Best Antique & Collectible Furniture Books

Here you will get Best Antique & Collectible Furniture Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Soul of the Home: Designing with Antiques

Author: by Tara Shaw
Published at: Abrams; Illustrated edition (April 21, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1419742958

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Past meets present in this stylish guide to decorating modern homes with heirlooms and antiques Designer and antiques dealer Tara Shaw is a respected supplier of French and European antiques for a host of AD100 and Elle Decor A-listers, including Bobby McAlpine, Mary McDonald, and Bunny Williams.

In her first book, she helps readers understand how to select the best antiques and how to use them in a variety of decor schemes. The book presents never-before-published spaces from Shaw’s portfolio and reveals her favorite antique-hunting spots throughout Europe.

Anecdotes from years of treasure hunting are accompanied by images of rare and precious finds, with text that decodes just how to choose the right pieces and display them in a contemporary interior. Readers will be able to look at each space and take away ideas they can apply to their own homes, to create personalized rooms full of provenance and beauty.

2. The Soul of a Tree: A Master Woodworkers Reflections

Author: by George Nakashima
Published at: Kodansha USA; 1st edition (January 1, 2012)
ISBN: 978-1568363950

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On a farmlike compound near New Hope, Pennsylvania, George Nakashima, his family, and fellow wood-workers create exquisite furniture from richly grained, rare timber. Tables, desks, chairs, and cabinets from this simple workshop grace the homes and mansions and executive boardrooms of people who prize such excellence.

In this lavishly illustrated volume, George Nakashima allows us in intimate look at his artistry, his philosophy, his life. It is the portrait of an artisan who strives to find the ideal use for each plank in order to “create an object of utility to man and, if nature smiles, an object of lasting beauty.”The author’s search for the meaning of life took him as a young man to Paris, Tokyo, and Pondicherry, India.

In India, he found the inner peace for which he had been searching and began to find ways to work with timber. He writes movingly about the grandeur of ancient trees and stunning figured woods and explains how he selects and prepares his materials.

3. Sean Scherer's Kabinett & Kammer: Creating Authentic Interiors

Author: by Sean Scherer
Published at: Vendome Press (September 15, 2020)
ISBN: 978-0865653825

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Interior designer, artist, and collector Sean Scherer shares his secrets about applying the principles of two-dimensional art to home designSean Scherer’s Kabinett & Kammeris equally a celebration and a guide to both collecting and showing how lively design can integrate disparate objects into beautifully layered ensembles.

Scherer’s interiors feature vintage display cabinets housing discarded collections of whittled songbirds, stunning 19th-century maps and school teaching aids, ferns in cast-iron planters, and photomurals. The effect is a supercharged nod to American Gothic heightened by Scherer’s sophisticated palette and sense of proportion.

Each photograph by William Abranowicz is a lesson on color and texture, focal points, and room size. With a foreword by Anderson Cooper, whose house Scherer helped design, Kabinett & Kammer demonstrates that though styles fluctuate and tastes are unique, the principles of design are immutable, and good design is good design.

4. Miller's Antiques Handbook & Price Guide 2020-2021

Author: by Judith Miller
Published at: Mitchell Beazley; Anniversary edition (October 1, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1784726102

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If you want to know the value of your antiques – or find out how the antiques market is faring – the world’s bestselling antiques price guide is the place to look. Miller’s Antiques Handbook & Price Guide remains the essential and trusted guide to the antiques market.

It has earned the reputation of being the book no dealer, collector or auctioneer should be without. Compiled by Judith Miller, world-renowned antiques expert and co-founder of the book, the guide features more than 8,000 antiques. Comprehensive sections cover ceramics, furniture, glass, silver and metalwares, jewellery and objets de vertu, clocks and watches, books, Oriental antiques, textiles, toys, decorative arts and Modern Classics.

Special features explain why one piece is worth more than another, show how to value an item and teach you to be your own valuer. Biographies of designers and factories give the background information you need to help date and value objects, while special ‘Judith Picks’ sections give fascinating background and valuation details for particularly interesting or unusual objects.

5. Patina Style

Author: by Brooke Giannetti
Published at: Gibbs Smith; Illustrated edition (August 1, 2011)
ISBN: 978-1423622536

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The Giannettis have developed a design style that embraces Patina, the beauty that the passage of time brings to objects in your life. Patina Style is a color palette, a romance with subtlety, an attraction to natural materials and architectural details, and is at once old-world and mildly industrial.

Patina Style gives insight into materials choices, methods and treatments that result in spaces that celebrate the beauty in the old, the imperfect and the slightly worn. Steve Giannetti and Brooke Giannetti are a design team and owners of Giannetti Home, one of the top design stores in Los Angeles.

Their work has been the focus of countless national magazine features and has graced the covers of Veranda and Coastal Living. Steve is one of the most sought-after architects in California. A Timeless design style with age-old character.

6. Inspired Design: The 100 Most Important Designers of the Past 100 Years

Author: by Jennifer Boles
Published at: Vendome Press; Illustrated edition (October 2, 2018)
ISBN: 978-0865653566

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Most decorating books focus on one designer; the rest focus on one period, one trend, one room. This book, for the first time, has the big picture: ALL the names everybody must know from the entire 100-year history of interior design.

Each designer is profiled and illustrated with three to four photographs of their best work; what we can learn from themand how they changed decorating foreveris clearly highlighted to catch the eye.

7. Herman Miller: A Way of Living

Author: by Amy Auscherman

Published at: Phaidon Press; Illustrated edition (May 29, 2019)
ISBN: 978-0714875217

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A chronicle of the rich history of this innovative furniture company, from its founding in the early twentieth century to todayFor more than 100 years, Michigan-based Herman Miller has played a central role in the evolution of modern and contemporary design, producing timeless classics while creating a culture that has had a remarkable impact on the development of the design world.

Ten chapters and thousands of illustrations tell the Herman Miller story as never before, documenting its defining moments and key leaders making Herman Miller: A Way of Living an indispensable addition to the bookshelves of design-lovers around the globe.”a company archive that is rich with material from and about the legendary figures who helped make Herman Miller a leader in postwar American design.” Pilar Viladas, T Magazine

8. May I Come In?: Discovering the World in Other People's Houses

Author: by Wendy Goodman
Published at: Harry N. Abrams; Illustrated edition (September 25, 2018)
ISBN: 978-1419732461

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Wendy Goodman has discovered and published stories on an astonishing array of private houses, notable for their character, personality, and flair, in her 30 years of design hunting.In May I Come In? She visits more than 75 that capture and express their owners’ spirit and passions.

In this pantheon, imagination and originality hold sway: Artists and eccentrics are the equals of aristocrats and the mandarins of design, and every room has a story to tell.May I Come In? Is profusely illustrated with superb images by leading interior photographers, as well as Goodman’s own snapshots and memorabilia related to her quests.

It is an irresistible visual record of the art of living by one of its most penetrating observers.

9. 100 Midcentury Chairs: And Their Stories

Author: by Lucy Richardson
Published at: Gibbs Smith (February 7, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1423646723

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Pull up a chair (or 100) for this midcentury design showcase. Here is a stylish guide to the top 100 most interesting, most controversial, or simply most beautiful chairs designed between 1930 and 1970. Get to know the designers of the Modern era, including the Eames, Jacobsen, Nakashima, Noguchi, Wegner, and many more, through their creative and unique chair designs.

With notes on materials, manufacturers, and construction, entertaining quotes by designers and fans about each chair, a brief biography of each designer, the stories behind the designs, and even a chair timeline’ showcasing the very best of European, Scandinavian, Japanese, and American design, 100 Midcentury Chairs And Their Stories is a must for Midcentury enthusiasts and design history fans everywhere.

Lucy Ryder Richardson is co-owner of the hugely successful brand Modern Shows, and has forged partnerships with brands including Elle Decoration (UK) and Saatchi & Saatchi, as well as advising TV producers and leading collectors. She writes for online design blogs Inside Modernism and Destination Modernism, and maintains the Modern Marketplace directory, an indispensable guide to dealers in midcentury furnishings as well as contemporary designers and retailers.

10. The Encyclopedia of Furniture: Third Edition – Completely Revised

Author: by Joseph Aronson
Published at: Potter Style; 3rd Revised ed. edition (December 13, 1965)
ISBN: 978-0517037355

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A completely revised edition, covering every period and development to the present, the designers and makers, the woods and other materials, the architecture and decoration.2,000 photographs.Glossary.Bibliography.Index.

11. The Decluttering Your Life Workbook: The Secrets of Organizing Your Home, Mind, Health, Finances, and Relationships in 7 Easy Steps

Author: by Alex Wong
Published at: 978-1-989874-95-0 (February 28, 2021)
ISBN: 978-1989874950

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Discover the ultimate strategies for decluttering every single area of your life. Do you often find yourself struggling to find balance and inner peace? Do you want to uncover a selection of practical exercises for organizing your lifestyle and overhauling your mental, physical, and spiritual health?

Or are you searching for ways to reduce stress, streamline your productivity, and make the most of your time? Then this book is for you. Specially crafted by best-selling author of The Art of Decluttering and Organizing, Alex Wong, this ultimate decluttering guide blends practical organizing advice with cutting-edge lifestyle hacks to provide you with an actionable plan for a more ordered life.

If you’re always struggled with keeping your surroundings tidy, your finances in order, or if you can’t seem to overcome stress and anxiety, this brilliant workbook lets you embrace the art of minimalism and organize every area of your life through simple decluttering exercises.

Far from simply being about cutting down on physical clutter, inside you’ll find a multi-faceted plan which is specially designed to help you to organize your time and finances, create a more calming environment, streamline your mind, and declutter toxic and harmful relationships.

12. The Typewriter Revolution: A Typist's Companion for the 21st Century

Author: by Richard Polt
Published at: Countryman Press; 1st edition (November 12, 2015)
ISBN: 978-1581573114

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The connoisseur’s guide to the typewriter, entertaining and practical What do thousands of kids, makers, poets, artists, steampunks, hipsters, activists, and musicians have in common? They love typewritersthe magical, mechanical contraptions that are enjoying a surprising second life in the 21st century, striking a blow for self-reliance, privacy, and coherence against dependency, surveillance, and disintegration.

The Typewriter Revolution documents the movement and provides practical advice on how to choose a typewriter, how to care for it, and what to do with itfrom National Novel Writing Month to letter-writing socials, from type-ins to typewritten blogs, from custom-painted typewriters to typewriter tattoos.

It celebrates the unique quality of everything typewriter, fully illustrated with photographs, posters, postcards, manuals, and more.

13. WOODWORKING PLANS AND PROJECTS: Skill-Building Guide 2021 for Beginners. How to Add a Unique Touch to Your Home with Complete Step-by-Step Instructions for Inexpensive and Easy Wood Ideas

Author: by Jack Barnes
Published at: Independently published (December 17, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8583076802

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Would you like to be able to easily create a new furniture for every room of your house, by learning the best woodworking skills and following step-by-step projects even if you don’t consider yourself a carpenter? If the answer is YES, then keep readingWoodworking is a so-called whole-brain activity’, because it offers much more than just the finished project, in fact, it can help you reduce anxiety and stress, improve your mental sharpness, boost your mood, and even enhance your creative development.

This manual was written to give you all the knowledge necessary to create many different pieces of furniture that you can place in every room of your house, so you can feel proud of your abilities every time you decide to grab something from that bedside table you created, or when you use the wall-mounted desk you made with your own hands, in fact, after reading this book you’ll discover: What You Will Need Before Starting, so you can prepare yourself with the appropriate safety gear and the perfect tools and equipment that you’ll need, and you can learn what are the basic terminologies, the wood joinery types, and the finishing techniques, so you can have an in-depth knowledge of this incredible skill to create whatever comes to your mind Awesome Skill-Building Projects, to be able to create useful beginner projects and furniture while practicing and building your woodworking skills Easy-To-Replicate Bathroom Projects, so you will be able to make something with your hands that can increase your bathroom storage, or just to make some new decor changes, like our Bathroom Cabinet Project, our Towel Ladder, and much more Projects For Your Living Room or Halls, like our Sliding Bookends, our Hanging Nightstand, Our Wall-Mounted Desk, and many more, to help you create a really-livable living room Kitchen Furniture Projects, so you can replace those store-bought gadgets and utensils with something custom made like our Spice Rack, our Cake Stand, our Rustic Fruit and Vegetable Crate, and many more projects Super Useful Projects For Your Office, to turn your office into a gallery of your woodworking skills thanks to our Laptop Stand Project, our Piping Desk Project, and many different easy-to-make projects that will let you customize pretty much everything in your office & Much More!

14. Chairmaking & Design

Author: by Jeff Miller
Published at: Linden Publishing; 2nd edition (March 1, 2007)
ISBN: 978-1933502069

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The often-intimidating art of chairmaking is explained in this book of expert patterns and tips for creating seven elegant chairs. Through each project, craftspeople learn increasingly complex skills that build upon each other, making the manual a complete education in all of the basic chairmaking techniques.

The straightforward plans and methods make the designs-such as a child’s ladderback chair and even armchairs-accessible for home woodworkers. Illuminating discussions of construction and design fundamentals, along with an appendix on oils and waxes to give projects the finishing touch, round out this exploration of the art of building comfortable chairs.

15. Rachel Ashwell Couture Prairie: and flea market finds

Author: by Rachel Ashwell
Published at: CICO Books; Illustrated edition (September 10, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1782497905

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Think Marie Antoinette in jeans and a cowboy hatthat is Rachel Ashwell’s prairie style. Rachel Ashwell Couture Prairie takes her signature pastels, ruffles, and whimsical prettiness right to the heart of cowboy country. This is a journey in pictures and words, following Rachel through the fields of a little town called Round Top, home to one of the largest, most eclectic and vibrant antiques and flea markets in the world, and then back to Rachel’s bed-and-breakfast in Texas.

Here Rachel’s inspired finds, her creative imagination, eye for detail, and her commitment to beauty, comfort, and function have finally come together in one location: The Prairie by Rachel Ashwellan irresistible destination. This book takes Rachel in a new direction, bringing her eye for cherished patinas and pastel prettiness into the endless landscapes and diverse architectural styles of Texas.

Here you will see how her style adapts to corrugated metal sheeting and weathered timbers, and how it brings new life to elegant period mansions. Chapter by chapter, the book leads you through Rachel’s little houses on the prairie, from the Ranger’s Lounge where hearty breakfasts are served, to the Pearl Barn, scene of wedding parties and celebrations, stopping off at the evocatively named guest accommodation: Blue Bonnet Barn, Cornflower Cottage, Meadow Manor, Faith Cottage, and Liliput Lodge.