Best Federal Jurisdiction Law Books

Here you will get Best Federal Jurisdiction Law Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Deep Rig: How Election Fraud Cost Donald J. Trump the White House, By a Man Who did not Vote for Him: (or what to send friends who ask, "Why do you doubt the integrity of Election 2020?")

Author: by Patrick M Byrne
268 pages

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Byrne is a libertarian who did not vote for Trump and has criticized him publicly: that said, he believes Election 2020 was rigged, and this fact should be objectionable to every person who believes that “just government derives its power from the consent of the governed.” In this book he explains what caused him in August 2020 to study election fraud, and what really happened during the 2020 election.

He describes how his team of “cyber-ninjas” unraveled it while they worked against the clock of Constitutional processes, all against the background of being a lifetime entrepreneur trying to interact with Washington, DC. This book takes you behind the headlines to backroom scenes that determined whether or not the fraud would be exposed in time, and paints a portrait of Washington that will leave the reader asking, “Is this the end of our constitutional republic?”

2. Disloyal: A Memoir: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump

Author: by Michael Cohen
432 pages

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A #1 New York Times Bestseller! “I read it cover-to-cover. I did not intend to, but I started at the beginning and didn’t put it down until it was over.”Rachel Maddow, MSNBCThis book almost didn’t see the light of day as government officials tried to bar its publication.

The Inside Story of the Real President Trump, by His Former Attorney and Personal AdvisorThe Man Who Helped Get Him Into the Oval Office Once Donald Trump’s fiercest surrogate, closest confidant, and staunchest defender, Michael Cohen knows where the skeletons are buried.

This is the most devastating business and political horror story of the century. As Trump’s lawyer and fixer, Cohen not only witnessed firsthand but was also an active participant in the inner workings of Trump’s business empire, political campaign, and presidential administration.

This is a story that you have not read in newspapers, or on social media, or watched on television. These are accounts that only someone who worked for Trump around the clock for over a decadenot a few months or even a couple of yearscould know.

3. Dissent: The Radicalization of the Republican Party and Its Capture of the Court

Author: by Jackie Calmes
Twelve (June 15, 2021)
496 pages

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Featuring new interviews with his accusers and overlooked evidence of his deceptions, a deeply reported account of the life and confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, set against the conservative movement’s capture of the courts. In DISSENT, award-winning investigative journalist Jackie Calmes brings readers closer to the truth of who Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is, where he came from, and how he and the Republican party at large managed to secure one of the highest seats of power in the land.

Kavanaugh’s rise to the justice who solidified conservative control of the supreme court is a story of personal achievement, but also a larger, political tale: of the Republican Party’s movement over four decades toward the far right, and its parallel campaign to dominate the government’s judicial branch as well as the other two.

And Kavanaugh uniquely personifies this history. Fourteen years before reaching the Supreme Court, during a three-year fight for a seat on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin would say to Kavanaugh, “It seems that you are the Zelig or Forrest Gump of Republican politics.

4. The Constitution of the United States of America, with the Bill of Rights and All of the Amendments; The Declaration of Independence; And the Articles

Author: by Thomas Jefferson
72 pages

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Collected here in one affordable volume are the most important documents of the United States of America: The Constitution of the United States of America, with the Bill of Rights and all of the Amendments; The Declaration of Independence; and the Articles of Confederation.

These three documents are the basis for our entire way of life. Every citizen should have a copy.

5. The Law of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (Aspen Casebook)

Author: by Geoffrey P. Miller
Wolters Kluwer
888 pages

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Geoffrey Miller s The Law of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance is widely credited for introducing a new field of legal studies. Compliance and its related subjects of governance and risk management are major sources of jobs and also important developments in legal practice.

The billions of dollars of fines paid over the past decade and the burgeoning and seemingly never-ending parade of compliance and risk management breakdowns recently including the Wells Fargo sales practices scandal, the Volkswagen emissions cheat, and the Boeing 737 MAX crisis all attest to the importance of the issues treated in this readable and timely book.

New to the Third Edition: Comprehensive updates on recent developments New treatment of compliance failures: Wells Fargo account opening scandal, Volkswagen emissions cheat, important developments in Catholic Church sex abuse scandal. New treatment of risk management failures: the Boeing 737 MAX scandal.

Professors and students will benefit from: Clear, concise definitions Fun and interesting problems Real-world perspective from an author who has been involved both as a scholar and as a member of a corporate board of directors Highly readable and interesting writing Text boxes containing key concepts and definitions Realistic problems for class discussion and analysis

6. Essential Guide to Federal Employment Laws, The

Author: by Lisa Guerin J.D.
512 pages

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Quick answers to questions about 20 Key Employment Laws This book explains, in plain English, the 20 most important federal employment laws that come up in the workplace. You can look up what each law allows and prohibits, which businesses must comply, and how to fulfill record-keeping, posting, and reporting requirements.

Each chapter covers one law, including: Americans with Disabilities Act Age Discrimination in Employment Act Fair Labor Standards Act Family and Medical Leave Act Immigration Reform and Control Act Fair Credit Reporting Act Pregnancy Discrimination Act Equal Pay Act Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Older Workers Benefit Protection Act, and Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act.

The 6th edition is updated to reflect the latest Supreme Court cases, government regulations, and state laws. Every employer and HR professional should keep it close at hand.

7. Where Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation

Author: by Andrew Weissmann
432 pages

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In the first and only inside account of the Mueller investigation, one of the special counsel’s most trusted prosecutors breaks his silence on the team’s history-making search for the truth, their painstaking deliberations and costly mistakes, and Trump’s unprecedented efforts to stifle their report.

Weissmann delivers the kind of forceful, ringing indictment that Mueller’s report did not. The New York TimesIn May 2017, Robert Mueller was tapped to lead an inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, coordination by foreign agents with Donald Trump’s campaign, and obstruction of justice by the president.

Mueller assembled a dream team of top prosecutors, and for the next twenty-two months, the investigation was a black box and the subject of endless anticipation and speculationuntil April 2019, when the special counsel’s report was released. In Where Law Ends, legendary prosecutor Andrew Weissmanna key player in the Special Counsel’s Officefinally pulls back the curtain to reveal exactly what went on inside the investigation, including the heated debates, painful deliberations, and mistakes of the teamnot to mention the external efforts by the president and Attorney General William Barr to manipulate the investigation to their political ends.

8. The Plot to Change America: How Identity Politics is Dividing the Land of the Free

Author: by Mike Gonzalez
272 pages

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The Plot to Change America exposes the myths that help identity politics perpetuate itself. This book reveals what has really happened, explains why it is urgent to change course, and offers a strategy to do so. Though we should not fool ourselves into thinking that it will be easy to eliminate identity politics, we should not overthink it, either.

Identity politics relies on the creation of groups and then on giving people incentives to adhere to them. If we eliminate group making and the enticements, we can get rid of identity politics. The first myth that this book exposes is that identity politics is a grassroots movement, when from the beginning it has been, and continues to be, an elite project.

For too long, we have lived with the fairy tale that America has organically grown into a nation gripped by victimhood and identitarian division; that it is all the result of legitimate demands by minorities for recognition or restitutions for past wrongs.

The second myth is that identity politics is a response to the demographic change this country has undergone since immigration laws were radically changed in 1965. Another myth we are told is that to fight these changes is as depraved as it is futile, since by 2040, America will be a minority-majority country, anyway.

9. The Watergate Girl: My Fight for Truth and Justice Against a Criminal President

Author: by Jill Wine-Banks
272 pages

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Obstruction of justice, the specter of impeachment, sexism at work, shocking revelations: Jill Wine-Banks takes us inside her trial by fire as a Watergate prosecutor. It was a time, much like today, when Americans feared for the future of their democracy, and women stood up for equal treatment.

At the crossroads of the Watergate scandal and the women’s movement was a young lawyer named Jill Wine Volner (as she was then known), barely thirty years old and the only woman on the team that prosecuted the highest-ranking White House officials.

Called the mini-skirted lawyer by the press, she fought to receive the respect accorded her male counterpartsand prevailed. In The Watergate Girl, Jill Wine-Banks opens a window on this troubled time in American history. It is impossible to read about the crimes of Richard Nixon and the people around him without drawing parallels to today’s headlines.

The book is also the story of a young woman who sought to make her professional mark while trapped in a failing marriage, buffeted by sexist preconceptions, and harboring secrets of her own. Her house was burgled, her phones were tapped, and even her office garbage was rifled through.

10. War is a Racket

Author: by Smedley Butler

September 29, 2010

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In War Is A Racket, Butler points to a variety of examples, mostly from World War I, where industrialists whose operations were subsidised by public funding were able to generate substantial profits essentially from mass human suffering. The work is divided into five chapters: 1.War is a racket 2.

Who makes the profits?3.Who pays the bills?4. How to smash this racket!5.To hell with war! It contains this key summary: “War is a racket.It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious.

It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people.

Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.”In another often cited quote from the book Butler says: “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers.

11. Conviction Machine: Standing Up to Federal Prosecutorial Abuse

Author: by Harvey Silverglate
224 pages

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Prosecutors can indict a ham sandwich, we hear, and laugh at the absurdity. Yet the joke captures a truth: federal prosecutors wield enormous power over us all. And the federal criminal justice system is so stacked in favor of the government that shocking numbers of innocent people have been sent to prison.

In Conviction Machine, two leading authorities combine their knowledge and experience to describe the problems within the Department of Justice and in the federal courtsand to offer solutions. Both have already published books exposing flaws and abuses in the system.Harvey A.

Silverglate, a prominent criminal defense and civil liberties lawyer, showed that every one of us is vulnerable to criminal prosecution in Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent. Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor in three districts under nine United States attorneys from both political parties and lead counsel in more than 500 federal appeals, witnessed appalling abuses by prosecutors that prompted her to write Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice.

12. Oliver Wendell Holmes: A Life in War, Law, and Ideas

Author: by Stephen Budiansky
592 pages

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The extraordinary story of the U.S. Supreme Court’s most influential justice. Oliver Wendell Holmes twice escaped death as a young Union officer in the Civil War when musket balls missed his heart and spinal cord by a fraction of an inch at the Battles of Ball’s Bluff and Antietam.

He lived ever after with unwavering moral courage, unremitting scorn for dogma, and an insatiable intellectual curiosity. Named to the Supreme Court by Theodore Roosevelt at age sixty-one, he served for nearly three decades, writing a series of famous, eloquent, and often dissenting opinions that would prove prophetic in securing freedom of speech, protecting the rights of criminal defendants, and ending the Court’s reactionary resistance to social and economic reforms.

As a pioneering legal scholar, Holmes revolutionized the understanding of common law by showing how the law always evolved to meet the changing needs of society. As an enthusiastic friend and indefatigable correspondent, he wrote thousands of personal letters brimming with humorous philosophical insights, trenchant comments on the current scene, and an abiding joy in fighting the good fight.

13. The Military Divorce Handbook: A Practical Guide to Representing Military Personnel and Their Families

Author: by Mark E. Sullivan
American Bar Association
1270 pages

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When a divorce action involves a military client, many special issues make these cases more difficult to handle. This definitive, two-volume resource guides you through the complexities of all aspects of representing military personnel or their spouses to help you provide competent and thorough representation for your client.

Key chapters explain the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), military tax issues, and the important issue of dividing military retirement benefits. The book also covers the difficult and increasingly important issues of custody and domestic violence involving servicemembers. Explaining complex issues in clear, current and concise language, author Mark E.

Sullivan provides numerous Practice Tips throughout the text to make your practice easier and more efficient. Relevant appendices are included at the end of the chapter, and in this two-volume edition, hundreds of additional pages of additional forms and supplementary materials are available to readers online.

14. The U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights with Amendments: Pocket Size (Annotated)

Author: by U.S. Constitution

81 pages

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United States ConstitutionDeclaration of IndependenceBill of RightsAmendmentsSmall Pocket Size (Incl: Bonus Fun Facts Section)Includes Bonus Chapter of Fun Facts about the USA with some of its Landmarks such as:The Real Location of the Statue of Liberty (hint, it’s not in New York), the last time the Liberty Bell has rung and the special occasion for its last ringing, plus many more fun facts.

Get Your Copy Today of 4 Books in One with the special bonus chapter of USA Fun Facts! Professionally Formatted with Chapters and Sub Chapters so you can flip to the exact section or article number you’d like to read or study.

This Slim Pocket-Sized Paperback Book will give you easy quick access when traveling or in school. Great for Students or anyone wanting to have all 4 books in 1 convenient book. Bring this everywhere, to know your rights at all times. Copyright 2020 Uncle Sam’s Books