Best Children's Arthurian Folk Tales & Myths Books

Here you will get Best Children's Arthurian Folk Tales & Myths Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table (Puffin Classics)

Author: by Roger Lancelyn Green
416 pages

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They’re Puffin Classics for a reason, it’s because they’re the best. Step up to the Round Table and join the knights of the Realm! King Arthur is one of the greatest legends of all time. From the magical moment when Arthur releases the sword in the stone to the quest for the Holy Grail and the final tragedy of the Last Battle, Roger Lancelyn Green brings the enchanting world of King Arthur stunningly to life.

One of the greatest legends of all time, with an inspiring introduction by David Almond, award-winning author of Clay, Skellig, Kit’s Wilderness and The Fire-Eaters.

2. The Royal Ranger: The Missing Prince (Ranger's Apprentice Book 4)

Author: by John F. Flanagan


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International bestselling author John Flanagan returns to world of Ranger’s Apprentice in the fourth installment of the Royal Ranger series starring Maddie, Will Treaty’s fearless young apprentice. Will Treaty and his apprentice, Maddie have been urgently summoned to Castle Araluen.

When they arrive they learn a shocking truth: the Prince of Gallica is missing-and the King of Gallica has asked for help. All reports suggest that the young prince has been taken prisoner by the dangerous and powerful Baron Joubert de Lassigny.

King Duncan knows that sending troops to Gallica to rescue the prince could start a war, as could openly helping Gallica resolve internal convict. But there’s another way to save the prince: the Ranger Corps. Soon, Will and Maddie are on the road to rescue the missing prince, disguised as father and daughter jongleurs.

Maddie will have to use her knifethrowing skills to keep up her disguise, and her ranger’s apprentice training to complete the mission. But going undercover is dangerous-and the road presents its own hazards. Can she and Will use all their talents to save the prince, or will the arrogant Baron uncover their plans and put their lives, and their kingdom, at risk?

3. The Dark Is Rising Sequence: Over Sea, Under Stone; The Dark Is Rising; Greenwitch; The Grey King; Silver on the Tree

Author: by Susan Cooper
1088 pages

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Epic.Bestselling.Award-winning. The complete Dark Is Rising Sequence is now available as one keepsake collection. Will Stanton’s ordinary life is shattered with the dreadful revelation that the Darkthe source of all evilis rising in its last and greatest bid to control the world.

He finds that he is no ordinary boy, but the last-born of the Old Ones, immortals dedicated to keeping mankind free from the Dark. Soon Will is swept up in the great battle, along with his ageless master, Merriman; the three Drew children, who are mortal but have their own vital part to play; and a strange boy named Bran.

These six fight fear and death in a quest through time and space interwoven with the most ancient myths of the islands of Britainuntil, at last, Will and Bran find the weapon that will ultimately vanquish the Dark. One of the most celebrated fantasy sequences of all time, The Dark Is Rising is a searing, epic rendering of the eternal conflict between good and evil.

This complete collection includes Over Sea, Under Stone; The Dark Is Rising; Greenwitch; The Grey King; and Silver on the Tree.

4. Duel at Araluen (Ranger's Apprentice: The Royal Ranger)

Author: by John Flanagan
Puffin Books
320 pages

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International bestselling author John Flanagan returns to world of Ranger’s Apprentice in this new installment of the Royal Ranger series starring Maddie, Will Treaty’s fearless young female apprentice. Perfect for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien, Brian Jacques’s Redwall, and George R.R.

Martin’s Game of Thrones! King Duncan and Princess Cassandra are trapped in the south tower of Castle Araluen and under near-constant attackfrom the Red Fox Clan. Sir Horace and Ranger Commandant Gilan are holed up in an old hill fort, surrounded by the enemy.

And Ranger’s apprentice Maddie is the only one who can save them all. With the help of Hal, Thorn, and the rest of the Heron brotherband, Maddie will have to break her father and his men out of the hill fort, but will they reach Castle Araluen in time?

Internationally bestselling author of the Ranger’s Apprentice and Brotherband series, John Flanagan returns in the captivating next installment of the Royal Ranger series: The Royal Ranger: Duel at Araluen.

5. The Royal Ranger: The Red Fox Clan (Ranger's Apprentice: The Royal Ranger)

Author: by John Flanagan
Puffin Books
368 pages

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#1 New York Times bestselling author John Flanagan returns to the world of Ranger’s Apprentice, continuing the story arc that began in The Royal Ranger: A New Beginning, starring fan favorites Will and Maddie. Picking up where The Royal Ranger: A New Beginning left off, this next installment continues the story arc featuring young apprentice Maddie and the student-turned-master, Will Treaty.

The time has come for the next generation to assume the mantle and become protectors of the kingdom of Araluen. After passing her third-year assessment as a ranger’s apprentice, Maddie is called home to Castle Araluen. Forced to keep her ranger training a secret, Maddie feels trapped by her role as a princess of the realm and longs to find a way out.

But there are whisperings of a new threat to the kingdom. The mysterious Red Fox Clan, a group of anarchists all donning fox masks, have threatened Castle Araluen and question Princess Cassandra and Madelyn’s succession to the throne. Will they succeed in unseating Cassandra and Madelyn and take the throne for themselves?

6. The Traitor's Son: (Path of the Ranger Book 1)

Author: by Pedro Urvi
January 24, 2020

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A kingdom in danger, a great betrayal, a boy seeking to redeem his father’s honor. Will he succeed in exonerating him and saving the realm from an enemy in the shadows before it is too late for the whole North?

By the age of fifteen, Lasgol has endured a hard childhood and lives, cornered and hated, in a small village in the North. He is the son of the traitor, the man who betrayed the kingdom and tried to kill the King.

His only companions are the mountains and the snow, ever-present in the region. Yet he refuses to believe that his father is guilty, even though the King himself was a witness to the betrayal. Lasgol is determined to clear his father’s name and to do this he has only a single option: the School of Rangers, a secret place where the respected and feared defenders of the lands of the kingdom are trained for four years.

Going there is insane, hate and death await him. But as the son of a Ranger, he is entitled to attend. At the Camp he will find himself involved in political intrigues, disloyalties and fights. He will encounter hatred and fearsome enemies, but also a handful of friends, novices as much out of place as he is himself, determined to do whatever is necessary to pass the first year…

7. The King's Secret: (Path of the Ranger Book 2)

Author: by Pedro Urvi
February 21, 2020


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War has broken out in the North. The Corrupt Lord of the Ice has invaded Norghana with a host from the Frozen Continent. Will the King and the Rangers manage to stop him, or will they die in the attempt?

Darthor is seeking to dethrone King Uthar. He is on his way to conquer Norghana and take the crown. He has invaded the kingdom and has a host from the Frozen Continent at his command: Wild Ones of the Ice, Snow Trolls, Albino Ogres, Semi-Giants, Tundra Dwellers, Arcanes of the Glaciers and creatures unlike anything anybody has ever seen before.

Uthar gathers together his armies and prepares to repel him. But not all the Norghanian nobles are with the King. The Western League does not support him; they want to regain the crown for the West, for the Olafstones. Lasgol and his partners will have to overcome an arduous second year of instruction at the Camp if they want to become Rangers one day.

The tests will be far harder, the effort required much greater. Rivalries will surface, but also companionship and even love. He will find out that he does not know the whole truth about what happened to his parents, or about his new friend Camu.

8. Power Conspiracy: (Path of the Ranger Book 9)

Author: by Pedro Urvi
April 30, 2021

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A conspiracy is in the making. Will the Snow Panthers be able to stop itand find the perpetrators? Ingrid, Viggo and Lasgol are off to a rescuemission. What is supposed to be a straight forward task soon gets derailed andthe friends find themselves in more trouble than they ever wanted.

Nilsa and Gerd travel to the Rangers Camp to helpEgil. They will have to embark in a new adventure to try to find the truthbehind the dark events surrounding them. The Panthers will discover a power conspiracy andwill have to confront it.

Will they rescue Astrid from the Turquoise Queen? Will the Panthers find out who is behind the conspiracy? Will they save thekingdom? Find out while you follow fascinating adventureswith a group of characters you will fall in love with. Epic fantasy full of adventure, action, magic,mystery and some romance for all ages: children, teens and adults.

Enjoy this book with your kids and family. The adventure begins right now! About this series:Genre: Epic fantasy, sword & sorcery, action& adventure, coming of age, fantasy & magic. Audience: Middle-grade, teen, young adult, adult. Setting: Continent in quasi-medieval times andwith magic users.

9. Wizardology: The Book of the Secrets of Merlin (Ologies)

Author: by Master Merlin
32 pages

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Aspiring wizards can tune in to the age-old wisdom of Merlin with this dazzling compendium of all things magical, unveiling novelty elements throughout. For any apprentice determined to learn the arcane arts of wizardry, could there be a better teacher than …Merlin himself?

Originally discovered in 1588, this remarkable text by history’s most respected wizard is revealed to the world for the very first time. Lavishly illustrated by four delicate artists, Wizardology’s intricate design even conceals a series of hidden symbols that spell out a secret message when their code is deciphered if the reader is clever enough to find them.

Among Wizardology’s special features are: a glittering crystal ball-like jewel on the front cover a world map showing locations of wizards around the globe tactile samples of a “fairy flag” with one wish remaining and a phoenix feather to aid in flying charms booklets explaining the proper use of spells, familiars, and potions a removable dragon pendant allowing the user to dowse for mythical beasts a pack of eight removable fortune-tellling cards a 48-page mini book of divination on the final spread

10. The Turquoise Queen: (Path of the Ranger Book 8)

Author: by Pedro Urvi
January 29, 2021

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A great danger has arisen in the north of therealm. Soldiers and Magi cannot defeat it. Will the Snow Panthers be able to? While Lasgol and his comrades carry out theirduties as Rangers, a shadowy danger gathers strength in the Frozen Territoriesand threatens the kingdom.

Thoran sends his Ice Magi and his armies to fight againstit. The Snow Panthers are summoned to carryout a risky and complicated mission to obtain an object of power which willhelp destroy the evil which is on its way across the northern mountains to thecapital.

This is not the only danger our friends willhave to face, since the Dark Rangers and the Zangrians continue to pose anever-present threat, both to the realm and the Panthers. Do not miss this next book, rich in adventure,action, thrills and magic.

Will they manage to secure the precious magicalobject they seek? Will the kingdom survive the evil that’s on its way from thenorth, as well as the Dark Rangers and the Zangrians? Will Lasgol and hisfriends survive? Don’t miss this new and exciting installmentin the series!

11. Mystery in the Tundra: (Path of the Ranger Book 3)

Author: by Pedro Urvi
March 20, 2020

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The war is intensifying. So is the training at the Camp. Will Lasgol andhis friends survive both? The Corrupt Lord of the Ice has been rejected. King Uthar is seeking to kill him once and for all. But Darthor has retreatedto the Frozen Continent with his forces.

Lasgol and his friends are making every effort topass their third year of instruction, where the tests change from practicalcompetitions to real missions where they risk their lives. Conflicts, rivalriesand love will emerge more strongly than ever. Egil and Lasgol will discover the truth about theKing’s Secret and the identity of the real enemy.

They will choose sides andtry to persuade their teammates. Will they manage to? King Uthar will invade the Frozen Continent withhis hosts to put an end to Darthor. The Rangers, including Lasgol and hisfriends, will find themselves involved in the campaign of war.

They willdiscover the Mystery of the Tundra in the Frozen Continent and take part in thegreat battle for the North. Will Lasgol and his friends survive the third yearof instruction? Will they survive the war in the North, the treachery anddouble-crossing?

12. The Sword in the Tree (Trophy Chapter Books (Paperback))

Author: by Clyde Robert Bulla
112 pages

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Best-selling author Clyde Robert Bulla’s classic, finely-crafted Arthurian tale with its sword fights, dark and dangerous dungeon, roguish knaves, action-packed showdowns and tales of dangerous feats, will appeal to emerging readers who are ready for chapter books and reluctant tween readers alike.

In the days of King Arthur there stood a mighty oak tree within the walls of a castle. Peace reigned in the castle until the fearsome night when Lionel, long-lost brother of Lord Weldon, returned to cause trouble and unhappiness.

It was then that Shan, the son of Lord Weldon, took on the duties of a knight and hid the sword in the hollow of the giant oak. The days that followed were filled with adventures that tried the courage of the young boy.

Shan was surprised by bearded robbers in the woods. He met noble knights in plumed helmets, and eventually he even made a trip to high-towered Camelot. His story is filled with the pageantry and color of England in King Arthur’s time.

13. The Secret Refuge: (Path of the Ranger Book 5)

Author: by Pedro Urvi
May 28, 2020

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Only the best have access to the Elite Specializations of the Rangers. Will the Snow Panthers make it? The war goes on in Norghana. The East supports thenew King, while the West supports Arnold Olafstone, the legitimate heir to thecrown.

In the North the Wild of the Ice claim their lands. In the midst of thewar, Lasgol and his teammates have graduated as Rangers. They must decide whether to take theSpecialization Test. If they do, and pass it, they will have access to trainingas Specialist Rangers and be able to opt for one of the elite specializations.

For this they will need to go to a hidden, secret place: The Shelter. It isrumored to be somewhere special, secret and arcane. Will Lasgol take the Specialization Test?Will hepass it?Will his friends? Who will make it and who will not?

What newadventures are waiting for them at the Shelter? Find out in the fifth instalment of thisfascinating epic fantasy series. Enjoy adventures filled with action, adventure, magic and romance! Epic fantasy for the whole family! About this series:Genre: Epic fantasy, sword & sorcery, action& adventure, coming of age, fantasy & magic.

14. The King of the West: (Path of the Ranger Book 7)

Author: by Pedro Urvi
October 30, 2020

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Can a handful of Rangers decide the fate of a kingdom? Lasgol and his companions are immersed in theirmissions as Specialist Rangers. The situations and problems they will face aremuch greater than they imagined. The civil war in Norghana intensifies.

KingThoran with the support of the eastern nobles and an army of mercenaries paidwith the gold of the crown want to put an end to the rebellion. He wants to endthe King of the West and his League by any means necessary.

Our friends will be involved in intrigues,betrayals, persecutions, murders, battles, sieges and all kinds of situationsthat will test their loyalty not only to their kingdom but to their friends andcolleagues. Do not miss this new installment full ofadventure, action, emotion, magic and romance.

Who will win in the civil war? Will the west bevictorious or will it be the east? Will Lasgol and his friends survive thetribulations in which they will be involved? Will they decide the fate ofNorghana with their decisions and actions?