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Here you will get Best Rules of Order Reference Guides Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.


Author: by SEAN WAYNE
121 pages

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Unlock the secrets of the Men who have everything going for themSometimes, it seems like the world is made for Alpha Males, while the rest of us have to settle for the scraps. Whether it’s that well-dressed, smooth-talking guy who always gets the ladies, or that quietly confident Man people fall all over themselves to please, there are some guys who just seem to have it all.

Meanwhile, nothing comes quite as easy for you. From feelings of inadequacy to struggling with being overlooked, it may sometimes feel like you’re meant to live your life always being second-best to these Men. Are these Alpha Males just lucky to be born with the qualities that make them so magnetic?

Or do they know something you don’t? Despite what you may think, Alpha Males are not born. They are gradually refined through years of committed self-improvement and focused determination. Alpha Male Bible is the “un-pickup” guide to dating success. If you want to become the suave, assertive, and appealing Man you’ve always wanted to be, you have to be prepared to put in the work.

2. Print Handwriting Workbook for Adults: Improve your printing handwriting & practice print penmanship workbook for adults

Author: by Sujatha Lalgudi
109 pages

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This print handwriting workbook is for adults who are looking to learn or build on their print penmanship skills. Get over 100 pages of practice supported by easy illustrated dot to dot method to make practice writing fun and easy. The book starts with the guided basic alphabet to develop the required muscle memory and progressively advances to writing using a smaller letter size.

It builds an understanding of how to form each print letter correctly. This book takes the writer on a skill building journey of Tracing lower case and uppercase letters of the alphabetWriting two, three and four letter wordsLearning to write numbers & number wordsWriting affirmationsTracing quotes, poems, part of a play from Romeo and Juliet and the Gettysburg Address will encourage and inspire you to master your handwriting!

The included thoughtful quotes and motivational sentences give a great foundation for print writing while keeping the writing interesting and awe inspiringBuy this book today to begin a journey into the beautiful world of print writing penmanship. On sale currently – Under $10

3. You Are The Team: 6 Simple Ways Teammates Can Go From Good To Great

Author: by Michael G. Rogers
129 pages

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A must read for every member of your team if you are serious about upping the level of teamwork. Finally, a book to help members of your team(s) and/or organization(s) to become stronger and more connected and committed team players.

You Are the Team6 Simple Ways Teammates Can Go from Good to Great is both engaging and practical. Author Michael Rogers uses a variety of inspiring and entertaining stories to highlight each concept in the book. Thought-provoking introspective questions are found at the end of each section to help readers reflect on how they are currently applying each team concept.

The end of the book includes an eye-opening assessment with 32 questions to gauge the overall effectiveness of each member of your team. After reading You Are the Team, members of your team and/or in your organization will think differently about how they personally contribute to teamwork.

Inspire and move members of your team to:Work more selflessly by focusing on the team firstHonor commitments by doing what they say they will doBe more honest, bold and direct in discussions, including meetingsTake accountability for their performanceProactively seek and embrace feedback from teammatesImprove personal gratitude for leaders and teammatesBring more positive energy to the teamRefrain from negativity and gossipCompliment more regularly and celebrate successes more frequentlyBe more respectful and kinderDemonstrate greater empathy and improve understandingGo the extra mile for the teamImprove personal focus on goalsBring solutions, not problemsInspire and leadWould you agree that team members committing and acting on just a few of these concepts would improve connection, collaboration and ultimately teamwork?


The 7 Essential Elements of Irresistible Women: Why some women get Ghosted, Played, and Manipulated while others are dating quality men and finding healthy relationships

Author: by Victoria Knightley
174 pages

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The secret to being a woman that every man wants Girl meets boy. They go out and have a great time. They go out a few more times. It seems to be getting serious. And then Boy suddenly stops calling, while girl wonders what the hell happened again.

Is this what your love life looks like? A constant cycle of potentials that never quite seem to come to fruition? Being single and navigating the dating pool is a frustrating experience. From being hit on by creeps asking for nudes to being hurt by yet another rejection – it’s enough to make even the most hopeful romantic give up on finding love.

And it becomes even more frustrating when you hear about your friend who met the perfect guy after just one date, or your co-worker who never seems to have a problem finding a decent man. What do they have that you don’t?

They are probably Brilliant Vixens, and they don’t even realize it. Brilliant Vixens are women who have the desirable traits that quality men truly want in their lives. Even if you don’t think you are one right now, you can unleash your inner Brilliant Vixen with this instructive handbook that will show you exactly how to become irresistible to men without losing yourself in the process.

5. Jealousy: How To Overcome Jealousy, Insecurity and Trust Issues – Save Your Relationship, Love Life and Emotions

Author: by Sofia Price
257 pages

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ARE YOU TRAPPED IN A VICIOUS CYCLE OF BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS? DO YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO FREE YOURSELF FROM THE NEGATIVITY THAT IS SEEMINGLY HOLDING YOU BACK?I bet you do. It is never easy having to live with negative emotions, and jealousy is one of those feelings that can only eat away at your peace of mind if you let it.

There must have been a time when you considered jealousy to be something minor, but the truth is that letting the green-eyed monster run free would take a serious toll on your life and the quality of your relationships. So now that you know what the culprit is, how can you begin to win the battle against it?

This book will guide you through the process of defeating jealousy and gaining back your confidence and your life! Overcoming jealousy will help you nip insecurities in the bud and remove your reliance on material things and even other people for your own happiness.

You can then begin to build loving and trusting relationships with the people important to you. Here is what this book could teach you:Causes of your jealousyDealing with jealousy from withinMaking meaningful connectionsLearning to love yourselfAltering your view of realityNurturing relationshipsOvercoming your fearsWith all this knowledge in your arsenal, you can surely start living your best life.

6. The Secrets to Cold Call Success: Close More Business in Less Time Than Ever Before

Author: by Paul M. Neuberger
186 pages

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Improving your cold call skills can transform your business and make your income skyrocket. But for most salespeople, making progress on this challenging part of the job is a long and arduous journey.Until now.Meet Paul M. Neuberger, better known to leading organizations around the world as The Cold Call Coach.

A master at his craft, Paul has taught thousands of students in more than 120 countries through his Cold Call University program, helping sales professionals in a range of industries close more business in less time than ever before. In this book, Paul teaches that cold calling isn’t about luck or a numbers game; it’s about strategy.

He provides a comprehensive guide for mastering the cold call so you can get in front of who you want, when you want, for whatever reason you want. Using a process that transcends typical sales roles, this book is a useful tool for any situation where you need to influence people and win them over.

From start to finish, you will learn strategies to transform the way you approach selling. Use Paul’s game-changing methodology to identify your ideal clients and discover innovative ways to find them. Leverage sales psychology to connect with your prospects quickly, while driving memorable conversations that show your value.

7. Pig In Jeans Learns Manners

Author: by Brenda Li
36 pages

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Want to raise a child with great manners? Want your child to show respect, gratitude and kindness? This book covers the best manners every child should know – delivered in a hilarious story! What are the DOs and DON’Ts in manners?

How do good manners make you and others feel? How does it affect others when you don’t say “please”, “thank you”, “excuse me” and “sorry”?Children will learn: Basic table manners To show appreciation To respect others To make friends To be kind and mindfulGive the gift of manners today and watch your child’s character blossom!

8. Define and Deliver Exceptional Customer Service: Proven Strategies to Maximize Your Profits

Author: by Dr. Kelly Henry
157 pages

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Why do small businesses have such a difficult time surviving and thriving? There are many reasons. Three of the top four reasons for small business failure are:the business ran out of cash, didn’t have the right team, or were outcompete.

What do these three reasons have in common? They are all directly related to customer service. Customer service has a massive influence on sales and cash flow. Customer service has a direct effect on the attitude and actions of the team running the business.

Customer service has a direct impact on a business’s competitive advantage. I’ve used the ideas and principles in this book to build and run three very successful businesses. I’ve seen these principles transform my clients’ businesses, helping them grow, and creating more remarkable success.

I didn’t write this book on what I’ve heard about; I wrote this book based on first-hand knowledge and after experiencing the incredible benefits of creating a service culture based business. My goal in this book is to help businesses to go from surviving to thriving and from thriving to dominating.

9. Self-Discipline: 2 Books in 1 – Rewire Your Brain and Stop Overthinking. increase your Mental Toughness, self confidence and willpower. How to develop … habits and self control to achieve your goal.

Author: by Richard Kim
361 pages

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Develop Self-Discipline, Achieve Mental Toughness, Learn To Resist Temptation, And Achieve Your Goals! Do you dream of making it big? Do you think you need talent or luck for that? The answer is no; you just need the right amount of self-discipline!

You might think that success comes by being in the right place at the right time. That successful people are just that lucky, or that they come from wealthy backgrounds. That’s certainly not the case most of the time. The secret to success is discipline and mental toughness!

In life, there are obstacles everywhere you go. Being successful isn’t measured by evading or ignoring them, it is measured by your willingness to meet them face to face and push through them head-on. To be able to do that, you need willpower and self-discipline.

And to have those skills at your disposal, you need a proper set of tools. In this book, you will find amazing techniques and exercises to help you boost your confidence, increase willpower, and to rewire your brain to succeed.

10. Stepparenting: Becoming A Stepparent: A Blended Family Guide to: Parenting, Raising Children, Family Relationships and Step Families

Author: by Mathew Massimo
225 pages

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HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW TO BEST APPROACH YOUR NEW ROLE AS A STEPPARENT? HAVE YOU FOUND IT CHALLENGING TO GET ALONG WITH YOUR STEPCHILDREN? You are certainly not alone, and this book is here to help you. Starting a new family in which you have to integrate your life with that of your stepchildren can pose unique challenges that are not present in nuclear or biological families.

Stepparents want nothing more than for things to work out with their new family, but sometimes, the issues that arise may just seem so overwhelming. Don’t you wish that someone could hand you a list of all the things you should and shouldn’t do to handle your new role better?

Don’t worry because this book has you covered. This book was written by parents who understand what you are going through, and they provide everything you need to know to make the integration process as easy for you, your spouse, and your stepchildren as possible.

Here is what this book will teach you:Managing everyone’s expectations in a blended familyKnowing your role vis–vis your stepchildren’s needsFacilitating adjustmentHandling differencesEstablishing a family identityStrengthening your new familyPLUS! Do’s and don’ts of stepparentingBONUS CHAPTER: The 10 biggest mistakes stepparents makeThis book is the most comprehensive one you can read about becoming a successful stepparent.

11. STOP IT! It is all in your head

Author: by Laura Mariani
260 pages

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PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION & SUCCESS: SELF HELP 101. The RULE BOOK to Smash The infamous glass ceiling – For women & young women everywhere. Women in leadership (albeit very few) have been the center of many conversations around women empowerment and inclusion. Each year rings in new strategies and approaches to ensuring that more women around the world get their seat at the table.

With all the different hurdles (racism, sexism, ageism, ableism and all the other isms) women have to jump over, it seems the goalpost keeps getting further and further. What will it take for women to finally get that corner office?

Laura Mariani provides a different perspective to this long-standing dilemma: STOP IT! It Is All in Your Head!. In this provocative and inspiring work, Mariani turns us to a different approach: instead of waiting for these exclusive structures to fall away and create space for women, there’s more women can do to take ownership of their careers and forge their path to these highly coveted positions.STOP IT!

12. Analytics: Business Intelligence, Algorithms and Statistical Analysis

Author: by Todd J. Blatt
324 pages

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Analytics – Business Intelligence, Algorithms and Statistical AnalysisIn today’s world, analysis has become an extremely important aspect to consider when you are thinking of starting any new line of business or even when it comes to purchasing a new house.

The unfortunate fact is that not many people know what analysis is all about. They tend to assume that each of the elements analysis, business intelligence, algorithms and statistical analysis are different entities when in reality they are all interlinked.

This book will help you gather a greater insight on all the elements. And you will gain an in-depth knowledge on each of these elements in different parts of the book; helping you to increase your knowledge and widen your horizons!

Here’s what is covered:Analytics 101 including the challenges and risksThe Types of Analytics Predictive, Descriptive and Prescriptive AnalyticsIntegrating Business and Analytics Chose the right Data and AnalyticsBusiness Analytics Technology The top emerging technologies, tools and trendsPredictive Analytics 101Exploring Data Types Associated TechniquesBusiness Intelligence 101Business Intelligence Infrastructure Benefits and how to use itHow to use the Business Intelligence InfrastructureThe Benefits of Business IntelligenceData MiningData Integration Including the Value and BenefitsData Visualization Best Algorithms for Analytics C4.

13. SUN TZU THE ART OF WAR FULL TEXT: 2020 Edition Classic Book Of Military Strategy And Thought Based On Chinese Warfare

Author: by Sun Tzu
208 pages

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What is Sun Tzu The Art Of War all about ? SunTzu The Art of War is an ancient military manuals attributed by a chinese military strategist and philosopher Sun Tzu (“Master Sun”, also spelled Sunzi). In this Art of War Full Book ,it lays out 384 tactics in 13 strategies that will assist you in formulating a sound strategy and in avoiding mistakes in a warfare by assuming you are a leader of an army.

For almost 1,500 years these sun tzu book was the lead text in an anthology and remains the most influential strategy text in East Asian warfare. It has also influenced both Eastern and Western military thinking, business tactics, legal strategy, lifestyles and beyond.

What will you discover in Sun Tzu Art of War Full Text ? In this full version you will :1. EXPLORE detail assessment and fundamental factors & elements that determine the outcomes of military engagements. By thinking, assessing and comparing these points, a commander can calculate his chances of victory.2.

LEARN how to understand the economy of warfare and how success requires winning decisive engagements quickly.3. UNDERSTAND the source of strength as unity, not size, and discusses the five factors that are needed to succeed in any war. In order of importance, these critical factors are: Attack, Strategy, Alliances, Army and Cities.4.