Best Solitaire Games Books

Here you will get Best Solitaire Games Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Yahtzee Score Sheets: 5 x 7 Small Size Yatzee Score Pads / Non-Perforated Book

Author: by The Great Game Factory
130 pages

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Someone copy our book cover design! And mislead by putting a huge number of pages on their cover while the actual amount of pages is a lot fewer! Please always check the exact number of pages in the book information (search for “print length”) Don’t buy low-end copies!…

Are you tired of poor quality Yahtzee score sheets??? The Great Game Factory has created the PERFECT PERSONAL YAHTZEE SCORE SHEETS to keep track of all the scores of your games! Yahtzee Guidelines with 6 RoundsBook Features:DOUBLE-SIDEDNON-PERFORATEDClear & Sharp PrintingCorrect Scoring InstructionsHigh-quality paper (Bright white paper)Small Size 5″ x 7 Total 130 Score PagesThe Great Game Factory has many sizes of Yahtzee Score Sheet Book.

We offer these score sheets in 3 different sizes! 5 x 7 inches6 x 9 inches8. 5 x 11 inchesJust click the author name “The Great Game Factory”Keep having fun with this Yahtzee Scoresheet book. Keep track of every full, three of a kind, chance and, of course, every Lucky Yahtzee launch.

2. The Great Book of Mazes: 200 Mazes for Adults – Hours of Fun, Stress Relief and Relaxation

Author: by Fenestra Publishing
202 pages

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The Great Book of Mazes features 200 fun and challenging mazes of varying degrees of difficulty, ranging from Easy to Very Hard. The mazes presented in this book are with straight and curvy corners and in tougher ones with paths crossing above and below each other to make things more interesting and appropriate for adults and teens who love hard puzzles.

Each maze is printed in black and white on it’s own 8.5×11 inch page. This is a great way for relaxing, stress relief and having fun. If you are going on a long trip or you have some spare time every day, this is a great book for you.

It is also a great gift for puzzle lovers! Do not hesitate, buy it now and watch your loved ones enjoy it for a long time.

3. Phase 10 Score Sheets: Large Score Pages for Phase 10 | Phase Ten Score Pads for Scorekeeping

Author: by Jed Kamden
123 pages

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Family’s favorite score sheets for Phase 10 Card Game! Are you enjoying super-fun game nights of playing Phase 10 card game with your family and friends? I know, we love it too! Here you have the most wanted phase 10 score sheets to keep track of your points!

What makes these score sheets stand out? Thick and high-quality paper – Strong and hardy bound, you can keep all sheets in one book or you can cut them out and use them as you want! 121 ready to use score sheets plenty of space for keeping score8.

5 x 11 inches most wanted sizeSmart interior thoughtfully designed for you to simply enjoy the game and track your scoreWho completed all 10 phases? Who has the lowest score? Get now your Phase 10 Card Game Score Sheets, gather some friends and prepare to score the lowest points!

4. Wizard Score Sheets: 130 Large Wizard Score Pads.

Author: by BenPluto Publishing
130 pages

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Do you enjoy Playing Wizard?Who doesn’t? That’s the reason we’ve created the BEST personal Wizard Card Game Score Sheets so you can easily track of all the scores. Features:130 Score Pages.Large print, 8.5 x 11. Printed on Bright white paper.

Double sidedNon perforatedRecord all your scores. GET IT NOW and START HAVING FUN!

5. Cryptograms: 200 LARGE PRINT Cryptogram Puzzles of Inspiration, Motivation, and Wisdom

Author: by Jack Merrin
Independently published
174 pages

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What is the best puzzle you’ve ever solved? What’s the most memorable thing about it?I finally did it! I created a puzzle book that everyone loves to solve. A cryptogram or cryptoquote is a puzzle where the letters of a quotation are rearranged, and you try to crack the code.

Solving cryptograms always gives me a better feeling than when I solve repetitive sudoku or word searches, and they are even more exciting than crosswords. If you want a challenging mental workout, enjoy insightful ideas, or want to discover unexpected solutions, then you also need to experience the thrill of cryptograms.

In this book, you will find:Two hundred carefully selected cryptogram puzzles, two sets of hints, full solutions, and some tips on how to solve them. I searched through thousands of quotations to create the best puzzles for you. This book is meticulously formatted and proofread – no spinning your wheels on typos, grammar mistakes, hint errors, or code repetitions.

LARGE PRINT FORMATTING! Your eyes will thank you, and there is plenty of space for finding solutions. A variety of simple, medium, and hard difficulty puzzles, but no dull or impossible solutions. These puzzles are suitable for kids or adults.

6. Hand and Foot Score Sheets: 130 Large Hand and Foot Score Pad.

Author: by BenPluto Publishing
130 pages

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Do you enjoy Playing Hand & Foot Card Game?Who doesn’t? That’s the reason we’ve created the BEST personal Hand & Foot Card Game Score Sheets so you can easily track of all the scores. Features:130 Score Pages.Large print, 8.5 x 11. Printed on Bright white paper.

Double sidedNon perforatedRecord all your scores. GET IT NOW and START HAVING FUN!

7. Word Search For kids: 101 Fun Word Searches For 8-12 Year Olds

Author: by Logan James
102 pages

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Does your child love word searches?Look no further!Summer is here! These word-search puzzles will help your child learn in a fun, screen-free way, without them even knowing it! This book has 101 puzzles that get more complex as the book progresses and will provide hours of fun educational learning, without your child feeling like they are back in school.

Each word search has a theme, which can help your child learn word association and vocabulary.

8. Chess Openings for Beginners: The Complete Chess Guide to Strategies and Opening Tactics to Start Playing like a Grandmaster (Chess for Beginners)

Author: by Craig Medina
January 15, 2021

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Take Your Game to the Next LevelAre you interested in taking your chess skills to a completely new level, impressing your friends and opponents with your ability and chess knowledge? Perhaps you are new to the game of chess and have not played it before, but you are interested in trying it out and unsure of how to start a game successfully.

Or maybe you have given the game of chess a try in the past, but you are aware that your knowledge on how to begin a game of chess is weak, and this lack of information will ultimately stop you from being able to improve your skills.

The good news is that if any of these sound like you, then you have come to the right place, and your chess game is about to increase to all new heights! Chess Openings for Beginners offers you all of the information that you need and could want regarding the different openings that you have at your disposal in the game of chess, from the openings that occur on 1.

E4 to the openings that occur on 1. D4, and many other opening variants for you to test out as a beginner player. You will be amazed at just how much useful information is crammed into this book that you can take and apply to your next chess match.

9. Knock Knock 52 Farts Playing Cards Deck, Adult-Humor Playing Cards Deck (AKA Not Kiddo Friendly!)

Author: by Knock Knock
52 pages

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A deck of playing cards that also defines 50 types of farts?That’s right. This deck is beautifully designed, meticulously researched, and laugh-out-loud funny (and a totally legit card deck!. In other words, it’s the perfect gag gift for men or weird gift for your favorite weirdos.

Kinda gives new meaning to the term “royal flush,” no? Know when to hold ’em and when to let ’em rip! Because cards are fun and farts are funny.(Duh.2.5 x 3. 5 inches; 52 playing cards Knock Knock is an independent maker of clever gifts, books, and whatever else they can think up.

Their mission is to bring humor, creativity, and smarts to everyday life. Put the fun in functional with #knockknockstuff.

10. The Try Not to Laugh Challenge for Kids Ages 7-13: Would Your Rather? EWW Edition 200 Hilarious and Smelly questions that will turn even the Shyest Kid into a Mini Comedian

Author: by Oscar Bales
156 pages

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PERFECT ROAD TRIP OR FAMILY GAME NIGHT COMPANION! Life’s too short for boring questions and games, so we have just what you need! Look no further than Would You Rather? EWW Edition for one of the best additions to a family game night, tech-free vacation, long road trips, camping trips, sleepovers party, dinner conversations, sitting around as family, fun rainy day activity, or as kids are home from school, and MORE!

Our Would You Rather? EWW Edition will fire the imagination of your Kids kept them entertained for a long period and make them no longer think that reading is boring and for once they will not be interested in playing video games.

We know it’s difficult to find activities and came up with new scenarios for your kids, but this book will make your life much quicker and easier for YOU and will give you great ideas, saves you thinking of ideas yourself, and gives kids the same food for thought.

There are so many great questions that lead to great conversations, and while helping you to understand your kids better, How they think, their personalities, what they value, and how they problem solve! Great for teachers to use a filler when a lesson runs short or when You need something to distract students from teenage drama these questions can be used to increase student engagement, practice reading, and writing comprehension, promote critical thinking skills, and create a fun classroom environment”Try Not To Laugh Challenge Eww Edition” includes:quality and unforgettable moments with those you loveEliminates shyness, stimulates children’s minds, develops creativity, insight, help kids and children to practice their reading and joke telling skillsHappy parents, due to the clean & family-friendly humorguarantees HOURS of fun for the whole family provide excellent opportunities to have some interesting discussion, share opinions, conversation, chatting and will draw in sibling anyone who may be aroundgreat Stocking Stuffer idea, sleepover party, gift ideas, a ton of fun in the car, in the garden, during a casual BBQ dinner, very good for family interaction!

11. The Great Book of Cryptograms: 301 Large Print Motivational Quotes

Author: by Fenestra Books
226 pages

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Love Playing Phase 10 Game ? Phase 10 Score Pads V. 4 : Modern version of an old game makes it easy to keep track every game of scores for the Phase Ten Game fun. Perfect enough for you to keep record ! This book also helps you easily calculate your scores and find the winner of each game.

Book Interior :Double-sided perfect binding, non-perforated The trendy cover has a high-quality laminated covers, soft Glossy finishSmall 6″x 9″ size100 score sheetsYou can see more style just click at the Author name. Grab this book for yourself or a friend today !

SCROLL to the top of the page and select Add to Cart button to have the Dice game score book.

13. How To Play Solitaire: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Solitaire Games including Solitaire, Nestor, Pounce, Pyramid, Russian Bank, Golf, and Yukon

Author: by Tim Ander
42 pages


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Improve Your Solitaire Play and Discover Fun New Variations! Click the READ MORE button to learn more about this beloved pastime Do you want to know more about Solitaire? Would you like to enjoy this popular card game (and mobile app)?

Is it time to learn the ins and outs of the game and improve your winning percentage? If you’re excited about Solitaire, this is the book for you! It explains how to play the game with simple, step-by-step instructions. In no time, you’ll be playing and winning this perpetual favorite card game!

Inside, you’ll discover everything you need to get started with this captivating game: How to Deal a Hand of Solitaire Gameplay Basics and Rules How to Create Foundation Piles What to Do with Stock Piles Discard Pile Dos and Don’ts and so much more!

The game we call Solitaire is just the beginning. Inside How to Play Solitaire, you’ll discover a wide range of variations: Nestor Pounce Pyramid Russian Bank Golf Yukon Enjoy a vast array of games, while away the hours, and master solo card play with the solitaire games and strategies in this comprehensive guide!