Best Dental Anatomy & Physiology Books

Here you will get Best Dental Anatomy & Physiology Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. ATI TEAS 6 Study Guide: Spire Study System and ATI TEAS VI Test Prep Guide with ATI TEAS Version 6 Practice Test Review Questions for the Test of Essential Academic Skills, 6th edition

Author: by Spire Study System
Spire Study System
270 pages

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The only ATI TEAS study guide based on the evidence-based method of Cognitive Recall, with a customizable study schedule. Designed specifically for the ATI Teas, 6th Edition, this study guide includes:A customizable plan to fit your unique study schedule2 FULL practice tests with guided answer explanations300+ total practice and example questionsConcise coverage of all domains and topics, including review itemsWHAT IS COGNITIVE RECALL?

Cognitive Recall is the science of implementing the optimal space of time between learning something, then reviewing it, and later quizzing yourself on it. Scientists say studying effectively is not a function of how long or how often you study – it’s the order, schedule, and timing of your studies.

Traditional study guides tend to be nothing more than extended versions of repeated cram sessions, which is neither efficient or effective. Cramming is the opposite of Cognitive Recall learning, evidenced by the extremely short-lived benefits. The memories from a cram session have been shown to fade away after only a few hours.

2. Turn your Dental Practice into a Successful Business

Author: by Gabriel Asulin
197 pages

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# 1 AMAZON BESTSELLER IN THE DENTAL MATERIALS CATEGORY (JANUARY 2021) THE BOOK WAS TRANSLATED INTO SPANISH, ENGLISH, RUSSIAN, BULGARIAN AND HEBREW CONSIDERED THE BEST GUIDEBOOK IN THE DENTAL MANAGEMENT SECTOR. A Practical Guide for managing & marketing any dental practice. A proven method to increase sales and profitability by Gabriel Asulin, an international GURU.

Based on 15 years of consulting experience to hundreds of dental practices around the world. Turn your Dental Practice into a Successful Business is a bestselling book that offers practical solutions that can be easily applied in every dental practice in order to increase its sales and profitability very quickly.

The book translated into Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian and Hebrew and chosen as Amazon #1 Best seller in Dental Materials Category (Jan 2020). The book provides detailed answers to all the dental practice related marketing, management and sales questions or issues, which will allow you to increase the sales and profitability of your dental practice in a very short time.

3. Dental Anatomy Coloring Book

Author: by Margaret J. Fehrenbach

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Featuring an array of coloring and labeling activities, Dental Anatomy Coloring Book, 2nd Edition, provides an easy, fun, and effective way to memorize the structures of the head and neck region as well as the basic body systems affecting dentistry.

Each chapter includes several images that you are asked to color and connect with corresponding labels. This edition adds more illustrations and New review questions with references to specific chapters in core textbooks where more in-depth explanations can be found.

Developed by Margaret Fehrenbach, a nationally renowned authority in dental professional education, this coloring book makes it easier to identify anatomical landmarks and understand the complex interrelationships involved in dental anatomy and physiology.

4. The MIND DIET Cookbook and Meal Plan: Healthy Recipes and Dietary Recommendations to Help Prevent Alzheimer's and Dementia (Health, Diets & Weight Loss)

Author: by Eva Evans
207 pages

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This helpful guide presents an easy-to-follow program for keeping your mind sharp by eating the right foods and avoiding brain-harming ones. BETTER EATING FOR BETTER BRAIN HEALTH! This book is written specially to help you learn the benefits of the MIND diet.

Every chapter carefully selects important things such as symptoms, development, and diagnosing of Alzheimer’s, suitable foods that the MIND diet recommends, and changes in lifestyle that should help you lower the risk of developing this disease. The MIND diet (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) combines two heart-healthy, whole-food eating plansthe Mediterranean and DASH dietswhich are shown to reduce the risk or slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Unlike other brain-health books, this cookbook contains MIND diet-specific recipes and excludes or limits ingredients that diet researchers recommend avoiding. Reading this book will help you learn and perhaps even recognize some early signs of this disease, as well as making the needed changes that will reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

5. Wheeler's Dental Anatomy, Physiology and Occlusion: Expert Consult

Author: by Stanley J. Nelson DDS MS

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Applying dental anatomy to the practice of dentistry, Wheeler’s Dental Anatomy, Physiology, and Occlusion, 10th Edition provides illustrated coverage of dentitions, pulp formation, the sequence of eruptions, and clinical considerations. The market leader, this text is used as a reference in creating examination questions for the dental anatomy and occlusion section of the NBDE Part I.

This edition expands its focus on clinical applications and includes dozens of online 360-degree and 3-D tooth animations. Written by expert educator and lecturer Dr. Stanley Nelson, Wheeler’s Dental Anatomy provides a solid foundation in this core subject for the practice of dentistry.

Over 900 full-color images include detailed, well-labeled anatomical illustrations as well as clinical photographsPractical appendices include Review of Tooth Morphology with a concise review of tooth development from in utero to adolescence to adulthood, and Tooth Traits of the Permanent Dentition with tables for each tooth providing detailed information such as tooth notation, dimensions, position of proximal contacts, heights, and curvatures.

6. Head, Neck and Dental Anatomy

Author: by Marjorie J. Short
Cengage Learning
288 pages

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HEAD, NECK and DENTAL ANATOMY is brimming with new, full-color figures that showcase anatomical details of the mouth and teeth. The most important features of each tooth are detailed in brief charts, making excellent study guides. Known for its engaging style, this concise resource is fully revised, including new worksheets with multiple choice and labeling questions.

With its enhanced figures, fresh design, and updated materials the fourth edition promises to be a reliable go-to resource throughout your education and career!

7. Dental Anatomy (Dental Laboratory Technology Manuals)

Author: by Gerald M. Cathey
200 pages

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Designed to familiarize the technician or student with the structures of the mouth and their functions, this manual’s primary emphasis is directed to the teeth, with consideration given to the surrounding and related anatomical structures. The final pages deal with a wax build-up technique closely related to some procedures used in fixed prosthodontia.

8. Concise Dental Anatomy and Morphology

Author: by Jim Fuller
Univ of Iowa Pubns Dept
218 pages

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Book by Fuller, Jim

9. Permar's Oral Embryology and Microscopic Anatomy: A Textbook for Students in Dental Hygiene

Author: by Rudy C. Melfi
Jones & Bartlett Learning
297 pages

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Now in its Tenth Edition, Permar’s Oral Embryology and Microscopic Anatomy continues to provide comprehensive, yet concise coverage of embryology and histology for dental hygiene and dental assisting professions. It can also be used as an introductory text for dental students.

This text begins with the basics of general histology, progresses through the development of the human embryo and fetus, and concludes with a focus on the development of the face and oral cavity. New to this edition are over 40 additional illustrations, including four-color micrographs.

High-quality images of microscopic embryonic development and oral anatomy help students identify histologic structures. A new chapter regarding salivary glands includes information about remineralization, demineralization, fluoride, bacterial diseases, and HIV. Clinical aspects of oral tissue are covered to help readers expand their knowledge from basic to clinical sciences and apply fundamental principles.

Suggested readings help readers find additional resources.

10. Woelfel's Dental Anatomy

Author: by Rickne C. Scheid
Jones & Bartlett Learning
504 pages

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A market-leading dental anatomy textbook for dental, dental hygiene, and dental assisting students,Woelfel’s Dental Anatomy focuses on anatomy of the human mouth and teeth, and is designed to help the student understand the relationship of the teeth to one another, and to the bones, muscles, nerves, and vessels associated with the teeth and face.

This text does more than simply explain dental anatomy; it links the anatomy to clinical practice, giving readers a stronger and more practical understanding of tooth structure and function, morphology, anatomy, and terminology. Chapters have been revised and reorganized into three partsComparative Tooth Anatomy, Application of Tooth Anatomy in Dental Practice, and Anatomic Structures of the Oral Cavityto make the material more accessible to dental hygiene programs.

The companion website offers Student Resources for an enhanced learning experience with an interactive image bank, image labeling exercises, and PowerPoint presentations. Instructor Resources include a test generator, an interactive image bank, PowerPoint presentations, and answers to the book’s critical thinking questions.


The Human Anatomy Coloring Book for Kids: An Entertaining Guide to the Internal Organs of the Human Body with Fundamentals Facts. Great Gift for Boys and Girls.

Author: by Rainbow Wizard
39 pages

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Would you like to explain to your kids how heart, lungs, or brain work? But you don’t know how to start? This fantastic coloring book filled with 18 pictures of human internal organs for coloring, along with facts, will allow your child to enter the world of anatomy in a fun and enjoyable way.

But as we know, children get bored very quickly; so there is no sense in coloring 40 pictures of the human body without any information. That’s why in this coloring book for kids, you will find:COLORING ACTIVITY: 18 pictures of the most popular internal organs to colorKNOWLEDGE: Brief description of each organ and its most important functionsVISUAL IMAGINATION: Realistic position of each organ in colorful images of a boy and a girlREALISTIC: Descriptions and photographs suitable for children You won’t find a similar coloring book that can give your kids some fun, knowledge, and coloring activity.

So, scroll up and click the “Buy Now” button and get your copy today!

12. Anatomy for Dental Students

Author: by D. R. Johnson
Oxford University Press
296 pages

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This book aims to provide the dental student with a description of all the gross, neurological, and developmental anatomy (apart from that of the dentition itself) necessary for the practice of dentistry and its major specialties. It is designed primarily as a textbook for the undergraduatestudent who is pursuing a practical course in topographical anatomy, but contains enough detail for the postgraduate dentist reading for additional qualifications.

13. Craniofacial Embryogenetics and Development

Author: by Sperber
271 pages

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Craniofacial Embryogenetics and Development is dedicated to increasing understanding of normal and abnormal orofacial development by integrating embryological development with its underlying genetic information. The well-illustrated text will prove invaluable to plastic and orofacial surgeons, otolaryngologists, orthodontists, neonatal pediatricians, speech pathologists, teratologists, embryologists, and anatomists.

Clinicians are provided with a basic background for assessing and treating craniofacial anomalies.

14. Handbook of Facial Growth

Author: by Donald Enlow
W B Saunders Co
486 pages

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This is the Second Edition, hard cover, written by Donald H.Enlow, Ph.D. There is no dust cover.