Best Personal Injury Law Books

Here you will get Best Personal Injury Law Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Codependent no More: Stop Codependency it's time to start loving yourself

Author: by Shell Teri
220 pages

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Often we are a part of toxic relationships without realizing it. It holds us back, blinds us, and keeps us from growing. Instead of holding our partner accountable, we insist, I need to look after him.But at what cost?

In this seminal work, Codependent No More, the author breaks down, in a most lucid fashion, the cause and effect of being in a codependent relationship, and how to overcome it. Leveraging on the latest scientific and psychological research and longitudinal case studies, the author carefully analyzes how a relationship could degenerate into codependency, what exacerbates it, and what are some of its devastating effects.

With a sympathetic and compassionate word, Codependent No More provides a platform through which we can come to terms with our past, realize the signs of codependency in our relationships, and overcome the lies that we tell ourselves daily. Never before has the self-perpetuating aspect of codependency been more toxic, and now more than ever we need to cultivate self-worth, acceptance and love for ourselves.

2. The Game Changing Attorney: How to Land the Best Cases, Stand Out from Your Competition, and Become the Obvious Choice in Your Market

Author: by Michael Mogill

292 pages

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These days, even if you’re an outstanding lawyer, you’re getting lost in the shuffle. America’s legal landscape is saturated with more than 1. 3 million attorneys, and they’re all competing fiercely to attract the same discerning clients and high-value cases you are.

Fortunately, there’s a way to stand out from the pack and reach a vast online audience searching for your services. In The Game Changing Attorney, marketing expert Michael Mogill takes you through the process of creating powerful visual content that connects emotionally with potential clients.

You’ll learn the value of differentiation and storytelling, while unlocking the keys to landing the best clients and highest-value cases. Like it or not, the best cases go to the best marketers. With The Game Changing Attorney, you’ll not only become a better marketer, but you’ll also learn actionable strategies to help you break through the noise, gain your ideal client’s attention, and dominate the competition.

3. How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim

Author: by Joseph Matthews Attorney
432 pages

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After your injury: Settle your claim the right way When you’ve been hurt in an accident, the prospect of dealing with insurance companies and lawyers can feel daunting. But armed with the right strategy, you can handle a claim yourselfand save thousands of dollars in the process.

How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim guides you through the insurance claim process, step by step. After almost any kind of accident, you’ll learn how to: figure out what your claim is worth gather the right medical records and accident reports prepare an effective demand letter counter insurance company delay and other common tactics negotiate your way to a full and fair settlement, and stay on top of your case if you hire a lawyer.

This completely updated edition of How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim includes the latest state-by-state lawsuit filing deadlines and small claims court limits.

4. The Anatomy of a Lawsuit (Contemporary Legal Education Series)

Author: by Peter N. Simon
144 pages

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This book is based on an actual case. It is designed to give students a feel for what actually happens in the step-by-step development of a case. The Anatomy of a Lawsuit explains the procedure and strategy behind motions such as motions for summary judgment and motions for a directed verdict.

5. The Power Of A System: How To Build the Injury Law Practice of Your Dreams

Author: by John Fisher
December 15, 2013

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What if you had total control overyour hours and weekends? What if you didn’t have toanswer to anyone? What if you took control over your future? When you work for someone else, you don’t control your future. Your boss decides how much money you make and how many hours you work.

For many, the law is just a job that you do to make ends meet and pay the bills. It’s time to change thatIt’s not just about work and money. It’s about loving what you do and looking forward to coming to work.

It’s about spending time with your family and living a fun life. It’s time you make the rulesFor the first time, you have in your hands the technical, managerial and entrepreneurial secrets to running a multi-million dollar law firm. Tried and true methods for managing and growing the injury law firm of your dreams is now in your handsprecise methods that, when applied, will slowly but surely grow your law firm into an asset that serves your ideal lifestyle.

Who said you have to be a slave to your law practice? IT’S TIME TO BREAK ALL OF THE RULES so you have the one thing that all lawyers should seek: autonomy to live life on your terms. THE POWER OF A SYSTEMTorts, contracts, constitutional lawyou got your fill in law school of theoretical concepts that you need to pass the bar exam.

6. Poisoned: The True Story of the Deadly E. Coli Outbreak That Changed the Way Americans Eat

Author: by Jeff Benedict
Inspire Books

336 pages

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In POISONED, Jeff Benedict delivers a jarringly candid narrative of the fast-moving disaster drawing on access to key documents and exclusive interviews with the real-life characters at the center of the drama – the families whose children were infected, the Jack in the Box executives forced to answer for the tragedy, the physicians and scientists who identified E.

Coli as the culprit, and the legal teams on both sides of the historic lawsuits that ensued. This is the story of the permanent transformation of our food supply chain, and the young maverick lawyer, Bill Marler, who staked his career on bringing the victims justice without compromise.

Fast Food Nation meets A Civil Action in this riveting account of how we learned the hard way to truly watch what we eat.

7. CREDIT SECRETS: An easy step-by-step guide to repair credit and improve your score, with proven strategies from credit attorneys. Section 609 credit repair tips with letter template

Author: by Kenneth Shepherd
134 pages

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After these long months of restrictions, why continue to give up on your dreams and life goals? Why should you not be able to afford a beautiful home for your family, or even just a new kitchen, or change your old car?

We all know that banks often do nothing to help us, but with the right method and strategies, you can fix your credit and get what you want and deserve. You just need to find out what the right steps are to get the money you need and what to avoid in order to never have problems with your credit score again.

Of course, you could do this by seeking help from a consultant or attorney but how much would that cost you? In this book, you will find a step-by-step guide with the same secret techniques used by consultants and lawyers, so you can fix your credit score legally and quickly to be able to face your bank manager and feel confident to get what you want.

8. Handbook of Human Factors in Litigation

Author: by Y. Ian Noy
CRC Press
812 pages

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Using ergonomics in forensics can help prevent the recurrence of system failures through engineering or administrative controls. It can also raise the level of concern among professionals and the public regarding product, workplace, and service safety due to perceived exposure to liability.

Even with such a potentially important and broad impact, forensic human factors is a subject that is neither taught nor systematically practiced. There is little documentation to help develop a knowledge of the field in a systematic way, nor is there a large pool of qualified practitioners.

The Handbook of Human Factors in Litigation provides a comprehensive reference that provides the tools necessary for the preparation, analysis, and presentation of forensic evidence. Compiled by experienced, internationally respected authors, this handbook represents the state-of-the-art in the application of ergonomics to forensic investigation.

It contains information on the litigation process, forensic approaches and methods, important scientific data in the major application areas, and valuable case studies. For legal and forensic practitioners, this handbook will serve as an indispensable reference and as the foundation for further development of formal study in the field.

9. Substantial Risk: (David Brunelle Legal Thriller Series Book 5)

Author: by Stephen Penner
August 5, 2014

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A RECKLESS MAN CAN HURT THOSE HE LOVESA sex club. A dead “submissive.” A “dominant” in custody.Homicide D.A. Dave Brunelle barely understands the terms. How can he ever hope to understand the bondage subculture well enough to hold a killer responsible for the apparently accidental death of his own girlfriend?

Brunelle embarks on a voyage of discovery, both of himself and things he never even knew existed. In so doing, however, he risks losing not only his case, but everything-and everyone-dear to him. STEPHEN PENNER IS AN AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR WITH OVER HALF A MILLION COPIES SOLDSubstantial Risk is Book 5 in the top-rated legal thriller series featuring Seattle homicide D.A.

David Brunelle and a recurring cast of cops, defense attorneys, and forensic experts. Each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone novel, but also follows the personal and professional growth of Brunelle and his friends and foes.”David Brunelle may or may not win his case, but Stephen Penner has definitely created a winner here.” -Amazon Reader ReviewIf you’re looking for an authentic legal thriller with plenty of twists and turns, Substantial Risk is for you!

10. Personal Injury Law in Virginia

Author: by Kent Sinclair
October 16, 2020

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Personal Injury Law in Virginia, Fourth Edition occupies a critical spot in Virginia legal literature with comprehensive coverage of personal injury actions, in one convenient volume. The book contains extensive references to the cases and statutes that govern liability, defenses, and damages for personal injuries in the Commonwealth.

Personal Injury Law in Virginia has been cited by the Virginia Supreme Court, the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia, the Court of Appeals of Virginia, and various circuit courts in Virginia.

11. Torts and Personal Injury Law for the Paralegal: Developing Workplace Skills

Author: by Richard Jeffries
528 pages

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Written by a trial lawyer who has had 37 years of practical experience in torts and personal injury law and moving beyond traditional torts textbooks, Tort and Personal Injury Law for the Paralegal covers the topics that help win and lose cases.

In addition to the traditional black letter law of torts, the book offers unique chapters on medical and insurance issuespreparing paralegals for the real tasks they are likely to face in today’s workplace. This revolutionary book is filled with authentic legal, medical and insurance documents that allow students to learn how documents are constructed and where to find critical information.

End-of-chapter assignments and instructor materials simulate a supervising attorney’s work requests and help students build skills and create samples for prospective employers.

12. Winning Personal Injury Cases: A Personal Injury Lawyer’s Guide to Compensation in Personal Injury Litigation

Author: by Evan Aidman
444 pages

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Everyone has an opinion about personal injury litigation. Many people feel that the right to sue for injuries should be severely limited in hopes that insurance costs will decrease. Others fear that legislation enacted to restrict the right to sue will make big business, the insurance industry, and medical practitioners less accountable to the public.

They also fear the loss of financial compensation for injuries caused by a negligent or careless act. In this book, I examine every aspect of personal injury litigation, from attracting new clients to jury trials, and beyond. The personal injury laws vary from state to state and between state and federal court.

Since 1983, I have been a trial lawyer in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Much of the information presented involves those experiences. The law in your state may be different. Nevertheless, there is much uniformity throughout the states. The information in this book can be used by personal injury litigants and their counsel in any state.

13. The Mount Washington Transit Tunnel Disaster

Author: by Mary Jane Kuffner Hirt
192 pages

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On Christmas Eve 1917, an overcrowded, out-of-control streetcar exited the Mount Washington tunnel, crashing into pedestrians. Twenty-three were killed and more than eighty injured in the worst transit incident in Pittsburgh history. The crash scene on Carson Street was chaotic as physicians turned the railway offices into a makeshift hospital and bystanders frantically sought to remove the injured and strewn bodies from the wreckage.

Most of the victims, many women and children, were from the close-knit neighborhoods of Knoxville, Beltzhoover and Mount Oliver. In the aftermath, public outrage over the tragedy led to criminal prosecution, civil suits and the bankruptcy of the Pittsburgh Railways Company, which operated the service.

Author Mary Jane Kuffner Hirt explores the tragic history of the Mount Washington transit tunnel disaster.

14. Lean and Green Cookbook: 345 Affordable and Mouth-Watering Recipes to Manage Your Hunger, Through the Power of "Fueling Hacks Meals"

Author: by Angela Hardy
179 pages

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Do you feel sick and tired of all these trendy diets that don’t bring any long-term results? Would you like to successfully follow the Lean and Green diet but have a craving for fried food? Are you looking to drop those excess pounds and get in shape without overthinking about meal planning?

If you answered Yes to at least one of these questions, please keep reading The Lean and Green is a healthy eating pattern which helps you to lose weight and maintain health. You will consume a combination of purchased, homemade lean and green meals and processed food called “fuelings”. With this diet, there is no need for counting calories or carbs.

This diet has been designed not only to help lose weight but also to improve blood lipid and sugar levels, as well as better overall health. This book will serve as your guide on what the Lean and Green is all about so that you not only enjoy delicious foods but also healthy foods that can improve your health, and on how to upgrade your body health by improving what you need to know about this regimen as well as learning new recipes to make your meals more fun and exciting.