Best Teen & Young Adult Winter Sports Fiction Books

Here you will get Best Teen & Young Adult Winter Sports Fiction Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Banner in the Sky

Author: by James Ramsey Ullman
288 pages

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A timeless outdoor adventure story, winner of a Newbery Honor, that will appeal to fans of Hatchet and Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild and Into Thin Air. Josef Matt, the only man to ever try to conquer this last summit of the Alps, met his end in the pursuit.

Now his son, Rudi, dares to complete the same task in memory of his father. Setting off with his father’s red shirt, Rudi must courageously pass through the same chasm that took his father’s life and finish the challenging climb in order to plant the shirt at the peak.

Banner in the Sky works well for both independent and classroom reading. The author’s own mountaineering adventures bring to life the struggles of sixteen-year-old Rudi to overcome his family’s objections and conquer the summit that killed his father. As author Allison Tebo put it: “We can feel the rock scrapping our palms, feel our toes grasping for footholds.

The thin rope cutting into our waist is the only thing that makes the difference between balanceand an endless plunge. We feel the ice-wind slicing through us, feel the blue sky that is bluest of all in a mountain shining on us, feel the savage storm screaming in our ears…

2. Spinning

Author: by Tillie Walden
400 pages

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Tillie Walden’s Eisner Award winning graphic memoir Spinning captures what it’s like to come of age, come out, and come to terms with leaving behind everything you used to know. It was the same every morning. Wake up, grab the ice skates, and head to the rink while the world was still dark.

Weekends were spent in glitter and tights at competitions.Perform.Smile.And do it again.She was good.She won.And she hated it. For ten years, figure skating was Tillie Walden’s life. She woke before dawn for morning lessons, went straight to group practice after school, and spent weekends competing at ice rinks across the state.

Skating was a central piece of her identity, her safe haven from the stress of school, bullies, and family. But as she switched schools, got into art, and fell in love with her first girlfriend, she began to question how the close-minded world of figure skating fit in with the rest of her life, and whether all the work was worth it given the reality: that she, and her friends on the team, were nowhere close to Olympic hopefuls.

3. Perfect Blindside

Author: by Leslea Wahl
280 pages

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He’s an egotistical snowboarder with a silver medal. She’s a judgmental honors student with a flair for photography.Slashed tires…. False accusations….A coded message…. When all they can see is each other’s flaws, how can Jake and Sophie work together to figure out what’s really been happening at the abandoned gold mine?

Follow Sophie and Jake into secret tunnels as they unravel the mystery and challenge each other to become who God wants them to be.

4. Spinning

Author: by Tillie Walden
400 pages

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After winning silver, teen snowboarder Jake Taylor is struggling with sudden fame when he s offered a gig he can’t refuse: becoming a spokesperson for a state-of-the-art athletic training facility. Training for its first competition, Jake relies on his faith to help him find ways to use his fame to help others…

When athletes mysteriously start getting sabotaged one by one. Time is running out for Jake and his girlfriend, Sophie, to figure out what is going on before he is also sabotaged…Or worse.

6. Off the Ice (Juniper Falls)

Author: by Julie Cross
Entangled: Teen
370 pages

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All is fair in love and hockey Claire O’Connor is back in Juniper Falls, but that doesn’t mean she wants to be. One semester off, that’s what she promised herself. Just long enough to take care of her father and keep the family businessa hockey bar beside the ice rinkafloat.

After that, she’s getting the hell out.Again.Enter Tate Tanley. What happened between them the night before she left town resurfaces the second they lay eyes on each other. But the guy she remembers has been replaced by a total hottie.

When Tate is unexpectedly called in to take over for the hockey team’s star goalie, suddenly he’s in the spotlight and on his way to becoming just another egotistical varsity hockey player. And Claire’s sworn off Juniper Falls hockey players for good.

It’s the absolute worst time to fall in love. For Tate and Claire, hockey isn’t just a game. And they both might not survive a body check to the heart. Each book in the Juniper Falls series is STANDALONE:* Off the Ice* Breaking the Ice

7. Gods of Merlin (My Merlin Series Book 4)

Author: by Priya Ardis

‎ 3320 KB

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Merlin’s story continues when… Eowlyn Patience is a girl with NO future until she’s asked to kill her physics teacher. When someone must claim Excalibur, she is so not the right person… Trouble follows seventeen-year-old Eowlyn Patience around. Desperate for her current foster family to like her, everything falls apart when the actual Sword in the Stone drops like a dead bird into the heart of London.

And suddenly she has to attend some weirdo school in England with the irritating smart kid from science class. After a teenage Merlin wakes from a fifteen-hundred-year nap, he takes the name Matt Emrys. Now he must track down the next Arthur before the apocalypse begins.

But the trials at Avalon Academy are being sabotaged by vicious gargoyles, and his growing feelings for exactly the wrong girl are getting in the way. As Eowlyn desperately tries to master the skill of freeing Excalibur, she’s plagued by her attraction to immense power and to the two hot boys who are so not her type.

8. Every Reason We Shouldn't

Author: by Sara Fujimura
Tor Teen (March 3, 2020)
336 pages

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As graduation looms, the world as we knew it will never be the same at Centennial High. While the Wolf Pack faces punishment over the doping, they haven’t forgotten that I was the source of their downfall. I think I’m free as the last day of high school is finally here, however I end up in the last place I ever thought I’d be.

Centennial High SeriesBully BaitBully TricksBully SecretsBully FrenzyBully FearBully JusticeBully GraduationBully Heat…AND MORE TO COME! The Centennial High Series has mature themes and situations in almost every book.Readers 18+. Reader discretion is advised.

11. Bittersweet

Author: by Sarah Ockler
January 3, 2012

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From the author of Twenty Boy Summer, a teen pushes the limits to follow her dreamsand learns there’s a fine line between bitter and sweet…. Once upon a time, Hudson knew exactly what her future looked like. Then a betrayal changed her life and knocked her dreams to the ground.

Now she’s a girl who doesn’t believe in second chances, a girl who stays under the radar by baking cupcakes at her mom’s diner and obsessing over what might have been. So when things start looking up and she has another shot at her dreams, Hudson is equal parts hopeful and terrified.

Of course, this is also the moment a cute, sweet guy walks into her lifeand starts serving up some seriously mixed signals. She’s got a lot on her plate, and for a girl who’s been burned before, risking it all is easier said than done.

It’s time for Hudson to ask herself what she really wants, and how much she’s willing to sacrifice to get it. Because in a place where opportunities are fleeting, she knows this chance may very well be her last….

12. Christmas Word Search Puzzle Books for Adults (Large Print): Holiday Fun for Adults and Teens Puzzlers

Author: by Tom Brain
Independently published

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Celebrate Christmas anytime of the year with this gift-quality Word Search collection! Over 100 Fun Winter and Christmas-Themed Word Search Puzzles. Celebrate the magic of the season with word searches based on Winter and Christmas memories and traditions, holiday films, songs, hymns, and so much more!

Features of the book: Over 100 themed Puzzles Interesting Winter and Christmas family-friendly themes throughout Easy to tear out, thanks to wide margins Book Size: 8.5 x 11 in (21.59 x 27.94 cm). Including all solutions for checking Interior: printed high quality on bright white Premium Glossy CoverEnjoy hours of relaxing, brain-challenging fun suitable for the whole family with this easy-to-read LARGE PRINT collection of quality word search puzzle games!

This easy on the eyes word search book provides hours of fun, challenge, and brain stimulation. Get in the holiday mood with these original and stimulating puzzles, a perfect and unique GIFT for YOU or YOUR loved ones! Scroll up, click the “Buy Now with 1-Click” button and Get Your Copy NOW!

13. Avalanche

Author: by Melinda Braun
272 pages

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Two groups of teensthose waiting to be saved and those doing the savingare in a race against time and a battle against Mother Nature after an avalanche traps them in an isolated cabin in this chilling novel. I promise it’ll be a weekend you’ll never forget.

A trip like that is exactly what Matt was hoping fora fun adventure.A daring escape. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go cross country skiing in a thrilling but dangerous pass through the Rocky Mountains. The perfect way for Matt to forget about his disappointing father and maybe let loose a little with his best friend and a group of carefree adrenaline junkies.

But then their guide takes them off-pathand straight into an avalanche. By the time they make it safely into an abandoned cabin, one skier is dead and another severely injured. Trapped with no heat, no water, and no radio the group decides to wait it out.Help will come.It has to.Until it doesn’t.

And Matt knows if they wait any longer they’ll be deadjust another bunch of victims in Mother Nature’s twisted games. Armed with only a handful of supplies and his fierce determination Matt decides to goes head-to-head with the elements, battling hypothermia, frostbite, and even mountain lions in order to find help and save them all.