Best Antique & Collectible Ceramics Books

Here you will get Best Antique & Collectible Ceramics Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Miller's Collectibles Handbook & Price Guide 2021-2022: The indispensable guide to what it's really worth (Miller's Collectibles Price Guide)

Author: by Judith Miller
416 pages

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The brand new, up-to-date guide to the collectibles market for 2021-2022. Whether you’re buying or selling, this is the book you need. All images new for this edition. Miller’s Collectibles Handbook & Price Guide 2021-2022 is the up-to-date guide to the collectables market no dealer, collector or auctioneer should be without.

Featuring more than 4,000 objects in full color, each with a detailed description and price range, the book also shows you how to spot that rare example that may be worth twenty times more than another piece. In-depth features explain why one piece is worth more than another, show how to value an item and teach you to be your own expert when appraising everything from 20th-century glass to costume jewelry.

Comprehensive sections cover a wide range of objects, with additional pages on pencils, toys, vintage handbags, trunks and costume jewelry for this edition. Every image is changed for every edition to keep the book up-to-date with collecting and buying trends.

2. Gravity Journal: Create your own Fall adventure !!!

Author: by Fall Press

123 pages

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The Zodiac is a powerful source that was written millions of years ago by the ancient natives saying that if both symbols came together it would defeat the evil “”.When all 10 symbols are brought together, an ultimate power will be unleashed that would then destroy “” and reverse his weirdness across the entire valley forever.

Overflow your imagination creating your own ADVENTURE !!! Now with ILLUSTRATED pages !!! Customize your own cover (write on it whatever you want: your name, maybe a number… Use it as a JOURNAL (obvious) / NOTEBOOK / DIARY / or whatever ;)PERFECT Birthday / Halloween / school / Christmas / GIFT !!!

Any fan of the TV SHOW will love this book.Guaranteed! 123 (weird number) old-fashioned pages effect (not more boring lines)Cream paper (for a cool VINTAGE look)Size 8 x 10 Inches !!! Glossy cover finishCollect all 10 zodiac designs + 1 special evil design “” !!! Perfect for theme party !!!

3. Practical Pottery: 40 Pottery Projects for Creating and Selling Mugs, Cups, Plates, Bowls, and More (Arts and Crafts, Hobbies, Ceramics, Sculpting Technique)

Author: by Jon Schmidt
Mango (October 27, 2020)
200 pages

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24 pages

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This book offers a fresh take on the Victorian notion of expressing oneself with the symbolic language of flowers. Happy Day features bright, cheery flowers with uplifting sentiments. Each spread features a flower that flips up from the page, a brief description of the flower’s meaning, and its special message for the recipient.

When all of the blossoms are popped up, the book can be displayed on a desk just like a vase of flowers.

6. Dark Magic Collectible Cut Out and Collage: A Collection of Dark Embellishments, Grimoire, Alchemist, Absinthe, Vampy, Witch Scrapbook Journal All … Elements You can Imagine (Crafts for Adults)

Author: by Professional Ephemerer
79 pages

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Enjoy this book and have a fantastic time using itAttention: The reviews related to the book are not true. It has been an error generated in the company that prints the books. Please take this issue into consideration. I have already passed the claim so that it can be corrected to eliminate the reviews.

The book has only one page with Dear Customer and on the backside some books I recommend. This book has not duplicated images (never) and this book has not blank pages. Help me to solve this problem. This is a set of Dark Magic Elements like fairies, decanters, french handwriting, botanicals, frames, obscures-vampires backgrounds, gothic, ocean creatures, skeletons, spell writing, gothic vampire, corsets, florals, chandelier, skulls, alchemical illustrations.

All that you can imagine in Absinthe, Grimoire, Alchemist, and Vampy areas. See some images from the cover. You can use for:Scrapbook page.Cards.Art Projects.Junk Journals. Mixed media collages. Papercraft projects. Smash JournalFor NotebookThe possibilities are endless.

7. Miller's Antique Marks

Author: by Judith Miller
Mitchell Beazley
288 pages

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More than 6,000 antiques marks to help you identify and date your treasures in a handy pocket formatMarks are one of the collector’s most important tools when it comes to identifying and dating antiques. Of course, it is important to understand that they should never be relied upon completely, as many have been copied or faked.

What you should rely on is experience. Handle as many antiques as you can and learn to combine your knowledge of marks with the knowledge of how an authentic piece looks and feels. Whether you are buying at auction, flea market or antique shop this is the book you need to identify and date what you find.

More than 6,000 marks are organized for quick, at-a-glance reference with full-color sections on silver, Sheffield plate, bronze figures, ceramics, glass, costume jewelry, toys and dolls. This comprehensive guide can be kept handy to identify antique finds and valuate them from a catalogue of the most common marks that you will encounter, as well as any unidentified treasures you already own.

8. Hydroponic Marijuana: 3 Foolproof Ways to Grow Cannabis with Hydroponics (Urban Homesteading)

Author: by Richard Bray
146 pages

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“Hydroponic Marijuana 3 Foolproof Ways to Grow Cannabis with Hydroponicsis for anyone who wants to understand the basics of hydroponic gardening to grow marijuana. Using hydroponic systems for marijuana cultivation can help your plants mature 25% faster while delivering a 30% increase in yield.

If you want to bring your cultivation to the next level, then this book is for you! Use the most efficient technology to grow cannabis and save time, labor, and energy. This guide will take you through the six hydroponic systems and give you step-by-step instructions on how to create and maintain your own hydroponic garden.

The 3 best systems for cannabis cultivation will be outlined in detail so you can start creating your own system from scratch straightaway. DIY systems are a rewarding, cost-effective approach to the creation of the biggest most resinous, and potent buds!

This book provides 3 different designs to fit everyone’s needs. From easy-to-apply methods for small plants, such as using a 5-gallon-bucket to build your own Water Culture System, to more advanced instructions for larger systems such as building an Ebb and Flow System with a 40-gallon storage tote.

9. Vitamin C: Clay and Ceramic in Contemporary Art

Author: by Phaidon Editors
304 pages

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Now in paperback the global survey of today’s most important clay and ceramic artists, chosen by art-world professionalsClay and ceramics have in recent years been elevated from craft to high art material, with the resulting artworks being coveted by collectors and exhibited in museums around the world.

Vitamin C celebrates the revival of clay as a material for contemporary visual artists, featuring a wide range of global talent as selected by the world’s leading curators, critics, and art professionals. Packed with illustrations, Vitamin C is a vibrant and incredibly timely survey acclaimed as the first of its kind.

Artists include: Caroline Achaintre, Ai Weiwei, Aaron Angell, Edmund de Waal, Theaster Gates, Marisa Merz, Ron Nagle, Gabriel Orozco, Grayson Perry, Sterling Ruby, Thomas Schtte, Richard Slee, Jesse Wine, and Betty Woodman. Nominators include: Pablo Leon de la Barra, Iwona Blazwick, Mary Ceruti, Dan Fox, Jens Hoffmann, Christine Macel, James Meyer, Jed Morse, Beatrix Ruf, Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Nancy Spector, Sheena Wagstaff, and Jonathan Watkins.

10. Gothic Love Decor Cut Out and Collage: A Collection of Dark Love, Gothic Garden, Vintage Black Roses, Goth Love Theme. Create your Dark Fantasy Junk Journal (Crafts for Adults)

Author: by Scraft Key Edition
53 pages

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Enjoy this book and have a fantastic time using itThis is a set of Gothic Art Elements like a gothic garden, goth love theme, frames, lace, vintage black roses, corset, spider, raven, skull . And also Gothic Patterns Backgrounds for your scrapbooking and junk journal.

All that you can imagine in Gothic Collection, Dark Love, and Fantasy areas. See some images from the cover. You can use for:Scrapbook page.Cards.Art Projects.Junk Journals. Mixed media collages. Papercraft projects.Smash Journal.For Notebook. The possibilities are endless.

Multiple decorative tems. In the book, you’ll find: Different Gothic Fashion Designs. +90 Gothic kit pieces and different backgrounds to create your journal. 6 backgrounds (combine gold gothic and flowers, skulls). +7 Gothic garden pages to crate your junk journal and mix with the other designs.

53 pages in total, single-sided pages to create your Journal (26 designs) Different designs in different sizes.8,5 x 11 size. Colored paper designed. High-quality sheets are printed on 60#(100 GSM) interior stock. Remember, this is a very beautiful Paperback Book (in printed book style) for your crafting ideas, so you’ll find a glued spine, which means you have to cut it out carefully.

11. Kovels' New Dictionary of Marks: Pottery and Porcelain, 1850 to the Present

Author: by Ralph Kovel
Crown Publishers

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You may be the owner of a valuable piece of porcelain or pottery, but the cryptic symbol on the underside of the piece may be your only clue to its value. Kovels’ New Dictionary of Marks: 1850 to the Present will help you identify your pieces.

Kovels’ New Dictionary of Marks provides the quickest and easiest way for professional and amateur collectors to identify more than 3,500 American, European, and Oriental marks. The perfect companion to the Kovels’ original best-seller, Kovels’ Dictionary of Marks – Pottery and Porcelain: 1650 to 1850 (still in print after more than 42 years and 41 printings), Kovels’ New Dictionary of Marks is the most comprehensive reference for nineteenth- and twentieth-century marks.

Together, the two volumes are an indispensable guide to porcelain and pottery marks of the last four centuries. Also available from Three Rivers Press, Kovels’ Dictionary of Marks-Pottery & Porcelain: 1650 to 1850

12. Ceramics of Iran: Islamic Pottery from the Sarikhani Collection

Author: by Oliver Watson
The Sarikhani Collection
528 pages

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A beautifully illustrated showcase of the rich and varied ceramic tradition of Iran Featuring a broad selection of objects from one of the most distinguished collections of Iranian art, this volume brings together over 1,000 years of Persian Islamic pottery. With more than 500 illustrations, authoritative technical treatises, and insightful commentary, Ceramics of Iran assembles a collection of rarely seen treasures from the Persian world and presents a collective history of its renowned ceramic tradition.

Included among its comprehensive catalogue entries are numerous translations of the object’s inscriptions, providing readers with a richer and more detailed understanding of the cultural heritage from which these items are derived. In addition, the book contains new research and material from previously unknown sites.

Featuring all new photography of nearly 250 objects, Ceramics of Iran brings the extraordinary contributions of Persian art into a wider historical context, along with a wealth of images to demonstrate the full scope of its intricate beauty.

13. Chinese Art: A Guide to Motifs and Visual Imagery

Author: by Patricia Bjaaland Welch
Tuttle Publishing
288 pages

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With over 630 striking color photos and illustrations, this Chinese art guide focuses on the rich tapestry of symbolism which makes up the basis of traditional Chinese art. Chinese Art: A Guide to Motifs and Visual Imagery includes detailed commentary and historical background information for the images that continuously reappear in the arts of China, including specific plants and animals, divine beings, mortals and inanimate objects.

The book thoroughly illuminates the origins, common usages and diverse applications of popular Chinese symbols in a tone that is both engaging and authoritative. Chinese Art: A Guide to Motifs and Visual Imagery is an essential reference for collectors, museum-goers, guides, students and anyone else with a serious interest in the culture and history of China.

14. How to Read Chinese Ceramics (The Metropolitan Museum of Art – How to Read)

Author: by Denise Patry Leidy
Metropolitan Museum of Art
144 pages

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Chinese ceramics are among the most significant and widely collected decorative arts produced anywhere in the world, with a history that spans millennia. Despite the saturation of Chinese ceramics in global culturein English, the word china has become synonymous with porcelainthe function of these works and the meaning of their often richly decorated surfaces are not always readily apparent.

This new installment in the successful How to Read series enlightens readers on Chinese ceramics of all kinds, using highlights from the outstanding collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art as a teaching tool. Accessible to a general audience and written by an expert on the subject, this book explains and interprets 40 masterworks of Chinese ceramics.

The works represent a broad range of subject matter and type, from ancient earthenware to 20th-century porcelain, and from plates and bowls to vases and sculptural figures. Lavish illustrations showcase these stunning works and the decorations that adorn them, including symbolic scenes, flowers, and Buddhist and Chinese historical figures.