Windows Server Books

Windows Server 2019 is the server operating system introduced by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems, developed concurrently with Windows 10.

We've created a list of 14 Best Windows Server Books For Beginners.

1.Mastering Windows Server 2019

If you are a system administrator or an IT professional who wants to design and deploy Windows Server 2019, this book is for you. Prior experience with Windows Server operating systems and familiarity with networking concepts is required.


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2.Windows Server 2019 Administration Fundamentals

If you are a system administrator or an IT professional who wants to deploy and configure Windows Server 2019, this book is for you. You can also use this as a reference guide for the MTA: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals: 98-365 exam.


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3.Windows Server 2019 & Essentials 2019 Installation Guide for Small Businesses

Windows Server 2019 is the latest version of Microsoft's server operating system, available in Standard version and as Essentials, a version designed for organizations with up to 25 employees. However, as with most modern applications it comes with only the most basic of instructions. This book is a succinct installation guide produced from a real-world perspective and written according to the Goldilocks Principle: not too little information, not too much information, but just right. It assumes a reasonable working knowledge of Windows and the basics of networking.


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4.Windows Server 2019 Inside Out

Dive into Windows Server 2019―and really put your Windows Serverexpertise to work. Focusing on Windows Server 2019’s most powerful and innovative features, this supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, tips, and workarounds―all you need to plan, implement, or manage Windows Server in enterprise, data center, cloud, and hybrid environments. Fully reflecting new innovations for security, hybrid cloud environments, and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI), it covers everything from cluster sets to Windows Subsystem for Linux.


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5.Windows Server 2019 Cookbook

This Windows Server 2019 book is for system administrators and IT professionals who have basic experience in Windows environments and are interested in acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to manage and maintain the core infrastructure required for a Windows Server 2019 environment.


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6.Hands-On Microsoft Windows Server 2019

Eckert's HANDS-ON MICROSOFT WINDOWS SERVER 2019 equips you with a solid foundation in basic server administration -- no prior experience required. It empowers you with the knowledge to manage servers on small to large networks and maximize Windows Server 2019 administration. Using a logical topic flow and step-by-step exercises, it delivers thorough coverage of core Windows Server 2019 features.


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7.Windows Server 2019 Automation with PowerShell Cookbook

If you're a systems administrator, engineer, or architect working with Windows Server 2016 who wants to upgrade to Windows Server 2019 and automate tasks with PowerShell, this book is for you. Basic knowledge of PowerShell is necessary to understand key concepts covered in this book.


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8.Mastering Windows Group Policy

If you are an IT professional who works with Windows Servers or are interested in setting up an Active Directory environment, this book is for you. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows and how Windows Server fits into an enterprise's infrastructure, along with an understanding of Active Directory domain environment, is expected.


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9.Windows Server 2019 & PowerShell All-in-One For Dummies

Windows Server 2019 & PowerShell All-in-One For Dummies offers a single reference to help you build and expand your knowledge of all things Windows Server, including the all-important PowerShell framework. Written by an information security pro and professor who trains aspiring system administrators, this book covers the broad range of topics a system administrator needs to know to run Windows Server 2019, including how to install, configure, and secure a system.


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10.MCSA Windows Server 2016 Complete Study Guide

The MCSA exams test your knowledge and skill in installation, configuration, deployment, and administration using a variety of networking tools. The scope is broad, but your complete understanding of the most up-to-date concepts and practices is critical to your success on the exam―and on the job. MCSA Windows Server 2016 Complete Study Guide covers everything you need to know, and gives you the tools to help you learn it.


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11.Windows Server 2019 Network Installation Guide

The approach is very much practical and hands on. It should give you a basic understanding of Windows Server and help you setup a network that should meet the needs of a typical small organization such as a business, non-profit, church, school and so on. However, it is not intended as a detailed description of all Window Server’s many capabilities or as a reference manual and is not aimed at enterprise installations involving large numbers of servers and techniques such as virtualization. It assumes a reasonable working knowledge of Windows and the basics of networking. It is written in a friendly, “do-it-like-this” style, rather than with undue emphasis on theory and abstract topics.


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12.Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V Cookbook

This book is for Hyper-V administrators who are looking to take advantage of all exciting new features that Microsoft Server 2016 Hyper-V has to offer.


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13.Windows Server 2016 Unleashed

Windows Server 2016 Unleashed reflects the authors’ extraordinary experience implementing Windows Server 2016 in large-scale environments since its earliest alpha releases. Microsoft MVP Rand Morimoto and colleagues fully address all aspects of deploying and operating Windows Server 2016, including Active Directory, networking, application services, security, administration, business continuity, virtualization, optimization, and troubleshooting. You’ll find up-to-the-minute coverage of new features ranging from Storage Spaces Direct to Cluster-Aware Updating, and Dynamic Access Control to Nano Server.


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14.Hands-On Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Discover the perfect resource for learning Windows Server 2016 from the ground up with HANDS-ON MICROSOFT WINDOWS SERVER 2016. Designed to build a foundation in basic server administration, this book requires no previous server experience. It covers all of the critical Windows Server 2016 features, including the advantages unique to this new server operating system. You learn how to choose the right server edition for your needs. You also learn to install, configure, customize, manage, and troubleshoot your server most effectively.


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