Best Urology Books

Here you will get Best Urology Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Zollinger's Atlas of Surgical Operations, Tenth Edition

Author: by Robert Zollinger
592 pages

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The classic surgical atlas, more comprehensive than ever! Doody’s Core Title for 2021! For more than half-a-century, Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgical Operations has been the gold-standard reference for learning how to perform the most common surgical procedures using safe, well-established techniques.

The tenth edition continues this tradition of excellence. The atlas covers gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, pancreatic, vascular, gynecologic, and additional procedures, including hernia repair, vascular access, breast procedures, sentinel lymph node biopsy, thyroidectomy, and many more. The illustrations in this atlas have withstood the test of time.

They allow you to visualize both the anatomy and the operation, making the book useful as a refresher or for learning the steps of a particular procedure. The tenth edition of Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgical Operations expands the content to include 19 new operations.

Each chapter contains beautifully rendered line drawings with color highlights that depict every important action you must consider while performing the operation. Each chapter also includes consistently formatted coverage of indications, preoperative preparation, anesthesia, position, operative preparation, incision and exposure, procedure, closure, and postoperative care.

2. The First-Time Parent's Guide to Potty Training: How to Ditch Diapers Fast (and for Good!)

Author: by Jazmine McCoy
176 pages

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Potty train your child confidently, quickly, and successfully-even as a first-time parent! Are you nervous about potty training? Worried that you don’t know enough to see it through to the end? Concerned that you don’t have enough time to devote to it?

This positive, practical, easy-to-follow guide is here to help. By approaching potty training with a proven program, first-time tips and tricks, the right tools, and a confident mindset, you can cross dirty diapers off your endless to-do list and celebrate your child’s transition to the toilet.

Here’s everything you need to know to get your child out of diapers once and for all! The First-Time Parent’s Guide to Potty Training features: An easy, step-by-step, 3-day program for ditching diapers, including nap and nighttime training, day care strategies, and on-the-go potty training Troubleshooting advice for accidents, backsliding, temper tantrums, and more Guidance for your child if they’re anxious, willful, or simply reluctantYou can potty train your child, and this book will guide you and cheer you on every step of the way.

3. Trauma, Ninth Edition

Author: by David Feliciano
1440 pages

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The world’s leading resource for to diagnosing and treating any injuryquickly, safely, and effectivelyDoody’s Core Titles for 2021! Unparalleled in its breadth and depth of expertly crafted content, Trauma takes you through the full range of injuries you are likely to encounter.

With a full-color atlas of anatomic drawings and surgical approaches, this trusted classic provides thorough coverage of kinematics and the mechanisms of trauma injury, the epidemiology of trauma, injury prevention, the basics of trauma systems, triage, and transport, and more.

It then reviews generalized approaches to the trauma patient, from pre-hospital care and managing shock, to emergency department thoracotomy and the management of infections; delivers a clear, organ-by-organ survey of treatment protocols; and shows how to handle specific challenges in traumaincluding alcohol and drug abuse, and combat-related woundsin addition to post-traumatic complications such as multiple organ failure.

4. SCHWARTZ'S PRINCIPLES OF SURGERY 2-volume set 11th edition

Author: by F. Brunicardi
2448 pages

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The BEST EDITION yet of the #1 text for surgical practice and educationA Doody’s Core Title for 2021! For half-a-century, no other text has provided such a solid grounding in basic science, anatomy, operative techniques, and more recently, professional development and leadership training, as Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery.

Written by the world’s foremost surgeons, this landmark reference offers distinctly modern and all-encompassing coverage of every important topic in general surgery. Enhanced by a new two volume presentation, the Eleventh Edition has been completely updated and refreshed with an emphasis on state-of-the-art, evidence-based surgical care.

You will find an exciting array of new contributors from around the world, new chapters on cutting-edge topics, plus the acclaimed learning aids that make the material easier to understand and memorize. This outstanding content is bolstered by more than 800 photographs and 1,300 line drawings, most in full color, as well as online videos demonstrating key operations.

5. Campbell Walsh Wein Urology: 3-Volume Set

Author: by Alan W. Partin MD PhD
4096 pages

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From the basic science underpinnings to the most recent developments in medical and surgical care, Campbell-Walsh-Wein Urology offers a depth and breadth of coverage you won’t find in any other urology reference. Now in three manageable volumes, the revised 12th Edition is a must-have text for students, residents, and seasoned practitioners, with authoritative, up-to-date content in an intuitively organized, easy-to-read format featuring key points, quick-reference tables, and handy algorithms throughout.

Features shorter, more practical chapters that help you find key information quickly. Includes new chapters on Urinary Tract Imaging: Basic Principles of Nuclear Medicine Ethics and Informed Consent Incisions and Access Complications of Urologic Surgery Urologic Considerations in Pregnancy Intraoperative Consultation Special Urologic Considerations in Transgender Individuals and more.

Covers hot topics such as minimally invasive and robotic surgery; advancements in urologic oncology, including innovative therapeutics for personalized medicine; new approaches to male infertility; technological advances for the treatment of stones; and advances in imaging modalities. Incorporates current AUA/EAU guidelines in each chapter as appropriate Updates all chapters with new content, new advances, and current references and best practices.

6. The Interstitial Cystitis Solution: A Holistic Plan for Healing Painful Symptoms, Resolving Bladder and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, and Taking Back Your Life

Author: by Nicole Cozean
Fair Winds Press
208 pages

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Take Control of Your Interstitial Cystitis Treatment with this Comprehensive Guide! Interstitial cystitis (IC), also called painful bladder syndrome, is a complex bladder pain condition that can be confusing, frustrating, and debilitating. Successful treatment requires a multidisciplinary approach that often features a combination of medication, physical therapy, dietary and lifestyle changes, alternative medicine, and more.

The Interstitial Cystitis Solution has all the information you need, all in one place. It provides scientific reviews and evaluations of potential treatments, along with a helpful treatment plan tailored to your specific symptoms and lifestyle. The information is presented in an accessible way, with real-life examples from the author, who has treated hundreds of patients who have found relief from their symptoms with the holistic treatment plan outlined in this book.

This comprehensive guide allows you to take control of your healing and will restore sanity to the insane world of conflicting diagnoses, treatments, and advice.

7. Clinical Physiology of Acid-Base and Electrolyte Disorders (Clinical Physiology of Acid Base & Electrolyte Disorders)

Author: by Burton Rose
1008 pages

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The core of information that the clinician should possess – From the PrefaceDoody’s Core Titles for 2021! Like its highly acclaimed predecessors, the Fifth Edition of this classic effectively integrates the essentials of renal and electrolyte physiology with the common clinical disorders of acid-base and electrolyte balance.

FEATURES:*An easy-to-read writing style that demystifies this difficult subject*Basic science coverage of water and electrolyte physiology, renal physiology, and regulation of water and electrolyte balance*Clinical chapters that quickly guide you through key points of etiology, pathophysiology, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of common disorders*Crystal clear figures and handy tables that summarize key information*End-of-chapter problems that test mastery of the materialNEW IN THIS EDITION:*New sections on endothelin and nitric oxide*State-of-the-art information on the properties of the calcium-sensing receptor*Revised and expanded coverage of the neurologic sequelae of hyponatremia*In-depth discussion of the edematous states, including heart failure, nephrotic syndrome, and cirrhosis *Hundreds of new references

8. Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again

Author: by Eric Topol MD
Basic Books

400 pages

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One of America’s top doctors reveals how AI will empower physicians and revolutionize patient care Medicine has become inhuman, to disastrous effect. The doctor-patient relationship-the heart of medicine-is broken: doctors are too distracted and overwhelmed to truly connect with their patients, and medical errors and misdiagnoses abound.

In Deep Medicine, leading physician Eric Topol reveals how artificial intelligence can help. AI has the potential to transform everything doctors do, from notetaking and medical scans to diagnosis and treatment, greatly cutting down the cost of medicine and reducing human mortality.

By freeing physicians from the tasks that interfere with human connection, AI will create space for the real healing that takes place between a doctor who can listen and a patient who needs to be heard. Innovative, provocative, and hopeful, Deep Medicine shows us how the awesome power of AI can make medicine better, for all the humans involved.

Illustrations note: 46 Halftones, black & white 11 Tables, black & white

9. Your Pelvic Health Book: A Guide to Pelvic Floor Awareness, Bladder Health, Bowel Health, Sexual Health, and Changes throughout Your Lifetime for … Uterus (Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Series)

Author: by Jen Torborg
77 pages

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Your Pelvic Health Book is a guide to better understanding your pelvic floor, bladder, bowel, and sexual health, as well as changes that can occur during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. This book contains tips for people with vaginas and/or uteruses through various ages and stages.

This book is written by a pelvic floor physical therapist, Jen Torborg, who has a passion for sharing conversational-style general pelvic health tips. Topics include:Anatomy and physiology of the bladder, bowel, and sexual/reproductive systems as it pertains to vaginas and uteruses.

The pelvic floor: why it is important, and how to contract, relax, and lengthen the pelvic floor muscles to your advantage, how the pelvic floor is coordinated to your breathing, posture and movement patterns. How product choices can affect your pelvic health.

Bladder health: healthy bladder habits and how to treat urinary frequency, urgency, and leakage. Bowel health: healthy bowel movement patterns and how to address bowel dysfunctions (such as pain, constipation, IBS, gas or fecal incontinence)Sexual health: safe and healthy sex experiences and how to treat unwanted pain with sexThe physiology behind menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, and the difference between normal changes and treatable symptomsHow physical therapy and other resources can help before and after pelvic and abdominal surgery, and with pelvic organ prolapse or diastasis recti abdominis.

10. Hinman's Atlas of Urologic Surgery Revised Reprint

Author: by Joseph A. Smith Jr. MD
1008 pages

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Depend on Hinman’s for up-to-date, authoritative guidance covering the entire scope of urologic surgery. Regarded as the most authoritative surgical atlas in the field, Hinman’s Atlas of Urologic Surgery, 4th Edition, by Drs.Joseph A. Smith, Jr., Stuart S.Howards, Glenn M.

Preminger, and Roger R. Dmochowski, provides highly illustrated, step-by-step guidance on minimally invasive and open surgical procedures, new surgical systems and equipment, and laparoscopic and robotic techniques. New chapters keep you up to date, and all-new commentaries provide additional insight from expert surgeons.

Provides access to procedural videos online, including Percutaneous Renal Cryotherapy, Greenlight Photovaporization of the Prostate, Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate, Cryoablation of a Renal Tumor, and Sling Procedures in Women. Expert Consult eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, videos, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

11. Urinalysis and Body Fluids

Author: by Susan King Strasinger DA MT(ASCP)
F A Davis Co

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Here’s a concise, comprehensive, and carefully structured introduction to the analysis of non-blood body fluids. Through six editions, the authors, noted educators and clinicians, have taught generations of students the theoretical and practical knowledge every clinical laboratory scientist needs to handle and analyze non-blood body fluids, and to keep themselves and their laboratories safe from infectious agents.

Their practical, focused, and reader friendly approach first presents the foundational concepts of renal function and urinalysis. Then, step by step, they focus on the examination of urine, cerebrospinal fluid, semen, synovial fluid, serous fluid, amniotic fluid, feces, and vaginal secretions.

The 6th Edition has been completely updated to include all of the new information and new testing procedures that are important in this rapidly changing field. Case studies, clinical situations, learning objectives, key terms, summary boxes, and study questions show how work in the classroom translates to work in the lab.

12. Smith and Tanagho's General Urology, 19th Edition

Author: by Jack McAninch
832 pages

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The definitive guide to understanding, diagnosing, and treating urologic disorders now in full color for the first time! A Doody’s Core Title for 2021! Smith & Tanagho’s General Urology, Nineteenth Edition offers a complete overview of the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases and disorders managed by urologic surgeons.

This trusted classic delivers a clear, concise presentation of the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical findings, differential diagnosis, and medical and surgical treatment of all major urologic conditions. The well-organized, user-friendly design makes relevant clinical information and management guidelines easy to find and simple to implement.

NEW full-color presentationHigh-yield descriptions of the latest diagnostic modalities and management protocolsMore than 1,000 illustrations and figures, including CT scans, radionuclide imaging scans, and x-raysNEW chapters on female urology and pediatric urologyIdeal for residents and medical students who require a concise and comprehensive referenceGreat for board preparation

13. Textbook of Complex General Surgical Oncology

Author: by Shane Morita
1888 pages

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The most current, comprehensive, and authoritative guide to surgical oncologyA Doody’s Core Title for 2021! As cancer care has continued to evolve in the 21st century, so too has the management of specific neoplasms through surgery. Keeping pace with this dynamic subspecialty calls for a state-of-the-art resource that combines oncologic principles with surgical treatment plans.

Textbook of General Surgical Oncology is just such a resource. Encyclopedic in scope and featuring the insights of more than 300 thought leaders in their respective surgical and medical oncology disciplines, this indispensable guide illuminates both common and uncommon issues. The book’s 165 chapters span virtually every clinical scenario oncologic surgeons are likely to encounter, resulting in the most complete, rigorous overview of surgical oncology available.

Textbook of General Surgical Oncology begins with an in-depth review of the general concepts and principles of genomics, epigenetics, pathology, targeted therapy, regional therapy, and patient safety in surgical oncology. The text then focuses on site-specific neoplasms, such as those of the skin, soft tissue, head/neck, lung, mediastinum, breast, pleura, peritoneumplus tumors that affect various systems, including the endocrine, gastrointestinal, and hepatobiliary.