Best Medical Computer Applications Books

Here you will get Best Medical Computer Applications Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Doctor Sebi Diet: The Complete Guide to a Plant-Based Diet with 77 Simple, Doctor Sebi Alkaline Recipes & Food List for Weight Loss, Liver Cleansing (Doctor Sebi Herbs & Products)

Author: by Olivia Shields
201 pages

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Do you want to know how to improve overall health, remove phlegm and mucus, naturally prevent some diseases such as Herpes and Diabetes? Did you know all this can be done by sticking to just ONE diet? You are in the RIGHT PLACE!

BUY this book, find 77 simple RECIPES with PICTURES and Step-by-Step instructions, receive the shopping list of approved Doctor Sebi products on your email in PDF for FREE! This unique diet is called the Doctor Sebi Diet. It is an alkaline plant-based diet that consists of an approved Dr Sebi alkaline food list and a list of Doctor Sebi supplements.

Doctor Sebi nutritional guide includes greens, vegetables, and other plants that are intended to create alkaline conditions in your body. According to honduras herbalist Doctor Sebi, this diet raises the alkalinity of your body. This, in turn, prevents the formation of mucus and makes it difficult for infection-causing organisms to survive.

Furthermore, on this diet you will experience cell rejuvenation and the elimination of toxic substances from your blood and body. This will promote improved health and stronger resistance to illnesses. The Doctor Sebi Diet is not the easiest diet. However, it helps many people to feel better without taking pills.

2. Encopresis— you can beat it!: Game-changing solutions for Toilet Anxiety, Soiling, and Constipation in Children

Author: by Dr. Baruch Kushnir
127 pages

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No more poop in the pants! End your child’s poop problems! It’s called encopresis. And there is a proven solution to treat it and end it. One in 14 children between the ages of three and six is affected with encopresis.

This book will tell you how to help your child overcome it. In EncopresisYou Can Beat It!, Dr. Baruch Kushnira major authority on encopresis, enuresis, and potty-training problemsshares the expertise he has gained over 30-plus years in treating nearly 40,000 children in his clinics.

Dr. Kushnir will teach you how to prevent your child’s next poop accidentfreeing both your child and yourself! If any of these statements sound familiar, this is exactly the book for you:My child asks for a diaper every time she needs to poop.

My child never poops in the toilet; only in his pants. My child has to release some feces in her pants before going to the toilet. My child withholds his poop for days, to the point where he can’t eat or move.

I am exhausted by trying solutions that don’t work: offering rewards, giving stool softeners, providing reminders to use the toilet I end up comparing my child to others and being furious. Dr. Kushnir’s intervention model is based on his experience diagnosing and treating thousands of children.

3. DR. SEBI: Alkaline Herbs and Diets To Detox Liver, All Organs & Kill All Cancerous Cells of Breast, Prostate or Skin & Become Healthy

Author: by Clarain Marvellio
49 pages

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Dr. Sebi who was also known as Alfredo Darrington Bowman was an alternative medical practitioner, a herbalist and a natural therapist. Dr. Sebi employed the use of herbal medicine and many alkaline foods for the treatment of various diseases including cancer, HIV, weight loss, high blood pressure, diabetes, Arthritis, Asthmaand many others.

He cured several types of cancer such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancerand others by using his unique methodology of removing toxin from the body system; destroying germs and cancerous cells or tumor through the use of his approved alkaline herbs and diets to detoxify, cleansing and revitalizing liver, kidneys, lungs, heart and other organs in the electric body.

Before his demised, Dr. Sebi, had used natural alkaline herbal medicine and diets to reverse so many sickness that western medicine could not cure. In this Book you will fully learn everything about:Dr. Sebi’s curative approach to various types of CancerMedically informative discussion about the different possible causes of cancer.

4. Beyond Implementation: A Prescription for the Adoption of Healthcare Technology

Author: by Heather Haugen PhD
140 pages

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Beyond Implementation: A Prescription for the Adoption of Healthcare Technology is the definitive guide for healthcare leaders and professionals seeking to gain the most value from their existing health information systems electronic health records (EHR), digital health technology, and mobile health applications.

In order to reach the next frontier and improve clinical and financial outcomes, healthcare organizations must make a relentless commitment to a thoughtful, systematic, and long-term approach to technology adoption, one which centers on four crucial factors for success. This book explores: – Leading Change: Essential leadership strategies for setting direction, fostering engagement, prioritizing the effort, creating awareness, and governing the initiative – Educating Users: Innovative techniques to get users up to speed quickly on the new technology and guarantee their proficiency – Measuring Outcomes: Key performance metrics to drive leadership and education efforts – Continuous Improvement: Vital sustainment factors and considerations to achieve ongoing benefits long after the go-live event In this second edition, authors Dr. Heather A.

5. The PT Website Secrets System: Get the Secret Formula To Win More Patients & Make More Profit from Your PT Website

Author: by Christine Walker
168 pages

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Don’t believe the lie. Success in businessand lifeisn’t always about working harder. It’s about working smarter. Christine learned this the hard way. She thought the success of her new cash-based physical therapy business depended on a professional-looking website and hustling, so much so that she found herself jeopardizing the life of her unborn child.

During her journey she came to find that there is another way to get more new patients leveraging the most powerful tool of our generationthe internet. Follow Christine on her journey from struggling new business owner to successful entrepreneur and operator of two profitable businesses as she shares with you the secrets to using your website to get MORE patients and MORE profit for your PT business…With less hustle.

Inside, you’ll discover: The universal hidden secret behind all profitable physical therapy websites – The 6 steps to transforming your website into a profit-generating assetwithout stressing yourself or your budget – How to break your dependency on outside referral sources (doctors, gyms, yoga/pilates studios, and more) so that you finally own and control the destiny of your business.

6. Tissue Engineering

Author: by Bernhard Palsson
Prentice Hall
440 pages

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This bookthe first in its fieldlays the foundation for individuals studying tissue engineering. It provides a conceptual framework that includes exposure to all the necessary background material in all areas. A four-part presentation covers quantitative cell and tissue biology, cell and tissue characterization, engineering methods and design, and clinical implementation.

For cell culture scientists and engineers.

7. Eye Exercises Explained: The Ultimate Guide on Powerful Eye Exercises to Treat Glaucoma and Lazy Eyes, Improve Vision and Relax and Strengthen Your Eye Muscles (Improving Vision Naturally)

Author: by Jacob Ware

38 pages

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If you eyes always feeling strained, do you regularly look at a bed screen at work, at home or during breaksThis can result to vision problems, eye strains, dry eyes and even headache and anxietyA lot of individuals experience strain and fatigue as a result of their lifestyle and choices of career and a lot of adults and kids spend a lot of time staring at their computer screen or mobile phonesThere are also lot of factors such as pollution, incorrect glasses which also strain the eyes so you need to do some stress relieving exercises as it is important to take 10 minutes everyday to perform eye exercisesThese eye exercises will help relieve strains, enhance cognitive performance, strengthen the eye muscles, shape of the eye and improve visual reaction timeThis guide will show you some of the most effective exercise you can do anywhere and anytime including tips for good health

8. Dr. Sebi Alkaline Smoothies: Perfect Guide on Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diets to Detox Liver, Vital Organs, Reverse Diseases and Naturally Stay Healthy

Author: by Alkal Bassey
61 pages

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Are you tired of drinking the same alkaline Smoothies all the time? Do you need newly discovered balanced therapeutic Smoothies for your well-being? Are you looking for latest easy to prepare and delicious alkaline Smoothies to fight diseases? Are you worried of getting perfect Dr. Sebi Alkaline Smoothie diets for various health conditions?

If your answer to the above questions is truly YES this Dr. Sebi’s Alkaline Smoothies Book is for you. Dr. Sebi had vigorously made remarkable self-discoveries in using naturally prepared alkaline smoothies to detox electric body system by neutralizing toxin (poison) produced by pathogenic microorganisms (germs), chemically synthesized foods or drugs.

He used another therapeutic alkaline smoothies composed of alkaline diets and herbal medicine to cleanse all the organs like liver, heart, lung, kidney, reproductive organs sense organ (e.G. Hearing organ, tasting organ, smelling organ and visual organs), immune system, digestive system, nerves system and many others, in order to remove the causes and ensure auto-healing through the biominerals supplied into the electric body.

9. Dr. Sebi: Secrete Methods to Detoxify Body; Cure Cancer, Kidney and Liver Diseases, Prostatitis & Be Revitalized via Dr. Sebi’s Alkaline Diets & Herbs

Author: by Alkal Bassey
Published at: Independently published (January 22, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8602772708

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Dr. Sebi Natural Therapy FormulasDo you want to be daily protected from any health discomfort? Are you afraid of going through any difficult treatment or you are tired of using suppressing medication? Do you really want Dr. Sebi’s natural secrete cure for Cancer, Prostatitis, Kidney and Liver Diseases?

If your response is TRUE! Then, you can go ahead to benefits the most effective approved alkaline diet and health-promoting herbs in THIS BOOK. Dr. Sebi was a dedicated herbal practitioner that fully understood all the western principle of curing various diseases with an extensive outstanding school of thought in the use of African Bio-mineral balance of Alkaline diets and herbs to treat different diseases.

He focused on how the body will be cleansed and free from germs, viruses, and bacteria by using detox to protect the mucous membrane that covers our gut’s inner layer from being infected. He also provided revitalized alkaline diets to restore all the beneficial nutrients the body needs to live long and always stay healthy.

10. Cybersecurity For Beginners: Discover the Trade’s Secret Attack Strategies And Learn Essential Prevention And Damage Control Mechanism

Author: by Yuri A. Bogachev
267 pages

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If you want to protect yourself and your family from the increasing risk of cyber-attacks, then keep reading. Cybersecurity for Beginners: Discover the Trade’s Secret Attack Strategies And Learn Essential Prevention And Damage Control Mechanism will be the book you’ll want to read to understand why cybersecurity is so important, and how it’s impacting everyone who uses the Internet in 2019 and beyond.

Each day, cybercriminals look for ways to hack into the systems and networks of major corporations and organizationsfinancial institutions, our educational systems, healthcare facilities and more. Already, it has cost billions of dollars in losses worldwide. This is only the tip of the iceberg in cybercrime.

Needless to mention that individuals are terrorized by someone hacking into their computer, stealing personal and sensitive information, opening bank accounts and purchasing with their credit card numbers. Identity theft and financial losses are what a victim suffers from a cyber-attack.

11. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ: Stranger things notebook, 100 lined pages

Author: by MovieNotebook
105 pages

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Enjoy our MovieNotebooks series. We offer you unique notebooks inspired by popular movies, serials and series for school and university students. You’re not a pupil/student?Don’t worry! The notebooks we offer could become universal gifts and presents for your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, family members – basically for everyone who loves watching good movies and series.

We offer you a 100 pages blank ruled journal ready for you to fill with your own ideas and characters’ quotes We offer you: Notebook dimensions: 6″x9″ the perfect size to fit in a handbag and a backpack; 100 lined pages printed on high quality paper (50 sheets) It can be used as a journal, notebook or just a composition book Perfect for gel pen, ink or pencils It will make a great personalized gift for any special occasion: Christmas, Birthday, Secrect Santa, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Name day And much more!

12. Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diets and Herbs for Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation

Author: by Clarain Marvellio
65 pages

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Are you suffering from severe erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation and you have used several sexual stimulating medicines without positive improvement? Has your sexual condition resulted to without using anti-erectile dysfunction medicines you can’t perform sexual responsibility effectively? Then this Dr. Sebi Book of Alkaline Diets and Herbs for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation is the most appropriate solution for you to put an end to the disgraceful sexual inability or bad aphrodisiac experience of yours.

Dr. Sebi was a competent herbalist and naturopath that fully understood the perfect approach of eradicating erectile dysfunction through natural detox, cleanser, and revitalizer to produce cell food of bio-minerals of alkaline diets and herbal medicines that are capable of providing long-lasting penile erection to satisfy your sex partner orgasm with short post-erectile interval, durable sexual arousal and libido during sexual intercourse.

You will learn all the Dr. Sebi’s herbal medicines and diets without you going back to Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and other alternative aphrodisiac medicines were fully discussed in this comprehensive Dr. Sebi Books of Approved Alkaline Diets and Herbs for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation in men electric body.

13. Dr. Sebi Solution for Weight Loss & High Blood Pressure: Through Effective Fasting, Detox, Cleansing & Revitalizing Alkaline Diets & Herbs

Author: by Clarain Marvellio
68 pages

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Dr. Sebi had been the most successful herbalist, self-trained naturalist in the curing of high blood pressure and correction of overweight or obesity to achieve awesome weight loss without causing any damage in vital organs like heart, liver, kidney, sense organs with the help of his approved detox, cleanser and revitalizer during his lifetime.

He was able to cure several depressive diseases that conventional medicines could not treat with the use of his selective approved alkaline diets and herbs to detox liver, cleanse deposited cholesterol in the blood arteries to normalize blood pressure, burn off excessive subcutaneous fat to achieve excellent slim stature through moderate fasting and electric body revitalizing alkaline diets and herbal medicines.

In this Dr. Sebi Book, all the wonderful steps and solutions’ methodology of achieving great successes in curing your high blood pressure and obesity or overweight through Dr. Sebi approved diets and herbal medicines were clearly explained. Therefore, you will complete know everything about the absolute ways of gaining perfect weight loss and long lasting stable blood pressure.

14. Blue Light Is Killing you!: The Hazardous Effect of Blue Light on Your Health, Ways to Prevent It, and Tips to Protect Yourself

Author: by Helen Souza
40 pages

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Save Yourself!Blue Light is Killing You! Growing up, you probably would have heard your parents telling you, “Don’t sit too close to the television!” or “Don’t watch too much TV, it will ruin your eyes!” There is truth to these statementseven though our parents may not have known the real reason behind the danger back then.

These days, parents from the past would be shocked by how much time childrenand adultsspend in front of screens. Whether you’re browsing your feed on Instagram, watching Netflix, or typing an essay for school, all of these activities and more share one thingscreen time.

Nowadays, digital screens on devices have become such a big part of our life. And with their use comes something we should be aware of because it has a number of adverse effects on our bodyblue light. While blue light isn’t a “special kind of light” that screens emit, it is quite controversial.

The primary source of this kind of light is sunlight. This means that whenever you take a walk outside, you expose yourself to blue light. The spectrum of light consists of visible, infrared, and UV light. Out of all these types of light, only visible light can be seen by the human eye, hence the name.