Best Teen & Young Adult African History Books

Here you will get Best Teen & Young Adult African History Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Mansa Musa and the Empire of Mali

Author: by P. James Oliver
128 pages

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Oliver’s well-researched biography of Mansa Musa reads like an exotic tale of gold, glory, and adventure. During his long reign as Mali’s emperor, Mansa Musa led his empire into its Golden Age; presided over a spectacular, 60,000 person, 9,000 mile pilgrimage; founded a university in Timbuktu; and helped revolutionize architecture across the Sudan.

Oliver does not allow Musa’s story to get bogged down in detail by seamlessly weaving a lot of history into his narrative and by supplying curious readers with an extensive Glossary. Many of the African ancestors of today’s African-Americans came from West Africa.From 700 – 1600 A.D., one after the other, three great, black, commercial empires dominated West Africa.

They were powerful, prosperous, complex, stable – and large. At its height, the Empire of Mali was the size of all of Western Europe. Well-crafted and fast paced, Oliver’s book is enhanced by a liberal sprinkling of enjoyable drawings, clear and helpful maps, and interesting photos.

2. The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt (Landmark Books)

Author: by Elizabeth Payne

192 pages

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For more than 3,000 years, Egypt was a great civilization that thrived along the banks of the Nile River. But when its cities crumbled to dust, Egypt’s culture and the secrets of its hieroglyphic writings were also lost. The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt explains how archaeologists have pieced together their discoveries to slowly reveal the history of Egypt’s people, its pharaohs, and its golden days.

3. Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina

Author: by Michaela DePrince
256 pages

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SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE DIRECTED BY MADONNA! The extraordinary memoir of an orphan who danced her way from war-torn Sierra Leone to ballet stardom, most recently appearing in Beyonce’s Lemonade and as a principal in a major American dance company.

“Michaela is nothing short of a miracle, born to be a ballerina. For every young brown, yellow, and purple dancer, she is an inspiration! Misty Copeland, world-renowned ballet dancer Michaela DePrince was known as girl Number 27 at the orphanage, where she was abandoned at a young age and tormented as a devil child for a skin condition that makes her skin appear spotted.

But it was at the orphanage that Michaela would find a picture of a beautiful ballerina en pointe that would help change the course of her life. At the age of four, Michaela was adopted by an American family, who encouraged her love of dancing and enrolled her in classes.

She went on to study at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at the American Ballet Theatre and is now the youngest principal dancer with the Dance Theatre of Harlem. She has appeared in the ballet documentary First Position, as well as on Dancing with the Stars, Good Morning America, and Nightline.

4. Of Beetles and Angels: A Boy's Remarkable Journey from a Refugee Camp to Harvard

Author: by Mawi Asgedom
192 pages

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Read the remarkable true story of a young boy’s journey from civil war in east Africa to a refugee camp in Sudan, to a childhood on welfare in an affluent American suburb, and eventually to a full-tuition scholarship at Harvard University.

Following his father’s advice to “treat all people-even the most unsightly beetles-as though they were angels sent from heaven,” Mawi overcomes the challenges of language barriers, cultural differences, racial prejudice, and financial disadvantage to build a fulfilling, successful life for himself in his new home.

Of Beetles and Angels is at once a harrowing survival story and a compelling examination of the refugee experience. With hundreds of thousands of copies sold since its initial publication, and as a frequent selection as one book/one school/one community reads, this unforgettable memoir continues to touch and inspire readers.

This special expanded fifteenth anniversary edition includes a new introduction and afterword from the author, a discussion guide, and more.

5. The Ancient Egyptian World (The World in Ancient Times)

Author: by Eric H. Cline
Oxford University Press

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Taking readers back 4,000 years, to the fertile land around the Nile River, The Ancient Egyptian World tells the stories of the kings, queens, pharaohs, gods, tomb builders, and ordinary citizens who lived there. Using papyri, scarabs, tomb inscriptions, mummies, and a rich variety of otherprimary sources, Eric H.

Cline and Jill Rubalcaba uncover the fascinating history of ancient Egypt. Scarabs, which scholars call “imperial news bulletins,” record important moments in a pharaoh’s reign. The Edwin Smith Papyrus details the injuries sustained by the builders of the great pyramids, and the remedies used to treat them.

For a worker who has had a stone fall on his head, it suggests: “bind it with fresh meat … And treat afterward with grease, honey and lint.” A complex recipe for atop-of-the-line mummy describes a process that could take 70 days and involved drawing the brain out through the nose with a crooked piece of iron.

These primary sources also tell the stories of the people of ancient Egypt: Pepi II, the six-year-old boy king who commanded armies; Ramesses II, whose mortuary temple boasts of his expertise in battle against the Hittites; Queen Hatshepsut, the only woman to rule Egypt as pharaoh; and Cleopatra,who courted Roman statesman Mark Antony as part of her quest to extend the Egyptian empire.

6. Pyramid

Author: by David MacAulay
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
80 pages

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Through concise text and richly detailed black and white illustrations we come to know the philosophy of life and death in ancient Egypt.

7. African History for Kids – Early Civilizations on the African Continent | Ancient History for Kids | 6th Grade Social Studies

Author: by Baby Professor
64 pages

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Africa is a huge continent. Over the years, it has served as home to different tribes and civilizations. Use this educational book to educate your child about how Africa has evolved from then until today. Were the changes for the better?

Let your child decide on that. Encourage him/her to start reading this book.Grab a copy now.

8. Shaka Rising: A Legend of the Warrior Prince (The African Graphic Novel Series)

Author: by Luke W. Molver
Story Press Africa
96 pages

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A 2019 Children’s Africana Book Awards Honor Book for Older ReadersShortlisted for the Nommo Awards for African Speculative FictionGraphic NovelA time of bloody conflict and great turmoil. The slave trade expands from the east African coast. Europeans spread inland from the south.

And one young boy is destined to change the future of southern Africa. This retelling of the Shaka legend explores the rise to power of a shrewd young prince who must consolidate a new kingdom through warfare, mediation, and political alliances to defend his people against the expanding slave trade.

“A worthy introduction that offers a young Anglophone audience entry into a legend of Africa without the annoyance of overtranslation and with refreshingly three-dimensional characters.” -Kirkus “Deftly written and superbly illustrated by Luke Molver, “Shaka Rising: A Legend of the Warrior Prince” is a truly extraordinary and entertaining graphic novel that will decidedly prove to be an enduringly popular addition to community library graphic novel collections for readers ages 16 to 86.” Midwest Book Review Luke Molver is a graphic novelist whose world is fueled by the art of storytelling.

9. Sterling Point Books: The Barbary Pirates

Author: by C. S. Forester

3 hours and 3 minutes

C. S. Forester

Roscoe Orman

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C.S.Forester, creator of the beloved Horatio Hornblower series, takes young readers on an exciting adventure to the shores of Tripoli in North Africa. That’s where, more than 200 years ago, the United States was threatened by “pirates” who snatched American merchant ships and imprisoned sailors – and the country’s young, untested navy took on the task of fighting the pirates in their home waters.

This true tale features thrilling ocean battles, hand-to-hand combat, and the first landing on foreign soil by the U.S. Marines, and it’s as fresh and relevant today as when it was first published.

10. Tales Mummies Tell

Author: by Patricia Lauber
Collins (May 28, 1985)
128 pages

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Sand in their bread caused serious tooth problems for the ancient Egyptians, peasants and pharaohs alike. Skull surgery was commonly performed by the Inca Indians of Peru. A thick soup made of grain and seeds was a typical winter meal in Denmark during the Iron Age.

How can we be so sure of what ancient life was like? Largely because, in recent years, mummies have begun to “talk” to scientists who study them for clues to the distant past. X-rays reveal mumm ies that have never been unwrapped.

The shape of the face appears, and resemblances may establish family relationships. In the bones of a mummy, medical scientists can read age at death, signs of disease, fractures that healed. Teeth yield information about diet and health. Sometimes a mummy offers a surprise: an Egyptian mummy is found to have two skulls; another, long thought to be the child of a high priestess, turns out to be a baboon.

Sometimes a mummy tells a moving story: examination of a girl’s mummy shows she lived her short life in considerable pain; a man’s mummy, with broken bones and slit throat, proves he met a violent death. Generously illustrated with photographs ranging from the gruesome to the starkly beautiful, Tales Mummies Tell is a remarkable account of mummies – intriguing talebearers from the pastand of the ways scientists unlock their secrets.

11. Kongo Ndongo: West Central Africa (African Kingdoms of the Past)

Author: by Kenny Mann
Dillon Pr
105 pages

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Interweaving oral history, legend, and historical documents, a study of the ancient kingdoms of West Central Africa discusses the arrival of Portuguese explorers and colonists in the region and the devastating impact of the slave trade on the kingdoms of Kongo and Ndongo.

12. Doing Canada Proud: The Second Boer War and the Battle of Paardeberg (Canadians at War, 8)

Author: by Colonel Bernd Horn
Dundurn (January 15, 2013)
104 pages

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The story of a little-known Canadian victory in the Second Boer War. In the fall of 1899, Britain entered the Second Anglo-Boer War in South Africa confident that its army would make short work of a collection of armed farmers. However, initial confrontations quickly changed attitudes.

Following a series of humiliating defeats, Britain quickly sought additional troops. Canada answered the call, and its first contingent consisted of the 2nd (Special Service) Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR). Fighting their first battle at Paardeburg Drift from February 18 to 27, 1900, The RCR did Canada proud, serving with distinction and demonstrating endurance and tenacity that rivalled the famous British regulars.

This victory came at a cost, though. The RCR suffered 39 killed and 123 wounded, but its accomplishments were impressive. Canadians delivered the first major British triumph, which became the turning point of the conflict. The victory also awakened patriotism and national identity at home and earned Canada recognition as a sovereign power.

13. A Rose Out of a Rock: The Truth About the Process- A Prayer Warrior's Memoir and Tool for DELIVERANCE HEALING MEDITATION

Author: by Ballalaine Rose Davies
286 pages

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This memoir is based on my personal failures, successes, and relentless desire to know and uphold my truth, the truth and the ultimate truth, The Living Word of God. I am grateful for several friends and family in encouraging me to start the work, persevere with it, and finally to publish it.

This memoir includes reflection pages within so that you can easily jot down memories that coincide with my stories; scriptures that you found helpful, thoughts and just anything that God lays on your heart. There is a release that comes with writing that cannot be taught.

I pray that this book will help others to win the battle waged from darkness. I pray that we all come out as victors and not victims. I pray that these pages are a blessing to anyone who reads them.

I pray blessings and increase upon every area of your life. There’s never a dull moment in the life of this Rose that grows out of a rock. She camouflages sunshine, has serendipitous family secrets, generational dysfunction,and lies. She suffers betrayal, jealousy, abandonment, incest, rape, and hatred.

14. Peoples and Cultures of Africa: Central Africa

Author: by Peter Mitchell
Chelsea House Pub
112 pages

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A six-volume set arranged by large geographical regions contains an introduction to the countries of the African continent, including coverage of ethnic groups, material cultures, performing arts, literature, religions, and social life and customs.