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1. Symphonies Nos. 4 and 7 in Full Score (Dover Music Scores)

Author: by Anton Bruckner
Published at: Dover Publications; Reprint edition (March 1, 1990)
ISBN: 978-0486262628

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Monumental and inspiring, the nine symphonies of Anton Bruckner (18241896) stand as late landmarks in the Austro-Germanic symphonic tradition. Their grandeur, originality, and nobility of vision have made them staples of the orchestral repertoire. Unfortunately, Bruckner’s symphonies suffered in his own lifetime from revision and editing by other musicians, so that the first published editions of several of the works were quite foreign to the composer’s intentions.

The two symphonies in this volume have been reproduced from the authoritative Bruckner Society editions by Robert Haas, which represent most faithfully Bruckner’s ideal versions. Included here are his most famous symphonies, the Symphony No. 4 in E-flat (“Romantic”) and the Symphony No.7 in E.

2. Modulation (Dover Books on Music)

Author: by Max Reger
Published at: Dover Publications; Illustrated edition (June 5, 2007)
ISBN: 978-0486457321

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“I consider him a genius,” remarked Arnold Schoenberg of the progressive early modernist Max Reger (18731916). In addition to his international renown as a teacher, conductor, and pianist, Reger wrote more than 1,000 works in virtually every musical genre. Many scholars and musicians credit him with emancipating dissonance to a level that assisted Schoenberg’s development of serialism in the 1920s.

Reger’s influence extends to other 20th-century composers, including Bla Brtok, Alban Berg, Arthur Honegger, Paul Hindemith, and Sergei Prokofiev. Modulation the change from one key to another is a subject of critical importance to performers and composers in their study of harmony.

Reger wrote this concise guide to modulation while teaching composition at Leipzig Conservatory, and the work continues to provide valuable insights and instruction for musicians at all levels. This new edition features newly engraved musical examples.

3. Bruckner: Symphony No. 8 (Cambridge Music Handbooks)

Author: by Benjamin M. Korstvedt
Published at: Cambridge University Press (May 8, 2000)
ISBN: 978-0521635370

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Anton Bruckner’s Eighth Symphony (1890), one of the last of the great Romantic symphonies, is a grandly complex masterpiece. This book explores this many-faceted work from several angles. It documents the complicated and often misunderstood history of the symphony’s composition and revision and provides an accessible guide to its musical design.

It demonstrates, by means of a study of well-known recordings, how performance styles have evolved in this century. It also revisits the conventional wisdom about the various versions and editions of the symphony and comes to some provocative new conclusions.

4. Symphony No. 9 in D Minor: Study Score (Edition Eulenburg)

Author: by Anton Bruckner
Published at: SCHOTT MUSIK INTL MAINZ (October 1, 1994)
ISBN: 978-3795771133

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(Schott).From: Anton Bruckner: Samtliche Werke * Kritische Gesamtausgabe Band IX

5. The Symphonic Repertoire: Volume 4. The Second Golden Age of the Viennese Symphony: Brahms, Bruckner, Dvork, Mahler, and Selected Contemporaries

Author: by A. Peter Brown
Published at: Indiana University Press; Illustrated edition (November 1, 2002)
ISBN: 978-0253334886

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Central to the repertoire of Western art music since the 18th century, the symphony has come to be regarded as one of the ultimate compositional challenges. Surprisingly, heretofore there has been no truly extensive, broad-based treatment of the genre, and the best of the existing studies are now several decades old.

In this five-volume series, A. Peter Brown explores the symphony from its 18th-century beginnings to the end of the 20th century. Synthesizing the enormous scholarly literature, Brown presents up-to-date overviews of the status of research, discusses any important former or remaining problems of attribution, illuminates the style of specific works and their contexts, and samples early writings on their reception.

The Symphonic Repertoire provides an unmatched compendium of knowledge for the student, teacher, performer, and sophisticated amateur. The series is being launched with two volumes on the Viennese symphony. Volume IV The Second Golden Age of the Viennese SymphonyBrahms, Bruckner, Dvork, Mahler, and Selected ContemporariesAlthough during the mid-19th century the geographic center of the symphony in the Germanic territories moved west and north from Vienna to Leipzig, during the last third of the century it returned to the old Austrian lands with the works of Brahms, Bruckner, Dvork, and Mahler.

6. Bruckner's Symphonies: Analysis, Reception and Cultural Politics

Author: by Julian Horton
Published at: Cambridge University Press; Reissue edition (September 18, 2008)
ISBN: 978-0521081856

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Despite significant advances in Bruckner scholarship, many problems persist. Although the relationship between Bruckner’s music, post-Wagnerian ideology and, ultimately, Nazism has been carefully reconstructed, questions of how such matters should condition our responses to the music remain unaddressed. This important study isolates problematic issues of interpretation, analysis, reception, and historical location, and offers potential solutions through case studies of individual works.

7. Symphony No. 5 in B-flat Major in Full Score (Dover Music Scores)

Author: by Anton Bruckner

Published at: Dover Publications (June 19, 2013)
ISBN: 978-0486416915

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With their rich harmonic language and complex polyphony, these works are exemplars of Austro-Germanic Romanticism. Nicknamed “The Philosopher’s Symphony,” Bruckner’s hour-long Sixth Symphony is among his shorter works. The Eighth, the final symphony Bruckner completed before his death, is dedicated to Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria and is known as “The Apocalyptic.”This inexpensive compilation is the only single-volume version of these two works.

Reproduced from an authoritative edition, it features a sturdy sewn binding that enables it to open flat on music stands and provide years of use and enjoyment.

9. Symphony No. 4/1 in E-Flat Major "romantic": (1874) Study Score (Edition Eulenburg)

Author: by Anton Bruckner
Published at: SCHOTT MUSIK INTL MAINZ; Bilingual edition (December 1, 1996)
ISBN: 978-3795764470

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From the Anton Bruckner Saemtlich Werke Kritische Gesamtausgabe. Edited and with preface by Leopold Nowak.Instrumentation. The second, revised version of this symphony was completed between November 1879 and June 1880.

10. Anton Bruckner: The Man and the Work. 2. revised edition

Author: by Constantin Floros
Published at: Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften; 2nd edition (December 29, 2014)
ISBN: 978-3631662038

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While unappreciated and controversial during most of his life, Anton Bruckner is today regarded as the greatest symphonist between Beethoven and Gustav Mahler in terms of originality, boldness and monumentality of his music. The image of Bruckner the man, however, is still extreme instance of the tenacious power of prejudice.

No less a figure than Gustav Mahler coined the aperu about Bruckner being a simpleton half genius, half imbecile. The author is out to correct that misperception. His thesis in this study is that contrary to what has hitherto been asserted, there is an intimate relation between Bruckner’s sacred music and his symphonies from multiple perspectives: biographical data, sources and influences, the psychology of creation, musical structure, contemporary testimony and reception history.

Additional chapters assess important Bruckner recordings and interpreters and the progressiveness of his music.

11. Symphony No. 2 in C Minor (1872): Edition Eulenburg No. 460

Author: by Anton Bruckner
Published at: SCHOTT MUSIK INTL MAINZ; Reprint edition (November 1, 2011)
ISBN: 978-3795772222

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Symphony No.2 in C Minor (1872) (Edition Eulenburg No. 460) Schott Series Softcover by Anton Bruckner Print music.

12. Symphony No. 7 in E Major: Study Score (Edition Eulenburg)

Author: by Anton Bruckner
Published at: SCHOTT MUSIK INTL MAINZ (May 1, 1992)
ISBN: 978-3795769567

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A group of resourceful kids start “solution-seekers. Com,” a website where “cybervisitors” can get answers to questions that trouble them. But when one questioner asks the true meaning of Christmas, the kids seek to unravel the mystery by journeying back through the prophecies of the Old Testament.

What they find is a series of “S” words that reveal a “spectacular story!” With creative characters, humorous dialogue and great music, The “S” Files is a children’s Christmas musical your kids will love performing.

14. Bruckner

Author: by Hans-Hubert Schonzeler
Published at: Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd; Revised edition (July 1, 2000)
ISBN: 978-0714501451

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Anton Bruckner only began to compose his mature works at an age when most musical talents have already reached the height of their careers. At first his music was greeted with scorn and apathy. During the last years of his life, however, Bruckner enjoyed the beginnings of a success that only blossomed fully after his death.

This volume breaks entirely new ground in giving a unique portrait of this important composer, providing an informative and comprehensive introduction to his work without lapsing into a welter of technical detail. This award-winning musical biography contains over 100 illustrations, annotated reading and listening lists, a chronological listing of all Bruckner’s works and an index of people and places.