Best Organ Transplants Books

Here you will get Best Organ Transplants Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Medical Terminology: The Best and Most Effective Way to Memorize, Pronounce and Understand Medical Terms: Second Edition

Author: by David Andersson
182 pages

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Medical Terminology Let’s be very clear about this, if you want to feel proud of yourself and do a great job in the health care field, you need to learn and understand medical terminology! It is a fundamental part of the future of your career.

Our medical terminology book is a must-have study guide and workbook for students looking to broaden or refreshen their skills of understanding medical terms. It is perfect for anyone who wishes to enter the medical field, and is a great complementary tool to have when preparing for the NCLEX or MCAT!

Many students are also ordering this book as a complement to their Anatomy and Physiology book! With this book you will learn and understand the basic concepts of medical terminology and how it is being used in everyday life among healthcare personnel.

Becoming familiarised with medical terminology is a fundamental part of any medical career. With that many medical books to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one to buy. This book focuses on the readability apsect, which allows for an easy training guide and review.

2. EKG/ECG Interpretation: Everything you Need to Know about the 12-Lead ECG/EKG Interpretation and How to Diagnose and Treat Arrhythmias

Author: by David Andersson
184 pages

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EKG / ECG InterpretationIt’s no secret, every healthcare provider should be able to read ECGs at least to some degree. Whether your goal is to become an EMT, doctor, or a nurse the skill of being able to read and understand ECGs is highly important in the medical field.

The best way to start studying a new topic is to learn the basic fundamentals first before you dive into the details. That way, you will not get overwhelmed because you will understand the bigger picture first. The problem with many medical books is that they are overly detailed making it hard to grasp the bigger picture.

Our EKG book solves this problem by making you learn the basic fundamentals first before you dive into the details with other, more detailed, medical books. Over 100 different medical conditions and cardiac arrhythmias explained. Multiple-choice questions after each chapter. The purpose of this EKG book is to serve as a reference manual and a comprehensive study guide that simplifies the process of learning EKGs.


Top Knife: The Art and Craft of Trauma Surgery

Author: by Dr Asher Hirshberg MD FACS
TFM Publishing
240 pages

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The single most important lesson we hope you will derive from this book is to always keep it simple because, in trauma surgery, the simple stuff works. This book will help you take a badly wounded patient to the operating room, organize yourself and your team, do battle with some vicious injuries and come out with the best possible result.

It is a practical guide to operative trauma surgery for residents and registrars, for general surgeons with an interest in trauma, and for isolated surgeons operating on wounded patients in military, rural or humanitarian settings. A surgical atlas may show you what to do with your hands but not how to think, plan and improvise.

Here you will find practical advice on how to use your head as well as your hands when operating on a massively bleeding trauma patient. The first part of this book presents some general principles of trauma surgery. The second part is about trauma surgery as a contact sport.

Here we show you how to deal with specific injuries to the abdomen, chest, neck and peripheral vessels.

4. Lab Values: Everything You Need to Know about Laboratory Medicine and its Importance in the Diagnosis of Diseases

Author: by David Andersson
187 pages

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Lab ValuesLet’s be very clear about this, the best way to start studying a new topic is to learn the basic fundamentals first before you dive into the details. That way, you will not get overwhelmed because you will understand the bigger picture first.

The problem with many medical books is that they are overly detailed and therefore bad in painting the bigger picture. Our Lab Values book solves this problem by making you learn the basic fundamentals first before you dive into the details with other, more detailed, medical books.

This book serves two purposes; It’s a great introduction for those that want a simple overview, and it’s also great for students looking for a quick recap that covers the most important information. How do you best prepare for an exam?

If you don’t have the time, you just recap the fundamentals. To test your knowledge, we have included multiple choice questions after each chapter. The answers to these questions can be found at the very end. Let’s face it, the skill of being able to interpret laboratory investigations and to understand the science behind it is extremely important in the field of medicine.

5. All My Tomorrows: A Story of Tragedy, Transplant and Hope

Author: by Eric Gregory
402 pages

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The story that is now a major motion picture: 2 HeartsNo experience is worse than being a parent who has suffered the death of a child. It’s so horrible that the English language doesn’t have a word for it. Chris Gregory, a nineteen-year-old Freshman at Loyola University New Orleans, had a girlfriend.

He was rushing a fraternity and although he had had a rough first semester, he told his parents he was certain he was finally getting this college thing right. One night during a casual after-dinner conversation about driver’s licenses, Chris’s parents learned that he had opted to become an organ donor.

What am I going to do with my organs after I’m dead? And besides, he added with a grin, who wouldn’t want this body?Life’s funny. One day, some kid is a happy-go-lucky college freshman, healthy as a horse, and another guy is standing at death’s door.

And then in a matter of hours, they somehow trade places. Chris collapsed and died of an aneurysm with no warning. Five people who had been near death lived to see another day because they received Chris’s organs. Eric Gregory, his father, wrote this book to chronicle this miracle of science and how meeting these recipients of his son’s organs filled a special need in their hearts that few outside the organ donation community can understand.

6. The Lupus Solution: Your Step-By-Step Functional Medicine Guide to Understanding Lupus, Avoiding Flares and Achieving Long-Term Remission

Author: by Dr. Tiffany Caplan
182 pages

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Millions of people worldwide suffer needlessly with the symptoms of systemic lupus erythematosus. Standard medical treatment for this mysterious disease is limited to symptom management and doesn’t address the underlying reasons for why the person developed this devastating, life altering condition or do anything to actually fix the problem.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The Lupus Solution is a patient’s guide to understanding the why behind their symptoms and their autoimmune condition so that they may achieve remission. You will learn:How to identify and address your hidden causes of lupus and autoimmunityThe simple dietary and lifestyle changes to achieve remissionSteps to regain your health and live a symptom free life!

7. Blumgart's Surgery of the Liver, Biliary Tract and Pancreas, 2-Volume Set

Author: by William R. Jarnagin MD
2120 pages

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Extensively revised with new illustrations, new clinical photos, and bonus videos from Dr. Blumgart’s own collection, this two-volume classic text remains the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource on surgery of the hepatobiliary and pancreatic region. Dr. William Jarnagin and his team of internationally recognized surgeons continue the Blumgart’s tradition of excellence, bringing you the latest advances in diagnostic and surgical techniques.

You’ll find updates on the newest minimally invasive surgeries, new interventional diagnostic techniques, and complete coverage of all relevant diseases, including those seen in the tropics. Considers all worldwide opinions and approaches to management, and includes key data on surgical outcomes to better inform your clinical decision-making.

Includes bonus videos of surgeries from Dr. Blumgart’s own archives, as well as operative videos from the Memorial Sloan Kettering video library, showing you how to proceed step by step for optimal patient outcomes. Covers exactly what you need to know, balancing basic science with information on clinical practice.

8. The Organ Thieves: The Shocking Story of the First Heart Transplant in the Segregated South

Author: by Chip Jones
Gallery/Jeter Publishing
400 pages

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks meets Get Out in this startlingpowerful (Kirkus Reviews) investigation of racial inequality at the core of the heart transplant race. In 1968, Bruce Tucker, a black man, went into Virginia’s top research hospital with a head injury, only to have his heart taken out of his body and put into the chest of a white businessman.

Now, in The Organ Thieves, Pulitzer Prizenominated journalist Chip Jones exposes the horrifying inequality surrounding Tucker’s death and how he was used as a human guinea pig without his family’s permission or knowledge. The circumstances surrounding his death reflect the long legacy of mistreating African Americans that began more than a century before with cadaver harvesting and worse.

It culminated in efforts to win the heart transplant race in the late 1960s. Featuring years of research and fresh reporting, along with a foreword from social justice activist Ben Jealous, this powerful book weaves together a medical mystery, a legal drama, and a sweeping history, its characters confronting unprecedented issues of life and death under the shadows of centuries of racial injustice (Edward L.

9. MacSween's Pathology of the Liver

Author: by Alastair D. Burt MD
1056 pages

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Since its first publication more than 35 years ago, MacSween’s Pathology of the Liver, by Drs.Alastair D.Burt, Linda D. Ferrell, and Stefan G. Hbscher, has established itself as the definitive reference on liver pathology. The 7th Edition continues the tradition of excellence with more than 1,000 high-quality illustrations, coverage of the new and emerging diagnostic applications and techniques that pathologists must be familiar with, an up-to-date review of drug-induced injury, and much more.

A must-have for every surgical pathologist, MacSween’s remains the most authoritative and comprehensive book in its field. Provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art coverage of all malignant and benign hepatobiliary disorders from an international “who’s who” in the field. Helps you quickly recognize the wide variety of liver appearances that result from infections, tumors, and tumor-like lesions, as well as organ damage caused by drugs and toxins.

Features 1,000+ full-color illustrations that provide a complete visual guide to each tumor or tumor-like lesion and assist in the recognition and diagnosis of any tissue sample you’re likely to encounter. Incorporates relevant data from ancillary techniques (immunohistochemistry, cytogenetics, and molecular genetics), giving you the tools required to master the latest breakthroughs in diagnostic technology.


Author: by Van Steven

26 pages

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It is used for treatment of herpes simplex, virus infections, shingles, and chicken pox, cold sores and so onGet your copy today

11. Dr. Sebi Cure for Lupus: A Simple Guide on How to Cure Lupus Using Dr. Sebi Alkaline Eating Diet Method

Author: by Colby Jones
34 pages

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Dr. Sebi Lupus TreatmentA Step by Step Guide on Reversing Lupus Using Dr. Sebi HerbsDr. Sebi was a world renowned pathologist, herbalist and naturalist left this world in the year 2016, despite this fact, that he is deceased, his discoveries and self-invention on lupus cure is still helping millions of herpes patients around the world During his time on earth, Dr. Sebi healed millions of lupus individuals with his method and his death has done little to change this, he left behind an holistic healing for cancer, you can learn from his life and what he really believed about this deadly disease with the aim of eradicating lupus from the surface of the earth, here is the complete analysis into doctor sebi cure for lupus is all about Get ready to read more about itGRAB YOUR SELF A COPY TODAY by scrolling up and clicking Buy Now in one click

12. The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care

Author: by Eric Topol MD
Basic Books
336 pages

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How genomics, big data, and digital technology are revolutionizing every aspect of medicine, from physical exams to drug prescriptions to organ transplants Mobile technology has transformed our lives, and personal genomics is revolutionizing biology. But despite the availability of technologies that can provide wireless, personalized health care at lower cost, the medical community has resisted change.

In The Creative Destruction of Medicine, Eric Topol-one of the nation’s top physicians-calls for consumer activism to demand innovation and the democratization of medical care. The Creative Destruction of Medicine is the definitive account of the coming disruption of medicine, written by the field’s leading voice.

13. Kidney Transplantation – Principles and Practice: Expert Consult – Online and Print

Author: by Stuart J. Knechtle MD FACS
752 pages

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Offering practical guidance for all members of the transplant team, Kidney Transplantation, Principles and Practice, 8th Edition, provides the balanced, up-to-date information you need to achieve optimal outcomes for your patients. A global team of internationally renowned surgeons and nephrologists, many new to this edition, offers fresh perspectives on everything from applied science and surgical techniques to immunosuppressive methods, outcomes, risks, and medical considerations related to kidney transplantation, in both adults and children.

Offers state-of-the-art coverage of all areas of kidney transplantation such as preservation of kidneys; mechanisms of rejection and the induction of tolerance; techniques of laparoscopic live donor nephrectomy; and immunosuppression. Contains up-to-date outcomes data and analysis of the evidence supporting current practice in the field.

Includes new information on desensitization and considerable new data on the clinical use of costimulation blockade. Keeps you current with new chapters on kidney allocation policy that reflects the ethical and societal values of different countries and populations; and biomarkers of kidney injury and rejection, including the need for better monitoring tools to guide therapy and patient management.

14. Living with Graft-Versus-Host Disease

Author: by Brad Buchanan
314 pages

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LIVING WITH GRAFT-VERSUS-HOST DISEASE: HOW I STOPPED FIGHTING AND STARTED HEALING is both a personal account of Brad Buchanan’s experience as a stem-cell transplant recipient and Graft-versus-Host Disease patient and a readable survey of the special challenges posed by both acute and chronic GvHD.

When Brad went in for his stem-cell transplant in 2016, he had a sibling donor who was deemed a 10/10 match, and yet he developed an acute case of GvHD that nearly proved fatal, left him functionally blind for nearly two years, and dramatically altered his life circumstances.

Having weathered this storm thanks to expert medical help and ECP (Extra-Corporeal Photopheresis), he has had to change his outlook on life as a cancer survivor, accept his condition as a chronic GvHD patient, and look for new ways to improve his day-to-day existence and long-term prospects.

His story is both sobering and inspiring, and offers messages of warning and hope for patients, doctors, and care-givers alike.