Best New Testament Meditations Books

Here you will get Best New Testament Meditations Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Nobody Left Out: Jesus Meets the Messes: A 40-Day Devotional for Messy, Broken People (Like Me!)

Author: by Michael Murray
124 pages

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When Jesus Walked This Earth, He Spent Time With the Messes…A lonely thief. An unwelcome dinner guest. A death-row criminal facing his final hours on earth. What do all of these people have in common? They all faced the messiness of life.

Some made the mess themselves. Some were thrown headfirst into a mess through no fault of their own. Then something changed. It wasn’t that they suddenly became unmessy. But they each came face to face with Jesus, and he invited them to be part of God’s story.

He didn’t leave them out. This 40-day devotional looks at eight encounters Jesus had with messy, broken people. In short, daily readings, you’ll explore each story and see how Jesus met each person in their mess. The eight stories we’ll be walking through together are:Jesus Meets The Lonely ThiefJesus Meets The Know-It-AllJesus Meets The Unwelcome Dinner GuestJesus Meets The Woman Who Was ExploitedJesus Meets The Sick Woman & The Dead GirlJesus Meets The Blind Man With Perfect VisionJesus Sees The Invisible WidowJesus Meets The Honest CriminalWhether you’ve been following Jesus your whole life or have never cracked open a Bible, Nobody Left Out: Jesus Meets the Messes will remind you that God’s love is big enough for everyone.

2. As a man Thinketh: The Original 1902 Edition (The Wisdom Of James Allen)

Author: by James Allen

90 pages

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All that we achieve and all that we fail to achieve is the direct result of our own thoughts. Self-control is strength. Right thought is mastery.Calmness is power. James Allen, As a Man Thinketh”As a Man Thinketh” is a literary essay by James Allen, first published in 1902.

In more than a century it has become an inspirational classic, selling millions of copies worldwide and bringing faith, inspiration, and self healing to all who have encountered it. The title comes from the Bible: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” – Proverbs, chapter 23, verse 7.

As himself Allen describes, It shows how, in his own thought-world, each man holds the key to every condition, good or bad, that enters into his life, and that, by working patiently and intelligently upon his thoughts, he may remake his life, and transform his circumstances.

And it can be carried in the pocket. Too many mortals strive to improve only their wordly position-and too few seek spiritual betterment. Such is the problem James Allen faced in his own time. The ideas he found in his inner-most heart after great searching guided him as they will guide you.

3. You Are Never Alone: Trust in the Miracle of God's Presence and Power

Author: by Max Lucado
240 pages

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When life feels depleted, does God care? I’m facing an onslaught of challenges, will God help? When life grows dark and stormy, does God notice? I’m facing the fear of death, will God help me? The answer in the life-giving miracles in the Gospel of John is a resounding yes.

In You Are Never Alone, Max will help you:Realize that Jesus is walking with you and lifting you out of your storms. Dwell in the grace of the cross, the miracle of the empty tomb, and the assurance of restoration power.

Believe that God is your ever-present source of help. Recognize that you are never without hope or strength because you are never, ever, alone. Today, take courage that you are stronger than you think because God is nearer than you know.

4. Breaking Free – Bible Study Book: The Journey, The Stories

Author: by Beth Moore
Lifeway Press
240 pages

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This in-depth women’s Bible study draws parallels between the captive Israelites of the Old Testament and New Testament believers in Jesus as the Promised Messiah. Beth looks at the Book of Isaiah through the lives of the kings who ruled during the prophet’s ministry.

These kings exemplify many of the obstacles to freedom with which we must deal. Using Scripture to help identify spiritual strongholds in your life, no matter how big or small, Beth explains that anything that hinders us from the benefits of knowing God is bondage.

Join Beth Moore on a Bible journey unlike any other. God intends for you to know and believe Him, glorify Him, experience His peace, and enjoy His presence. Breaking Free is Beth’s life message that she wants to share with you.

Taped live at Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans, this study includes testimonies of how women like you have found freedom and have been delivered from personal captivity. Features:Leader helps to guide questions and discussions within small groupsPersonal study segments to complete between 11 weeks of group sessionsTeaching videos, approximately 60 minutes per session, available for purchase or rent10 Scripture memory cards Benefits:Discover the transforming power of freedom in Christ.

5. Jesus: The God Who Knows Your Name

Author: by Max Lucado
240 pages

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Do you ever feel like Jesus couldn’t possibly know what you are going through? He’s the God of the universe after all! Does he really know your daily struggles? The good news is: he does. For thirty-three years Jesus felt everything you have ever felt.Weakness.Weariness.Sadness.Rejection.His feet got tired.And his head ached.

He was tempted and his strength was tested.And you know why? Because in becoming human, Jesus made it possible for us to see God. His tears, God’s tears. His voice, God’s voice. Want to know what matters to God?

Find out what matters to Jesus. Want to know what in the world God is doing? Ponder the words and life of Jesus. For more than three decades, pastor and bestselling author Max Lucado has shown us Jesus. In this capstone book, he takes us further on the journey to know the life and character of the Savior.

This book describes both the person Jesus was on earth and how to live in a personal relationship with him and is divided into six sections:ImmanuelFriendTeacherMiracle WorkerLamb of GodReturning KingBy exploring Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection as well as specific details like how he interacted with his friends and his enemies, what he did with time alone, how he acted at a party, this compilation from Max Lucadonow with original never-before-read content from Maxgives readers the chance to become more familiar with the man at the center of the greatest story ever told.

6. Inspired To Grace Bible Study Journal

Author: by Inspired To Grace

‎ English
108 pages

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GIFT IDEAS | CHRISTIAN BOOKS & BIBLES | PRAYER JOURNALS The Inspired To Grace Bible Study Journal is a Christian journal used to deepen your relationship with the Lord our God. Each page features space to write down your reflections on scripture. This book is perfect for bible study groups or for private use.

The Lord loves you, so show your love for Him! Product Details:Premium matte cover finishPerfect for all writing & coloring mediumsHigh quality 60# (90 gsm) paper stockLarge format 8.0″ x 10. 0″ (20cm x 25cm) pages

7. Sit, Walk, Stand

Author: by Watchman Nee
Tyndale House Publishers
77 pages

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An inspiring look at Ephesians and the believer’s association with Christ, the world, and Satan.

8. NKJV, Abide Bible, Leathersoft, Stone, Red Letter, Comfort Print: Holy Bible, New King James Version

Author: by Thomas Nelson
1952 pages

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Abide in Me.John 15:4Do you yearn for life-giving, intimate communion with God? The Abide Bible is designed to help you experience the peace, hope, and growth that comes from encountering the voice and presence of God in Scripture. Every feature in Abide is designed to teach and develop Scripture-engagement habits that help you know the power and spiritual nourishment of abiding in Christ.

Created in partnership with Bible Gateway and the Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement, The Abide Bible’s features include articles, book introductions, and practical Scripture engagement prompts based on five ways of engaging deeply with the Bible: Praying Scripture: Pattern your prayers after biblical texts, personalizing the prayer and gaining language for the thoughts and emotions you want to express.

Picture It: Place yourself in a biblical narrative as a bystander or participant in important events. Journaling: Focus and reflect on Scripture and its meaning for your life, opening yourself to God’s voice as you ponder. Engage Through Art: Consider a classic piece of artphotograph, sculpture, paintingand let it deepen your meditations on scriptural truths.

9. Ephesians: Our Immeasurable Blessings in Christ (MacArthur Bible Studies)

Author: by John F. MacArthur
HarperChristian Resources
128 pages

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Self-satisfaction and complacency. These could very well be a Christian’s greatest adversaries. And the apostle Paul knew it. When Paul wrote his letter to the believers in the city of Ephesus, he wrote to encourage them, to remind them of their immeasurable blessings in Jesus Christ, and to admonish them live in a manner worthy of them.

But despite, and partly even because of, Christians’ great blessings, they are sure to be tempted by Satan to self-satisfaction and complacency. Thus, Paul reminds them of the spiritual armor supplied through God’s Word and by His Spirit, and of their need for vigilant and persistent prayer.

In this book, we learn many profound truths, including: God-honoring behavior always springs from right beliefs. Prayer is like breathing; unfortunately many believers hold their spiritual breaths for too long. It is absurd to accept salvation by grace and then endeavor to maintain righteousness through human effort.

The great need of the church has always been spiritual maturity rather than organizational restructuring. Although there are no classifications of Christians, in matters of role and function God has made distinctions. If we are walking worthy of our calling, then we can be absolutely certain that we will have opposition and conflict.

10. Acts: The Spread of the Gospel (MacArthur Bible Studies)

Author: by John F. MacArthur
144 pages

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Riots.Intolerance.Accusations.Scandal.Beatings.Plots.Arrests.Executions.Murder…. And out of that, the Church was born. The book of Acts is a carefully-recorded history of the explosive spread of the gospel and the rapid growth of the church after Christ’s ascension.

In one of the most tumultuous, violent and dramatic books in the entire Bible, Acts starts with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, without which the young church could never have survived the unleashing of rage and prejudice towards these radical followers of The Way.

Acts shows how, even in the midst of persecution and opposition, the early believers were able to rely on God’s spirit for direction and divine authority to preach the gospel to all nations. Some of the more dramatic touchpoints in Acts include: The Holy Spirit is given (a mega church is born!

Two liars drop dead (God means business! Stephen is stoned to death (the first martyr! An Ethopian is baptized (a Gentile! Saul is struck blind (a murderer meets Jesus! Peter escapes from jail (with the help of an angel! Demons are defanged; magicians are out-miracled!

11. Nobody Left Out: Jesus & the Way of Sorrows: A Messy, Broken Journey Through the Stations of the Cross

Author: by Michael Murray
104 pages

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We all want a world where God shields us from suffering. But Jesus’ final day on earth is a reminder that God is in the suffering with us. When we walk the broken road with Jesus, light glimmers in darkness, and hope peeks out from despair.

Every Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. But the empty tomb is not a story of instant hope. It’s the end of a long journey marked by suffering. The painful road Jesus traveled on the day of his death is known as the “Way of Sorrows.” It begins with Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane and ends with his body placed in the tomb.

In between, the drama of Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion plays out for all to see. Nobody Left Out: Jesus & the Way of Sorrows is a journey with Jesus through these final 18 hours of his life. It uses the Scriptural Stations of the Crossa devotional exercise practiced across many Christian traditionsas a guide.

As you travel with Jesus and stop at fifteen scenes along the road, you’ll:Enter the drama and experience the story from the perspective of each character. Find comfort in knowing that Jesus understands suffering and is with you in your pain.

12. The Hope of Glory: Reflections on the Last Words of Jesus from the Cross

Author: by Jon Meacham
Convergent Books
144 pages

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Pulitzer Prizewinning author Jon Meacham explores the seven last sayings of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels, combining rich historical and theological insights to reflect on the true heart of the Christian story. For Jon Meacham, as for believers worldwide, the events of Good Friday and Easter reveal essential truths about Christianity.

A former vestryman of Trinity Church Wall Street and St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, Meacham delves into that intersection of faith and history in this meditation on the seven phrases Jesus spoke from the cross. Beginning with Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do and ending with Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit, Meacham captures for the reader how these words epitomize Jesus’s message of love, not hate; grace, not rage; and, rather than vengeance, extraordinary mercy.

For each saying, Meacham composes an essay on the origins of Christianity and how Jesus’s final words created a foundation for oral and written traditions that upended the very order of the world. Writing in a tone more intimate than any of his previous works, Jon Meacham returns us to the moment that transformed Jesus from a historical figure into the proclaimed Son of God, worshiped by billions.

13. The End of Me: Where Real Life in the Upside-Down Ways of Jesus Begins

Author: by Kyle Idleman
224 pages

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Are you sometimes perplexed with Jesus’s teaching? Do you really want what he wants? Bestselling author Kyle Idleman reveals that the key to the abundant life Jesus promised lies in embracing His inside-out way of life. As he examines Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount, Kyle unpacks the many counter-intuitive truths, including: brokenness is the way to wholeness, mourning is the path to blessing, and emptiness is required in order to know true fullness.

Ultimately you will discover how Jesus transforms you as you begin to live out these paradoxical principles. Because only when you come to the end of yourself can you begin to experience the full, blessed, and whole life Jesus offers.

14. The Art of Listening Prayer: Finding God's Voice Amidst Life's Noise

Author: by Seth Barnes
Praxis Press
166 pages

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Grab your prayer journal and start listening to what God wants to say to you today. What if you could hear from God directly, just as you would from a close friend? Are you satisfied with a seemingly one-way conversation with God?

Do you ever wonder if he really wants to hear from you? The Art of Listening Prayer is about what it really means to have a personal relationship with God. If God loves his people, maybe it means that he wants to speak one-on-one with us, and if that’s true, shouldn’t our first priority be to learn how to hear from him?

Explore what it means to experience prayer that really is two-way. Using the Bible as a foundation, you can go way beyond theory and grow in this practice of listening prayer. God wants to speak to you, and at the end of this thirty-day devotional, you will not only learn how to draw closer to him, you’ll be equipped with a practical process to hear from him on a daily basis.