Best Teen & Young Adult Fitness & Exercise Books

Here you will get Best Teen & Young Adult Fitness & Exercise Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Summer Bridge Activities Workbook―Bridging Grades 6 to 7 in Just 15 Minutes a Day, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Summer Learning Activity Book With Flash Cards (160 pgs)

Author: by Summer Bridge Activities
160 pages

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Prevent summer learning loss and prepare your child for back-to-school success in just 15 minutes a day with engaging activities, exercises, fun games, and moreall in one workbook! Workbook Features: Ages 11-12, bridging grades 6 to 7 160 pages, about 8 inches x 10 inches Includes over 60 days of activities!

Reading, writing, math, science, social studies, fitness activities, and more Flash cards, completion certificate, and answer key includedSummer Learning: Summer Bridge Activities Workbook helps sixthseventh graders keep their skills sharp during the summer months to stop summer slide through fun practice pages and activities, engaging fitness activities, and more.

What’s Included: This book includes versatile subjects covering writing skills, root words, factors, graphing, dictionary skills, social studies, the scientific method, fitness activities, and more. Includes flash cards and a completion certificate. How It Works: Each page is numbered by day so kids and parents can track progress and reach monthly learning goals.

2. Trust the Grind: How World-Class Athletes Got To The Top (Motivational Book for Teens, Gift for Teen Boys, Teen and Young Adult Football, Fitness and Exercise)

Author: by Jeremy Bhandari
Mango (April 14, 2020)
232 pages

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A Champion State of Grind”To all the young athletes out there looking for motivation check out Trust The Grind.” Jason Kidd, Member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame#1 Best Seller in Teen & Young Adult Fitness & ExerciseExclusive interviews with top athletes in sports today.

Trust the Grind reveals how these men and women reached the height of their profession. Sixteen athletes from eleven sports. Each chapter tells a different story, as each superstar shares the habit that helped them accomplish their goals and reach the pinnacle of their profession.

Sports fanatic or not. Guaranteed to tap into your athletic edge, Trust the Grind, is made for sports fans and nonfans alike. Fans of professional athletes get an in-depth look at their heroes’ climb to the top; those less passionate about sports have the chance to read the secrets of success from some of the most talented people in the world.

Both learn pivotal life lessons, and can immediately instill these traits and habits into their lifestyle. A success habit’ point of view. Learn the secrets behind success, and what it takes to remain on top. With Trust The Grind, you will learn about the value that comes with becoming disciplined, staying driven, setting goals, identifying your why, staying active and eating right, making sacrifices, obsessing over your passion, and more.

3. The Young Champion's Mind: How to Think, Train, and Thrive Like an Elite Athlete

Author: by Jim Afremow PhD
224 pages

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The ultimate guide for student athletes to train, play, and feel their best, from an expert in sports psychology. Sports psychologist Jim Afremow has earned accolades from Olympians to professional athletes for his insightful approach to training the mind, body, and spirit of a competitor.

Now this award-winning coach is turning his talents to student athletes in the new young adult edition of his highly praised The Champion’s Mind. As student athletes strive to balance their school and sports accomplishments, Dr. Afremow’s sage advice will be a much-needed guide in helping them navigate the fieldor rink or court.

The Young Champion’s Mind covers such topics as how to get in a “zone,” thrive on a team, and stay humble, and how to progress within a sport and sustain long-term excellence. Customizable preparation routines promote full-power performance.

4. Soccer Smarts for Teens: 50 Skills and Strategies to Master the Game

Author: by Andrew Latham
172 pages

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Up your game with advanced soccer strategies for players ages 12 to 16 Working on your own skills is an important part of being a team player, and Soccer Smarts for Teens is here to help you. With this inspirational choice in soccer books for teens, you’ll work your way through 50 different techniques and strategies you can implement right awayon your own or with your teamto help you take your game to the next level.

Go beyond other soccer books for teens with: Expert guidanceGet clear instructions for practicing moves like speed dribbling and long-distance passing, then move into more complex game strategies like creating space on the field. A range of difficulty levelsEach exercise is labeled with its level of difficulty so you can continue to challenge yourself as you improve.

Tips and motivationFind info about how to stay hydrated and keep your cleats from smelling, along with space to write notes and motivational profiles on pro players. Explore the tricks and techniques that can boost your skills with this top choice among soccer books for teens.

5. Girls Running: All You Need to Strive, Thrive, and Run Your Best

Author: by Melody Fairchild
240 pages

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Running can shape a young athlete in healthy, positive ways for the rest of her life. Girls Running offers the guidance and tools girls need to thrive on their running journey, right from the start. With straight talk on training, physiology, menstruation, sports nutrition, a winning mindset, body image issues, gear, team-building, and competition, Girls Running educates and empowers young runners to achieve their potential and love running more.

Inspired by high-school phenom Melody Fairchild’s groundbreaking running journey, and with the coaching insight from Fairchild and coauthor Elizabeth Carey, Girls Running is a valuable toolkit for middle- and high-school runners. Backed by science, research, and over 100,000 miles of experience, this resource answers the most timely and sensitive questions that girls face when their bodies change and the miles increase.

Girls, parents, and coaches will see ways to navigate puberty, mental health, eating disorders, and the pressures of competitive running. Girls Running is a go-to guide for everything girls need to know to run betterand love the journey while doing it!

6. The Boy's Fitness Guide: Expert Coaching for the Young Man Who Wants to Look and Feel His Best (English)

Author: by Frank C. Hawkins
Big Book Press, LLC
124 pages

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200 pages

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If your blood test result says you should rethink the consumption of fatty stuff, it is time for some major dietary changes. Living with elevated triglyceride levels can be dangerous to your overall health, but not everyone needs medication to knock down these unhealthy fats.

A simple change in the way you eat and live is all it takes for you to join the heart healthy. Curious about how to bring your triglycerides back to their normal range? This book covers everything you need to know:Understanding triglycerides and their functionDetecting and diagnosing triglyceridesThe connection between cholesterol and triglyceridesSimple lifestyle changes that lower triglyceridesA glimpse into the Mediterranean dietA detailed list of foods you shouldn’t be eatingA detailed list of foods that lower the triglyceridesCommon myths about triglyceride-increasing foods debunkedThe ultimate cooking tips that contribute to the drop of triglyceridesA full 21-day meal plan to get you startedEating to lower triglycerides is neither tasteless nor boring.

9. How to Dunk if You’re Under 6 Feet Tall: 13 Proven Ways to Jump Higher and Drastically Increase Your Vertical Jump in 4 Weeks (Vertical Jump Training Program in Black&White)

Author: by James Wilson
49 pages

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Have you tried and failed to will your short body to dunk a basketball? Learn how even the most vertically challenged players can slam the ball home with ease. Have you been told you’re far too short to touch the rim, let alone throw the ball down?

Having trouble increasing your vertical leap no matter how much weightlifting you do? Author James Wilson is a 30-year veteran of basketball coaching in 20 different countries. He’s cracked the scientific code to allow players of any height to dunk like a pro, and now he’s here to share his secrets with you.

In How to Dunk if You’re Under 6 Feet Tall: 13 Proven Ways to Jump Higher and Drastically Increase Your Vertical Jump in 4 Weeks, you’ll learn the meticulous science behind increasing your vertical leap. Through his proven step-by-step plan, you’ll find out the exact techniques necessary to dunk your first basketball in just four weeks.

Without weightlifting or special equipment, you’ll soon be able to jam in front of your friends with either one hand or two. In How to Dunk if You’re Under 6 Feet Tall, you’ll discover:The best exercise techniques for increasing your vertical jump in just four weeksThe best basketball shoes to make you jump higherHow shorter people can go from barely touching the rim to dunking with one or two handsHow to jump higher without lifting weightsThe precision mechanics of the perfect jump and dunk and much, much more!

10. Kid Fit for Fun

Author: by Erin Crain
116 pages

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In Kid Fit for Fun, children’s fitness instructor Erin Crain provides parents, coaches, and kids with challenging exercises, encouragement, inspiration, and lots of fun facts about the marvelous human body. Children will learn: – Fun exercises that build general physical skills – The nine foundational movements – Body strength and development – How different organs and systems in their body work to keep them healthy – Why faith and love are as important to health as exercise This beautifully hand-drawn and lettered manual provides instructions and exercises you can start with right away, and is suitable for school, club, or home use.

Fitness should be fun! So, get ready to be entertained, informed, and fit-all at the same time!

11. Fitness Nutrition: The Ultimate Fitness Guide: Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Muscle Building – Lose Weight and Build Lean Muscle (Muscle Building Series)

Author: by Nicholas Bjorn
256 pages

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DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT AND BUILD MUSCLE FAST, STARTING RIGHT NOW? THIS BOOK WILL LET YOU IN ON THE SECRET! Everyone knows how important it is to maintain a healthy physique. Often, achieving the ideal body requires you to lose weight and build lean muscle.

But how do you do that? To become physically fit, you need to have the knowledge necessary to get you on your way and the motivation required to keep you going. Don’t you wish that you can get your hands on an ultimate fitness guide so that you could start understanding your body’s needs, lose weight, and stay motivated?

Well, I’ve got good news for you. This book will teach you how your body works and what it needs to lose those extra pounds so that you could achieve and maintain a fit and toned physique. Here’s what this book has in store for you:Learn how your body uses calories and what role carbohydrates play in your weightDiscover which foods contain good fats and lean protein that could benefit your bodyDetermine what your meal frequency and caloric intake should beKnow which exercises you should do to get that toned and sculpted lookPLUS:Alternative exercise optionsDelicious muscle-building recipesEffective natural supplementsYou will never be able to get a fitness guide as comprehensive as this book anywhere else.

12. The Hard 90 Mindset: (Reach your full potential on the baseball field and in life.)

Author: by Eric Walczykowski
57 pages

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Do you want your athlete to reach their potential on the baseball diamond? In this book, Eric Walczykowski presents a practical and proven strategy for reaching your full potential on the baseball field and in life beyond. The Hard 90 Process and Philosophy are illustrated by anecdotes and insights gained through coaching high school and youth athletes that attained a high level of success on the diamond and in life.

Eric combines strategies and tactics utilized in the corporate world and on the baseball diamond to bring to life a strategy for youth athletes to become elite. This book is intended for high school and youth athletes, their parents and youth coaches.

13. Yoga for Teens

Author: by Shawna Schenk
Lotus Press (June 7, 2016)
192 pages

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Yoga shows that all beings (regardless of age) desire the same thing: peace. Yoga for Teens teaches how to attain this peace, for intermediate and high school aged kids, through using different yoga poses, breathing techniques, meditations, and writing “AUMwork” exercises.

Each chapter focuses on how using yoga can help teens properly cope with one emotion that they often face in their daily lives. Combining the teachings of yoga with the personal stories provided by the author and other yoga teachers who reflect back on their own teenage lives to inspirational stories written and art work reflecting these emotions drawn by teens today, Yoga for Teens explains how to use yoga for anger, fear, gratitude, patience, focus, love, and confidence.

The book uses honesty to talk about the things that teens go through from depression, drug use, alcohol use, sex, stress, driving, home issues, school, peer pressures, body image issues, social media, cyber bullying, focus and ADD, first loves, friendships, and fights (along with many other topics teenagers face currently today).

14. The Impossible Climb (Young Readers Adaptation): Alex Honnold, El Capitan, and a Climber's Life

Author: by Mark Synnott
224 pages

The Impossible Climb (Young Readers Adaptation): Alex Honnold, El Capitan, and a Climber's Life Cover

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A middle grade adaptation of the adult bestseller that chronicles what The New York Times deemed “one of the great athletic feats of any kind, ever”: Alex Honnold’s free-solo ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. On June 3, 2017, as seen in the Oscar-winning documentary Free Solo, Alex Honnold achieved what most had written off as unattainable: a 3,000-foot vertical climb of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, without a rope or harness.

At the time, only a few knew what he was attempting to do, but after topping out at 9:28 am, having spent just under four hours on this historic feat, author Mark Synnott broke the story for National Geographic and the world watched in awe.

Now adapted for a younger audience, The Impossible Climb tells the gripping story of how a quiet kid from Sacramento, California, grew up to capture the attention of the entire globe by redefining the limits of human potential through hard work, discipline, and a deep respect for the natural world.