s best known novels 1984 and Animal Farm with an introduction by Christopher Hitchens. In 1984, London is a grim city where Big Brother is always watching you and the Thought Police can practically read your mind. Winston Smith joins a secret revolutionary organization called The Brotherhood, dedicated to the destruction of the Party.

Together with his beloved Julia, he hazards his life in a deadly match against the powers that be. Animal Farm is Orwell’s classic satire of the Russian Revolution – an account of the bold struggle, initiated by the animals, that transforms Mr. Jones’s Manor Farm into Animal Farm-a wholly democratic society built on the credo that All Animals Are Created Equal.But are they?

3. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: The First Novel By Quentin Tarantino

Author: by Quentin Tarantino
W&N (June 29, 2021)

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Quentin Tarantino’s long-awaited first work of fiction – at once hilarious, delicious, and brutal – is the always surprising, sometimes shocking new novel based on his Academy Award-winning film. RICK DALTON – Once he had his own TV series, but now Rick’s a washed-up villain-of-the week drowning his sorrows in whiskey sours.

Will a phone call from Rome save his fate or seal it? CLIFF BOOTH – Rick’s stunt double, and the most infamous man on any movie set because he’s the only one there who might have gotten away with murder …

SHARON TATE – She left Texas to chase a movie-star dream, and found it. Sharon’s salad days are now spent on Cielo Drive, high in the Hollywood Hills. CHARLES MANSON – The ex-con’s got a bunch of zonked-out hippies thinking he’s their spiritual leader, but he’d trade it all to be a rock ‘n’ roll star.


4. 11/22/63: A Novel

Author: by Stephen King
Gallery Books
880 pages

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One of the Ten Best Books of The New York Times Book Review Winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize Now a miniseries from Hulu starring James FrancoON NOVEMBER 22, 1963, THREE SHOTS RANG OUT IN DALLAS, PRESIDENT KENNEDY DIED, AND THE WORLD CHANGED.

WHAT IF YOU COULD CHANGE IT BACK? In this brilliantly conceived tour de force, Stephen Kingwho has absorbed the social, political, and popular culture of his generation more imaginatively and thoroughly than any other writertakes readers on an incredible journey into the past and the possibility of altering it.

It begins with Jake Epping, a thirty-five-year-old English teacher in Lisbon Falls, Maine, who makes extra money teaching GED classes. He asks his students to write about an event that changed their lives, and one essay blows him awaya gruesome, harrowing story about the night more than fifty years ago when Harry Dunning’s father came home and killed his mother, his sister, and his brother with a sledgehammer.

Reading the essay is a watershed moment for Jake, his lifelike Harry’s, like America’s in 1963turning on a dime. Not much later his friend Al, who owns the local diner, divulges a secret: his storeroom is a portal to the past, a particular day in 1958.

5. The Sleep Experiment: An edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller (World's Scariest Legends)

Author: by Jeremy Bates
255 pages

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From USA Today and #1 Amazon bestselling author Jeremy Bates comes the second STAND-ALONE book in the all-new WORLD’S SCARIEST LEGENDS series. For fans of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Creepypastas. In 1954, at the start of the Cold War, the Soviet military offered four political prisoners their freedom if they participated in an experiment requiring them to remain awake for fourteen days while under the influence of a powerful stimulant gas.

The prisoners ultimately reverted to murder, self-mutilation, and madness.None survived. In 2018, Dr. Roy Wallis, an esteemed psychology professor at UC Berkeley, is attempting to recreate the same experiment during the summer break in a soon-to-be demolished building on campus.

He and two student assistants share an eight-hour rotational schedule to observe their young Australian test subjects around the clock. What begins innocently enough, however, morphs into a nightmare beyond description that no one could have imaginedwith, perhaps, the exception of Dr. Roy Wallis himself.

6. Outlawed: The Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick

Author: by Anna North
January 5, 2021

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INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERA REESE WITHERSPOON BOOK CLUB PICKMAJOR TV ADAPTATION IN DEVELOPMENT BY AMY ADAMS’Calling it The Handmaid’s Tale crossed with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid goes some way to describe this novel’s memorable world, but it is also wholly its own’ KIRKUS ‘2021 is already a year that could use a little joy.

Here to provide some is Outlawed … It’s an absolute romp and contains basically everything I want in a book: witchy nuns, heists, a marriage of convenience, and a midwife trying to build a bomb out of horse dung’ Vox ‘Outlawed sets a high bar for the 12 months of publishing still to come …

It upends the tropes of the traditionally macho and heteronormative genre while also being a rip-snortin’ good read, too’ THE WEEK (Most Anticipated Books of the Year) ‘North is a riveting storyteller … Reader, you are in for a real treat’ JENNY ZHANG’Fans of Margaret Atwood and Cormac McCarthy finally get the Western they deserve’ ALEXIS COE ‘A thrilling tale eerily familiar but utterly transformed …

7. Missions of Security (Ring of Fire)

Author: by Bjorn Hasseler
1632, Inc. (June 24, 2021)
June 24, 2021

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Neustatter’s European Security Services is open for business, and business is …Too good? With the National Guard, private industry, and even a seemingly tranquil farming village caught in an explosive political crossroads all relying on NESS for missions of security, Neustatter and Astrid find themselves pressed to staff, train, and equip the agency while keeping up with their clients’ growing requirements in scope and complexity.

A simple railway escort mission involves a secretive manufacturing client from Grantville bearing mysterious cargo and a captured fugitive all destined for Magdeburg during the Baltic War … What could possibly go wrong? The Bible Society hires NESS to guard a flock of Anabaptist, Catholic, and Lutheran high schoolers en route to riot-torn Erfurt and Jena, but will NESS’s own pastor tear them apart first?

Already strapped for personnel, the last thing Neustatter needs is for a regiment of dragoon militia to choose their wagon train for … Involuntary provisioning. Can a handful of badly outnumbered agents protect a village that isn’t sure it wants their help?

8. Code to Zero

Author: by Ken Follett
Penguin Books

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In this classic Cold War thriller, #1 New York Times bestselling author Ken Follett puts his own electrifying twist on the space race between the U.S. And the Soviet Union. As the clock counts down to a shocking climax, “Code to Zero’s split-second suspense proves that …

[Follett is] still a hell of a storyteller” (Entertainment Weekly). January, 1958the darkest hour of the Cold War and the early dawn of the space race. On the launch pad at Cape Canaveral sits America’s best hope to catch up with the Russians: the Explorer I satellite.

But at the last moment, the launch is delayed due to weather, even though everyone can see it is a perfectly sunny day. The real reason for the delay rests deep in the mind of a NASA scientist who has awoken that morning to find his memory completely erased.

Knowing only that he’s being followed and watched at every turn, he must find the clues to his own identity before he can discover who is responsible. But even more terrible is the dark secret that they want him to forget.

9. When We Cease to Understand the World

Author: by Benjamin Labatut
192 pages

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Shortlisted for the 2021 International Booker Prize A fictional examination of the lives of real-life scientists and thinkers whose discoveries resulted in moral consequences beyond their imagining. When We Cease to Understand the World is a book about the complicated links between scientific and mathematical discovery, madness, and destruction.

Fritz Haber, Alexander Grothendieck, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrdingerthese are some of luminaries into whose troubled lives Benjamn Labatut thrusts the reader, showing us how they grappled with the most profound questions of existence. They have strokes of unparalleled genius, alienate friends and lovers, descend into isolation and insanity.

Some of their discoveries reshape human life for the better; others pave the way to chaos and unimaginable suffering. The lines are never clear. At a breakneck pace and with a wealth of disturbing detail, Labatut uses the imaginative resources of fiction to tell the stories of the scientists and mathematicians who expanded our notions of the possible.

10. The Berlin Project

Author: by Gregory Benford
Gallery / Saga Press
May 9, 2017

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New York Times bestselling author Gregory Benford creates an alternate history about the creation of the atomic bomb that explores what could have happened if the bomb was ready to be used by June 6, 1944. Karl Cohen, a chemist and mathematician who is part of The Manhattan Project team, has discovered an alternate solution for creating the uranium isotope needed to cause a chain reaction: U-235.

After convincing General Groves of his new method, Cohen and his team of scientists work at Oak Ridge preparing to have a nuclear bomb ready to drop by the summer of 1944 in an effort to stop the war on the western front.

What ensues is an altered account of World War II in this taut thriller. Combining fascinating science with intimate and true accounts of several members of The Manhattan Project, The Berlin Project is an astounding novel that reimagines history and what could have happened if the atom bomb was ready in time to stop Hitler from killing millions of people.

11. The Electric State

Author: by Simon Stålenhag
144 pages

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NPR Best Books of 2018 A teen girl and her robot embark on a cross-country mission in this illustrated science fiction story, perfect for fans of Ready Player One and Black Mirror. In late 1997, a runaway teenager and her small yellow toy robot travel west through a strange American landscape where the ruins of gigantic battle drones litter the countryside, along with the discarded trash of a high-tech consumerist society addicted to a virtual-reality system.

As they approach the edge of the continent, the world outside the car window seems to unravel at an ever faster pace, as if somewhere beyond the horizon, the hollow core of civilization has finally caved in.

12. The Man in the High Castle

Author: by Philip K. Dick
Mariner Books
288 pages

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The basis for the Amazon Original series It’s America in 1962. Slavery is legal once again. The few Jews who still survive hide under assumed names. In San Francisco, the I Ching is as common as the Yellow Pages. All because some twenty years earlier the United States lost a warand is now occupied by Nazi Germany and Japan.

This harrowing, Hugo Awardwinning novel is the work that established Philip K. Dick as an innovator in science fiction while breaking the barrier between science fiction and the serious novel of ideas. In it Dick offers a haunting vision of history as a nightmare from which it may just be possible to wake.

The single most resonant and carefully imagined book of Dick’s career.New York Times

13. A Mission for the Czar (Ring of Fire)

Author: by Gorg Huff
1632, Inc. (June 10, 2021)
June 10, 2021

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Vasilii and Miroslava are back at work again. Czar Mikhail wants a rail line built from Ufa, the capital of his United Sovereign States of Russia, to the capital of the USSR’s newest addition, the Khazak Khanate. For that he needs a steam engineer and diplomatVasilii’s jobsas well as a top surveyor.

Unfortunately, the surveyor is an arrogant snob who gets himself murderedand now the czar needs a detective as well. Fortunately, Vasilii’s paramour Miroslava came with him, so she’s there to take on the case. She and Vasilii need to solve the murder quickly without blowing up the still fragile agreement between the USSR and the new State of Kazak.

And Miroslava and Vasilii aren’t the only ones with troubles. Vasilii’s young cousin Alla is hiding out in Moscow and has been since her family was murdered. She’s having to learn how the other half lives. It’s all going to come together if they can solve the murder without jeopardizing the rights of every citizen in Kazaknewfangled rights which are more fragile than anything else.