Best Christian Bible Handbooks

Here you will get Best Christian Bible Handbooks For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Systematic Theology, Second Edition: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine

Author: by Wayne A. Grudem
ISBN: 978-0310517979
Published at: Zondervan Academic; Second edition (December 8, 2020)

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This new edition of Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem may be the most important resource you can own for helping you understand Scripture and grow as a Christian. The most widely used resource of the last 25 years in its area, Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem has been thoroughly revised and expanded (all 57 chapters) for the first time while retaining the features that have made it the standard in its field: clear explanations, an emphasis on each doctrine’s scriptural basis, and practical applications to daily life.

Praise for the second edition:”After a quarter century of remarkable usefulness globally … It remains remarkable. I thank God for this precious gift to Christ’s people worldwide.” – John Piper”Stands out for its clarity and accessibility.” – Thomas R.

Schreiner”One of those rare works that can challenge the scholar and instruct the beginner … It is simply indispensable.” – Jack DeereWith nearly 200 pages of new content and revisions that took several years, this new edition now includes the following distinctive features, making it even better:Updated, fuller analysis of several recent controversies within evangelicalism, including the eternal relationship between the Father and the Son in the Trinity, the question of God’s atemporal eternity, the role of women in the church, “seeker-sensitive” churches, miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit, and contemporary worship music.

2. 30 Days to Understanding the Bible, 30th Anniversary: Unlock the Scriptures in 15 minutes a day

Author: by Max Anders
ISBN: 978-0785216186
Published at: Thomas Nelson (October 23, 2018)

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Unlock the treasures of God’s Word in just fifteen minutes a day with this classic, simple-to-use guide to Scripture. If you’ve ever confused the ark of the covenant with the ark of Noah, or Jericho with Jeroboam, Max Anders’ classic book, 30 Days to Understanding the Bible, is for you.

In just fifteen minutes a day, you’ll learn the Bible’s key people, events, and doctrines to get more out of God’s Word. This simple-to-use, straightforward guide has been recommended by Bible teachers and pastors for thirty years, and now it’s available in an expanded thirtieth anniversary editionwith the most requested topics from the original edition restored and updated for today’s readers.

Features include:The Arc of Bible History to help you visualize the Bible’s overarching themesThe Story of the Bible summarizing Genesis through Revelation in just a few pagesThe core beliefs of the Christian faith, focusing on the teachings that have united Christians for the last 2,000 years13-week plan that provides teacher’s every creative and effective tool for teaching the Bible in 30 days Fan-favorite bonus content, previously removed, now restored from the original edition

3. How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth: Fourth Edition

Author: by Gordon D. Fee
Zondervan Academic

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Get the most out of your Bible. Understanding the Bible isn’t for the few, the gifted, the scholarly. The Bible is accessible. It’s meant to be read and comprehended by everyone from armchair readers to seminary students. A few essential insights into the Bible can clear up a lot of misconceptions and help you grasp the meaning of Scripture and its application to your twenty-first-century life.

More than three quarters of a million people have turned to How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth to inform their reading of the Bible. This fourth edition features revisions that keep pace with current scholarship, resources, and culture.

Changes include:Updated language for better readabilityScripture references now appear only in brackets at the end of a sentence or paragraph, helping you read the Bible as you would read any bookwithout the numbersA new authors’ prefaceRedesigned and updated diagramsUpdated list of recommended commentaries and resourcesCovering everything from translational concerns to different genres of biblical writing, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth is used all around the world.

4. Seven Things I Wish Christians Knew about the Bible

Author: by Michael F. Bird
Zondervan (June 8, 2021)
240 pages

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Answers to the most common questions and misconceptions about the Bible Seven Things I Wish Christians Knew about the Bible is a short and readable introduction to the Bible-its origins, interpretation, truthfulness, and authority. Bible scholar, prolific author, and Anglican minister Michael Bird helps Christians understand seven important “things” about this unique book:how the Bible was put together;what “inspiration” means;how the Bible is true;why the Bible needs to be rooted in history;why literal interpretation is not always the best interpretation;how the Bible gives us knowledge, faith, love, and hope; andhow Jesus Christ is the center of the Bible.

Seven Things presents clear and understandable evangelical account of the Bible’s inspiration, canonization, significance, and relevance in a way that is irenic and compelling. It is a must read for any serious Bible reader who desires an informed and mature view of the Bible that will enrich their faith.

5. The Screwtape Letters Study Guide: A Bible Study on the C.S. Lewis Book The Screwtape Letters (CS Lewis Study Series)

Author: by Alan Vermilye
128 pages

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The most trusted study guide to learning The Screwtape Letters! Reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis can be a little difficult and confusing at times. Not so with The Screwtape Letters Study Guide! This comprehensive Bible study workbook breaks down each of the thirty one letters into easy-to-understand segments helping you understand and be able to confidently share with others.

The Screwtape Letters is a brilliant and satirical look at spiritual warfare and the dynamics of temptation. Screwtape, a senior demon in the bureaucracy of Hell, writes letters to his incompetent nephew Wormwood, a junior devil. The younger demon’s assignment is to corrupt a young man living in London during the tumultuous days of World War II.

Using Scripture references, discussion questions, and related commentary, The Screwtape Letters Study Guide examines each letter through a Christian lens of morality, temptation, and good and evil. This complete Bible study experience is perfect for book clubs, church groups, and independent study.

6. Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps – New and Expanded Edition

Author: by Rose Publishing
Rose Publishing
72 pages

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The NEW and EXPANDED Edition of the best-selling Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps! With more than 30 new pages of highly detailed relief maps, full-color illustrations, and diagrams, this book lets you see where places of the Bible are today.

The clear plastic overlays show modern cities and countries on top of beautifully rendered relief Bible maps. This new edition has the same great content as the original book, plus so much more. All updated modern geography and an attractive new look to the Bible maps.

Key points and features:8 clear plastic overlays show modern places on top of Bible mapsSpiral binding allows pages to lie flat when openUses a larger, easier-to-read type than most Bible atlasesReproducible for classroom useWhat’s NEW in this edition? Old and New Testament Bible Maps:Greek and Roman EmpiresRoutes into the Promised LandWhere Jesus Walked in GalileeSeven Churches of RevelationBible Charts and Time Lines:ExodusJudges of IsraelArk of the CovenantTwelve Tribes of IsraelTwelve DisciplesMaps for Bible Stories:DavidSamsonRuthElijah and ElishaJesus’ Journey to the CrossPlus all the maps are updated with a fresh new look!

7. The Complete Guide to the Bible

Author: by Stephen M. Miller
ISBN: 978-1597893749
Published at: Barbour Books; Illustrated edition (December 1, 2007)

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Reliable, Interesting and Jargon-FreeFor anyone who who wants to better understand the Bible Interesting to read and easy to consult, The Complete Guide to the Bible is a reliable, jargon-free handbook for average people who want to better understand the entire Bible.

Captivating writing along with beautifully designed and illustrated pages entice readers into the book and keep them lingering throughout its 512 pages. INSIDE:Detailed explanations of all 66 Bible booksplus th ApocryphaIntriguing sidebars on unique, confusing, or bizarre aspects od scriptureBeautiful design, with nearly 300 photos, illustrations, and mapsHelpful cross-references and indexes Whether you’re casually leafing through pages or systematically pursuing a study of the entire Bible, you’ll find The Complete Guide to the Bible lively, informative and uplifting.

This latest project from Steve Miller, author of the best-selling Who’s Who and Where’s Where in the Bible, provides both the big-picture view of the whole Bible and its individual books, as well as fascinating detail on particular passages and topics.

8. Mere Christianity Study Guide: A Bible Study on the C.S. Lewis Book Mere Christianity (CS Lewis Study Series)

Author: by Steven Urban
176 pages

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The most trusted study guide to learning Mere Christianity! Reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis should not be difficult but rather a rewarding, life-changing experience. And it can be with the Mere Christianity Study Guide! This easy-to-understand workbook digs deep into each chapter and in turn into Lewis’s thoughts transforming you into an expert on this apologetics classic.

Mere Christianity Study Guide is perfect for book clubs, church groups, and independent study. This comprehensive Bible study workbook includes daily study questions relative to each of the twelve sessions. For small-group flexibility, multiple week format options make it is easy to lay down the study and pick it back up at a later date.

An easy-to-read appendix and commentary are included providing deeper insights into each chapter as well as Scripture references to reinforce biblical concepts. To help with those more difficult discussion questions, a complete Answer Guide is available for free online. The Mere Christianity Study Guide includes: Twelve sessions of study with multi-week options includedComprehensive Bible study workbook with five daily studies per week Complete appendix and commentary to go deeperBible study questions that are ideal for group discussionAnswer Guide for all questions available for free onlinePerfect for book clubs, small groups, or individual Bible studyAvailable in print or e-book formatsTake a deeper dive into the book that has helped shape the way millions of Christians think and speak as well as setting the standard for defending Christianity to a postmodern world.

9. Rose Chronological Guide to the Bible (Rose Bible Charts & Time Lines)

Author: by Rose Publishing
Rose Publishing
170 pages

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The Bible has 66 books and more than 1,100 chapters, but they’re not arranged in the order they happened in. Deepen your understanding of the Bible as you see key events in the order they actually happened with the one-of-a-kind Rose Chronological Guide to the Bible.

Featuring 170 pages of full-color Bible charts, maps, and time lines, this reproducible guide doesn t just cover when specific events occurred, but why they matter. Spiral bound for ease of use, this is a must-have for every pastor and teacher..

Just because the Bible starts with Genesis and ends with Revelation doesn’t mean that it’s in chronological order! Look at the Bible in a fresh new way by viewing Bible events in the order they happened with Rose Publishing’s classic highly-visual format.

See all sixty-six books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, arranged chronologically at a glance! You’ll learn how the stories of key Bible characters like Abraham, David, Ruth, and Paul fit into the larger story of God’s unfolding plan of salvation through his Son Jesus Christ.

10. Unearthing the Bible: 101 Archaeological Discoveries That Bring the Bible to Life

Author: by Titus M Kennedy
Published at: Harvest House Publishers (June 2, 2020)
ISBN: 978-0736979153

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A much-needed resource for those serious about biblical studies.Mark M. Yarbrough, president, Dallas Theological SeminaryThe Bible has long been dismissed as a book of myths, legends, fairy tales, and propaganda. Yet when we examine the archaeological evidence, its accuracy comes to light.

In Unearthing the Bible, Dr. Titus M. Kennedy presents 101 objects that provide compelling evidence for the historical reliability of Scripture from the dawn of civilization through the early church. Gathered from more than 50 museums, private collections, and archaeological sites, these pieces not only reinforce the reliability of the biblical narratives, but also provide rich cultural insights into the ancient world.

Using this visual guide, you can find context for your faith as you make your way through the Bible. Dr. Kennedy’s photographs and detailed descriptions enable you to examine each piece of fascinating evidence for yourself. From the earliest tablets of creation to artifacts connected with the life and resurrection of Jesus, Unearthing the Bible shows you can be confident there is an abundance of archaeological support for the history told in the Scriptures.

11. Grasping God's Word, Fourth Edition: A Hands-On Approach to Reading, Interpreting, and Applying the Bible

Author: by J. Scott Duvall
Zondervan Academic

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A Proven Approach to Help You Interpret and Understand the BibleGrasping God’s Word has proven itself in classrooms across the country as an invaluable help to students who want to learn how to read, interpret, and apply the Bible for themselves.

This book will equip you with a five-step Interpretive Journey that will help you make sense of any passage in the Bible. It will also guide you through all the different genres found in the Bible to help you learn the specifics of how to best approach each one.

Filling the gap between approaches that are too simple and others that are too technical, this book starts by equipping readers with general principles of interpretation, then moves on to apply those principles to specific genres and contexts. Features include:Proven in classrooms across the countryHands-on exercises to guide students through the interpretation processEmphasis on real-life applicationSupplemented by a website for professors providing extensive teaching materialsAccompanying workbook, video lectures, laminated study guide (sold separately)This fourth edition includes revised chapters on word studies and Bible translations, updated illustrations, cultural references, bibliography, and assignments.

12. The Pilgrim's Progress Study Guide: A Bible Study Based on John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress

Author: by Alan Vermilye
ISBN: 978-1948481144
Published at: Brown Chair Books (May 12, 2020)

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The most trusted study guide to learning The Pilgrim’s Progress! Understanding The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan can be difficult and confusing at times. Not so with The Pilgrim’s Progress Study Guide! This comprehensive Bible study workbook will guide you through Bunyan’s masterful use of metaphors helping you better understand key concepts, supporting Bible passages, and the relevance to our world today.

The story chronicles the epic adventure of a man named Christian who leaves his home in the City of Destruction and begins a life-long quest to the Celestial City. Set against the backdrop of a hazardous journey, this powerful drama unfolds as Christian’s adventures lead him into fascinating lands and encounters with interesting people who either help or hinder his progress along a narrow way.

With a gallery of memorable characters and visits to colorful places, Bunyan’s allegorical narrative describes one man’s extraordinary adventure on his journey to faith. Designed to be used alongside The Pilgrim’s Progress: A Readable Modern-Day Version of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, each chapter, sub section, and study question examines Bunyan’s allegorical narrative to tell his powerful presentation of what it means to follow the narrow way of Christian salvation.

13. Halley's Bible Handbook, Classic Edition: Completely Revised and Expanded Edition

Over 6 Million Copies Sold

Author: by Henry H. Halley
ISBN: 978-0310519393
Published at: Zondervan Academic; 25th edition (September 9, 2014)

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The bestselling Bible handbook of all time with millions of copies sold, Halley’s Bible Handbook has been thoroughly updated, while retaining its time-honored features and Dr. Halley’s highly personal style, to offer even greater clarity, insight, and usefulness. Halley’s Bible Handbook makes the Bible’s wisdom and message accessible to everyone.

Whether you’ve read the Bible many times or never before, you will find insights that provide a firmer grasp of God’s Word and an appreciation for the cultural, religious, and geographic settings in which the story of the Bible unfolds.

Written for both mind and heart, this completely revised, updated, and expanded edition features:All-new maps, photographs, and illustrationsContemporary designPractical Bible reading programsHelpful tips for Bible studyFascinating archaeological informationEasy-to-understand sections on how we got the Bible and on church historyImproved indexes