Best Teen & Young Adult Botany Books

Here you will get Best Teen & Young Adult Botany Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Modern Chemistry: Student Edition 2009

976 pages

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This book is in Very Good Condition. Clean Copy with light amount of wear! The binding is Tight and the pages are crisp and clean with no markings or highlighting.

2. First Studies of Plant Life (Yesterday's Classics)

Author: by George Francis Atkinson
280 pages

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A guide to discovery of the forces at work in the world of plants. Through germinating seeds and varying their growing conditions, students learn by observation the different ways seeds germinate and young plants respond to moisture and light. Further experiments shed light on the manner of nourishment, respiration, and reproduction.

The reader is given plenty to ponder since the text often poses questions without supplying answers. The life stories of the sweet pea, oak, ferns, moss, and mushrooms and an account of some of the forces plants have to contend with in their struggle to survive encourage students to continue to read and interpret their surroundings.

An engaging introduction to botany for middle school and beyond.

3. The First Book of Plants

Author: by Alice Dickinson
76 pages

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The First Book of Plants by Alice Dickinson is a wonderful science book that targets upper elementary/middle school readers. It is very thorough in its presentation of plants as organisms, discussing the different types of plants (annuals, biennials, and perennials and various examples of each, bacteria and fungi), The book discusses the many ways that plants reproduce, a discussion of seeds and fruit, and the parts and components of plants, from the cellular level to their structure.

Beautiful illustrations by Paul Wenck are contained throughout the text. Some basic experiments are included. An index is provided. This book was originally intended for upper elementary grades but because of its broad coverage of the material, would be valuable reading for upper grade levels as well.

4. Scary Short Stories for Teens Book 1: A Collection of Bone Chilling, Creepy, Horror Short Stories

Author: by Bryce Nealham
46 pages

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Sleep with one eye open because you never know what could be lurking in the dark. These scary short stories may some day save your life. This collection of nine chilling stories are a weird, creepy and a careful balance of horror and suspense.

These horrifying tales will send shivers down your spine, so be sure to be warm and safe before you start reading. If you like Creepypasta horror stories then allow yourself to peek into the terrifying world that lies beyond these pages.

Here is a terrifying look into the multiple nightmares that lie ahead… The little boy was found walking alone along a dark road under very suspicious circumstances. The grandpa and sister who “came back” for a family visit on Halloween night.

The room in the attic that occupied a strange shadowy figure. The teenage maid who wasn’t alone in the dark old house. The home alone wife who witnessed other worldly beings outside her front door. The couple staying in a remote snowy cabin that wasn’t as remote as they thought.

5. Modern Chemistry: Student Edition 2006

Author: by R. Thomas Myers
Holt, Rinehart and Winston
928 pages

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Holt Chemistry textbook only.Slightly worn.


Modern Chemistry: PUPIL'S EDITION 2002

992 pages

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Hardcover (as shown) “Modern Chemistry” textbook cleaned, but corners/shelf wear.Fast shipping…(PB-39)

7. Holt Chemistry

Author: by R. Thomas Myers
910 pages

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Holt Chemistry

8. Morning Glory: Why Do You Sleep at Night?

Author: by Donna Love
26 pages

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From dawn to dusk, journey with the flower pixies to discover a tender lullaby that introduces children to a variety of flowers and explains the reasons that some flowers close at night. Written by award-winning author Donna Love, it features musical notation and luscious illustrations by Laura Love.

Whether you read it as a poem or sing it as a song, this lullaby is a bedtime poem sure to delight!

9. Science Explorer from Bacteria to Plants Student Edition 2007c


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Prentice Hall Science Explorer 2007 From Bacteria To Plants Student Edition Lead author Michael Padilla once again sets the standard for engaging, hands-on science exploration. The new Prentice Hall Science Explorer now offers 16 small books that give you the flexibility to customize lessons to match your curriculum.

A new title, The Nature of Science and Technology, introduces students to the sciences, scientific methods, skills, and technology and design concepts they’ll need to succeed in middle grades science! Whether using the text alone or in tandem with exceptional ancillaries and technology, teachers can utilize differentiated instruction components to meet the needs of every student at every learning level.

Unparalleled technology activates text content and takes science beyond the classroom and into the real world. Features and Benefits A proven formula for reading success Before, during, and aft

10. The Impossible Climb (Young Readers Adaptation): Alex Honnold, El Capitan, and a Climber's Life

Author: by Mark Synnott
224 pages

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A middle grade adaptation of the adult bestseller that chronicles what The New York Times deemed “one of the great athletic feats of any kind, ever”: Alex Honnold’s free-solo ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. On June 3, 2017, as seen in the Oscar-winning documentary Free Solo, Alex Honnold achieved what most had written off as unattainable: a 3,000-foot vertical climb of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, without a rope or harness.

At the time, only a few knew what he was attempting to do, but after topping out at 9:28 am, having spent just under four hours on this historic feat, author Mark Synnott broke the story for National Geographic and the world watched in awe.

Now adapted for a younger audience, The Impossible Climb tells the gripping story of how a quiet kid from Sacramento, California, grew up to capture the attention of the entire globe by redefining the limits of human potential through hard work, discipline, and a deep respect for the natural world.

11. Composition Notebook: Watercolor Florals | College Ruled (Homeschool & Distance Learning Exercise Books)

Author: by Mela School Press
110 pages

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Fun, Stylish, and Cool Composition Books for students of all ages! Are you looking for a unique composition book to complete your school supply list? This is the perfect school composition notebook for any student! No more boring composition books.

This adorable patterned composition school book is college ruled and perfect for any subject. This book features a cover that easily folds back for writing. Reasons your kid will love this book:College ruled120 pagesMatte coverPerfectly bound glued spineTraditional 7.44 x 9.

69″ sizeHead back to school armed with this unique composition book! Check out our other designs by going to the Mela School Press author page!

12. Holt Chemistry California: Student Edition 2007

960 pages

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Pass on a love of gardening and nature to children with these 35 fun and rewarding outdoor and indoor projects. Gardening for Kids is full of inspirational ideas to get your kids excited about nature. Dawn Isaac shows you how to sow a wheelbarrow vegetable garden, make cress caterpillars, build an insect hotel, or plant a sunflower alley in your own backyard, using everyday objects and recycled junk.

There are chapters on creative containers, from teapots to rainboots, windowsill gardening of foods such as cress and beans, and beautiful nature crafts that can be made indoors. Whether your outdoor space is big or small, or just a balcony or even a window ledge, these fun and creative ideas will keep your kids entertainedand learning about gardeningall year round.

14. John and William Bartram: Travelers in Early America (Pineapple Press Young Reader Biographies)

Author: by Sandra Wallus Sammons
Pineapple Press
June 9, 2015

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A juvenile biography of father and son, John and William Bartram, naturalists who lived in the late 18th and early 19th centuries in America. The Bartrams were America’s first native botanists, father and son travelers, plant hunters, and master gardeners.

They traveled the east coast and observed and wrote about the nature they found. Their story is full of adventure and curiosity. Their interests took them on wide travels, including through Florida in 1774. William Bartram’s most famous book is Travels, which is of particular interest for its early description and drawings of Florida.

His book is an important part of Florida’s early records. This is seventh book in Pineapple Press’s Young Readers series of biographies of famous people who influenced Florida. Previous in seriesNext in series See all of the books in this series