Best Crocheting Books

Here you will get Best Crocheting Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Crochet Cute Critters: 26 Easy Amigurumi Patterns

Author: by Sarah Zimmerman
140 pages

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Make cute and cuddly animals with easy crochet Create a colorful collection of pillowy plush critters with the magic of crochet! Crochet Cute Critters is packed with simple patterns for creating adorable animals from alligators to zebras. The easy-to-make designs are perfect for beginning crocheters as well as advanced enthusiasts of amigurumithe art of crocheting stuffed toys.

Stitch, detail, and stuff each character to bring these huggable friends to life. Keep them as desk or bookshelf buddies, or gift them to a critter-loving kid! Beginner-friendly materialsThe crochet patterns whip up quickly using a standard hook and common worsted weight yarn, so anyone can get started right away.

Handy reference pagesRefer to step-by-step rundowns of essential crocheting skills, along with a full-color picture of each critter. Basics to build onEvery 10 animal shares the same basic head and body pattern, so the techniques can be carried over from project to project.

Discover how fun and easy it is to stitch up lovable, floppy friends with Crochet Cute Critters!

2. Crochet Techniques & Tips

Author: by Publications International Ltd.
64 pages

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Learn crochet stitches and techniques with step-by-step instructions and accompanying photographs. From your first slip knot to your final stitch, this book covers it all! Crochet Techniques & Tips features easy-to-follow tutorials on how to make more than 20 crochet stitches. Ideal for both beginner and more experienced crocheters.

Edging and joining techniques are also included.64 pages. With Crochet Techniques & Tips, you’re sure to be hooked on crochet!

3. Whimsical Stitches: A Modern Makers Book of Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Author: by Lauren Espy
Paige Tate Select
176 pages

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Explore Amigurumi, the Japanese art of crochet design, with 30 unique and darling patterns. Whether a novice or an experienced crocheter, anyone can pick up a needle and complete these cuddly creations. Author and amigurumi guru Lauren Espy inspires crocheters with her easy-to-follow patterns, pictures, and helpful instructions.

Lauren always takes the patterns one step at a time to ensure that your finished product is as cute as the creation on the page! In Whimsical Stitches: A Modern Makers Book of Amigurumi Crochet Patterns, amigurumi is explored through thirty simple, fanciful patterns in a variety of themes, including: In the Garden At the Aquarium Down on the Farm At the Bakery Brighten a room with flowers that won’t wilt, bring cheer to your table with colorful fruits that won’t attract flies, and add cuddly friends to a baby’s collection of favorite toys.

4. Pokémon Crochet: Bring your favorite Pokémon to life with 20 cute crochet patterns

Author: by Sabrina Somers
112 pages

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What do you get if you combine amigurumithe Japanese art of crocheting small stuffed toyswith Pokmon? Only the best crochet book ever! Pokmon Crochet provides detailed step-by-step instructions so you can create 20 different Pokmon. It’s a varied selection, with plenty of interesting colors and shapes to ensure hours of crocheting fun.

The Pokmon will be instantly recognizable to fans of the phenomenally popular Japanese game and TV series. In all their colorful and wonderful shapes, these amigurumi are as true to the craft of crochet as they are to the Pokmon universe.

All Pokmon trainers need to trainthemselves and their Pokmon. The same is true with crochet. To help in your training, the book starts with a how-to guide to understanding crochet patterns, then explains and demonstrates the various stitches needed to make the Pokmon.

Then it addresses the special techniques you’ll need to master, which tools and materials you’ll need, and then how to put everything together to make a perfect Pokmon plushie. The projects are split into three skill levels: Beginners, then Easy, and finally Intermediate patterns that are a little trickier.

5. 3D Granny Squares: 100 crochet patterns for pop-up granny squares

Author: by Celine Semaan
David & Charles
128 pages

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The humble granny square gets a fresh new look in this collection of 100 3D granny square crochet patterns. Choose your favourite from 100 different designs including flowers, animals, food and drink, and motifs; whether it’s a fragrant rose, a cherry pie or a jelly fish.

Each motif features a 3D element that is integral to the granny square design. There are also ten bright and beautiful projects showing you how to use the squares to make beautiful gifts for friends and family including an animal themed baby blanket; a fruity cushion and a decorative garland.

6. Circular Knitting Machine Patterns | Diana Levine Knits: 25 Patterns for Addi and Sentro Circular Knitting Machines

Author: by Diana Levine
140 pages

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This book features 25 patterns to make using the Addi Express Kingsize knitting machine, the Addi Express 22 needle knitting machine, the Sentro 48 needle knitting machine, the Sentro 40 needle knitting machine, and I-Cord knitting machines. The book includes patterns for hats, purses, pencil bags, stuffed animals, blankets, scarves & more.

The beginning of the book features a section introducing how to use circular knitting machines, some common techniques for seaming and assembling pieces made with circular knitting machines, and an introduction to the various machines that are available on the market.

Circular knitting machines are a quick and fun way to create beautiful knitted items. Video tutorials:youtube. Com/dianalevineknitsLearn more:dianalevineknits.Cominstagram. Com/dianalevineknits

7. The Ultimate Granny Square Sourcebook: 100 Contemporary Motifs to Mix and Match

Author: by Joke Vermeiren
Meteoor Books
208 pages

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Traditional or modern, vibrant or subtle, the possibilities of granny squares are endless! They captivate tones and lines much like a yarn canvas and come together as snuggly blankets, soft cushions, smart garments and much more. This unique granny square collection combines the styles of 23 creative designers from all over the world, who each bring their best game to the table.

With ample suggestions for captivating combinations, written instructions as well as clear graphs for every square in the book, stitch instructions and techniques for blocking and joining, this sourcebook goes above and beyond to show you the endless possibilities of granny square crochet.

All motifs match in both size and stitch count, so they can easily be combined into stunning combinations, bringing you the best of this unbeaten crochet classic! 100 unique granny squares by 23 amazing designers Each of the 100 squares can be mixed and matched with all others Including charts and written out patterns in US terms for each square Including basic crochet tutorials, instructions for blocking and joining Advice on gorgeous square combinations Clear photography Beginner-friendly squares as well as challenging patterns for experienced crocheters

8. Crochet Stitch Dictionary: 200 Essential Stitches with Step-by-Step Photos

Author: by Sarah Hazell
192 pages

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Great for new and experienced crocheters alike, Crochet Stitch Dictionary offers 200 stitches with detailed written, charted, and photographed instructions. This essential book presents 10 color-coded stitch sections: Basic stitches, Fans & Shells, Bobbles & Clusters, Spike stitches, Post stitches, Mesh & Filet, Cable stitches, Tunisian stitches, and more!

Learn each stitch with written, charted, and step-by-step photo instructions that clearly explain where the yarn goes each step of the way. In addition, each stitch pattern shows a large finished swatch in actual size. You’ll enjoy the colorful and eye-catching “candy-box” sampler pages that start every section.

Crochet Stitch Dictionary offers excellent useful instruction and inspiration for all crocheters.

9. Unicorns, Dragons and More Fantasy Amigurumi: Bring 14 Magical Characters to Life! (1) (Unicorns, Dragons and More Amigurumi)

Author: by
120 pages

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Whip out your crochet hook and summon your coziest chair: the crochet spells in this brand-new collection will work their magic to bring 14 fantastical amigurumi to life! The cute creatures in this magical world will charm you all. Go for a swim with the mermaids and nymphs, go Nessie-spotting and dragon hunting and follow the fairies and unicorns on a walk through the forest.

And there’s much more waiting for you at the end of the rainbow! Beginners as well as advanced crocheters can conjure up these adorable fantasy creatures with a flick of their hooks. All patterns are accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions as well as explanations of all stitches used, and are easily customizable, so it’s a small step to imagine your very own fantasy amigurumi!

10. Harry Potter Crochet (Crochet Kits)

Author: by Lucy Collin
76 pages

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Create your own magic with this Harry Potter crochet kit! Create your own magic and conjure up these adorable figures of the boy who lived and his friends. All the spells you need to make amigurumi dolls of Harry Potter and Dobby are included: yarn, stuffing, needle and thread, safety eye beads, and the special magic wand crochet hook!

A 76-page instruction book gives step-by-step directions to make ten more magical models, and the full-color photos will ensure your projects turn out completely enchanting.

11. A to Z of Crochet: The Ultimate Guide for the Beginner to Advanced Crocheter

Author: by Martingale
160 pages

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Whether you’re a new crocheter or just want to try new techniques, this must-have resource offers all the know-how you’ll ever need. And it’s now in paperback! Walk step-by-step from basic to advanced methodsLearn the easy way with more than 1,000 close-up photographs featuring real hands holding real yarnFix mistakes, shape garments, and find the answers to almost any crochet question

12. Crochet Cafe: Recipes for Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Author: by Lauren Espy
216 pages

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Whip up a fresh batch of amigurumi! Crochet Cafe features over 30 adorable and appetizing food-inspired amigurumi patterns. Lauren Espy, author of 2019’s No. 1 best-selling amigurumi book in the United States, Whimsical Stitches, gives you the ingredients and recipes you need to crochet your favorite meals and treats.

Easy-to-follow patterns, detailed photographs, and helpful tips make this book perfect for novice and experienced crocheters alike. Enjoy: Brunch with eggs benedict or avocado toast Lunch on the go with a bento box or burrito A traditional Italian spaghetti dinner, complete with meatballs, red wine, and cannoliThese simple and darling patterns are sure to bring a smile to your face.

So, pick up a hook and have fun playing with your food!

13. Amigurumi Treasures 2: 15 More Crochet Projects To Cherish

Author: by Erinna Lee
132 pages

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In her second book, designer Erinna Lee reveals 15 more fabulous amigurumi, outfitted with the most kawaii accessories. Bonnie the Teddy has a passion for costume-making and fancy dress, Darcy the Dragon is learning how to fly and blow big fireballs, Hattie the Mouse loves her online shopping and Detective Benedict the Shrew is busy cracking the case of the missing yarn.

And they have a lot more friends, with gorgeous dreams and passions of their own. Having these little sweethearts around will be sure to make you smile! The 15 amigurumi in this book are dazzling little delights, waiting to be discovered and cherished by you.

Erinna shares a wealth of information in this book, so with a couple of stitches and some soft yarn, you’ll make your very own amigurumi treasure trove in no time!

14. Crochet Granny Squares

Author: by Publications International Ltd.
64 pages

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Crochet Granny Squares features 20 different granny square patterns. This book is ideal for both beginner and more experienced crocheters. Crochet basics are taught with step-by-step instructions and accompanying photographs in the beginning of the book. Patterns include stitch instructions. Helpful tips are scattered throughout the book.64 pages