Best Cozy Craft & Hobby Mysteries Books

Here you will get Best Cozy Craft & Hobby Mysteries Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder: An Entertaining & Delicious Cozy Mystery with Recipes (A Hannah Swensen Mystery)

Author: by Joanne Fluke
Published at: Kensington (February 23, 2021)
ISBN: 978-1496718921

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This fun new story from the Queen of Culinary Cozies is just the indulgence you need this winter! Cozy mystery fans know that a trip to The Cookie JarHannah Swensen’s famous bakerywill always result in a delightfully page-turning whodunit New York Times and USA Today Bestseller!

Fans will revel in another encounter with the familiar cast of characters, all the while relishing the baking frame and the delicious-sounding recipes. Booklist Another sweet-tempered outing filled with tempting sweets. Kirkus Reviews Spring has sprung in Lake Eden, Minnesota, but Hannah Swensen doesn’t have time to stop and smell the rosesnot with hot cross buns to make, treats to bake, and a sister to exonerate!

Hannah’s up to her ears with Easter orders rushing in at The Cookie Jar, plus a festive meal to prepare for a dinner party at her mother’s penthouse. But everything comes crashing to a halt when Hannah receives a panicked call from her sister AndreaMayor Richard Bascomb has been murdered …

2. Inked Out: A Seaside Cottage Books Cozy Mystery

Author: by Karen MacInerney
Published at: Independently published (March 1, 2021)
ISBN: 979-8715274151

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When fledgling bookseller Max Sayers agrees to host Snug Harbor, Maine’s new mystery writers’ group, she envisions filling Seaside Cottage Books with literary conversation, warm, fresh-baked cookies, and a community to support her assistant Bethany’s mystery writing dream. But the group has barely begun its second meeting when local author Reginald Blakely accuses young Bethany of plagiarizing his novel.

The next morning, Reginald turns up dead in the bookstore, a letter opener plunged into his chest and the store’s antique inkwell smashed. When police learn that Reginald threatened Bethany just the night before, Max’s beloved assistant rockets to the top of the suspect list.

As Max struggles to clear Bethany’s name, she discovers that some old roots in Snug Harbor run deeperand are more twistedthan she ever dreamed possible. And the murder in the bookstore is eerily similar to an unsolved murder that happened almost 100 years ago.

Can Max clear her assistant’s name in time? Or will she-and Seaside Cottage Books-be the killer’s next victim?

3. Coconut Layer Cake Murder (A Hannah Swensen Mystery)

Author: by Joanne Fluke
Published at: Kensington (January 26, 2021)
ISBN: 978-1496718907

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Now in paperback!In New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Joanne Fluke’s 25th installment in the bestselling Hannah Swensen Mystery series, Hannah leaves Lake Eden to help a friend in sunny California-but an unexpected phone call brings her back to a cold Minnesota winter for a murder investigation, and of course, new criminally delicious recipes!

When Hannah learns that her sister Michelle’s boyfriend, Detective Lonnie Murphy, is the prime suspect in a murder case, she goes straight from a movie studio sound stage to the Los Angeles airport. Back in frigid Minnesota, she discovers that proving Lonnie’s innocence will be harder than figuring out what went wrong with a recipe.

Lonnie remembers only parts of the night he went out to a local bar and ended up driving a very impaired woman home. He knows he helped her to her bedroom, but he doesn’t recall anything else until he woke up on her couch the following morning.

When he went to the bedroom to check on her, he was shocked to discover she was dead. Hannah doesn’t know what to believe-only that exonerating a suspect who can’t remember is almost impossible, especially since Lonnie’s brother, Detective Rick Murphy, and Lonnie’s partner, Chief Detective Mike Kingston, have been taken off the case.

4. Shucked Apart (A Maine Clambake Mystery)

Author: by Barbara Ross
Published at: Kensington (February 23, 2021)

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In the ninth installment of the award-winning Maine Clambake Mystery series, Julia Snowden and the Snowden Family Clambake Company return for another case of mystery and murder in Maine-this time, Julia must uncover the murderer of an oyster farmer. When oyster farmer Andie Greatorex is robbed of a bucket of oyster seed worth $35,000, she comes to Julia Snowden for help.

Who wants to sink Andie’s successful business? Is it a rival oyster farmer, an ex-employee, a neighbor who objects to the oyster cages floating on the beautiful Damariscotta River, a lobsterman who feels pushed out by the farm leases, or someone from Andie’s personal life?

Then Andie turns up dead, floating by her dock in the SCUBA gear she wears when harvesting her oysters. Julia’s head start puts her in a perfect position to help her friends in the Maine State police major crimes unit with the investigation.

But can Julia make sure the right suspect gets sent up the river before she ends up in a watery grave?

5. Irish Parade Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery)

Author: by Leslie Meier
Published at: Kensington (January 26, 2021)
ISBN: 978-1496710390

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Lucy Stone’s late-winter blues usually vanish by the time Tinker’s Cove goes green for its annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration. There’s just one wee problem that not even the luck of the Irish can fix-murder! After returning from her father-in-law’s funeral in Florida, Lucy can almost hear the death knell of her part-time reporter job the instant she meets new hire Rob Callahan.

He’s young, ambitious, and positioning himself to become the Pennysaver’s next star reporter. Adding insult to injury, Lucy only gets assigned the local St. Patrick’s Day parade once Rob passes on the story. But before beer flows and bagpipes sound, Rob becomes suspected of destroying more than other people’s careers…

It’s a shock when Rob is suddenly charged with sending a corrections officer from town to a fiery death. Contrary to the evidence, Lucy seriously doubts her office rival committed murder, and she’s willing to follow that nagging hunch into the darkest corners of the community if it means shedding light on the truth…

6. The Mockingbird's Song (Volume 2) (Amish Greenhouse Mysteries)

Author: by Wanda E. Brunstetter
Published at: Shiloh Run Press (August 1, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1643522319

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Where Is the Hope in Grief for a Young Amish Widow? Sylvia has been nearly paralyzed with grief and anxiety since the tragic death of her husband, father, and brother in a traffic accident. She tries to help in the family’s greenhouse while caring for her two young children, but she prefers not to have to deal with customers.

Her mother’s own grief causes her to hover over her children and grandchildren, and Sylvia seeks a diversion. She takes up birdwatching and soon meets an Amish man who teaches her about local birds. But Sylvia’s mother doesn’t trust Dennis Weaver, and as the relationship sours, mysterious attacks on the greenhouse start up again.

7. The Crow's Call: Amish Greehouse Mystery – book 1 (Amish Greenhouse Mysteries)

Author: by Wanda E. Brunstetter
Published at: Shiloh Run Press (March 3, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1643520216

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Mysterious Events Plague a Greenhouse in Pennsylvania’s Amish Country When Vernon King, his son, and son-in-law are involved in a terrible accident, three women are left to cope with their deaths, as they become the sole providers of the family they have left.

The women’s only income must come from the family greenhouse, but someone seems to be trying to force them out of business. Amy King has just lost her father and brother, and her mother needs her to help run the family’s greenhouse.

It doesn’t seem fair to ask her to leave a job she loves, when there is still a sister and brother to help. But Sylvia is also grieving for her husband while left to raise three children, and Henry, just out of school, is saddled with all the jobs his father and older brother used to do.

As Amy assumes her new role, she also asks Jared Riehl to put their courtship on hold. When things become even more stressful at the greenhouse, will Amy crumble under the pressure?


Pork Pie Pandemonium: Albert Smith's Culinary Capers Recipe 1

Author: by steve higgs
Published at: Independently published (May 28, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8645265601

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Baking.It can get a guy killed. When Steve Higgs writes, he hits it out of the park. I find myself laughing out loud and often.’When a retired detective superintendent chooses to take a culinary tour of the British Isles, he hopes to find tasty treats and delicious bakes what he finds is a clue to a crime in the ingredients for his pork pie.

His dog, Rex Harrison, an ex-police dog fired for having a bad attitude, cannot understand why the humans are struggling to solve the mystery. He can already smell the answer it’s right before their noses. He’ll pitch in to help his human and the shop owner’s teenage daughter as the trio set out to save the shop from closure.

Is the rival pork pie shop across the street to blame? Or is there something far more sinister going on? One thing is for sure, what started out as a bit of fun, is getting deadlier by the hour, and they’d better work out what the dog knows soon or it could be curtains for them all.

This series has it all; everything I want in a story and series … Humour, suspense, and colourful characters. It’s one of my top all-time favourite series.’This series of books contain no cussing and graphic descriptions of violence or bedroom activities.

9. Ink and Shadows: A Witty & Page-Turning Southern Cozy Mystery (A Secret, Book and Scone Society Novel)

Author: by Ellery Adams
Published at: Kensington (January 26, 2021)
ISBN: 978-1496726414

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“Entertaining…Packed with mystery, romance, and sisterhood.” -Kirkus ReviewsNew York Times bestselling author Ellery Adams is back with the latest in her acclaimed Secret, Book, and Scone Society series. Local bookstore owner Nora Pennington is back on the case in Miracle Springs, North Carolina when an accidental death turns out to be something much more sinister…

Nora Pennington is known for her window displays, and as Halloween approaches, she decides to showcase fictional heroines like Roald Dahl’s Matilda and Madeline Miller’s Circe. A family-values group disapproves of the magical themes, though, and wastes no time launching a modern-day witch hunt.

Suddenly, former friends and customers are targeting not only Nora and Miracle Books, but a new shopkeeper, Celeste, who’s been selling CBD oil products. Nora and her friends in the Secret, Book, and Scone Society are doing their best to put an end to the strife-but then someone puts an end to a life.

Though the death is declared an accident, the ruling can’t explain the old book page covered with strange symbols and disturbing drawings left under Nora’s doormat, a postcard from an anonymous stalker, or multiple cases of vandalism. The only hope is that Nora can be a heroine herself and lead the Secret, Book, and Scone Society in a successful investigation-before more bodies turn up and the secrets from Celeste’s past come back to haunt them all …

10. Alias Grace: A Novel

Author: by Margaret Atwood
Published at: Anchor; Illustrated edition (October 13, 1997)
ISBN: 978-0385490443

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In Alias Grace, the bestselling author of The Handmaid’s Tale takes readers into the life of one of the most notorious women of the nineteenth centuryrecently adapted into a 6-part Netflix original mini-series by director Mary Harron and writer/actress Sarah Polley.

It’s 1843, and Grace Marks has been convicted for her involvement in the vicious murders of her employer and his housekeeper and mistress. Some believe Grace is innocent; others think her evil or insane. Now serving a life sentence, Grace claims to have no memory of the murders.

An up-and-coming expert in the burgeoning field of mental illness is engaged by a group of reformers and spiritualists who seek a pardon for Grace. He listens to her story while bringing her closer and closer to the day she cannot remember.

What will he find in attempting to unlock her memories? Captivating and disturbing, Alias Grace showcases bestselling, Booker Prize-winning author Margaret Atwood at the peak of her powers.

11. Profiteroles and Poison

Author: by Agatha Frost
Published at: Independently published (March 5, 2021)
ISBN: 979-8716956957

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The 21st book in the BESTSELLING Peridale Cafe Cozy Mystery series! With Baby South-Brown’s arrival just around the corner, Julia joins the local book club during her maternity leave. What better way to rest, relax, and connect with a few of Peridale’s book-loving citizens?

But when one of the book clubbers dies during a meeting, everyone’s a suspect. Meanwhile, with a missing father and a murdered woman already on Barker’s plate not to mention the poison pen letters demanding his return to novel-writing, or else, arriving with alarming frequency Barker’s biggest case yet as a private investigator gets more complicated with each passing day.

And the Braxton Hicks contractions, baby shower drama, and Ten Things Every Father Must Do To Prepare For Baby!! Articles aren’t helping matters. With Barker and Julia’s lives looking disturbingly like one of the novels Barker no longer writes, it will take their combined investigative skills to get to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding them.

12. Murder in an Irish Bookshop: A Cozy Irish Murder Mystery (An Irish Village Mystery)

Author: by Carlene O'Connor
Published at: Kensington (February 23, 2021)
ISBN: 978-1496730794

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In Carlene O’Connor’s seventh installment of her USA Today bestselling Irish Village Mystery series, the grand opening of a new bookstore in Kilbane becomes the closing chapter of an author’s life-and a whodunit that tests even Garda Siobhn O’Sullivan’s deductive reasoning…”A mlange of clues from classic mysteries plus plenty of Irish charm produce an enjoyable read.”-Kirkus ReviewsJoin a bestselling author and travel to County Cork in Ireland to solve a bookish mystery full of twists in a cozy whodunit perfect for fans of Sheila Connolly, Kate Carlisle, and Laura Childs!

Between training the new town garda and trying to set a wedding date with her fianc, Macdara Flannery, Siobhn O’Sullivan is feeling a bit overwhelmed. She’s looking forward to visiting the new bookshop and curling up with an exciting novel-only to discover the shelves contain nothing but Literature with a capital L.

The owner not only refuses to stock romances, mysteries, and science fiction, but won’t even let customers enter his store unless they can quote James Joyce or Sean Hennessey. Despite the owner deliberately limiting his clientele, he’s hosting a reading and autographing event featuring up and coming Irish writers who will be taking up residency in Kilbane for a month.

13. The Secret, Book & Scone Society (A Secret, Book and Scone Society Novel)

Author: by Ellery Adams
Published at: Kensington; Reprint edition (July 31, 2018)
ISBN: 978-1496712387

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In this intriguing new series from New York Times bestselling author Ellery Adams, a quirky club in small-town North Carolina holds the keys to health, happiness, friendshipand even solving a murderall to be found within the pages of the right book …

Strangers flock to Miracle Springs hoping the natural hot springs, five-star cuisine, and renowned spa can cure their ills. If none of that works, they often find their way to Miracle Books, where, over a fresh-baked comfort scone, they exchange their stories with owner Nora Pennington in return for a carefully chosen book.

That’s Nora’s special talentprescribing the perfect novel to ease a person’s deepest pain. So when a visiting businessman reaches out for guidance, Nora knows exactly how to help. But before he can keep their appointment, he’s found dead on the train tracks …

Stunned, Nora forms the Secret, Book, and Scone Society, a group of damaged souls yearning to earn redemption by helping others. To join, members must divulge their darkest secretthe terrible truth that brought each of them to Miracle Springs in the first place.

14. Murder at the Beacon Bakeshop (A Beacon Bakeshop Mystery)

Author: by Darci Hannah
Published at: Kensington (February 23, 2021)
ISBN: 978-1496731722

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In the first of a new series, after Lindsey Bakeswell catches her celebrity chef fianc sizzling in the arms of another woman, Lindsey leaves big city Wall Street for small town Beacon Harbor, Michigan to pursue her own passion as a pastry baker-and gets mixed up in someone’s sweet taste of revenge…

More interested in kneading dough than adding it up, Lindsey’s breakup inspired her to set up the shop she always wanted in a place that always made her happy. She’d spent many childhood summers near this beach community and converting the old run-down lighthouse into a bakery caf and home offers a perfect fresh start for Lindsey and her devoted Newfoundland dog, Wellington.

But not everyone in town has a sweet tooth. The preservation society won’t have the lighthouse’s history sugar coated by lattes and cakes-and a protest group crashes Lindsey’s Memorial Day opening. Then her ex-fianc Jeffrey Plank and his girlfriend Mia Wong arrive to trash the place.

In the ensuing chaos Mia chokes on a donut and dies. An autopsy reveals cyanide in Mia’s bloodstream and Lindsey is the police’s prime suspect. To clear her name, she’s going to need to combine ingredients found in the town’s checkered past to uncover the identity of a desperate killer…