Best Amish & Mennonite Fiction Books

Here you will get Best Amish & Mennonite Fiction Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The First Love

Author: by Beverly Lewis
September 4, 2018

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It’s the summer of 1951, and Maggie Esh is in need of some hope. Sweet-spirited and uncommonly pretty despite struggling with chronic illness, she is used to being treated kindly by the young men of her Old Order Amish church district.

Yet Maggie wishes she were more like other courting-age girls so she could live a normal, healthy life. To make matters more complicated, Dat has recently remarried, less than a year after her mother died. And while her stepmother is kind, Rachel is much younger than Mamm, and she simply doesn’t understand Maggie or her illness the way Mamm did.

When tent revival meetings come to the area, Maggie is curious, and the words of the Mennonite preacher challenge her to reconsider what she knows about faith. Can she learn to trust God even when hope seems a distant dream?

2. An Unexpected Amish Proposal (Surprised by Love Book 1)

Author: by Rachel J. Good
March 30, 2021

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Sometimes love is found in the most unexpected placesas three blessed men will discover in Rachel J. Good’s heartwarming Amish romance series, set in a bustling Pennsylvania community … When an organic farm causes rents to skyrocket at the Valley Green Farmer’s Market, Fern Blauch’s family baked goods stand is driven to the edge of eviction….

Until a mysterious temporary reprieve. Fern is confused when she discovers the benefactor is barbecued chicken stand ownerand her longtime crushGideon Hartzler. She’s grateful, but pridefully tells him she intends to pay him back. If only she can find a new place to sell her wares …

To stay competitive, and help as many others as he can, Gideon expands his stand to provide full mealsincluding dessert. That’s where Fern comes in. As the two work long hours, side-by-side, business boomsand so does their attraction. Still, the demands of caring for aging parents and struggling relatives cause them to hide any feelings beyond friendship.

3. Outsider: A Novel of Suspense (Kate Burkholder Book 12)

Author: by Linda Castillo
July 7, 2020

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THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERBestselling author Linda Castillo returns with Outsider, an electrifying thriller about a woman on the run hiding among the Amish. While enjoying a sleigh ride with his children, Amish widower Adam Lengacher discovers a car stuck in a snowdrift and an unconscious woman inside.

He calls upon Chief of Police Kate Burkholder for help, and she is surprised to recognize the driver: fellow cop and her former friend, Gina Colorosa. Years before, Kate and Gina were best friends at the police academy and patrol officers in Columbus, but time and distance have taken them down two very different paths.

Now, Gina reveals a shocking story of betrayal and revenge that has forced her to run for her life. She’s desperate for protection, and the only person she can trust is Katebut can Kate trust her? Or will Gina’s dark past put them all in danger?

As a blizzard bears down on Painters Mill, Kate helps Gina go into hiding on Adam’s farm. While the tough-skinned Gina struggles to adjust to the Amish lifestyle, Kate and state agent John Tomasetti delve into the incident that caused Gina to flee.

4. The Return to the Big Valley

Author: by Wanda E. Brunstetter
448 pages

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The Brunstetters Return to a Unique Amish Setting for Three New Stories of Love Journey back to an area of Pennsylvania that is home to three distinct Amish communities and meet three young women who face heartfelt disappointments in romance.

Wilma’s Wish by Wanda E. Brunstetter Wilma Hostetler has been courted by Israel Zook for the last year, and he’s recently proposed marriage. But when his sister dies, leaving him to care for five young nephews who openly dislike Wilma, she has second thoughts of starting with a ready-made family and decides to call off the wedding.

Can anything be done to restore the relationship, or will Israel seek another wife? Martha’s Miracle by Jean Brunstetter Martha Yoder is different from other Amish women in her love of hunting and the outdoors. Meeting Glen Swarey, who is working with the local fire department, seems to be a good match.

But can Martha accept Glen’s thoughts of leaving the Amish faith, or will she walk away from a chance at love? Alma’s Acceptance by Richelle Brunstetter Alma Wengerd is a young widow who leaves her home in Kentucky to stay with friends in Pennsylvania.

5. The Stone Wall

Author: by Beverly Lewis
September 8, 2020

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Anna is eager to begin a new chapter in her life as a Lancaster County tour guide in the picturesque area where her Plain grandmother once stayed. Anna wishes she could talk with her grandmother about those long-ago days, but the elderly woman suffers from Alzheimer’s, and beyond a vague hint about an old stone wall, much about that time is a mystery.

Thankfully, Martin Nolt, a handsome Mennonite, takes the young Beachy Amish woman under his wing for her training, familiarizing her with the many local highlights, including Peaceful Meadows Horse Retreat, which serves children with special needs. The retreat’s mission so inspires Anna that she returns to volunteer, and she quickly strikes up a friendship with Gabe Allgyer, the young Amish widower who manages it.

As Anna grows closer to both Martin and Gabe, she finds herself faced with a difficult choice-one in potential conflict with the expectations of her parents. Will Anna find true love and the truth about her grandmother’s past in Lancaster County?

6. The Robin's Greeting: Amish Greenhouse Mystery #3 (Volume 3)

Author: by Wanda E. Brunstetter
320 pages

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A Season of Hope Is Coming For the past two years Belinda King, along with her two grown daughters and teenage son, has been struggling to keep the family greenhouse running. Despite disconcerting events that have threatened to put them out of business, they have survived two growing seasons.

And now Belinda can focus on the two suitors vying for her attention. Herschel Fisher, a new acquaintance, makes her feel relaxed, and Monroe Esh, an admirer from her past, reminds her of her youth. But just when Belinda thinks she can choose between her suitors, life throws more trials her way.

Her son, Henry, becomes bitter about the idea of her dating anyone, and attacks on the greenhouse start again. When can Belinda hope to experience the peace and love her weary heart longs for?

7. The Amish Quiltmaker's Unruly In-Law

Author: by Jennifer Beckstrand
June 29, 2021

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Moving to a new Amish settlement in small-town Colorado was a brave new start for independent-minded quiltmaker Esther Kiem. But helping her reckless relative will really put her special matchmaking skills to the test … Mischievous and rebellious, young Ben Kiem is making the wrong kind of name for himself throughout the town of Byler.

And even though his sister-in-law, Esther, somehow coaxes him into keeping company with sensible Linda Eicher, Ben can’t see anything they have in common. Or that he could ever be good enough for someone like her. But Linda’s down-to-earth nature and unexpected understanding have Ben trying his best to be better, no matter how challenging …

Linda couldn’t be more surprised when Ben turns out to be caring and helpful, despite his rowdy pranks and bad-news friends. And falling in love with him suddenly seems just right. But when a heartbreaking misunderstanding comes between them, both she and Ben must risk enough to trust, stitch the pieces back togetherand dare a forever precious happiness.

8. His Amish Nanny: Amish Romance (Amish Maids Trilogy Book 1)

Author: by Samantha Price

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From Nanny….To wife? With a shortage of Amish bachelors in the community, Olive Hesh has the perfect solution. She and her four friends will focus on finding workinstead of husbands. Now Olive has found seemingly the perfect job, working as a nanny for a handsome, wealthy Englisher.

But while his toddler son is mischievous and achingly lovable, working with Blake Worthington is more difficult than Olive ever could have imagined. No matter how hard she works, she just can’t seem to prove herself to him. And in spite of the fact that they are worlds and lives apart, Olive is determined to win Blake’s respect…And his heart.

9. The Trespasser (Amish Country Brides)

Author: by J.E.B. Spredemann
February 1, 2020

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Single mother Kayla Johnson embarks on a journey to Pennsylvania in search of her daughter’s biological family. But when a storm forces them to turn in to an abandoned home in a small Amish community, Kayla must come to terms with her past disappointments and her distrust in God.

Amish widower Silas Miller has always dreamed of owning his own property. So when Minister Yoder vacates his home and moves out of state, Silas is thrilled to be caretaker for the Yoder homestead. When a trespasser finds shelter in the Yoders’ house, Silas allows her to stay temporarily.

Then Silas learns a secret that will not only rock his world, but challenge life as he knows it. Will he listen to God’s still small voice even if he’s asked to give up his dream?

10. The Jam and Jelly Nook (An Amish Marketplace Novel)

Author: by Amy Clipston
Zondervan (May 4, 2021)

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In the final installment of Amy Clipston’s bestselling Amish Marketplace series, a young widow struggling to raise her son dreams of one more chance at love. Since her husband died seven years ago, Leanna Wengerd has done her besttending to her son, Chester, and running her Jam and Jelly Nook at the Amish market.

Though she enjoys seeing her cousins and customers at the marketplace, she wishes she could find more time for her rebellious teenage boy. When Chester gets into trouble for trespassing, he winds up at the police station with his friend Maggie, who was riding with him to a youth group gathering.

Leanna comes to the police station to fetch Chester and happens to meet Emory, Maggie’s father. Emory is also a widower, raising Maggie aloneand both he and Leanna have similar burdens and problems. Over time Emory and Leanna become closer friends, discovering how much they have in common.

As single parents, they struggle with the limits of what they can provide for their children and feel somewhat responsible for what happened to their respective spouses. The two eventually realize they have feelings for each otherbut when they try to date, their children resist.

11. An Unlikely Match (The Amish Inn Novels Book 2)

Author: by Beth Wiseman
Zondervan (June 8, 2021)
June 8, 2021

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When sparks fly between a good Amish girl and a hunky member of the Hollywood elite, even matchmaking innkeepers Esther and Lizzie know better than to fan the flames. Evelyn Schrock has dismissed the attempts of every young man in her small Amish community to court her.

She’s willing to wait for a suitor who shares her curiosities about life and faith. The only reason Jayce Clarkson is in Amish country hefting equipment for his famous father’s movie production company is for the paycheck. The homestyle cooking at the Peony Inn is a perk though, as is his friendship with Evelyn Schrock.

If Jayce can endure his dad’s put-downs for a month, he’ll finally be in a position to make a fresh startsomewhere away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and the shadow of his checkered past. To matchmakers Esther and Lizzie, the widowed sisters who operate the inn, Jayce seems like a good man stuck in a life he doesn’t want.

But the boy isn’t Amish, and that leaves far too much room for broken hearts. Despite that, Jayce and Evelyn start to realize that they can’t deny their growing attraction. Any path forward seems impossible, and they will have to learn what the future will look like when they leave their fate in Gott’s hands.

12. An Amish Mother for His Twins (North Country Amish Book 5)

Author: by Patricia Davids
Love Inspired
June 29, 2021

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She’s a reminder of his past Could she be the key to his future? Amish widow Maisie Schrock is determined to care for her newborn niece and nephew, and no one will stand in her waynot even their father. But Nathan Weaver refuses to accept help from the identical sister of his late wife, who abandoned him.

Before the next bus home leaves, can Maisie convince Nathan she’s the ideal guardian for the twinsand his wounded heart? A NORTH COUNTRY AMISH STORY He’s not looking for her helpin this novel from USA TODAY bestselling author Patricia DavidsFrom Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

North Country AmishBook 1: Shelter from the StormBook 2: The Amish Teacher’s DilemmaBook 3: A Haven for ChristmasBook 4: Someone to TrustBook 5: An Amish Mother for His Twins

13. An Unconventional Love: Amish Romance

Author: by Emma Cartwright
June 28, 2021

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Martha Yoder is at the end of her tether. Her life is quickly spiralling out of control. After the early passing of her husband, Jonah, she became a single mother to her young son Noah. Now she and her father, Elijah must run the family farm without the help of a sturdy pair of hands.

To make matters worse, something is not quite right with Noah’s development. He lacks empathy and the necessary communication skills to deal with the outside world. Unable to care for her son and maintain the farm after Elijah takes a turn for the worse, Martha reluctantly seeks help from handsome wanderer Samuel Albrecht, who is visiting from his home state of Ohio hiding from an unhappy past.

Samuel sets to with helping out around the farm, dealing with the livestock. Intrigued, Noah begins a tentative relationship with Samuel one that grows with their common love of animals. Can Samuel help ease Martha’s concerns over her son and in doing so find a path to her heart?

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