Best Teen & Young Adult Martial Arts Books

Here you will get Best Teen & Young Adult Martial Arts Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Book of Five Rings

Author: by Miyamoto Musashi
KTHTK (July 12, 2021)
July 12, 2021

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Along with Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, The Book of Five Rings is considered to be one of the most insightful texts on the subtle arts of confrontation and victory to emerge from Asia. Composed in 1643 by the famed duelist and undefeated samurai Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings analyzes the process of struggle and mastery over conflict that underlies every level of human interaction.

For Musashi, the way of the martial arts was a mastery of the mind rather than simply technical prowessand it is this path to mastery that is the core teaching in The Book of Five Rings. This brilliant manifesto is written not only for martial artists but for anyone who wants to apply the timeless principles of this text to their life.

2. I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done. David Goggins: Motivational Notebook/Journal/Diary For Fans

Author: by PDG Publishing
132 pages

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What are you going to do today to change who you see in the mirror? ~David GogginsWould you like to achieve your goals and be more motivated? Do you feel frustrated because you often take some actions, but usually give up after just a few days?

Would you like to be successful in every area of your life? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, keep reading. We know how you feel because we had the same problem too. What you need is the right way to control and analyze your actions.

This method of taking an honest look at yourself will make you draw the right conclusions and get you closer to achieving your goal from day to day. That’s why we created this journal, to HELP YOU achieve everything you dream of.

This journal can be used to write down your notes. It will be your best friend and push you forward! Reading your feedback, we have changed the interior of our product and designed it properly. Now it contains: 62 David Goggins’s quotes to accompany you on your two-month journey to achieving your goalNumbered days from 1 to 31 with a space for the date, which cause that you decide when you start keeping this journalThis journal is two months long and is prepared for 31 days per month, which makes this journal universal and makes it suitable for any month of any yearDaily After Action Report so you can analyze your day every day, reflect on what went well, what didn’t, and what needs to be improvedA rating from 1 to 10 so you can stand in front of your Mirror of Truth and determine how satisfied you are with your day and your accomplishmentsMonthly After Action Report, which will give you a longer-term perspective on how your month wentIf you know David Goggins’s book Can’t Hurt Me, you know what we’re talking about.

3. Samurai Rising: The Epic Life of Minamoto Yoshitsune

Author: by Pamela S. Turner
256 pages

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A samurai fights for honor and survival in a real-life Game of Thrones. Stirring narrative nonfiction recounts the rise of Minamoto Yoshitsune from seemingly doomed infant to immortal warrior-hero (and one of the most famous samurai in Japanese history). Acclaimed author Pamela S.

Turner delivers all the drama, romance, and tragedy of the original story-with delightfully dry wit and a healthy dose of modern perspective. Gorgeous ink paintings by celebrated graphic-novelist Gareth Hinds complete this irresistible package.

4. Tower Climber 2 (A LitRPG Adventure)

Author: by Jakob Tanner
March 9, 2021

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Climber academy was only the beginningNow an official tower climber, Max is thrust into the competitive and deadly world of the tower. While taking on dangerous missions and defending the city against powerful monster-waves, Max must train and uncover the truth about his past.

With new information on his lost sister’s whereabouts, the stakes to ascend the mysterious tower couldn’t be greater. But warring clans and an evil organization of rogue climbers stand in the way of Max’s goals. Will Max be able to gain enough power to break through those who wish to stop him?

Tower Climber 2 is the continuation of the best-selling LitRPG/Progression Fantasy series by Jakob Tanner, author of Arcane Kingdom Online. The story contains RPG mechanics, stats, and ranks as a form of power progression.Pick it up today!

5. The Danaher Diaries Volume 3: Over 100 more of John Danaher's Musings on Training, Thriving, Quarantines and Mastery

Author: by Heroes of the Art
187 pages

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Stay In The Game, With Your Mind. With the world or combat sports put on hold and hundreds of thousands of students training from home in 2020, the mental study of jiu-jitsu has become more important than ever. In the highly requested third volume of the Danaher Diaries, there are now OVER one hundred musings from the mind of John Danaher from before and during the worldwide pandemic that drove the BJJ community out of gyms and onto various online training programs.

Danaher’s writings cover the timely to the timeless as he reflects on the current state of jiu-jitsu and it’s unchanging constants. Included in volume three are: Danaher’s famous concepts of first contact and strategic engagement His parable style teachings such as “The Back and the Serpent” Reflections on the evolution of Gordon Ryan, Gary Tonon, and Nick Rodriguez His real time reactions to the onset of COVID-19 and New York’s shelter in place order.

Through it all, you’ll read the inner workings of the consensus top coach in the sport of submission grappling, and leader of the now world famous “Danaher Death Squad” training out of the Renzo Gracie Academies basement. Professionally edited and packaged into short, daily readings that are perfect for training at home or as a gift for the quarantined grappler

6. Essentials of the Fist – Ancient Martial Arts Training Principles: Interpretation of a 400 years old Ming Dynasty Fist manual

Author: by Jack Chen
Jack Chen (April 20, 2020)
290 pages

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“Jixiao Xinshu” is a comprehensive military warfare manual, written by Ming Dynasty General Qi Jiguang in 1560. It consisted of chapters on Spear fighting, Archery, terrain, troops formation etc… One of the chapters is “Quanjing Jieyao”, which contains 32 unarmed fighting stances for soldiers’ training.

There has been multiple attempts by various people to translate this ancient Chinese Fist manual. The ones which I’ve read are usually translating them literally. In order to make the translation & interpretation more meaningful, I’ve seeked to discover the core principles behind each of these 32 unarmed fighting stances.

In this book, you’ll see how these principles can be applied to any martial arts style, or any weapon. By training in these 32 martial principles, it will provide a complete & holistic training for a warrior, medieval or modern. I believe that my work in this book will help you in advancing your martial arts practice, no matter which fighting style you’re from.

7. The Danaher Diaries Volume 2: 100 More of John Danaher’s Musings on Learning, Teaching, Strategy, and Mastery

Author: by Heroes of the Art
177 pages

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THE FOLLOW UP TO THE MARTIAL ARTS BESTSELLER! The Danaher Diairies returns with a new master class on jiu-jitsu. Ready to return to the mats? New concepts, new stories, and more brilliance from the leading mind in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The follow up to the surprise 2019 hit and the perfect companion for your BJJ journey.

Short, though provoking entries that can be read as you sit in the parking lot before the gym opens, or after class when you’re reflecting on training. Included in volume 2 are Danaher’s most recent postings on:the iron law of speed vs controlwhy you must climb instead of jump to your favorite positionsreflections on ADCC 2019the power of wedges, levers, and fulcrumskeeping your body warm, your mind calculating, and your heart cold.

Be a fly on the wall in the famous blue basement, as you study with the kingmaker to champions like Gordon Ryan, Gary Tonon, and George St. Pierre.

8. The Book of Five Rings(Classics illustrated)

Author: by Miyamoto Musashi
July 6, 2021

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In “A Book of Five Rings,” Miyamoto Musashi takes the reader into a world filled to the brim with devotion, self-respect, discipline, honesty and purity of thought. Written originally for warriors and samurai in a completely different time and culture, Musashi’s book provides a remarkable source of inspiration for self-development today.

His teachings are concise and to the point. He uses phrases like “you must understand this” and “you must practice diligently” and explains only general, but unquestionable and fundamental, concepts of the Way of the Warrior. While some of his guidelines are are not directly applicable in our time and age, those about striving to achieve improvement on the inside as well as the outside couldn’t be more on target.

Taken literally this book is about how to become an efficient, albeit enlightened, killer. It’s value comes from reading between the lines-lines which speak volumes.

9. Tattoo of Death (Choose Your Own Adventure #22)

Author: by R. A. Montgomery
144 pages

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Tattoo of Death by R.A. Montgomery takes YOU on a high-stakes martial arts adventure in Los Angeles, California. 9-12 year old readers will stand up to a gang of smugglers, refusing to give in to their criminal demands, fleeing the city in a high-speed chase down Route 66, and testifying in court to put the crooks behind bars.

Choose Your Own Adventure Tattoo of Death is an interactive adventure book in which YOU decide what happens next. You befriend two boys at your martial arts studio, and before you know it, they force you to join their gang, the notorious Red Flowers!

Do you allow them to blackmail you? Or do you hide out in your parents’ beach house to devise a plan? What do you do with the mysterious package they ask you to deliver? For readers who enjoyed other titles from the Choose Your Own Adventure series, including: Struggle Down Under by Shannon Gilligan, Secret of the Ninja by Jay Leibold, and Cup of Death by Shannon Gilligan.

10. Noble Warrior (Caged Warrior)

Author: by Alan Lawrence Sitomer
July 21, 2015

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After placing teenage mixed martial arts phenom McCutcheon Daniels and his mother and sister in the Witness Relocation Program,the FBI comes to realize they have a unique asset on their hands. Recruited to help the FBI, McCutcheon finds himself hunting bad guys.

But when he discovers that the notorious Priests have targeted Kaitlyn??? The girl he loves and was forced to leave behind??? As a way to seek revenge on the Daniels family, MD convinces the FBI to send him right into the belly of the beast: Jenkells State Penitentiary where the mob boss of Detroit is serving time.

Yet in his universe where up is down, McCutcheon ends up disavowed by the government and left to rot in one of America’s most notorious prisons. It’s there here connects with his father and discovers the truth about his circumstances.

McCutcheon, a trained urban warrior, escapes ??? And sets out for revenge on those who betrayed him and his family.

11. Black Belt Women: Lessons on Perseverance

Author: by Laura Di Franco
112 pages

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The female warrioris a force of determination and perseverance in the world. What does it mean to be a warrior? Sometimes it’s about showing up for the moments of your life, even when you don’t want to. Black Belt Women, Lessons on Perseverance is a collection of stories by women who have not only earned the coveted status of black belt, but who have continued to survive and thrive, in and outside the dojang as living examples of what it means to practice indomitable spirit.

The martial arts are not just about kicking and punching. Being a martial artist is a way of life that serves us, mind, body, and soul. Being a black belt isn’t only about the achievement, it’s about reaching a goal and understanding what it is we need to learn.

And being a woman who has earned her black belt is an example of a force that can change the world. The women in this book step up in every way to share their powerful, authentic stories and inspire you to be the best possible person you can be.

12. Ninja Mind: Ninjutsu Training for Danger Prevention

Author: by Li Jing Yuen
B08KWGS5TL (June 13, 2016)
June 13, 2016

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As the ultimate warrior, the Ninja needed to be aware of danger, even while they slept. This was done by training the five senses and the most difficult to obtain, the sixth sense. By exposing themselves to danger they developed the ability to sense not only on a physical level but a spiritual one as well.

In this book are simple methods to train your awareness skills to be aware of danger before it happens. This book is for those who want to train “the warrior within.”

13. Martial Arts for Women (Martial and Fighting Arts)

Author: by Eric Chaline
96 pages

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Describes how women can use martial arts for defense and to get physically fit, offering techniques from the arts of karate, judo, and tai chi.