Best Ab Workouts Books

Here you will get Best Ab Workouts Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body

Author: by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers
437 pages

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#1 International Bestseller This book has helped tens of thousands of men build their best body ever.Will you be next? If you want to get bigger, leaner, and stronger without steroids, good genetics, extreme dieting, or wasting ridiculous amounts of time in the gym …

You want to read this book. Because here’s the deal: Building lean muscle and burning stubborn fat isn’t nearly as complicated you’ve been led to believe. This book is the shortcut.And guess what? You don’t need to: Spend hundreds of dollars per month on the worthless supplements that steroid-fueled bodybuilders “swear by.” Most pills, powders, and potions do absolutely nothing.

You don’t need to: Constantly change up your workout routine to gain lean muscle in all the right places. Muscle building is much simpler than that. You don’t need to: Waste a couple of hours in the gym every day grinding through grueling workouts you hate.

In fact, this is a great way to get nowhere. You don’t need to: Slog away at boring cardio to shed ugly belly fat and get a six-pack. In fact, you probably don’t have to do any cardio to get the body you really want.

2. Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time: So Is Cardio, and There’s a Better Way to Have the Body You Want

Author: by Dr. John Jaquish
266 pages

Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time: So Is Cardio, and There’s a Better Way to Have the Body You Want Cover

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WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER Do you want to lose fat, gain muscle and build the body of your dreams without having to step foot in a gym or on a treadmill? This book has the answer you’ve been searching for.

No matter your age, sex, or conditioning status, this book will help you look and feel your best.And guess what? 10 MINUTES IS ALL YOU NEED & YOU WON’T EVEN HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR HOUSE! If you’re like most people that have tried fruitless weight lifting or tedious cardio, your body probably feels the negative effects – like aching, painful joints and the inability to lose stubborn fat.

Or perhaps you have: Spent years in the gym but struggle to gain muscle, lose belly fat and see real results. When you take your shirt off, it doesn’t even look like you workout. Tried all the fad diets that just leave you hungry, frustrated and not losing any weight.

Seen all the muscular athletes in the gym and wonder what you’re doing wrong. Wandered around the gym feeling defeated and confused about what exercises will help you achieve your dream body. Suffered through injuries and pain from lifting weights with bad form and engaging in dangerous exercises.

3. The Year One Challenge for Men: Bigger, Leaner, and Stronger Than Ever in 12 Months

Author: by Michael Matthews

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This workout program has helped tens of thousands of men build their best body ever.Will you be next? If you want to get bigger, leaner, and stronger without steroids, good genetics, extreme dieting, or wasting ridiculous amounts of time in the gym …

You want to read this book. The Year One Challenge for Men is a workout journal companion to the #1 bestselling men’s fitness book Bigger Leaner Stronger. It contains a full year’s worth of Bigger Leaner Stronger workouts created by Mike Matthews, and with this program, you can …

Gain up to 25 pounds of lean muscle in all of the right places Lose handfuls of stubborn body fat, including stubborn belly and back fat Double or even triple your whole-body strength And that’s just your first year of Bigger Leaner Stronger!So, imagine …

Just 12 weeks from now … Being constantly complimented on the changes in your physique and asked how the heck you’re doing it. Imagine enjoying higher energy levels, fewer aches and pains, and better spirits. And imagine feeling that your fitness is finally under your control …And permanently.

4. The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular You!

Author: by Adam Campbell
Rodale Books
560 pages

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Revised edition includes 100 new exercises! The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises is the essential workout guide for anyone who wants a better body. As the most comprehensive collection of exercises ever created, this book is a body-shaping power tool for both beginners and long-time lifters alike.

This book contains hundreds of useful tips, the latest findings in exercise science, and cutting-edge workouts from the world’s top trainers. Backed by the authority of Men’s Health magazine, this updated and revised edition features 100 new fat-loss exercises in 20 workouts designed by BJ Gaddour, Fitness Director of Men’s Health, and 1,350 photographs, showing movements for every muscle and a training plan to match every fitness goal.

5. Foundation: Redefine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain, and Move with Confidence

Author: by Eric Goodman
Rodale Books

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RADICALLY REDEFINE YOUR COREFoundation by Dr. Eric Goodman and Peter Park shifts the training focus from the front of your body to the back. By strengthening the full posterior chain and correcting poor movement patterns, you will maximize power, flexibility, and endurance and say goodbye to back pain.

6. Burn: New Research Blows the Lid Off How We Really Burn Calories, Lose Weight, and Stay Healthy

Author: by Herman Pontzer PhD
384 pages

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One of the foremost researchers in human metabolism reveals surprising new science behind food and exercise. We burn 2,000 calories a day. And if we exercise and cut carbs, we’ll lose more weight.Right?Wrong. In this paradigm-shifting book, Herman Pontzer reveals for the first time how human metabolism really works so that we can finally manage our weight and improve our health.

Pontzer’s groundbreaking studies with hunter-gatherer tribes show how exercise doesn’t increase our metabolism. Instead, we burn calories within a very narrow range: nearly 3,000 calories per day, no matter our activity level. This was a brilliant evolutionary strategy to survive in times of famine.

Now it seems to doom us to obesity. The good news is we can lose weight, but we need to cut calories. Refuting such weight-loss hype as paleo, keto, anti-gluten, anti-grain, and even vegan, Pontzer discusses how all diets succeed or fail: For shedding pounds, a calorie is a calorie.

At the same time, we must exercise to keep our body systems and signals functioning optimally, even if it won’t make us thinner. Hunter-gatherers like the Hadza move about five hours a day and remain remarkably healthy into old age.

7. Snake: The Essential Visual Guide

Author: by Chris Mattison
192 pages

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Find out about snakes from all over the world in this best-selling visual guide, with information about snake evolution, habitats, reproductive behavior, feeding, defense, and much more. Snake is the essential guide to the world of serpents, featuring more than 3,000 species.

With a clean fresh look, classifications, stunning photography, and amazing artworks, this is a must-have reference for all herpetologists. Packed with fascinating facts such as physical and behavioral characteristics, this guide also includes focused profiles of 60 snakes, from the Rainbow Boa to the Tropical Rattlesnake.

Each profile includes a stunning full-page photograph of the snake, supporting images to highlight important features, and a Fact File’ sidebar to give at-a-glance information. Plus, a complete directory lists all known species of these fascinating reptiles, including venomous snakes such as cobras.

Snake is a beautiful and comprehensive guide to some of nature’s most compelling animals.

8. The Anatomy of Stretching, Second Edition: Your Illustrated Guide to Flexibility and Injury Rehabilitation

Author: by Brad Walker
200 pages

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The multiple stresses of contemporary lifewhether from excessive sports play, overwork, or overuse of technologyare increasingly taking a toll on the body. Symptoms range from muscle soreness and pain to pinched nerves to potentially more permanent disabilities, including serious body injuries.

One safe, quickly productive way to address the problem is through a simple therapy that can be done anywhere, anytime, and without special equipment: stretching. This new edition of Brad Walker’s best-selling book on the subject presents 135 unique stretching exercises designed to help repair the body and make it more flexible, fit, and relaxed.

The book begins with clear, detailed descriptions of important principles of anatomy and physiology, the benefits of stretching, different forms of stretching, rules to remember, and how to stretch properly. It also focuses on the kinds of stretches that are most helpful in the alleviation or rehabilitation of specific sports injuries.

9. Feel Great, Lose Weight: Simple Habits for Lasting and Sustainable Weight Loss

Author: by Rangan Dr. Chatterjee
272 pages

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Weight loss isn’t a race. It isn’t one size fits all. Everyone wants fast results, but when it comes to losing weight with crash diets, what goes down nearly always comes back up. And weight-loss programs designed to fit “everyone” are often too broad and restrictive to fit into the complicated lives of real people.

Drawing on twenty years of experience, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee-BBC personality and author of the bestselling Feel Better in 5-has created a conscious, compassionate, sustainable approach to weight loss that goes far beyond fad diets to find the individual strategies that will work for you.

Packed with quick and easy interventions, this book will help you: Understand the effects of what, why, when, where and how we eat Discover the root cause of your weight gain Nourish your body to lose weight without crash diets or grueling workouts Build a toolbox of techniques to help you weigh less while living more Feel Great, Lose Weight is a new way to look at weight loss-a 360-degree view that goes beyond calories to see the bigger picture, including not just physical but also mental and environmental factors.

10. Fit for Life: A New Beginning

Author: by Harvey Diamond
368 pages

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In this newly updated and repackaged follow-up to Fit For Life, one of the bestselling diet books of all time, nutritional specialist Harvey Diamond teaches readers how to live a long healthful life by making smart dietary changes, adopting a clean diet, and offering a blueprint for optimal health, pain-free living, increased energy and weight loss without deprivation.

Did you know that on average each one of us will consume approximately seventy tons of food in our lifetime? The amount of time, effort, and energy necessary to obtain, prepare, and consume all that food, plus the effort of your body to break it down, extract, and utilize what you need from it, and eliminate the rest, represents a hugely significant portion of your time on this planet.

This book demystifies and simplifies the entire subject, while empowering you to know that you and you alone are in control of whether you live your life in good or ill health. Through intelligent dietetic decisions, you can harness the powerful healing energy of food.

11. Diastasis Recti: The Whole-body Solution to Abdominal Weakness and Separation

Author: by Katy Bowman
Propriometrics Press
234 pages

Diastasis Recti: The Whole-body Solution to Abdominal Weakness and Separation Cover

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Our abdominal muscles are rarely broken; rather their weakness is a reflection of how little we use our entire body. Whether you have diastasis recti, a hernia, are postnatal, or simply have a very weak midsectionthis is the definitive whole-body guide to restoring your core!

Abdominal muscles have many important jobstwisting the spine safely, accommodating pregnancy, protecting your abdominal organs, and even breathing are just some of the jobs we want them to do well. Many will try to fix their middle though crunches and other abdominal exercises without realizing that things like tight shoulder muscles, poor posture habits, and even our breathing patterns can be affecting what’s going on in our abs.

In Diastasis Recti, biomechanist Katy Bowman: Gives 30+ exercises, organized into Small, Medium, and Big Moves Expands the core to include essential parts, like the shoulders and pelvis (and how movement patterns here can worsen abdominal separations) Explains why it’s better to think of a diastasis (abdominal hernias, or even weakness) as a symptom rather than as the problem Teaches 5 simple postural adjustments to change the forces on the front of the abdomen Notes that in addition to exercises, you can sit, stand, and walk for a stronger core By making the material understandable, approachable, and achievable, Bowman offers an outstanding and necessary guide to diastasis recti and many other abdomen-related issues.

12. Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Building Muscle, Staying Lean, and Getting Strong (Muscle For Life)

Author: by Michael Matthews
358 pages

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Want to shatter plateaus, smash PRs, and get bigger, leaner, and stronger than ever? This book is the shortcut. Here’s the deal:Gaining maximum muscle and strength isn’t nearly as complicated as most trainers, experts, and gurus would have you believe.

You don’t need to: Follow newfangled diets like intermittent fasting, keto, or carb cycling. Such advanced protocols are no more effective than traditional dieting. You don’t need to: Eat an absurd amount of protein every day or change up your calories or macros every week.

All this will give you is rancid farts and spreadsheet fatigue. You don’t need to: Crush yourself with long, grueling workouts that leave your muscles and joints feeling like your dog’s chew toy. This is, however, a great way to develop nagging aches and pains, and even injuries that derail your progress.

You don’t need to: Learn strange new ways to do exercises or do a bunch of sophisticated training techniques, like supersets, drop sets, giant sets, and the rest of them. You might be surprised at how straightforward it really is to get to the promised land.

13. The Vital Psoas Muscle: Connecting Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being

Author: by Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones
128 pages

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Located deep within the anterior hip joint and lower spine, the psoas major (usually just referred to as the psoas) is critical for optimal postural alignment, movement, and overall well being. The psoas is the only muscle in the human organism that connects the upper body to the lower body, and its importance extends to the nerve complex and energy systems.

As modern-day populations grow more sedentary, psoas-related lower back and hip pain, and the ailment of “sitting too much,” are on the rise. Even the most active of athletes can suffer from psoas imbalance and pain. The Vital Psoas Muscle demonstrates how to keep the muscle in balance through specific exercises designed to strengthen and utilize this amazing muscle, and discusses its vital role in the emotional and spiritual state of the human being.

The interconnection between the psoas and the root chakra is explored, along with yoga poses and postures that stimulate the psoas. Eighty full-color illustrations depict anatomical details, and show the key stretching and strengthening exercises in this practical and comprehensive treatment of the most important skeletal muscle in the human body.

14. Positively Unstoppable: The Art of Owning It

Author: by Author Diamond Dallas Page
Rodale Books
304 pages

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World-renowned WWE Hall of Famer turned fitness guru Diamond Dallas Page wants to transform your life. After decades of helping others make radical transformations in health and fitness, Diamond Dallas knows what is really holding you back from profound life change.

He has watched countless people take ownership of their lives, physically, mentally, and emotionallyand he has witnessed, time and again, the precise instant when a real and massive shift occurs in a person’s attitude. In Positively Unstoppable, he brings his understanding of what really moves people to change and own their lives.

It begins when we discover what we really want, and then commit to follow the steps that will turn that goal into a reality. Regardless of where we are at in our lives, it’s possible to have a breakthrough. Filled with lessons from Page’s life that share his own struggle to find his calling, overcoming one obstacle after another, Positively Unstoppable is a bible for anyone who needs to be re-inspired to follow their dreams and take real action towards the things that matter most to them.

15. Between the Hips: A Practical Guide for Women

Author: by Dr. Megan Rorabeck
216 pages

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Have you ever wondered if your bladder and bowel habits are really normal? Did you know that pelvic pain is quite treatable? Would you like to learn how to achieve phenomenal orgasms? Most women have never been taught this paramount information, so they were left feeling hopeless…Until now!

Between the Hips offers the solutions you’ve been missing. In this compassionate and personal illustrated guide, Dr. Megan Rorabeck crushes common pelvic health myths from adolescence to elderhood, and she offers practical solutions to make sure you get the help and relief you truly need and deserve.

An annotated outline for this guide includes: Introduction: Gone are the days when women had to accept their pelvic health symptoms as normal just because they had a baby, got older, or were plagued with female trouble. With this book, there will be no more taboos or secrets about their bodiesonly solutions.

The Pelvic Girdle: This anatomy lesson is unlike any other; you will finally feel in-the-know about your lady bits. When Your Pelvic Support System Fails: Learn the lowdown of what could be hanging low down there with pelvic organ prolapse and just what to do about it.