Best Antique & Collectible Clocks & Watches Books

Here you will get Best Antique & Collectible Clocks & Watches Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. A Man & His Watch: Iconic Watches and Stories from the Men Who Wore Them

Author: by Matt Hranek
216 pages

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I’ve paged through stacks of books on the history of watches…. But I hadn’t come across a book that actually moved me until I picked up A Man and His Watch. The volume is filled with heartfelt stories. T: The New York Times Style Magazine “There are a bunch of beautifully illustrated watch books out there, but A Man & His Watch by Matt Hranek is more than that.

It speaks to the nature of watches as deeply personal items.”Gear Patrol, Coffee Table Books Our Staff Can’t Live Without Paul Newman wore his Rolex Daytona every single day for 35 years until his death in 2008. The iconic timepiece, probably the single most sought-after watch in the world, is now in the possession of his daughter Clea, who wears it every day in his memory.

Franklin Roosevelt wore an elegant gold Tiffany watch, gifted to him by a friend on his birthday, to the famous Yalta Conference where he shook the hands of Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill. JFK’s Omega worn to his presidential inauguration, Ralph Lauren’s watch purchased from Andy Warhol’s personal collection, Sir Edmund Hillary’s Rolex worn during the first-ever summit of Mt.Everest …

2. Wristwatch Annual 2021: The Catalog of Producers, Prices, Models, and Specifications

Author: by Marton Radkai
352 pages

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The essential guide for the collector of mechanical wristwatches, with complete information on over 1,400 models from some 130 international brands With Wristwatch Annual, collectors have at hand a wealth of information on the latest offerings from today’s most important watch producers, from Swiss mainstays like Rolex and Patek Philippe to the maverick independent brands springing up across Europe and the U.S.

The book is arranged alphabetically by producer, and the movement, functions, case, band, price, and variations of each pictured watch are fully described. This year’s edition, like its predecessors, will feature a variety of additional articles on independent watchmaking, key personalities in the watch world, and the technical aspects of horology.

An illustrated glossary and a primer on watch care help acclimate the reader to the world of fine timepieces.1400

3. The Wristwatch Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Mechanical Wristwatches

Author: by Ryan Schmidt
352 pages

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A fantastic reference work for the novice or the seasoned watch enthusiastFully illustrated with 470 color photographsBrand-Agnostic. Features a vast array of timepieces from over 90 manufacturersDespite the functional obsolescence of the mechanical wristwatch (our phones and computers tell more accurate time) the early 21st Century has seen a boom in the development, production, and appreciation of all things horological.

Whether it is presented to the collector as an alternative investment, as a feat of micro-mechanical technology, or as a showcase of artisanal mastery, the mechanical wristwatch has never possessed more forms, functions or facets than it does today. The Wristwatch Handbook is written from the epicenter of a renaissance, a place in time between the Quartz revolution and the rise of the smart device – where the mechanical wristwatch is the antidote to the microprocessor and the permanent buzz of your inbox.

From the multi-axis tourbillon, to the split-second chronograph, to the sidereal sky chart, The Wristwatch Handbook covers it all and does so with more than 470 rich illustrations from over 90 of the World’s leading brands. The book is separated into two sections.

4. Vintage Rolex: The Largest Collection in the World

Author: by David Silver
384 pages

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‘A gorgeously indulgent new coffee-table heavyweight.’ – Esquire magazine’An ode, a love letter, and a paean to family tradition while also being a celebration of the longevity of the Rolex brand, this tome is encyclopedic and monumental in its scope.’ – New York Journal of BooksFor more than a century, Rolex has stood apart as the most legendary brand of watch in the world.

Ever the record setter-the Daytona, belonging to actor Paul Newman, was auctioned by Phillips in New York in October 2017 for $17. 8 million-it comes as no surprise that Rolex is the most collected watch label in the world. Published to celebrate The Vintage Watch Company’s 25th anniversary in 2020, the book contains a unique pictorial collection of vintage Rolex watches that have passed through the shop during the past 25 years.

From early Rolex pocket watches to the world’s first wristwatches, elegant in their simplicity yet revolutionary in their impact, to the very first Submariners, iconic Daytonas, and jewel-encrusted Crown collections, the mesmerizing archive of vintage timepieces charts the extraordinary rise of an extraordinary brand.

5. The Watch, Thoroughly Revised

Author: by Gene Stone
272 pages

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The Watch is the most popular book on vintage and contemporary mechanical watches, appealing to both beginners and experts. In the decade since it was published, the international audience of watch lovers and watch collectors has grown exponentially. It’s time for The Watch, Thoroughly Revised.

For this new edition, the original author, Gene Stone, is joined by Stephen Pulvirent of Hodinkee.Com. Together, they have thoroughly revamped the book to reflect the current state of the watch world, with the addition of new brands, new models, and more focused and nuanced coverage of the traditional brand leaders, including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, and TAG Heuer.

6. The Book of Rolex

Author: by Jens Høy
200 pages

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An exhaustive appraisal of the Rolex watch, including studies of vintage models, current designs and special editionsLearn how to spot fakes using the same clues as the expertsInvaluable to any watch-lover, especially aspiring Rolex collectorsHorological trends flit by faster than ever in today’s fast-paced society.

But Rolex does not rely on gimmicks; theirs is a more perennial allure, with a reputation built on traditions and hard-earned skill. A company that innovates while paying homage to their roots, every Rolex is the cumulation of centuries of watchmaking expertise.

Within this book you will find explanations of the making process, descriptions of the materials involved and expert commentary on what makes each Rolex wristwatch unique. The Book of Rolex demonstrates how each model fits its social milieu, present and past.

It also addresses the multitude of fakes on the market, including the so-called ‘Frankensteins’ – watches made from a mixture of real parts and forgeries, which are notoriously hard to spot – imparting all the skills needed to pick counterfeits out of a line-up.

7. Watches: A Guide by Hodinkee: A Guide by Hondikee

Author: by Benjamin Clymer
300 pages

‎ 1614288658

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Over a short ten-year time-span, Hodinkee has positioned itself as the preeminent and most distinguished destination for modern and vintage wristwatch enthusiasts. Exiting a career in finance, Ben Clymer decided to fuse his horological and writing passions in order to start a blog discussing everything from new products to vintage wristwatch auctions.

Titling his endeavor after the Czech word hodinky, which means little watch,’ Clymer sought to create a platform that was casual and accessible to all levels of enthusiastswithin a few years The New York Times dubbed him the High Priest of Horology.

What started as a humble blog quickly transformed into a full-fledged magazine and e-comm hub for some of the world’s leading watch brands. Celebrating the decade milestone since Hodinkee’s founding, this book captures the storied expertise of the world’s leading experts on time.

With chapters breaking down chronographs, dive watches, high design, and horological icons, this book is a connoisseur’s compendium for the timepiece veterans and novices alike.

8. Moonwatch Only: The Ultimate OMEGA Speedmaster Guide

Author: by Gregoire Rossier
566 pages

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The third edition of this definitive and popular bookNow includes 17 new Speedmasters and an additional 120 new illustrations Updated models, serial range, and popularity index make this a must-buy for collectors”Moonwatch Only is certainly one of the best books ever written about a single watch model.” – William Massena – Timezone.

Com”It is an indescribable reference work and a true must-have for every Speedmaster collector.” – Forbes”This book sets a new standard. Not only for books on the Omega Speedmaster, but for watch books in general. I’ve never seen anything like it, and believe me when I tell you that I could fill an impressive sized wall with books on watches.

Authors of other books or publishers should take a look at Moonwatch Only as well to see how it should be done.” – Robert Jan Broer – FratelloWatches”The OMEGA Speedmaster Professional – the Moonwatch – has done things that no other timepiece has done and it’s been worn in places that only a few human beings have been.” – Captain Eugene Cernan, ‘Last man on the moon’There are very few timepieces in the world that deserve a definitive and comprehensive book such as this one.

9. Chasing Time: Vintage Wristwatches for the Discerning Collector

Author: by Alistair Gibbons
240 pages

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The early 2000s were an important period, spanning a time when mechanical watches had quite rightly retaken their place in the world market. We all may have a digital device in our pocket that is more accurate than a mechanical watch, but a timepiece has soul, personality, and history.

The collection in this book is a step into the world of vintage watch collecting, with a range of photographs, intricate research, and accessible reference material that will intrigue both the casual and avid enthusiast. The collection showcases some of the most interesting, luxurious, and functional 20th-century (19301980) mechanical timepieces ever to be produced, including Heuer’s Autavia, Rolex’s Submariner, Gallet’s MultiChron, Zenith’s De Luca, and the Universal Space Compax.

10. Watch Repairing as a Hobby: An Essential Guide for Non-Professionals

Author: by D W. Fletcher
80 pages

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Before Apple and Casio made watches, repair was a craft. Here an illustrated handbook, ideal for the beginner that acts as a watch and clock encyclopediaFirst published almost 75 years ago in London, D.W. Fletcher’s guide is still an indispensable guide to understanding the way that watches work.

Beginning with the absolute basics of watch operation, Fletcher explains the different tools needed for repair, cleaning, and disassembling. He also adds a troubleshooting guide for common ailments and detailed solutions. With dozens of detailed diagrams, Fletcher’s book is divided into five main sections: How a watch worksTools and how to use themHow to take down, clean, and reassemble a watchCommon ailments of a watchMore ailmentsWatch Repairing as a Hobby takes a watch amateur from intrigued novice to skilled technician.

With dozens of illustrations to lead you from analysis to repair, this classic manual is necessary for anyone curious about watches and how they tick. Have you ever thought of watch repairing as a hobby? You may feel that a watch is so tiny and your hands are so big.

12. The Clock Repairer's Handbook

Author: by Laurie Penman
Skyhorse (August 17, 2010)
176 pages

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Provides all the necessary information to troubleshoot any clock’s problems and to make sure your clock continues to run in perfect order for generations to comefrom tools and equipment to strike and chime work. Laurie Penman has written an indispensable guide for both the absolute beginner and the experienced clock enthusiast.

The Clock Repairer’s Handbook provides information on how to repair and maintain a clock’s delicate mechanics and teaches the basics of clock repairing through detailed, easy-to-follow instructions and more than three hundred instructive diagrams and illustrations. Advice and directions for tools and equipment, cleaning clock movements, pivoting and mounting, fixing train faults and gears, the importance of lubrication and friction, suspensions and crutches, weight and spring drives, and how to make sure the strike and chimes work on the hour, every hour.

13. The Watch Book Rolex

Author: by Gisbert L. Brunner
220 pages

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Informative text and hundreds of photos are a fitting testament to the world-renowned Rolex brand. Respected wristwatch expert and historian Gisbert L. Brunner shares his extensive subject knowledge once more. A must-have for watch collectors, enthusiasts, and anyone wishing to become oneNo doubt about it, Rolex is a chronometric legend.

The company was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf, a Bavarian marketing genius who focused on innovation. Watch enthusiasts have Wilsdorf to thank for many outstanding models and technical advances, including the first officially-certified wristwatches, the waterproof Oyster housing, the Datejust, and sports watches like the Submariner diver’s watch, which dates back more than fifty years.

Although this book gives the company’s incredible tradition its due, it also devotes ample space to the present. Crafted in-house to exacting specifications, Rolex’s breadth of timepieces combine the utmost in sophisticated luxury with advanced precision. All this and much more is yours to enjoy in the third volume of the successful The Watch Book series.

14. New Weight Watchers Instant Pot Freestyle Cookbook: Amazing, Delectable, Easy & Delicious Freestyle Smart Points Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss & Healthy Living

Author: by Nancy Isabel
June 29, 2021

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Are you looking for a healthy w t gt that wight ff – nd k it ff? Is there really a way t gt the wight ff – nd k it ff? Are you looking for a delicious, full of flavor meal that is also perfect for your weight loss goal?

Do you crave the flavor of a home-cooked meal but don’t have time to spare? Do you own an instant pot pressure cooker but don’t know what to cook in it or how to cook with it? This piece of Weight Watchers Freestyle Recipes is a great place to begin when you are considering having some yummy and easy recipes that will help you shed those unwanted pounds and stay in shape or maintain a healthy shape.

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On wight l ln ftr nthr, the rult are th m nd thn u bgin t wndr if thr rll i a w t gt the wight ff – nd k it off! Finding a healthy w t shed th unwntd und, nd feel gd but n’ lf i nw a trnd tht i rding r th wrld.

15. The Watch Repairer's Manual: Second Edition

Author: by Henry B. Fried
Martino Fine Books
328 pages

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2018 Reprint of 1961 Second Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition. Not reproduced with Optical Recognition software. As The New York Times wrote after his death, Henry B. Fried was “widely acknowledged as the dean of American watchmakers.” In the revised, 1961 edition of his classic book The Watch Repairer’s Manual, reprinted here, Fried addresses topics important to contemporary watch repairers, such as self-winding watches, waterproofing, calendar watches, alarm wristwatches, and chronographs.

The Watch Repairer’s Manual also includes a fine visual dictionary of exploded views in isometric, which are very helpful for ordering watch parts. One of the few modern books available on the techniques of watch repair and certainly the most esteemed, The Watch Repairer’s Manual is outstanding for its sequence of presentation and its many useful illustrations, including enlarged details of alarm and self-winding watches.

The consummate craftsman and master of details, Fried himself created the illustrations. From teaching others, Fried has learned that if you have a good understanding of how and why the mechanisms work, you will become better at fixing any problems you face-often without needing to consult a book.