Best Bariatrics Books

Here you will get Best Bariatrics Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. A Pound of Cure: Change Your Eating and Your Life, One Step at a Time

Author: by Matthew Weiner MD
150 pages

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A Pound of Cure was written by Dr. Matthew Weiner, a bariatric surgeon, who has identified a style of eating that can bring about the same metabolic changes seen after gastric bypass surgery. The shifts in your metabolism that block hunger and prevent weight loss plateaus after surgery can be obtained by focusing your diet on nutrient rich foods like fruits and vegetables.

The style of eating outlined shows you how to use food to control hunger, eliminate cravings and prevent a slow down in your metabolism that plagues typical starvation diets. A Pound of Cure is a step by step guide that shows you how to change your style of eating sensibly, over time.

Each of the 12 changes, or stations outlined in the program brings you closer to gaining control over the hunger and food cravings that have sabotaged your previous efforts. It is designed to be a lifelong change and nothing less and does not buy into the madness of starvation or fad diets.

If you are tired of the fad diets and the commercial diet industry that peddles artificial, synthetic diet foods as healthy choices, the Pound of Cure plan will show you how to eat sensibly, control your hunger and lose the weight for the rest of your life.

2. ECG/EKG Interpretation: An Easy Approach to Read a 12-Lead ECG and How to Diagnose and Treat Arrhythmias

Author: by Nathan Orwell

202 pages

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NEW EDITION: Revised and Updated with new chaptersAre you curious about ECG/EKG and want to learn to read ECG/EKG for academic purpose? Would you like to hold up that next ECG and confidently interpret what you see? If so, then keep reading!

An EKG/ECG Interpretation is often the initial component of diagnostic testing available in the evaluation of a patient. A proper understanding of the EKG/ECG Interpretation allows early detection of important pathological and physiological issues. This book will completely transform your aspects at EKG interpretation, and we guarantee you that by the time you complete this guide with us, you’ll feel like a professional.

Whether you are learning to interpret Electrocardiograms, or if you simply want to better recognize your own diagnosis and results, this book will be able to help. This book provides a comprehensive information about ECG findings of inherited arrhythmias and cardiomyopathies.

Each topic covers a specific condition and highlights typical or critically important ECG findings. Knowing the fundamentals parts of an ECG tracing will lay a good foundation for everything else that is to come. The different waves, complexes and intervals need to be ingrained in your brain.

3. Ultimate Gastric Sleeve Success: A Practical Patient Guide To Help Maximize Your Weight Loss Results

Author: by Dr. Duc C. Vuong
HappyStance Publishing
196 pages

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Building on his popular Ultimate Success series, Support Surgeon Dr. Duc Vuong returns with his latest weight loss surgery guide, this time for Gastric Sleeve patients. Written in an easy-to-understand manner, he explains some of the anatomical and surgical aspects of the gastric sleeve, while providing practical strategies on how to be successful long-term.

He delves into some of the most elusive topics that plague weight loss surgery patients, such as weight loss plateaus, social eating, and long-term follow-up testing requirements. Maintaining the quiz and answer format of his previous books, this book is a must read for all weight loss surgery patients who are looking to maximize their weight loss surgery tool.

Here are just a few of the topics that are discussed in Ultimate Gastric Sleeve Success:Understanding Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery-describes the anatomy and the sleeve surgery in plain, easy-to-understand language! Preoperative Sleeve Knowledge Test-gets your expectations inline for the surgeryBasic Nutrition Test-basic but very practical information!

4. Bariatric Mindset Success: Live Your Best Life and Keep The Weight Off After Weight Loss Surgery

Author: by Kristin Lloyd
302 pages

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Weight loss surgery is not the quick fix to having the body of your dreams, it’s just the first step! Did you know that 40% of WLS patients regain weight within 5 years of surgery? When it comes to long-term WLS success, you’ve got to get a handle on your emotions and motivation.

This is why MINDSET is essential. If you are not in the right headspace, you can slide backward and enter the danger zone of regaining weight. After investing so much time to get your body where you want it, is having the wrong mindset worth the risk of sabotaging all you’ve worked hard to achieve?

In Bariatric Mindset Success, you will be guided through the WLS basics as well as advanced mindset, motivation, and emotional techniques to help you stay motivated through the ups and downs of life and create lifestyle habits that keep you focused on WLS success for life, not just in the short term.

Make weight regain a distant memory, take a stand for yourself and create a healthier version of you.You’re worth it!

5. How Weight Loss Surgery Really Works: And How to Make it Work for You

Author: by Matthew Weiner MD
166 pages

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How Weight Loss Surgery Really Works is the second book by Dr. Matthew Weiner, a bariatric surgeon and host of a popular Bariatric Surgery YouTube channel. In his new book, Dr. Weiner describes how the hormonal changes that alter your brain, fat stores and hunger signals are the most important component of weight loss surgery, rather than the portion control effects that have been emphasized in the past.

These important shifts in your metabolic state are what should govern all of the decisions you make before and after weight loss surgery. Dr. Weiner outlines many of the hidden factors that have contributed to your weight gain that must be corrected if you hope to be successful after surgery.

He then identifies the four ways that you can lose weight permanently (Bariatric Surgery is only one of them) and describes a plan that will allow you to utilize all of these techniques to maximize your weight loss after surgery.

In addition to an in-depth review of the strengths and weakness of the different surgical options, Dr. Weiner also provides a nutritional plan for changing your diet to maximize your weight loss success. How Weight Loss Surgery Really Works is a must read for anyone who is considering, or has undergone Weight Loss Surgery.

6. Obesity Medicine Board Review Questions: 150 Board Style Review Questions to Prepare for the American Board of Obesity Medicine Certification

Author: by Dr. Kevin B. Smith
247 pages

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This book was written by taking high-yield topics found in a variety of the most up to date American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) board review courses, resources, and professional practice guidelines to provide the most comprehensive board review question set available.

Although this 250-page book is written explicitly for ABOM candidates to assist in the preparation, it also provides a vast amount of practical information for clinicians interested in best-treating patients who struggle with the chronic disease of obesity. In addition, there is significant cross-over in content for those studying for the Certified Bariatric Nurse (CBN), and many have found this to be a vital resource in their preparation for this certification examination.

Questions: One-hundred and fifty challenging, second and third-order questions are provided not to test rote memory but application and correlation skills. All questions are problem-based clinical scenarios simulating the actual test and covering all test domains provided in the ABOM test content outline.

7. ¡SOY MÁS QUE MI BALANZA!: Un emocionante viaje hacia una vida libre de obesidad (Spanish Edition)

Author: by Dr. Pablo García Vargas
242 pages

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Ser obeso en una sociedad que se inclina por hacer culto al cuerpo esbelto constituye un desafo tanto fsico como emocional. Si padeces de obesidad o conoces de cerca a alguien con esta condicin, entenders completamente esta premisa. Aunque muchos creen que la obesidad consiste solo en tener una cantidad excesiva de grasa corporal provocada por un descontrol en la ingesta de comida, la realidad es que es una enfermedad compleja y de mltiples causas que aumenta el riesgo de otras condiciones del corazn, diabetes, presin arterial alta, depresin y hasta cncer; sin embargo, lo que ms pesa en quienes la padecen es la carga emocional, el dolor, la frustracin e incomprensin que se sufren ms all de las libras y que muchas veces pasamos por alto.

Esta es la razn por la que el doctor Pablo Garca se ha hecho eco de esta realidad que l mismo vivi en un momento de su vida. S, un mdico baritrico que trascendi la obesidad y nos revela cmo otros pueden lograrlo desde el amor y la empata.

Un libro de fcil lectura, donde convergen la inspiradora historia del autor, aunada a su vasto conocimiento mdico, ejercicios de motivacin y herramientas de autogestin, lo cual hace que implementar esta propuesta nica sea mucho ms sencillo, real, alcanzable y divertido de lo esperado.

8. DR. SEBI: The Step by Step Guide to Detox and Rejuvenate Naturally | The Cleanse to Revitalize Plan with Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet, Sea moss & Herbs

Author: by Kerri M. Williams
132 pages

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What’s Packed inside? Daily and Weekly Step by Step Routine Plan to Beat High blood pressure 3 Weeks of Curated Plan to Get started! Workout Strategy included! /I know how it feels to always get overwhelmed with simple tasks, I’ve been there.

Apart from tiredness and migraines that don’t seem to go away, motivation is at its lowest ebb, mental focus is down, and it’s really tough to think and hope for a quick turnaround. But it isn’t about how to get well, it is what would you do to get results?

And after that, then what? That’s because after this comes true living. You want to do the things you’ve always loved. You just wanna get ahead, live free in health and conquer the world. Breaking free from Hypertension is possible.

It can happen, it has happened and will always happen with knowledge from Dr. Sebi’s dietary lifestyleIn this book, you’ll learn:How to gradually switch to the Dr. Sebi alkaline dietHow to successfully cleanse the colon and detox the liverThe Best Dr. Sebi Electric Foods for HypertensionThe Herbs to fight high blood pressure24 Foods You Should Never Eat (And Why)The Eat to Live Plan to Detox the liver and lower High blood pressure without medications Daily and Weekly Step by Step Routine Plan to Beat High blood pressure 3 Weeks of Curated Plan to Get started and get results!

9. Bariatric Mindset Success: 6-Month Accountability Workbook: (black and white version)

Author: by Kristin Lloyd
226 pages

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Keep your weight off after weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery is a tool. Research has indicated that self-monitoring is one of the determining factors that helps prevent regain and help people keep their weight off long-term. When studies show that 40% of weight loss surgery patients regain weight within five years of surgery, there has to be something that is missing.

Accountability and support, in addition to mindset shifts are key. However, many of the programs that exist aren’t for bariatric patients, or require a lot of excess time. This post-bariatric surgery accountability workbook was created specifically with busy individuals in mind to keep things simple, while also helping people to stay focused on their post WLS weight loss goals.

Planning and preparation is one of the key ingredients to being successful after weight loss surgery and this accountability journal is your one stop shop for reaching and maintaining your weight loss surgery success! Packed with daily, weekly, and monthly exercises this accountability journal aims to put everything you need in one place so you can plan and track effortlessly, so implementation is easy and habit changes occur naturally.

10. Bariatric Air Fryer Cookbook: Delicious and Easy Recipes to Enjoy the Crispness and Keep the Weight Off + 14-Day Meal Plan to Stay Safe Before and After Bariatric Surgery

Author: by Kimberly Gray
161 pages

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How to Enjoy Crispy and Delicious Food and Your New Healthy Lifestyle After Bariatric SurgeryWith Up to 70% Less Calories From Fat? Do you feel scared that your life will never be the same and that you won’t be able to enjoy food after this surgery?

Have you ever felt so addicted to food that you don’t even notice how sweets and ice cream got into your grocery bag while shopping? Would you like to finally enjoy delicious and crispy food without worrying about breaking the rules of the Bariatric diet or gaining your weight back?

If you answered Yes to at least one of these questions, please read onOkay, the first step is done! Now everything is in your hands, and the whole lifestyle change has started. But trust me, you don’t have to be scared nor upset because now you won’t be able to eat as much or that you’ll have to neglect your favorite foods.No!

Over the last 2 years, I have been collecting, testing, and researching some of the most delicious recipes that have helped regular people, just like you, lose tens of pounds of fat while still enjoying crispy and mouthwatering food that makes you full and satisfied every time you eat!

11. Schwartz's Principles of Surgery, 10th edition (DVD Included)

Author: by F. Brunicardi
2069 pages

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Publisher’s Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. THE WORLD’S #1 SURGERY TEXT-UPDATED TO INCLUDE STATE-OF-THE-ART EVIDENCE-BASED SURGICAL CARE AND LEADERSHIP GUIDANCE FOR TRAINEES AND PRACTICING SURGEONSA Doody’s Core Title for 2019!

The Tenth Edition of Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery maintains the book’s unmatched coverageof the foundations of surgery while bringing into sharper focus new and emerging technologies. We have entered a new era of surgery in which minimally invasive surgery, robotic surgery, and the use of computers and genomic information have improved the outcomes and quality of life for patients.

With these advances in mind, all chapters have been updated with an emphasis on evidence-based, state-of-the-art surgical care. An exciting new chapter, “Fundamental Principles of Leadership Training in Surgery,” expands the scope of the book beyond the operating room to encompass the actual development of surgeons.

12. Release Your Regain: Ignite your inner power to change your body and your life

Author: by Kristin Lloyd
181 pages

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Weight regain following bariatric surgery is a huge topic that needs more attention, especially where lifestyle change is concerned. There are many reasons for regain which go beyond the food you eat or the steps you track. The mental, emotional, and behavioral reasons for regain after weight loss surgery are staggering.

Many believe that once they have gone beyond their two-year honeymoon period, all is lost. After having bariatric surgery myself and mentoring thousands of bariatric patients I’m here to tell you it is not. Weight loss after regain is possible and probable once you shift your mindset, tackle your emotions and change your behaviors to support your desired outcome (body, life, health, or energy).

In this book you’ll discover tried and true ways to stop regain in its tracks. With practical tools and strategies that integrate into any lifestyle, this book gives hope for reclaiming your ideal weight.

13. Rediscover YOU: A Bariatric Mindset Journal

Author: by Kristin Lloyd
156 pages

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A DEEP DIVE INTO SELF-DISCOVERY Do you know who you are anymore? Having weight loss surgery is a huge life change. While achieving extreme weight loss is the goal, many post-ops struggle with who they are after they achieve weight loss surgery success.

This journal is specifically designed for individuals who are looking to reconnect, reignite, and rediscover the core of who they are after having surgery. Often, after having achieved such amazing weight loss, there’s still something missing. Having goals and dreams are important for reaching the next step in your life.

This journal will help you gain perspective, find the person you truly want to be, and get you in touch with what you truly want in life, now that you’ve lost the weight. Filled with 75 journaling prompts, the aim is to help you build both the practical life goals, as well as to get you in touch with your dreams for your NEW life.

Using this journal will help you discover your passions, uncover your dreams, and rediscover who YOU are and who YOU want to become. Having weight loss surgery is the first step to weight loss and achieving the life and body of your dreams.

14. The Sleeved Life: A Patient-to-Patient Guide on Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Weight Loss Surgery

Author: by Pennie Nicola
122 pages

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Pennie Nicola has lost over 100 pounds with vertical sleeve gastrectomy, and she wants to help other potential weight loss surgery patients learn more about this bariatric procedure. Pennie combines her personal experience with the latest research to answer your most pressing questions about the gastric sleeve.

Updated in 2018, questions include:Why did you choose the sleeve instead of other weight loss surgery options? How do I begin looking for a sleeve surgeon? What does a typical pre-op diet look like? What is surgery day like? What will my diet look like after surgery?

How do you handle the stigma of weight loss surgery? How is my goal weight determined? How many calories do you eat, on average? Are there any foods you can’t eat? How much food can you eat in one sitting?

Does hunger come back? Can the sleeve get stretched out? How do you deal with weight loss stalls? How many vitamins do you take every day? How much weight should I expect to lose with the sleeve? What does a maintenance diet look like?