Best Molecular Pharmacology Books

Here you will get Best Molecular Pharmacology Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue: Remarkable Hope for Depression, COVID, AIDS & other Viruses, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Cancer, Heart Disease, … Targeting Mitochondrial Dysfunction)

Author: by Mark Sloan
157 pages

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Harness the power of Methylene Blue to Revolutionize Your Health and Life20th Century scientific breakthroughs have revealed that virtually all diseases in existence are metabolic in origin, and that improving cellular mitochondrial function is the fastest way to restore health.

Originally developed for dying fabric by the textile industry, you’re about to learn why methylene blue is one of the most potent metabolic medicines ever discovered. Your Complete Guide to Methylene Blue will show you the secrets of dye therapy, and how to use it to improve mitochondrial function and powerfully enhance your body’s metabolism.

Bestselling author Mark Sloan is the creator of the popular blog Endalldisease, which delivers evidence-based health information and has helped tens of thousands of people get healthy. After losing his mother to cancer at age 12, Mark has committed his life to finding safer and more effective therapies for diseases of all kinds.

In this book, you’ll learn how to:Drastically increase energy levels and take action in your lifeBoost your brain function, memory and creativityRelieve aches and accelerate repair of injuries and woundsEnhance sexual function, performance and fertilityEliminate depressive thoughts and feel better about your lifeMethylene Blue is your ultimate guide for understanding what disease is, what disease isn’t, and how to use methylene blue to dramatically enhance your health and quality of life.

2. Botany Coloring Book for Relaxing: A Flower Adult Coloring Book, Beautiful and Awesome Floral Coloring Pages for Adult to Get Stress Relieving and Relaxation

Author: by Esther Ellis
109 pages

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Catch the Ladybug If You Can! Beautiful flowers, and a hidden ladybug! Imagine how fun it is when you coloring them away. Combined with hidden activity, this unique coloring book collects 50 beautiful and original flora pattern designs. It’s a must-have for you, if you are coloring book savvy.

It’s a perfect gift for your nature-loving friends. PLUS, a FREE digital version is included in this paperback version. You can download these amazing coloring pages and share them with your friends. Birthday Gifts-Christmas Gifts-Meeting New Friends Gifts-BFF Gifts-Family GiftsAnd much more……..

Buy today, and surprise your friends with this unique coloring book. Roll to the top and add it to your cart.

3. Neuroanatomy Coloring Book: Human Brain Coloring Book for Neuroscience and Neuroanatomy Workbook

Author: by Summer Sparks
92 pages

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An Easy, Fun and Effective Way to Learn and Master Neuroanatomy and the Structures of the Human Brain! BOOK UPDATED: Apr 2021 [Revised Content! Thank You For Your Kind Feedback. ]Coloring is the most effective way to study the structure and functions of the human brain and neuroanatomy.

This book is structured for ease of use, with comprehensive coverage of the human brain and nervous system. You assimilate information and make visual associations with key terminology when coloring in this Neuroanatomy Coloring Book, all while having fun! These illustrations show the brain and its components in detail and makes it easy to identify specific structures for an entertaining way to learn neuroanatomy.

With this vivid change-of-pace study tool, you have the freedom to master neuroanatomy in a fun and memorable way. Ideal for all kind of students and science lovers to make the most out of their interest in neuroanatomy. Whether you are following a neuroscience course or just interested in the human brain and its structures, let this book guide you!

4. Intermittent Fasting For Women Over 50: Unlock the Secrets of a New Healthy Lifestyle That Will Help Reset Your Metabolism, Lose Weight and Delay Aging

Author: by Victoria Taylor
135 pages

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Getting older doesn’t mean having to kiss your body shape goodbye! Are you an over 50 lady looking to lose weight, improve your metabolic health, get toned, or even delay aging?Yes?Then keep reading. Many diets aimed at women mean enduring a strict routine with a low-calorie intake.

While these methods can show some initial results, they are inevitably temporary, with most women gaining the lost weight back in a matter of weeks. These empty-promise diets also reinforce the false belief that skipping meals is unhealthy or even dangerous for your body.

This could not be further away from the truth. In fact, Intermittent Fasting can be the solution you are looking for. Intermittent Fasting has proven to be particularly effective in women over 50, an age when the metabolism slows down, and it becomes easier to gain weight and much harder to get rid of stubborn body fat.

Countless medical studies have proven those old methodologies wrong, showing the many benefits of a fasting routine. And these benefits aren’t limited to losing weight; Intermittent Fasting can help you boost your metabolism, reduce inflammation, lower your blood pressure and insulin levels, and even improve your cardiovascular health.

5. ACE THE NCLEX RN – SELECT ALL THAT APPLY (105) QUESTIONS ANSWERS & RATIONALES: Essential Practice Questons Guide to Help You Pass the NCLEX (SATA)

Author: by Maria Youtman
65 pages

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ACE THE NCLEX RN ( SELECT ALL THAT APPLY ) (( SATA)) WITH 105 Questions Answers & Rationales Here is the 105 Questions All about SATA Mode with 105 Answers & Rationales, with the most nclex rn test preparation Questions Try this book with the nclex content review of this type of questions 105 full answers & full Explanations & Rationales

6. HIGH TRIGLYCERIDES DIET: The Perfect Guide on Lowering Triglycerides Including Foods to Eat to Lower Triglycerides

Author: by Rebecca Sam
37 pages

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Triglycerides are the most regular kind of fat in the body. The foods that human eat, whether it is from animal or plant sources; can affect the levels of triglycerides in the blood. Triglycerides are essential for health, but high levels increase the risk of heart ailment, which is the main cause of death in the USA.

Reducing triglyceride levels and lowering other risk factors can decrease someone’s likelihood of getting heart disease. Having increased triglyceride levels can be very bad for your overall health but it is not everytime you need drugs to get rid of these unhealthy fats, you can make simple changes to the way you live and make you healthy againIf you have searched on how to get your triglycerides levels back to their normal levels, this guide will show you how What is triglycerides and its function in the bodyLifestyle changes to lower triglyceridesPills to lower triglyceridesHow to exercise to reduce triglyceridesImportance of low triglycerides levelsFoods to lower high triglyceridesAnd so much moreGet this book today by scrolling up and clicking buy now to get this book today and lower your triglyceride levels like a pro

7. Dr. Sebi Diabetes Cure: A Definitive Guide on How to Cure and Reverse Herpes Diabetes Using Dr. Sebi Alkaline Eating Diet Techniques

Author: by Colby Jones
34 pages

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Dr. Sebi Diabetes TreatmentA Step by Step Guide on Reversing Diabetes Using Dr. Sebi HerbsDr. Sebi was a world renowned pathologist, herbalist and naturalist left this world in the year 2016, despite this fact, that he is deceased, his discoveries and self-invention on diabetes cure is still helping millions of herpes patients around the world During his time on earth, Dr. Sebi healed millions of diabetes individuals with his method and his death has done little to change this, he left behind an holistic healing for diabetes, you can learn from his life and what he really believed about this deadly disease with the aim of eradicating diabetes from the surface of the earth, here is the complete analysis into doctor sebi cure for diabetes is all about Get ready to read more about itGRAB YOUR SELF A COPY TODAY by scrolling up and clicking Buy Now in one click

8. DR. SEBI CURE FOR DIABETES MADE SIMPLE: The Total Guide on How to Effectively Cure and Treat Diabetes Through Dr. Sebi Alkaline Eating Habits (Reverse Diabetes Now)

Author: by Jose Constanza
37 pages

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DR.SEBI CURE FOR diabetes MADE EASYIf you are simplified for proven ways to naturally eliminate or get rid of diabetes from your body completely, then you should read furtherIf you have tried a lot of expensive drugs and you are very confused because it is ineffectiveDr Sebi before he died was a naturalist, biochemist, pathologist and herbalistHe made research and identified wonderful herbs and found a wonderful methodology to heal the human body making use of alkaline dietsBased on Dr Sebi, mucus is the major cause of every disease including diabetesIn the pages of this book, I will show you how to get treated and cured of diabetes making use of recommended methodologyGet your copy today by scrolling up and clicking Buy Now to get your copy today

9. Essential Oils for Beginners: The Where To & How To Guide For Essential Oil Beginners (Essential Oils in Black&White)

Author: by Mary Jones
271 pages

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Are you worried about the side effects of pharmaceutical medicines? Discover natural solutions to safely treat a wide variety of common health issues. Are you struggling with health problems like acne, anxiety, or allergies that just won’t go away? Have your efforts to cure your ailments with modern medicine made you more sick in the process?

Author Mary Jones discovered the healing power of essential oils in her youth when searching for alternatives to pharmaceutical medicine. Now an essential oil expert, Jones shows you how these inexpensive and age-old remedies provide the power of self-healing. Essential Oils for Beginners: The Where To & How To Guide For Essential Oil Beginners is a comprehensive resource that demonstrates the power of essential oils.

Inside, you’ll discover everything you need to know about the top 30 essential oils and the amazing aromatherapy benefits of these natural medicines. An in-depth guide to the best essential oils for every situation, Jones’ book is your ultimate reference to banishing modern-day ailments.

10. Last Minute Review of The NCLEX RN: The Ultimate Review Guide For the Over Night Study, Quick Tips and Tricks to Survive The NCLEX RN

Author: by Maria Youtman
249 pages

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This Book Every Nurse Should have!!! ( Last Minute Review Of The NCLEX RN ) Had a Composition NOTEBOOK Fabulous Design …Whats This Mean ?!! Imagine You had your notes on a journal, the whole time of study 4 years Noting the most serious NOTES of your nursing study…

In this Book (((( More Than 2500 Nurses Who Attended The Actual Exam Participated in Gathering Data As A full Survey Over A year Of Great Work, And What!! Its All About The NCLEX of an Actual Experience))))The Notebook Design made it Fabulous for you to study as your at school.

Quick Notes of full Nurses Topics (( Fundamental – Medical surgical – neurological – Nutrition – and body systems + Medication Hints ) Prioritization Delegations and MORE!!All In one book. You Nurse Had Already Your Exam Appointment date and you don’t have time of big books to review over one night, this book helps you survive!!!

Quick and Easy to review. Have Your Pencil Ready to Complete Your own Composition Notebook. You Want to survive the over night NCLEX study … Scroll UP Hit The BUY BUTTON!!

11. Magical Geometric Coloring Book: An Adult Coloring Book for Beginners with easy, Enjoyable, Relaxing Patterns and Soothing soul

Author: by Joy Koloring
122 pages

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Are You Looking For A Magical Geometric Coloring Book To Get Stress Releivied? If Your Answer Is YES. This Adult Geometric Patterns Coloring Book Is For You! This coloring book contains 58 unique geometric designs and unusual shapes for beginners. Premium glossy-finished cover design and filled with easy, pleasant and simple patterns that anyone can enjoy.

This book a great gift idea for your family and friends. If you are addicted to an adult coloring book, this one is a must have. Or if you know someone is looking for a great Magical Geometric Patterns coloring book, then this could be a perfect fit for them.

There is a FREE digital version included at the end of this paperback version. It’s an awesome gift for you that you could download these coloring pages at any time and print them out as many times as you want!

This book is designed at an 8.5×11 (21.6cm x 27. 9cm) in size, perfect for flower dreamers to color and get relaxed. It is also a great gift idea for:Birthday GiftsChristmas GiftsMeeting New Friends GiftsBFF GiftsFamily GiftsAnd much more. Scroll to the top of the page and click the buy button now.

12. Molecular Neuropharmacology: A Foundation for Clinical Neuroscience, Third Edition

Author: by Eric Nestler
544 pages

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Publisher’s Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. GAIN A COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING OF NERVOUS SYSTEM FUNCTION AND ITS RELATIONSHIP TO HUMAN NEUROLOGIC DISORDERSMolecular Neuropharmacology first reviews the fundamental biochemistry of the functioning nervous system and then describes how nerve cells communicate with one another through numerous types of neurotransmitters involving amino acids, monoamines, neuropeptides, and neurotrophic factors, among several others.

The neuropharmacology and neural circuits that underlie complex behaviors as well as major neural disorders are also discussed as are the drugs used to treat those conditions. In the final section, the authors use the concepts presented in the first two sections to explainhow irregularities in the biochemistry of neuronal interactions can lead to a wide array of clinical manifestations.

13. General and Molecular Pharmacology: Principles of Drug Action

Author: by Francesco Clementi
784 pages

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With a focus on functional relationships between drugs and their targets, this book covers basic and general pharmacology, from a cellular and molecular perspective, with particular attention to the mechanisms of drug action the fundamental basis for proper clinical use- without neglecting clinical application, toxicology and pharmacokinetics.

Covers cell and molecular pharmacology, bringing together current research on regulation of drug targets, at a level appropriate for advanced undergrad and graduate students Discusses the relevance of pharmacokinetics and drug development for the clinical application of drugs Presents material from the perspective of drug targets and interaction, the theoretical basis of drug action analysis, and drug properties Focuses on structure-function relationships of drug targets informing about their biochemical and physiologic functions and experimental and clinical pathways for drug discovery and development Has a companion website that offers a host of resources: short additional chapters about methodology, topics at the forefront of research, and all figures and tables from the book