Best Nuclear Chemistry Books

Here you will get Best Nuclear Chemistry Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. AFOQT Study Guide: Air Force Officer Qualifying Test Prep Book (2021-2022)

Author: by Military Prep Academy
326 pages

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Are you planning on taking the AFOQT and want to get your best score? Experienced educators at Military Prep Academy have created a comprehensive study guide for the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test. This exam preparation book covers every section on the AFOQT:Verbal AnalogiesArithmetic Reasoning Word KnowledgeMath KnowledgeReading ComprehensionSituational JudgementSelf-Description InventoryPhysical ScienceTable ReadingInstrument ComprehensionBlock CountingAviation Information300+ Practice Test Questions: Each section of the AFOQT is covered in this study guide and is accompanied by a real length practice test that will prepare you for the official test.

Detailed Answer Guide: After each practice test, we have included a detailed answer guide. Not only does it contain the correct answers to the practice test questions, but it explains how to arrive at the correct answer. You can learn from your mistakes on the practice test by checking your answers with the detailed answer guide.

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Author: by Bright D. Philip
64 pages

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3. Strange Glow: The Story of Radiation

Author: by Timothy J. Jorgensen
Princeton University Press
512 pages

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The fascinating science and history of radiationMore than ever before, radiation is a part of our modern daily lives. We own radiation-emitting phones, regularly get diagnostic x-rays, such as mammograms, and submit to full-body security scans at airports. We worry and debate about the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the safety of nuclear power plants.

But how much do we really know about radiation? And what are its actual dangers? An accessible blend of narrative history and science, Strange Glow describes mankind’s extraordinary, thorny relationship with radiation, including the hard-won lessons of how radiation helps and harms our health.

Timothy Jorgensen explores how our knowledge of and experiences with radiation in the last century can lead us to smarter personal decisions about radiation exposures today. Jorgensen introduces key figures in the story of radiationfrom Wilhelm Roentgen, the discoverer of x-rays, and pioneering radioactivity researchers Marie and Pierre Curie, to Thomas Edison and the victims of the recent Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident.

4. Manhattan Project: The Story of the Century

Author: by Bruce Cameron Reed
567 pages

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Though thousands of articles and books have been published on various aspects of the Manhattan Project, this book is the first comprehensive single-volume history prepared by a specialist for curious readers without a scientific background. This project, the United States Army’s program to develop and deploy atomic weapons in World War II, was a pivotal event in human history.

The author presents a wide-ranging survey that not only tells the story of how the project was organized and carried out, but also introduces the leading personalities involved and features simplified but accurate descriptions of the underlying science and the engineering challenges.

The technical points are illustrated by reader-friendly graphics..

5. Crucibles: The Story of Chemistry from Ancient Alchemy to Nuclear Fission

Author: by Bernard Jaffe
Dover Publications
384 pages

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This book is a classic in the field of popular science. Standard reading since the 1930s, it is one of the few historeis of chemistry to concentrate on the lives of the great chemists. Through these dramatic and human stories, it gives an authoritative and entertaining account of the great discoveries and advances in this scientific field.

After many printings in three previous editions, this book has been newly revised by the author for this fourth edition. Beginning with Trevisan and his lifelong search for the “philosopher’s stone,” the author narrates the lives and discoveries of such towering figures as Paracelsus and his chemical treatment of disease; Priestley looking for phlogiston and finding oxygen and carbon dioxide, Lavoisier creating a new language of chemistry; Dalton and his Atomic Theory; Avogadro and the idea of molecules, Mendeleeff arranging the table of elements under his Periodic Law; the Curies isolating radium; Thomson discovering the electron; Moseley and his Law of Atomic Numbers; Lawrence and the construction of the cyclotron; and more.

6. Radiation Biophysics

Author: by Edward L. Alpen
Academic Press
520 pages

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This newly revised and updated edition of Radiation Biophysics provides an in-depth description of the physics and chemistry of radiation and its effects on biological systems. Coverage begins with fundamental concepts of the physics of radiation and radioactivity, then progresses through the chemistry and biology of the interaction of radiation with living systems.

The Second Edition of this highly praised text includes major revisions which reflect the rapid advances in the field. New material covers recent developments in the fields of carcinogenesis, DNA repair, molecular genetics, and the molecular biology of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes.

The book also includes extensive discussion of the practical impact of radiation on everyday life.

7. Modern Nuclear Chemistry

Author: by Walter D. Loveland
800 pages

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Written by established experts in the field, this book features in-depth discussions of proven scientific principles, current trends, and applications of nuclear chemistry to the sciences and engineering. Provides up-to-date coverage of the latest research and examines the theoretical and practical aspects of nuclear and radiochemistry Presents the basic physical principles of nuclear and radiochemistry in a succinct fashion, requiring no basic knowledge of quantum mechanics Adds discussion of math tools and simulations to demonstrate various phenomena, new chapters on Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Forensics and Particle Physics, and updates to all other chapters Includes additional in-chapter sample problems with solutions to help students Reviews of 1st edition: “…

An authoritative, comprehensive but succinct, state-of-the-art textbook ….” (The Chemical Educator) and “… An excellent resource for libraries and laboratories supporting programs requiring familiarity with nuclear processes …” (CHOICE)

8. The Physics of the Manhattan Project

Author: by Bruce Cameron Reed

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The development of nuclear weapons during the Manhattan Project is one of the most significant scientific events of the twentieth century. This revised and updated 3rd edition explores the challenges that faced the scientists and engineers of the Manhattan Project.

It gives a clear introduction to fission weapons at the level of an upper-year undergraduate physics student by examining the details of nuclear reactions, their energy release, analytic and numerical models of the fission process, how critical masses can be estimated, how fissile materials are produced, and what factors complicate bomb design.

An extensive list of references and a number of exercises for self-study are included. Links are given to several freely-available spread sheets which users can use to run many of the calculations for themselves.

9. Uranium: War, Energy, and the Rock That Shaped the World

Author: by Tom Zoellner
February 7, 2009

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The fascinating story of the most powerful source of energy the earth can yieldUranium is a common element in the earth’s crust and the only naturally occurring mineral with the power to end all life on the planet. After World War II, it reshaped the global order-whoever could master uranium could master the world.

Marie Curie gave us hope that uranium would be a miracle panacea, but the Manhattan Project gave us reason to believe that civilization would end with apocalypse. Slave labor camps in Africa and Eastern Europe were built around mine shafts and America would knowingly send more than six hundred uranium miners to their graves in the name of national security.

Fortunes have been made from this yellow dirt; massive energy grids have been run from it. Fear of it panicked the American people into supporting a questionable war with Iraq and its specter threatens to create another conflict in Iran.

Now, some are hoping it can help avoid a global warming catastrophe. In Uranium, Tom Zoellner takes readers around the globe in this intriguing look at the mineral that can sustain life or destroy it.

10. The History and Science of the Manhattan Project (Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics)

Author: by Bruce Cameron Reed
556 pages

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The development of atomic bombs under the auspices of the U.S. Army’s Manhattan Project during World War II is considered to be the outstanding news story of the twentieth century. In this book, a physicist and expert on the history of the Project presents a comprehensive overview of this momentous achievement.

The first three chapters cover the history of nuclear physics from the discovery of radioactivity to the discovery of fission, and would be ideal for instructors of a sophomore-level Modern Physics course. Student-level exercises at the ends of the chapters are accompanied by answers.

Chapter 7 covers the physics of first-generation fission weapons at a similar level, again accompanied by exercises and answers. For the interested layman and for non-science students and instructors, the book includes extensive qualitative material on the history, organization, implementation, and results of the Manhattan Project and the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing missions.

The reader also learns about the legacy of the Project as reflected in the current world stockpiles of nuclear weapons. This second edition contains important revisions and additions, including a new chapter on the German atomic bomb program and new sections on British and Canadian contributions to the Manhattan project and on feed materials.

11. Dr. Sebi Curative Alkaline Diets & Herbs for STDs: Detox, Cleanse, & Revitalize Electric Body to Cure Genital Herpes, HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia Infection… & others

Author: by Bright D. Philip
82 pages

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12. Principles of Nuclear Chemistry (Essential Textbooks in Chemistry)

Author: by Peter A C McPherson
272 pages

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Principles of Nuclear Chemistry is an introductory text in nuclear chemistry and radiochemistry, aimed at undergraduates with little or no knowledge of physics. It covers the key aspects of modern nuclear chemistry and includes worked solutions to end of chapter questions.

The text begins with basic theories in contemporary physics and uses these to introduce some fundamental mathematical techniques. It relates nuclear phenomena to key divisions of chemistry such as atomic structure, spectroscopy, equilibria and kinetics. It also gives an introduction to f-block chemistry and the nuclear power industry.

This book is essential reading for those taking a first course in nuclear chemistry and is a useful companion to other volumes in physical and analytical chemistry. It will also be of use to those new to working in nuclear chemistry or radiochemistry.

13. Principles of Molecular Photochemistry: An Introduction

Author: by Nicholas J. Turro
University Science Books
530 pages

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This book develops photochemical and photophysical concepts from a small set of familiar principles. Derived in part from Nick Turro s best-selling text for three decades Modern Molecular Photochemistry this updated primer introduces an initial paradigm that relates the photon and a reactant molecular structure to photochemistry through the structure and dynamics of electronically excited states, reactive intermediates and products.

The same paradigm is readily adapted to incorporate the photon and a reactant molecular structure to photophysics. The book provides brilliantly clear descriptions in pictorial terms that can be readily understood by the student and applied to systems of interest.

This text will be of interest to not only practicing photochemists and their students, but also to biological scientists, polymer scientists, material scientists and nanoscientists who use photochemistry and photophysics in their research and teaching.