Best Fiji History Books

Here you will get Best Fiji History Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Gucci Mane Book – A Biography of Greatness: The Life and Times of Gucci Mane Legendary Hip-Hop Trap Rapper: Gucci Mane Book of Our Generation

Author: by JJ Vance
130 pages

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Gucci Mane Book – A Biography of Greatness: The Life and Times of Gucci Mane Legendary Hip-Hop Trap Rapper by JJ VanceHere’s Just a Taste What You’re About to Read in This Concise Gucci Mane Book:Ups and downs, high and low points.Wash.Rinse.Repeat.

From a repeat offender with several run-ins with the law to a 2020 collaboration with Italian fashion powerhouse Gucci, only a handful of public figures in the 21st century can boast to having a career as prolifically dynamic and culturally relevant as the American rapper.

Among many other things, he has been cited on several occasions for his groundbreaking contributions to the subgenre of hip hop known as trap music. Nowadays, it seems far-fetched that the hip-hop/R&b legend eked out a living by selling crack cocaine in East Atlanta’s suburbs at one point in time.

Sometimes going out in the pouring rain to carry out his trade while blowing into his hands to retain a fraction of body warmth. In this book, we will be taking an extensive look in the course of Gucci Mane’s life story, from his humble beginnings in Bessemer, Alabama, to his meteoric rise to stardom and the infamy while going back decades and looking into his music career, which spans two decades.

2. Kids Summer Academy by ArgoPrep – PreK to K: 12 Weeks of Math, Reading, Science, Writing, Logic, Fitness and Yoga | Online Access Included | Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Author: by ArgoPrep
ArgoPrep (April 17, 2021)
233 pages

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3. How to Win the Gold Medal in Pajamas: Mental Toughness for Kids (Grow Grit Series)

Author: by Kobe Nhin
30 pages

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Did you know you can win the Olympic Gold Medal… At home in your pajamas?! Find out how in this exciting book just for kids! In this interactive book, MJ and her friends show us the power of visualization, the art of using mental imagery and affirmation to produce positive changes in our lives, and how we can practice it anywhere, anytime, even at home in our pajamas.

The Best Sports Book for Kids in Swimming, Basketball, Gymnastics, Track and Field, Snowbaording, Skiing, and More! Give your child the gift of mental toughness at an early age, empowering them with confidence, grit, and a growth mindset with this profoundly powerful resource.

The groundbreaking children’s book introduces 5 mental toughness skills to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. Whether you read it for inspiration and empowerment or to achieve specific goals, this groundbreaking work will help children develop strong mental health and grit, a crucial life skill.

Empowers your child with the knowledge and skill set to embrace challenges. How to Win the Gold Medal in Pajamas teaches positive self talk skills, encourages imagery, and cultivates intrinsic motivation by goal setting. The how-to guide breaks down goal setting to 3 components: Process, Performance, and Outcome Goals.

4. F is for Fart: Handwriting Activity Book: Alphabet Tracing Practice – Preschool Practice Handwriting & Coloring Workbook: Pre K, Kindergarten Grade … FUNNY (Funny Handwriting Activity Books)

Author: by J. Heitsch
105 pages

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What you will find insideEach letter includes:A coloring page with a fun and silly rhyme (26 pages of coloring and rhymes)An arrow-based instruction on how to write upper and lower case lettersThree pages of writing practice for each letter (78 total pages of writing practice) including tracing practice for upper and lower case as well as a ruled area to practice without tracing104 page book printed in the USA on 8.

5″ x 11″ High-quality crisp white paper and bound without staplesThis is a handwriting workbook about farts.Yes, farts. It’s also about ABCs, rhymes, coloring, tracing letters, and animals – but it’s mostly about farts, practicing writing letters, and making you and your loved ones laugh about farts.

We hope you think this book stinks in all the right ways. What are the right ways?I’m glad you asked! We’ve got farts which smell, farts that BOOM, farts that splat, farts that upset your nose and send you for a tumble!

We’ve even got farts so bad you could use them in a rumble!Was it you?Was it me? No, of course not – it was the animals! This activity book has animals from all over! We’ve got animals from Australia, China, and even Madagascar!

5. Tears in Paradise: Suffering and Struggles of Indians in Fiji 1879-2004

Author: by Rajendra Prasad
Glade Publishers
312 pages

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Tears in Paradise Suffering and Struggles of Indians in Fiji 1879-2004 reveals the horrific treatment of Indian indentured workers (Girmitiyas) in Fiji by the British from 1879-1919. Indenture system (Girmit) under which they were recruited was slavery by another name.

Working and living conditions were so atrocious that Fiji had the highest rate of suicide in the world and highest rate of infanticide among the colonies that deployed indentured labour. Author, Rajendra Prasad, a descendant of Girmitiya grandparents, graphically captures the suffering, struggles and sacrifices of the pioneer generation, Overseer’s whip comes down upon her half-naked back and legs.

The child is struck also. Both are cryingBarnicoat poured boiling water on Poligardu’s genitalsBlomfield bashed Naraini’s head on stones her face covered in blood… The British had recruited 60,965 Indians to work in the sugarcane plantations in Fiji. Deceit and deception was widely used in the recruitment process to trap the innocent, poor and ignorant peasants for countries they never knew or dreamt of going.

6. Ma`afu, prince of Tonga, chief of Fiji: The life and times of Fiji’s first Tui Lau

Author: by John Spurway
734 pages

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Enele Ma`afu, son of Aleamotu`a, Tu`i Kanokupolu, grew up during a time of unprecedented social and political change in Tonga following the advent of Christianity. Moving to Lau, Fiji, in 1847 when he was about 21, he skilfully exploited kinship links to establish a power base there and in eastern Cakaudrove.

His achievements were recognised in 1853 when his cousin King Tupou I appointed Ma`afu as Governor of the Tongans in Fiji. Acting as a putative champion of the lotu, Ma`afu undertook successful military campaigns elsewhere in Fiji and, after adding the Yasayasa Moala and the Exploring Isles to the nascent Lauan state, he was able to establish the Tovata ko Lau, a union of Lau, Cakaudrove and Bua, with himself as head.

His power was formally recognised in 1869 when the Lauan chiefs appointed him as Tui Lau, a new title in the polity of Fiji. Ma`afu was now able to challenge Cakobau for the mastery of Fiji. After serving as Viceroy during the farcical planter oligarchy known as the Kingdom of Fiji, Ma`afu underwent a severe humiliation when, in order to maintain his power in Lau, he was forced to accede to the wishes of Fiji’s other great chiefs in offering their islands to Great Britain.

7. A Wealthy Man on the Roof of the World and Other Stories

Author: by Sally Sears
210 pages

A Wealthy Man on the Roof of the World and Other Stories Cover

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Sally Sears left a promising career in television news to explore the world and herself. From Moscow to Tahiti, starting on the Trans-Siberian Railway, she found adventures and unforgettable characters in Beijing, Kathmandu, Ladakh, and the islands of the Pacific.

As China began opening to tourists, she discovered ways around Communist rules. She found apricots and wool an unlikely source of a high-altitude fortune. In a South Pacific bar, she learned how vote fraud toppled a Knight of the British Empire.

Decades later stories from her freewheeling trip rekindle the desire to travel and savor every new journey. The surprising life of the wealthiest man in a Tibetan kingdom. How Mao and Lenin compare up close in death. How Fijian cannibals measure their meals.

As the world recovers from the pandemic, journalist Sally Sears questioned when she could travel again, and if traveling would ever be the same. The questions led her to journals of her own global travel. In those hand-written pages, she re-discovered stories of people and places worth recalling.

8. Disturbing History: Resistance in Early Colonial Fiji

Author: by Robert Nicole
University of Hawaii Press

310 pages

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Disturbing History focuses on Fiji’s people and their agency in responding to and engaging the multifarious forms of authority and power that were manifest in the colony from 1874 to 1914. By concentrating on the lives of ordinary Fijians, the book presents alternate ways of reconstructing the island’s past.

Couched in the traditions of social, subaltern, and people’s histories, the study is an excavation of a large mass of material that tells the often moving stories of lives that have largely been overlooked by historians. These challenge conventional historical accounts that tend to celebrate the nation, represent Fiji’s colonial experience as ordered and peaceful, or British tutelage as benevolent.

In its contribution to postcolonial theory, Disturbing History reveals resistance as a constant but partial and untidy mix of other constituents such as collaboration, consent, appropriation, and opportunism, which together form the colonial landscape. In turn, colonialism in Fiji is shown as a force shaped in struggle, fractured and often fragile, with a presence and application in the daily lives of people that was often chaotic, imperfect, and susceptible to subversion.

9. Fijian-English Dictionary: With Notes on Fijian Culture and Natural History

Author: by Ronald Gatty
342 pages

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The Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University, recommends Ronald Gatty’s Fijian-English Dictionary as the most up-to-date lexicographic source for the language, a reliable, practical guide that includes helpful notes on word usage and Fijian culture.

10. The Lapita Peoples: Ancestors of the Oceanic World

Author: by Patrick Vinton Kirch
353 pages

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This is the first account of the Lapita peoples, the common ancestor of the Polynesians, Micronesians, and Austronesian-speaking Melanesians who over the last 4000 years colonized the islands of the Pacific, including New Zealand and territories as far afield as Fiji and Hawaii.

Its purpose is to provide answers to some of the most puzzling archaeological and anthropological questions: who were the Lapita peoples? What was their history? How were they able to travel such great distances? And why did they do so?

Recent discoveries (several by the author of this book) have begun at last to yield a coherent picture of these elusive peoples. Professor Kirch takes the reader back many thousands of years to the earliest evidence of the Lapita peoples.

He describes the research itself and conveys the excitement of the first discoveries of Lapita settlements, tools and pottery. He then traces the remarkable cultural development and spread of the Lapita peoples across the unoccupied islands of Eastern Melanesia, Micronesia and Western Polynesia.

11. First Aid for Beginners: Learn How to Act in an Emergency Situation, and Provide First Aid to the Injured Until Help Arrives ( First Aid for Beginners)

Author: by Pamela C. Walker
144 pages

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12. Polynesian Tattoo Designs: Ocean Legacy (TT Design Books Book 1)

Author: by Roberto Gemori
October 21, 2018

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The book “Polynesian Tattoo Designs – Ocean Legacy” is a collection of 92 ocean themed Polynesian style tattoos with brief description of the meanings for each design along with their outlines, intended mainly for tattoo artists.

13. Apologies to Thucydides: Understanding History as Culture and Vice Versa

Author: by Marshall Sahlins
348 pages

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Thucydides’ classic work on the history of the Peloponnesian War is the root of Western conceptions of historyincluding the idea that Western history is the foundation of everyone else’s. Here, Marshall Sahlins takes on Thucydides and the conceptions of history he wrought with a groundbreaking new book that shows what a difference an anthropological concept of culture can make to the writing of history.

Sahlins begins by confronting Thucydides’ account of the Peloponnesian War with an analogous “Polynesian War,” the fight for the domination of the Fiji Islands (1843-55) between a great sea power (like Athens) and a great land power (like Sparta). Sahlins draws parallels between the conflicts with an eye to their respective systems of power and sovereignty as well as to Thucydides’ alternation between individual (Pericles, Themistocles) and collective (the Athenians, the Spartans) actors in the making of history.

Characteristic of most histories ever written, this alternation between the agency of “Great Men” and collective entities leads Sahlins to a series of incisive analyses ranging in subject matter from Bobby Thomson’s “shot heard round the world” for the 1951 Giants to the history-making of Napoleon and certain divine kings to the brouhaha over Elin Gonzalez.

14. God Is Samoan (Pacific Islands Monograph Series)

Author: by Matt Tomlinson
186 pages

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Christian theologians in the Pacific Islands see culture as the grounds on which one understands God. In this pathbreaking book, Matt Tomlinson engages in an anthropological conversation with the work of contextual theologians, exploring how the combination of Pacific Islands culture and Christianity shapes theological dialogues.

Employing both scholarly research and ethnographic fieldwork, the author addresses a range of topics: from radical criticisms of biblical stories as inappropriate for Pacific audiences to celebrations of traditional gods such as Tagaloa as inherently Christian figures. This book presents a symphony of voicesengaged, critical, propheticfrom the contemporary Pacific’s leading religious thinkers and suggests how their work articulates with broad social transformations in the region.

Each chapter in this book focuses on a distinct type of culturally driven theological dialogue. One type is between readers and texts, in which biblical scholars suggest new ways of reading, and even rewriting, the Bible so it becomes more meaningful in local terms.