Best Children's Eastern Religions Books

Here you will get Best Children's Eastern Religions Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Buddhism for Kids: 40 Activities, Meditations, and Stories for Everyday Calm, Happiness, and Awareness

Author: by Emily Griffith Burke
122 pages

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Easy and fun everyday Buddhism activities for kids ages 2 to 8Growing up can be hard, with lots of big changes and confusing feelingsbut practicing Buddhism can help turn that confusion into curiosity and excitement about the world and our place in it.

Using easy-to-follow meditations for kids, interactive activities, and vivid retellings of classic Buddhist stories, Buddhism for Kids brings the Dharma, or Buddhist teachings, to kids. Buddhism for Kids makes the practice fun and interactive. Organized by time of daymorning, day, and nightthe book is designed to meet your little one’s energy level, or wind them down for bed.

Kids will learn how to check in with nature by greeting trees, express their feelings by drawing monsters, show kindness through a surprise gift, and apply the lessons learned through incredible stories to their own life. Buddhism for Kids includes:Dharma playWatch your kids bring the teachings to life any time of the day through fun games and creative activities.

2. The Many Colors of Harpreet Singh

Author: by Supriya Kelkar
Sterling Children's Books
32 pages

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Alea Marley’s cover illustration screams JOY and LOVE. I love everything about this important and necessary picture book, especially Harpreet Singh and his big heart. Mr. Schu, Ambassador of School Libraries for Scholastic This simple yet sensitive story about a child coming to terms with things beyond his control will resonate across cultures.

KirkusHarpreet Singh loves his colorsbut when his family moves to a new city, everything just feels gray. Can he find a way to make life bright again? Harpreet Singh has a different color for every mood and occasion, from pink for dancing to bhangra beats to red for courage.

He especially takes care with his patkahis turbansmoothing it out and making sure it always matches his outfit. But when Harpreet’s mom finds a new job in a snowy city and they have to move, all he wants is to be invisible.

Will he ever feel a happy sunny yellow again? Included on the Chicago Public Libraries Best Picture Books of 2019 list.

3. The Calm Buddha at Bedtime: Tales of Wisdom, Compassion and Mindfulness to Read with Your Child

Author: by Dharmachari Nagaraja
Watkins Publishing
128 pages

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A beautifully illustrated collection of classic Buddhist tales that will calm your child’s mind before bedtimecomplete with a series of mindfulness meditations for kids and their parents Growing up in the modern world, our children have to cope with an ever-increasing amount of stress, which can feel worrying to both them and us.

The ancient wisdom of Buddhism, with its emphasis on peace, mindfulness and compassion, is the ideal basis for helping any child face these challenges with inner confidence and calm. Building on the age-old art of storytelling, this beautiful book retells eighteen ancient Buddhist tales in a way that is thoroughly fun and accessible to children.

Featuring original, full-page illustrations, the stories will transport children into imaginary worlds of enlightenment and discovery. Here, they will meet all sorts of delightful characters and discover easy-to-understand Buddhist messages that will empower them to think about how they can apply values such as patience, honesty, authenticity and generosity in their own lives.

4. Wide Awake: A Buddhist Guide for Teens

Author: by Diana Winston
304 pages

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Many of today’s teenagers are tired of the pressure to compete and consume-and are looking for a different way to live their lives. This book offers an alternative: the 2,500-year old practice of Buddhism. Written in a style that will have immediate appeal to young “seekers” and those wanting to understand the ancient teachings, this book addresses such relevant topics as peer pressure, emotional difficulties, stress, fostering peace, and even protecting the environment.

For everyone looking for self-help, self-esteem, and self-awareness, this book offers advice on:Discovering truth in a world of hypeFinding peace amid the ups and downs of lifeAccepting ourselvesWorking with difficult emotionsHow to meditateDealing with temptations and making the right decisions about sex and drugsAdvice on volunteering, working for peace, and protecting the environment

5. Each Breath a Smile

Author: by Sister Susan
32 pages

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Each Breath a Smile introduces preschool-aged children to mindful breathing. Through beautiful color illustrations, children learn to connect with their breathing to help them experience calmness and enjoy a deeper relationship with their friends and family. Illustrations of trees, frogs, crickets, and birds remind them of the many simple joys available in the world around them.

With twenty-eight full-page color illustrations by artists Nguyen Thi Hop and Nguyen Dong, this book will delight children while serving as a valuable resource for parents and teachers.

6. A Pebble for Your Pocket: Mindful Stories for Children and Grown-ups

Author: by Thich Nhat Hanh
Plum Blossom
144 pages

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Drawn from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Dharma talks given to young people, A Pebble for Your Pocket presents the basic teachings of the Buddha in accessible and modern language. Combining the stories and mediation practices from the previous edition of A Pebble for your Pocket with those collected in Under the Rose Apple Tree plus several new stories, this completely revised edition is written in a conversational style, and is comprised of Buddhist parables, and stories from the author’s own childhood experiences.

They elucidate principles of Buddhism and mindfulness practice, and give the young reader and their parents concrete advise on handling difficult emotions such as anger, from which the title – a pebble for your pocket – is taken. Written in a highly accessible style that doesn’t rely on lot of jargon or difficult vocabulary requiring breaks for explanation, Thich Nhat Hanh emphasizes the importance of the present moment through vivid metaphors, original allegories, and colorful stories.

7. Who Is the Dalai Lama? (Who Was?)

Author: by Dana Meachen Rau
Penguin Workshop
112 pages

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Get to know the Dalai Lama, Tibet’s spiritual leader and one of the most popular world leaders today. Two-year-old Lhamo Thondup never imagined he would be anything other than an ordinary child, but after undergoing a series of tests, he was proclaimed the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.

By age 15, he found himself the undisputed leader of six million people who were facing the threat of a full-scale war from the Chinese. After the defeat of the Tibetan national uprising in 1959, the Dalai Lama had to flee Tibet and went into exile in India.

For nearly 50 years, he has aimed to establish Tibet as a self-governing, democratic state. In 1989, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent efforts for the liberation of Tibet and his concern for global environmental problems. As the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama continues to spend his life working to benefit humanity and preserving Tibetan culture.

8. Act in Faith: Unleash Your Omnipotence

Author: by Farhana Rahman

98 pages

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Do you sometimes feel trapped by things like tradition, religion, your gender or a general lack of control? Are you ready to overcome these adversities and thrive like never before? This book will release you from the constraints placed upon you, so you can truly live!

Each and every one of us is born into something that compels us to live our lives in a certain way. It could be your culture, the weight of parental expectation, peer pressure of any number of other issues that can arise as we make our way along life’s path.

This can create a sense of fear within us, which then impacts on the decisions we make and ultimately has an impact on whether we are able to live a happy life. It’s as simple as that and inside Act in Faith: Unleash Your Omnipotence, you can learn to undo it, so that you can live fearlessly and on your own terms, with chapters that help you to:Acknowledge the universe within youManage and control your thoughtsTrust your instinctsLive without limitsLearn the power of forgivenessBuild a strong foundation of faithPractice gratitudeAnd moreFear is the one thing that will always hold you back and prevent you from living your best life.

9. Nightlights: Stories for You to Read to Your Child – To Encourage Calm, Confidence and Creativity

Author: by Kate Petty
Watkins Publishing
144 pages

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Nightlights is a book of stories to read to children, but stories with a difference. It’s a collection of twenty interactive meditation stories that have bene specially written to calm and relax your child at bedtime, while at the same time engaging and stimulating his or her imagination.

These stories also help children in many other important ways. They help them to focus their minds and develop their powers of concentration and visualization, as well as learn more about emotions and feelings. Although not meditations in the strict sense, they do serve as a good preparation for learning real meditation later on.

They also foster imagination and creativity, help children deal with their burgeoning anxieties, and help them take their first steps towards developing their own unique identity. In the Introduction, Civardi provides techniques to help parents develop their out-loud reading skills, shows how to create the right mood, and gives practical advice on how to talk with your child about what he or she has just heard.

10. Buddha in Your Backpack: Everyday Buddhism for Teens

Author: by Franz Metcalf
244 pages

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Learn to navigate those trying teen years with greater ease using simple, effective teachings, meditations and mindfulness exercises from BuddhismA guide for navigating the teen years, Buddha in Your Backpack is for young people who want to learn more about Buddhism or for those who simply want to understand what’s going on inside themselves and in the world around them.

This ispirational guide tells Buddha’s life story in a fashion teens will relate to, describing Buddha as a young rebel not satisfied with the answers of his elders. It then introduces Buddha’s core teachings with chapters like All About Me and Been There, Why’d I Do That?

Celebrated, bestselling author, Franz Metcalf, presents thoughtful and spiritual insights on school, dating, hanging out, jobs, and other issues of special interest to teens inviting readers to look inside themselves for answers.

11. The Kind Servant: A joyful poem about 'Abdu'l-Bahá

Author: by Celeste Amara Finn
24 pages

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A picture book about ‘Abdu’lBah for young children.’Abdu’l-Bah’ led the Baha’i’ Faith after His Father, Bah’u’llh, passed away. He lived a life of service to humanity and was loving to all who met Him. This book was written to share ‘Abdu’l-Bah’s spirit of kindness, joy, and prayerfulness.

Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers will delight in the playful rhyme and beautiful images.

12. Smile with Yoga: Fun, Mindful, and Engaging Yoga for Kids (and Their Parents)

Author: by I. Rekem
44 pages

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Fun, mindful, and engaging yoga book for kids and their parents. Kid-friendly Yoga poses, playful rhyming poems, fun animal facts, captivating and enjoyable games and activities, easy to follow step-by-step poses guide. Encourages children to exercise and practice Yoga and learn about kindness, awareness and compassion along the way.”Delightful and very different …Unique book…

Smile with Yoga is one highly recommended book for children and adults to share.” – Readers’ Favorite

13. Let's Celebrate Navratri! (Nine Nights of Dancing & Fun) (Maya & Neel's India Adventure Series, Book 5)

Author: by Ajanta Chakraborty
Bollywood Groove
37 pages

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A festival that celebrates the female power in its nine different forms? Navratri or the festival of Nine Nights is exactly that. One of the most widely celebrated festivals of India, it is the perfect combination of mesmerizing Dandiya & Garba dances, brilliantly colorful clothes, delicious treats, and more.

Join our traveling adventurers Maya, Neel, and Chintu, the squirrel, as they experience Navratri in its full splendor in Gujarat and also learn about how Navratri is celebrated in the rest of the country including Durga Puja, Golu tradition, and more..

Check out this incredibly fun festival book from Bestselling series with Award-winning authors! Also See* Check out the bestseller book on 5 days of Diwali along with an activity book with 50 activities!.Did you know? All of our books are non-religious with stories are retold for a global audience.

Maya & Neel’s India Adventures 10+ Book Series is written with the mission to RAISE MULTICULTURAL KIDS! We are Indie authors and 1st generation Indian immigrants, who have dedicated the past decade to spreading multiculturalism through our local dance & culture company as well through this book series whose extreme popularity has taken even us by surprise.

14. Lucia: Saint of Light

Author: by Katherine Bolger Hyde
Conciliar Press
32 pages

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Long revered in both East and West, St. Lucia is an early virgin martyr whose life and legacy shine as a light of faith, hope, and compassion in the darkness of winter and sin. Lucia, Saint of Light introduces young readers to both her life and her delightful Christmas-related festival as it is traditionally celebrated in Sweden and around the world.

Daria Fisher’s warm and vivid illustrations will make this book a favorite with children and parents alike. Brighten your home this winter with the festival of Lucia, Saint of Light!