Best Otolaryngology Books

Here you will get Best Otolaryngology Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Cosmetic Injection Techniques: A Text and Video Guide to Neurotoxins and Fillers

Author: by Theda C. Kontis
226 pages

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Highly Commended by the BMA Medical Book Awards for Surgery! The gliding nature and dynamic planes of the face present one of the great challenges in aesthetic surgery and volume replenishment is a key component of the treatment algorithm. Facial Volumization: An Anatomic Approach by Jerome Lamb and Christopher Surek masterfully bridges the gap between the anatomy lab and injection clinic.

It synthesizes a large body of facial anatomy publications into a “one-stop shop” covering a wide array of facial procedures – from the chin and perioral – to the midface and temple. In addition to vascular injury, lymphatic disruption can play a critical role in suboptimal aesthetic facial volumization outcomes.

Chapter 2, The Lymphatic Anatomy of the Lower Eyelid and the Malar Region of the Face discusses new state-of-the art facial lymphatic discoveries. Key FeaturesNumerous beautiful, full-page color illustrations systematically reveal each layer of the face – from deep to superficial – taking readers on a unique journey through the 3-D architecture of complex facial anatomy.

3. The Chronic Cough Enigma: How to recognize, diagnose and treat neurogenic and reflux related cough

Author: by Jamie A. Koufman M.D. F.A.C.S.
176 pages


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More than 20 million Americans suffer from chronic cough. Sufferers of chronic cough experience confusing and unexplained breathing problems such as shortness of breath and asthma that are unresponsive to treatment. For most people, chronic cough is due to acid reflux, including GERD, LPR, and/or silent reflux.

If you’ve been coughing for months – or years – and can’t get answers from your doctor, this book is for you. The Chronic Cough Enigma provides self-diagnosis help and a practical treatment guide. Dr. Jamie Koufman explains how you can cure cough with healthy diet, lifestyle changes, and natural remedies.

The book also explains how sick nerves, “neurogenic cough” (the second most common cause of chronic cough), is diagnosed and treated. Dr. Koufman has been a leading clinician and researcher in the fields of laryngology, acid reflux, and voice for over 25 years, helping thousands of patients cure their reflux and chronic cough once and for all.

With her guidance, you can cure your acid reflux and go back to living a healthy, cough-free life. If you’d like help after reading this book, read her blog, JamieKoufman. Com, and if you still need support, book a consultation at KoufmanConsulting.Com.

4. Cummings Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery, 3-Volume Set

Author: by Paul W. Flint MD
3568 pages

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The most comprehensive, multi-disciplinary text in the field, Cummings Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery, 7th Edition, provides detailed, practical answers and easily accessible clinical content on the complex issues that arise for otolaryngologists at all levels, across all subspecialties. This award-winning text is a one-stop reference for all stages of your careerfrom residency and board certification through the challenges faced in daily clinical practice.

Updated content, new otology editor Dr. Howard W. Francis, and new chapters and videos ensure that this 7th Edition remains the definitive reference in today’s otolaryngology. Brings you up to date with the latest minimally invasive procedures, recent changes in rhinology, and new techniques and technologies that are shaping patient outcomes.

Contains 12 new chapters, including Chronic Rhinosinusitis, Facial Pain, Geriatric Otology, Middle Ear Endoscopic Surgery, Pediatric Speech Disorders, Pediatric Cochlear Implantation, Tongue-Ties and Lip Ties, Laryngotracheal Clefts, and more. Covers recent advances and new approaches such as the Draf III procedure for CRS affecting the frontal recess, endoscopic vidian and posterior nasal neurectomy for non-allergic rhinitis, and endoscopic approaches for sinonasal and orbital tumors, both extra- and intraconal.

5. ENT Secrets

Author: by Melissa A. Scholes MD
592 pages

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“This is a very good all round ENT book ” Reviewed by: Harry Brown on behalf of www.Glycosmedia. Com, November 2015Apply the latest knowledge and techniques with content thoroughly updated by leaders in the field. Quickly review key concepts through a question-and-answer format, bulleted lists, mnemonics, “Exam Pearls,” “Key Points” summaries, and practical tips from the authors.

Enhance your reference power with a full range of well-organized essential topics in ear, nose and throat disorders. Improve content knowledge with a special chapter containing “Top 100 Secrets,” providing an overview of essential material for last-minute study or self-assessment. Expert Consult eBook version included with purchase.

This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

6. Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery: Clinical Reference Guide

Author: by Ed. Pasha, Raza
Plural Publishing, Inc.
762 pages

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The now classic “Pasha” pocket guide-Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery: Clinical Reference Guide-returns for its fifth edition. This well-known guide concisely reviews rhinology, laryngology, endocrinology, general otolaryngology, and more, with a focus on relevant pathologies, diagnostic methods, and treatment recommendations. Spanning the breadth of the entire field, this “high-yield” book retains a “by residents, for residents” feel, while also including expert content useful to accomplished physicians.

Medical students, allied health professionals, and otolaryngologists alike will find the fifth edition a valuable resource. The concise, outline format is useful for clinical situations as well as a last minute review before a consult or rounds. The guide has proven essential for board review and maintenance of certification exams as well as a quick source for primary care providers.

The fifth edition of this essential reference features: Updates across all chapters featuring the latest diagnostic and treatment information A host of new contributing authors A new radiology appendix New and updated illustrations throughoutUpdated cancer staging

7. Sleep Medicine Pearls, 3e

Author: by Richard B. Berry MD
704 pages

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Sleep Medicine is a rapidly growing and changing field. Experienced sleep medicine clinicians and educators Richard B. Berry, MD and Mary H. Wagner, MD present the completely revised, third edition of Sleep Medicine Pearls featuring 150 cases that review key elements in the evaluation and management of a wide variety of sleep disorders.

The cases are preceded by short fundamentals chapters that present enough basic information so that a physician new to sleep medicine can start reading page 1 and quickly learn the essential information needed to care for patients with sleep disorders. A concise, practical format makes this an ideal resource for sleep medicine physicians in active practice, sleep fellows learning sleep medicine, and physicians studying for the sleep boards.

Zero in on the practical, “case-based” information you need to effectively interpret sleep studies (polysomnography, home sleep testing, multiple sleep latency testing), sleep logs, and actigraphy. Get clear, visual guidance with numerous figures and sleep tracings illustrating important concepts that teach the reader how to recognize important patterns needed to diagnose sleep disorders.

8. Diagnostic Imaging: Head and Neck

Author: by Bernadette L Koch MD

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Nearly 400 diagnoses that are delineated, referenced, and lavishly illustrated highlight the third edition of this bestselling reference.Dr. H. Ric Harnsberger and his expert author team of Drs. Pat Hudgins, Bernadette L. Koch, and Bronwyn Hamilton provide carefully updated information in a concise, bulleted format, keeping you current with recent advances in head and neck radiology.

Succinct text, outstanding illustrations, and up-to-date content make this title a must-have reference for both radiologists and otolaryngologists who need a single, go-to guide in this fast-changing area. Concise, bulleted text provides efficient information on nearly 400 diagnoses that are clearly illustrated with over 2800 superb images Designed for quick and easy clinical reference at the point of care, with logically organized sections, comprehensive lists of differential diagnosis, consistent presentation of information, and relevant, newly revised images throughout Expert Consult eBook version included with purchase, which allows you to search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices Meticulously updated throughout, with new diagnoses, sequential imaging examples, and high-resolution 3T MR and 0.

9. Foundations of Aural Rehabilitation: Children, Adults, and their Family Members

Author: by Nancy Tye-Murray
Plural Publishing, Inc.
553 pages

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The best-selling textbook, Foundations of Aural Rehabilitation: Adults, Children, and their Families, Fifth Edition, introduces the fundamentals of audiologic rehabilitation and hearing-related speech-language pathology in an easy-to-read, concise resource for the field of communication sciences and disorders. The text offers creative coverage of theory, clinical practice, and research-based approaches for identifying, diagnosing, and treating hearing and communication-based disorders.

The text is separated into three sections for the most comprehensive coverage of each topic: Part 1 describes the components of an aural rehabilitation plan, Part 2 concerns adults and their family members, and Part 3 concerns children and their parents. Important topics throughout include patient-centered services, counseling, selection and fitting of listening devices, conversational fluency and communication strategies training, auditory training, speechreading, and language and speech acquisition.

10. Operative Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery, 2-Volume Set

Author: by Eugene N. Myers MD FACS FRCS Edin (Hon)
1690 pages

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Emergent operative technologies and surgical approaches have transformed today’s otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, and the 3rd Edition of Operative Otolaryngology brings you up to date with all that’s new in the field. You’ll find detailed, superbly illustrated guidance on all of the endoscopic, microscopic, laser, surgically-implantable, radio-surgical, neurophysiological monitoring, and MR- and CT-imaging technological advances that now define contemporary operative OHNS all in one comprehensive, two-volume reference.

Covers everything from why a procedure should be performed to the latest surgical techniques to post-operative management and outcomes from experts in otolaryngology, plastic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, neurological surgery, and ophthalmology. Features a newly streamlined, templated chapter format that makes information easier to access quickly.

Includes all-new videos (more than 150 videos in all) showing step-by-step techniques and procedures such as management of tracheal stenosis and transoral and robotic tonsil surgery for cancers of the base of tongue and pharynx, plus new full-color clinical photographs and line drawings throughout the text.

11. Overcoming Meniere's: How changing your lifestyle can change your life

Author: by Mark A Knoblauch PhD
140 pages

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Researchers Anderson and Harris once described Mnire’s disease as one of the most debilitating diseases experienced by people who survive any illness. As a former Mnire’s sufferer, Mark Knoblauch fully endorses that statement. For three years he was subjected to constant unsteadiness and dizziness along with unpredictable, violent attacks of vertigo.

It took several visits to multiple physicians before he was finally diagnosed with Mnire’s disease, a relatively obscure condition of the inner ear known to wreak havoc on an individual’s balance and equilibrium. Once diagnosed, Mark was able to adopt a relatively simple lifestyle change that effectively eliminated his symptoms.

In the years since adopting this lifestyle change he has not only remained almost symptom-free but has used his newfound health to successfully complete multiple marathons and even become an Ironman. Due in large part to the success of his lifestyle change, he wrote this book to not only provide an overview of just what Mnire’s disease is but also outline for other sufferers how he has gone from at times struggling to walk to now living relatively Mnire’s-free.

12. CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery, Fourth Edition (Current Diagnosis and Treatment in Otolaryngology)

Author: by Anil Lalwani
1264 pages

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Atlas of Head and Neck Surgery, by Drs.James I.Cohen and Gary L. Clayman, delivers unparalleled visual guidance and insight to help you master the most important and cutting-edge head and neck procedures. Clear, consistent black-and-white drawings and detailed text lead you through each step of all standard operations, while commentary from leading experts presents alternative techniques complete with explanations about the differences, nuances, pearls, and pitfalls of each approach.

Concise yet complete, this easily accessible text captures groundbreaking techniques such as video-assisted thyroid and parathyroid surgeries; transoral laser surgeries; and robotic surgeries. In print or online at www.Expertconsult. Com, this surgical technique reference is an ideal resource for planning and performing successful head and neck surgery or preparing for the head and neck portion of the Otolaryngology boards.

Understand how to proceed thanks to an abundance of explicit illustrations and detailed text that take you from one step to the next. Quickly find the information you need to make confident decisions. Relevant indications/contraindications, pre-operative considerations, and post operative management are presented in an easily accessible format.