Best Western & Frontier Christian Romance Books

Here you will get Best Western & Frontier Christian Romance Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Horsepower of the Holiday: Glover Family Saga & Christian Romance (Shiloh Ridge Ranch in Three Rivers Romance Book 2)

Author: by Liz Isaacson

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He told her once he wasn’t interested in dating her if they weren’t exclusive. She’s a former racecar driver just trying to find the right man for her at 200 miles per hour. Can Oakley slow down enough to have a relationship with Ranger, or will they both be left lonely this Christmas?

Ranger Glover has worked at Shiloh Ridge Ranch his entire life. In his spare time, he’s secretly developed an app for the cowboys around Three Rivers to share their experiences with everything from restaurants to events so they can all impress the women they like with their dating abilities.

Too bad he hasn’t been able to truly benefit from Two Cents in his own love life. When he runs into a sobbing Oakley Hatch after an evening out, the chemistry and attraction between them is just as explosive as it’s always been.

She asks him for a ride home, and Ranger finds he can’t say no to that. He has told her no before, when he learned she was dating multiple men at the same time. He didn’t want to be one of them, and he told the gorgeous brunette no.

2. Redeeming Love

Author: by Francine Rivers
ISBN: 978-1590525135
Published at: Multnomah; Paperback with Study Guide edition (May 9, 1997)

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PUBLISHERS WEEKLY BESTSELLER ECPA BESTSELLER A story of love that won’t let gono matter what! California’s gold country, 1850. A time when men sold their souls for a bag of gold and women sold their bodies for a place to sleep.

Angel expects nothing from men but betrayal. Sold into prostitution as a child, she survives by keeping her hatred alive. And what she hates most are the men who use her, leaving her empty and dead inside. Then she meets Michael Hosea, a man who seeks his Father’s heart in everything.

Michael obeys God’s call to marry Angel and to love her unconditionally. Slowly, day by day, he defies Angel’s every bitter expectation, until despite her resistance, her frozen heart begins to thaw. But with her unexpected softening comes overwhelming feelings of unworthiness and fear.And so Angel runs.

Back to the darkness, away from her husband’s pursuing love, terrified of the truth she no longer can deny: Her final healing must come from the One who loves her even more than Michael doesthe One who will never let her go.

3. The Mechanics of Mistletoe: Glover Family Saga & Christian Romance (Shiloh Ridge Ranch in Three Rivers Romance Book 1)

Author: by Liz Isaacson
October 6, 2020

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He can be a teddy or a grizzly. She’s a genius with a wrench. Can the pretty mechanic tame this cowboy’s wild side, or will they both be left broken-hearted this Christmas? Bear Glover can be a grizzly or a teddy, and he’s always thought he’d be just fine working his generational family ranch and going back to the homestead alone.

But he’s had a crush on Samantha Benton for a while now, and he’s decided it’s time to do something about it. But his first date with Sammy is a spectacular disaster. He’s embarrassed and doesn’t call her back, but when three tornadoes hit Three Rivers, his first thought is of the beautiful woman he’d really like a second chance with.

Sammy feels like she has to be the strong one in her family. Ever since her sister and her husband died, Sammy’s taken care of Lincoln, her sister’s son, and her aging parents. And three tornadoes? They’ve only added the weight of the world to Sammy’s shoulders.

School’s been canceled, and she has nowhere for her eight-year-old to go. Bear knows exactly what to do with an eight-year-old boy on a ranch, and he offers to take Lincoln up to Shiloh Ridge Ranch with him every day.

4. Her Cowboy Billionaire Birthday Wish: A Hammond Brothers Novel (Christmas at Whiskey Mountain Lodge Book 1)

Author: by Liz Isaacson
April 7, 2020

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All the maid at Whiskey Mountain Lodge wants for her birthday is a handsome cowboy billionaire. And Colton can make that wish come trueif only he hadn’t escaped to Coral Canyon after being left at the altar… Annie Pruitt has worked for the Whittaker brothers for years, and now with the lodge a full-fledged mountain resort, she’s the full-time maid up the canyon.

She’s watched all these people come through Whiskey Mountain Lodge who’ve found love. And she wants to be next. When the whole family gathers for Annie’s birthday party, they tell her to make a wish.Easy, peasy. She wishes for a cowboy billionaire of her own, and not five minutes later, in walks tall, broad, beautiful Colton Hammond.

Colton needs a place to stay after his fiance leaves him standing at the altar with all of his friends and family watching. He’s put Colorado in his rear-view mirror and he’s not going back. He’s also not interested in women or dating.

He just needs somewhere to stay for a few nights, and he’s heard great things about Whiskey Mountain Lodge-but not, apparently, that it’s closed for a private event every year during the holidays. But the Whittakers are nothing if not kind and accommodating, and they manage to find a bed for Colton.

5. The Cowboy's Convenient Marriage (Sweet Water Ranch Western Cowboy Romance Book 5)

Author: by Jessie Gussman
June 25, 2019

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Previously titled Cowboys Don’t Have a Marriage of Convenience*It was supposed to be simple. Marry the tall Texan. Her children get a father. They save the ranch. A business transaction, nothing more. She definitely wasn’t going to fall in love.

After her husband ran off with her little sister, she was no longer susceptible to cowboy charm. Except, the North Dakota girl had never met a Texas cowboy. He married her for the ranch. A former champion bull rider needs a spread to call home, even if it is in North Dakota.

Even if it comes with four little kids. And a big, black, slobbering dog. Especially if it comes with a woman with enough sweetness and enough toughness to rope his heart and heal it. The cowboy’s not afraid of anythingexcept losing his heart again.

Reviews for The Cowboy’s Convenient Marriage: “Oh my, this cowboy is a heart throb. Elaine might have married him for the money to save her ranch, and he might have married her for her ranch and the money to save it, but they very quickly both come to realize neither the ranch nor the money are their end goal…” – Charlene “This is a new author I started reading recently and she has completely won me over, will always want to read her books.

6. Cowgirl Fallin' for the Single Dad: Western Romance (Brides of Miller Ranch, N.M. Book 1)

Author: by Natalie Dean
October 24, 2020

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She’s a cowgirl with trust issues. He’s a doctor with a painful past. Headstrong cowgirl Charity Miller is the eldest of five children in a million-dollar ranching family. She had dreams, once before a betrayal left her heartbroken. Now she’s convinced herself she doesn’t need anything other than taking care of the ranch and her siblings.

Until she meets the new doctor in town. Alejandro Lumis has been told he has everything. Looks, money, a prestigious position in a hectic medical practice in San Diego. But after his wife passed away, he feels like he has nothing, barely alive other than when he’s with the light of his life, his ten-year-old daughter.

So when he’s given the opportunity to take over a small-town medical practice in New Mexico, he leaps at the chance. Is this the new start he needs? When Charity and Alejandro meet, they both try to deny their attraction.

Can they face the past head-on and help each other through the pain? Or will fear stop them from another chance at loveMeet the Miller family – Three interconnected series Tons of stellar reviews between all of the books. And enough reading to keep you busy for a long time!

7. Memories and Motherhood

Author: by Emma Ashwood
July 5, 2021

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Bessie had an enchanted life with her husband, living in New York, and expecting a new baby who would be the much-awaited sibling to their little girl, Caroline. But fate stepped in and left Bessie and Caroline in search of a new life, removed from the bitter-sweet memories encountered around every corner of the city they knew as home.

Eric had raised his daughter Grace with the help of an aged nanny when his beloved wife had not survived the birth of this much anticipated first baby. Now the nanny had passed on, and he had the ranch to run.

He knew that he needed a mother for his growing daughter. Bessie responds to an advertisement for a mail order bride from a Texan rancher who has a daughter of a similar age to Caroline. Could this be the life that she and her daughter are meant to live?

She feels confident that it is. But will the daughters feel the same as their parents, should they be thrown into a relationship not of their choosing?

8. The Books of Enoch: The Ancient Apocryphal Books: Fallen Angels, Giants Nephilim and The Secrets of Enoch

Author: by History Academy
188 pages

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The study of Enoch’s words awakened the desire to explore spiritual dimensions in a deeper way. Enoch once said: I write not for my own, but for the extreme future generations, for you human beings who will come. Enoch, the seventh of Adam’s descendants describes his journey through the seven heavens, where he receives revelations like when he is described the creation of the world and the secrets of the future.

Enoch’s journey culminates with the encounter with God after a life that lasted 365 years. From the mists of time he has shown humanity a luminous path to follow. Enoch goes back to the causes of evil and great are his sufferings for human wickedness and his exhortations to cultivate good and wisdom.

All his writings, which are reported alongside the interpretation of History Academy, were found and collected in the time before the birth of Christ. Not recognized by the Church and ignored in the Old Testament collection, they are now published for everyone to read.

9. A Bond of Scarred Hearts: An Inspirational Historical Romance Book

Author: by Lilah Rivers
June 24, 2021

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Bella North, the daughter of a wealthy rancher, is facing a terrible dilemma. Her father, in a mistaken bid to make his daughter happy, arranges for her to marry a man she has known all her life as her “uncle.” While the man is charismatic and interesting, he is much older than her and Bella can’t figure out for the life of her why he would agree to the union in the first place.

When a caring and charming doctor enters her life like a hurricane, it suddenly becomes clear to her that she cannot afford to lose what seems like true love. Even though her father is insistent, she knows she must avoid this marriage at any cost.

Can Bella find a way out of the situation before it’s too late? Meanwhile, Dr. Pace Carlisle is the physician of the little town in the southeastern part of Texas. He has been living there for ten years and at the age of thirty-four, he has come to terms with his slim prospects for marriage.

He hasn’t really thought about it much though, as his practice has always taken up a great deal of his time. Unbeknownst to him, the love he has been seeking is right there in his town, waiting for him to discover the riches of what could lie ahead for him.

10. Faith in the Mountain Valley (Call of the Rockies series Book 5)

Author: by Misty M. Beller
June 15, 2021

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This epic journey is the only way to leave her secrets behind. After eleven years spent looking for the girl who stole his heart, Jean-Jacques Baptistebetter known as French to his friendsis tempted to give up. Until the day he spotted the flaxen-haired stranger traveling the wooded path with Blackfoot Indians.

He never imagined he’d find his childhood friend masquerading as a man in this Rocky Mountain wilderness, hundreds of miles from the Canadian town where he last saw her. No matter her reasons, he can’t let her go this time.

Colette Mignon’s life has become a cacophony of lies, including the fact that her Blackfoot Indian companions believe she’s a man. She’s willing to live the taxing life of a trapper in these desolate mountains as long as it keeps her secrets hidden.

When her childhood friend and first love discovers her, his determination to help might put everything at risk. As the worst of her past threatens to catch up with her, the hope for Colette’s new life shatters. But no matter what, she must protect the one good thing that came from all her mistakes.

11. The Secret of the Mail-Order Bride: Historical Western Romance (Sweet Spring Sky Brides Book 2)

Author: by Faith Oakes
July 1, 2021

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Is there such a thing as a second chance at love? After acquiring his own land, ranch hand Gus Quincy is ready for a wife, but his advertisement for a mail-order bride brings little success. So, when he finally gets a response, he is thrilled to meet Sabrina and excited for the life they’ll build together.

Initially, everything seems to be going well until she becomes distant.Is it him? Or is life in the Wild West too unbearable for her? Sabrina Watt had a year of happiness until her husband passed away and left her with her rough, alcoholic cousin.

In desperate need of an escape, Sabrina answers an ad for a mail-order bride. However, if she’d known what awaits her there, she would never have traveled West. Except for her deceased husband, there is also something else that Sabrina has to hide.

Unfortunately, it’s not until she’s living under Gus’ roof that she receives the shocking news. How will Gus accept to marry her after all these lies? And how will she find the strength to confess her secret to him? Can she find her place in his future when her past is driving them apart?

12. Distracting the Deputy: A Small-Town Clean Romance (Summer Creek Book 4)

Author: by Shanna Hatfield
June 22, 2021

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He’s sworn to uphold the law. Her life is riddled with closely guarded secrets. When the past catches up to her, will she rush to him or run away? When he’s not evading grabby-handed octogenarians, mentoring troubled teens, or rescuing rascally youngsters from disaster, Deputy Knox Strickland can be found upholding the law in the eastern Oregon region he patrols.

He avoids making plans for tomorrow, focusing instead on doing his best today. Then one chance encounter with a beautiful woman in a wheat field turns his world upside down. Knox is left questioning what secrets she’s hiding, and how hard he’ll have to work to scale the fortress she’s built around her heart.

Zadie Redmond isn’t like most women. A life spent looking over her shoulder has destroyed the promising future she’d once envisioned. Her days are spent leading hunting and fishing adventures, or teaching tiny ballerinas the proper way to pli. She fills her evenings with do-it-yourself projects while worrying about the day her past catches up with her.

13. Fried Chicken and Gravy: Inspirational Romance (Fried Chicken Series Book 1)

Author: by Sherri Schoenborn Murray
June 1, 2014

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Missy may have a knack for fixing cars, but she sure can’t cook. Missy Stuart is humiliated when she burns dinner for the cute, yet outspoken new auto parts rep. But, when he suggests to her father that she should take cooking lessons from the old ladies down at his church, she wants to crawl under a car and die.

When she dutifully accompanies her father to church, she finds that she has more to learn than a bunch of recipes. This Christian romance is set in Ridgefield, Washington, in the late seventies, and is now available in AUDIO and LARGE-print paperback.

Girl mechanic fiction. Loss of mother strong father story.